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    Retired (2016) after 40+ years in the cockpit both fixed and rotary wing. Enjoy flying as much now as when I started. Did nine years forest fire suppresion in the CL215 & cessna 310 birddog. Regional airline before that - SF340 & HS748. FW six endorsements. RW also six endorsements. Enjoy flight sims lots. P3dV3 & DCS.

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  1. My 4770 is the K version. It is unlocked.Whatever cpu you go for think about getting a K version. Dave
  2. I7-4770 is still a good cpu. As stated above go with Nvidia...at a minimum a 6 gig 1070 but that said a 8 gig 1070 would be the way to go. Consider getting a SSD...the prices are dropping nicely and you'll be glad you did. You'd have a nice set up for FSX/P3d. Dave
  3. dbw1

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    For what this airport costs this is a very good creation. As to beta testing unless you were a government aerodrome inspector (which i was for a couple years) people not in the business such as beta testers can't be expected to know everything. In the real world mistakes are made in airport markings etc by people who are in the business. Bottom line is everyone works as a team to find and correct it.
  4. dbw1

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Thank you, Dave. I now understand how to do this. Everything is resolved with KPDX now. All the best, Dave
  5. dbw1

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Dave, If you have a moment would you list the files to be deactivated? I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer for this stuff. Many thanks. Dave
  6. dbw1

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Thanks for the response. May have been the case as I was able to get in and am now downloading. All the best.....
  7. dbw1

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Well, I managed to purchase and now I am blocked (ERROR 406) from downloading it. Dave
  8. dbw1

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Just tried again and I am still blocked.
  9. dbw1

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    I get error 406 trying to get to their site. Dave
  10. dbw1

    Sudden P3D shutdown

    This happens to me occasionally in p3dV4.3
  11. dbw1

    FS2Crew for Maddog 80/83/88

    I did buy it. Now I need to figure out how to use it. The button version is what I'll use. Dave
  12. dbw1

    FS2Crew for Maddog 80/83/88

    Does t work with the latest version 83/88? Thanks.
  13. If anyone would share their experiences with fs2crew and the maddogs that would be appreciated. I'm debating buying FS2Crew and giving it a try...new user here. Thanks
  14. dbw1

    Carenado Fokker 50 & SAAB 340.

    Saab340.....are there any rw pilots of this aircraft that have this add On? Your thoughts? I flew one for a few years and just shy of 2000 hours and would like to have one for P3d4. dave