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    Retired (2016) after 40+ years in the cockpit both fixed and rotary wing. Enjoy flying as much now as when I started. Did nine years forest fire suppresion in the CL215 & cessna 310 birddog. Regional airline before that - SF340 & HS748. FW six endorsements. RW also six endorsements. Enjoy flight sims lots. P3dV3 & DCS.

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  1. I have a MSI GT73 with I7-7700, nividia 1070 8gig, 16 gigs of ram, M.2 drives etc. It runs P3d very well. With reference to the XP15 I think you will find the 1050 is not up to the task in comparison to the 1070. Dave
  2. Basically you get what you pay for. You've got to consider what you want to run on it. If a new lower end machine it works for you...go for it. You may want to consider something a couple years old, refurbished or pre-owned as for not much more you can get much more performance plus they depreciate rapidly* so you might come across a really good deal. Only thing is buy from somebody you trust. * For example I have a six year old Alienware 14", I7-3840, nvidia 650 2gigs ddr5, 8 gigs ram etc that I paid at tthe time just under $2k cdn. Still runs great but the video card is the bottleneck. I kept it when I bought my MSI GT73 as if I tried to sell it I would get peanuts for it. I'll keep it as a 2nd computer indefinitely. Have a look around as you might stumble across an older machine that's still very capable at a killer price. Dave
  3. I have a MSI GT73 with I7-7700, Nvidia 1070, 2 M.2 drives and one SSD. When home I have a 34" dell ultra-sharp monitor plugged into it. Runs P3dV4 and DCS (and everything else) great. No reliability issues. Totally happy with it. This my 2nd MSI laptop. I've been using laptops since 2002 and on the whole have had little issue. Drives can and do fail however that happens in desktops too. Dave
  4. Did buy the maddog X. Great aircraft. If anyone knows where to find a qrh or has one they'd like to part with please drop a note. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the info. Most appreciated. I will probably end up getting both but i may start with the Maddog. I’d like to get my hands on a qrh etc.
  6. Yep.....Fly the Maddog. Looks to be a very good replication of the rw equivalent. Wish I could get access to the official Maddog forum for an hour but one has to buy first.
  7. Thanks Mark. With the updates since initial release have most of the issues (whatever they might have been) been dealt with? I guess what I’m trying to say is this about as close to the RW aircraft as can be in p3dv4? Faults modelled, fms functionality etc?..... I really like a well modelled aircraft. I retired a couple years ago after flying for 40 years and I enjoy the fun and challenge of something new. Thanks,
  8. Looking to add another aircraft and it's between the Maddog and the QW787. I'm aware they are opposite ends of the technology spectrum but that's fine as I enjoy both. The Maddog has been out for awhile with a few patches/fixes and I am interested in how everything is working. As I can't get access to the official Maddog forum till a purchase is made that source of info is not available. Any thoughts/input would be really appreciated. Dave
  9. dbw1

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    Everybody is a beta tester when a new aviation product, both real world & sim, comes out. Look at the RW 787 and battery problems. When I flew real world rotary wing starting in the 1970s the Jetranger was nicknamed the Deathranger (rotor head issues), the Astar when it came out was nicknamed the falling star (engine issues) and the Hillar turbine was nicknamed Hillar the killer. Always thought it was a good idea to let someone else fly something new for the first year or two..... Simming for me is the same as I probably won't buy the 787 for the first few weeks to follow first hand reviews. With the QW 787 I am not expecting much in the way of problems. Dave
  10. dbw1

    QualityWings 787 for P3Dv4 soon?

    I met the QW team at last year's FltSimCon and to a man they struck me as pros. I think people are making a mountain out of a mole hill. An anecdote: Quite a few years ago I had a problem with one of their products. As I have said before on other postings here I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes when it comes to computers. That said Cory responded to my support request and went online in my computer to help sort out the problem and this was not a quick fix. The professionalism I experienced then coupled with meeting them last year leaves me totally comfortable with whatever they produce. Their 787 will be flying on my P3dV4 when it is released. Dave
  11. Another option top check out is the saitek X65. I've had one for the better part of 10 years and it still works flawlessly. They are not produced anymore but sometimes one comes up for sale. When I bought it there were numerous issues with the thrust master. The newest wart hog looks very good indeed.
  12. dbw1


    This livery is great. Many thanks. Dave
  13. dbw1

    Carenado S340....anyone have it?

    Cruise at FL200 will be somewhere around 200 indicated which generly works out to approx 270 true.....+/-20 depending on time of year, engine anti-ice on or off etc. The last bit of climb will be slow and this is normal unless you're light or it's very cold. Usual altitudes for cruise were FL200 or 210 depending on winds aloft. Higher if winds were favorable and lower if not. If the aircraft was light going right up the FL250 would give some great fuel flows sometimes as low as 850#/hr indicated combined for both engines. GPS location was down on the pedestal on the ones I flew. Not the most convenient but you got used to it fine. Dave
  14. dbw1

    SAAB 340 Released!

    Canadian Liveries requests.... Pacific Coastal. They are in the process of acquiring a bunch to act as a feeder for Westjet. Calm Air International of Winnipeg used to operate 6.
  15. dbw1

    SAAB 340 Released!

    You are thinking of CTOT. CTOT will allow you to set a take off tq of 100% or less should you desire to do a reduced tq take off. You advance throttles most of the way forward then select CTOT on and the computer will select the tq dialed in and maintain it. It will also compensate for ram rise (tq increase as take off speed increases). CTOT will also increase the good engine power by an additional 7% should one engine fail. Check the manuals and checklists.I am speaking from a real world perspective - I have not bought this and as such do not have access to the Carenado docs....I usually don't buy till after the first patch has come out. Auto-corson is a form of auto-feathering. You want it on for take off. Dave