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    Retired (2016) after 40+ years in the cockpit both fixed and rotary wing. Enjoy flying as much now as when I started. Did nine years forest fire suppresion in the CL215 & cessna 310 birddog. Regional airline before that - SF340 & HS748. FW six endorsements. RW also six endorsements. Enjoy flight sims lots. P3dV3 & DCS.

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  1. Anyone in Canada find a deal?
  2. dbw1

    RCAF Repaint for 747-8

    I'd like to see these two as well! Dave
  3. Apparently there is a new version of the 1060 coming with the 5X ram as opposed to the basic 5. Supposed to be a nice improvement to the 1060. Dave
  4. Missed this sale. Would have got Phoenix. Next time......
  5. dbw1

    P3dV4.....new computer

    The disk has only P3d on it. The laptop has three drives so I took one exclusively for P3d. The o/s is on another drive.
  6. My video card on my gaming laptop just failed. The warranty I have stipulates that the machine is to be returned, fixed, in five days max or the machine will be replaced. So in three more days I may be getting another machine. I have a question re p3dv4. I have one drive dedicated to P3d. Would it work to simply have that drive installed in the new machine? Are there other procedures to follow to make it work? Thanks for any replies and guidance. Dave
  7. dbw1

    Canadian Airports

    I had Simaddon airports for years. They are reasonable complexity but not flytampa level. That said they are well done, cover the airports great, low impact on fps and when on FSX I never had a OOM from them. Now on p3dv4 they are great. I’m a pleased customer. Dave
  8. dbw1


    I'm looking....
  9. dbw1


    Posted on your forum.
  10. dbw1


    Any update?
  11. The emergency recovery system worked well. Anything mechanical from a toaster over on up can fail. I believe I read somewhere that the anticipated possible failure rate of the USA space shuttle was somewhere around 2% and sadly they lost two. On the whole the Soyuz seems to be a very reliable, robust vehicle with an emergency escape system that works. Dave
  12. I have a 34" Dell Ultrasharp 3415 that i plug into a MSI GT73 laptop with an I7-77700hq, 8 gig 1070, 16 gigs of ram, M.2 drives and it runs the monitor with P3dV4.3 very well. Lately I am flying the new PMDG B748 into add-on complex airports. No problem. p3d settings are way up. The 34" curved monitor give great immersion. I've had it for a few years and it's been worth every cent. Dave
  13. dbw1

    Simaddons Octoberfest sale

    I have used SimAddOns airports for years. Great products. With P3dV3 never had a OOM. Excellent frame rates. With V4 they are just as good. There are a lot of Canadian airports available here. Recommended if you're after Canadian airports. Dave
  14. dbw1

    748 and Navigraph

    Since the new Kai Tek came out I have an interest in flying in that part of the world. I have picked up a PacSim airport in China just up the coast and Taiwan and Manila may be next. Having the charts, maps and a a moving map display on a second monitor work be nice. Is it just airport charts/plates etc that can be pulled up on the EFB or can en route charts be viewed as well? Thanks. Dave
  15. dbw1

    748 and Navigraph

    Navigraph. Question... I have the year long FMS update subscription. Is it required to go to the ultimate subscription that includes the charts etc for use with the 748? Reason I ask is that I currently use ForeFlight for flight planning. Thanks for any responses. Dave