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    Retired (2016) after 40+ years in various cockpits both fixed and rotary wing. Enjoy flying as much now as when I started. 17 years on rotary wing. Did nine years forest fire suppression in the CL215 & Cessna 310 birddog; that flying was indeed interesting. Regional airline before that - SF340 & HS748. Last 7 years federal aviation safety inspector and gov't pilot. For the most part a blue collar pilot career, lol. P3dV5, X-P11 & DCS.

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  1. I've been pleased with FSL A320 series. I'll support them when the time comes.
  2. I’ve got approx 1500 hours real world in the 310R many years ago primarily in forest fire suppression. I’ve got previous Milviz 310R and they were/are very good. Based on previous Milviz quality I have no doubt this will be very good and will purchase when I get home. the 310 requires a good knowledge of the flight manual and decent training to fly efficiently and safely. Example….. while approved for known ice with much accumulation you’ll lose 20 knots quick. A former coworker encountered moderate ice and could maintain altitude, managed the decent well, intercepted the ils and still needed 25”/2500rpm to maintain the glide slope. Another 310 fact is on a hot day, 30’+ C keeping oil temp and Cylinder head temps out of the red was a challenge. I found keeping take off power to accelerate to 135+ kts then reducing to climb power got enough air to the engines would accomplish this. ROC was not much more than 5-600 fpm….ours had a VG kit installed the dropped stall speeds by 10 kts as we did a lot of flight right on the deck managing the fires…..but the VG upped take off weight to 5680# instead of 5500# which on a hot day reduced ROC….if you lost one on takeoff on a hot day you weren’t going to climb out. Plus they had locker fuel tanks which upped fuel on board to 1200#. Two of us on board, survival gear, a personal bag and we were at approx 5680#. The government agency I flew it for had excellent maintenance and equipment so they were heavier than average. 20+ years ago they were tcas equipped and had excellent weather radar. Before the gov’t job I spent several years in a SF340 so I recognized good equipment. This is a great airplane. Fond memories. It’ll be good in msfs2020. Really looking forward to it. Be buying it shortly.
  3. Performance seems to have been dialled way back for this release. Why.? As for indicated vs true…..at FL 200 add approx 35% to indicated to get true airspeed. The 35% is not carved in stone as oat etc will vary it some.
  4. Bob, Thanks for the reply. Humbled to admit it but I do not know what the Aviaserver is.
  5. What is “in-application dialog”? not sure what you mean.
  6. I have the 319, 320, 321 regular versions, really enjoy them and still been kicking around the thought of adding the sharklets. just went through this thread and came across one feature I would probably really enjoy and that is being able to jump ahead in the flight. Trying to ensure there's enough interesting features that will make it worthwhile over the regular versions that have I currently have.
  7. Greetings. It's now about a year later from the last posting here. Just wondering if any would comment on their thoughts after a year with the Sharklets versions. Thanks.
  8. Not free ware but rather an OEM included with XP11 aircraft.... The Beech King Air C90B. I flew one from 2010-2015* - the first years with an identical panel as to what comes with XP11 then the last couple of years with the G1000 with just about every option box known to man checked off - including XM radio. * at the end of my career 90% of the time was in the office but I was able to fly the C90B when I needed to go somewhere. A couple years ago when I was totally fed up with P3d CTD (my experience at the time) I decided to download the XP demo and was blown away how good the C90B was. Still very pleased with XP. Can't say much about the rest of the XP OEM aircraft as I don't use them but as free ware/ included aircraft this C90B is very good. They got the engine modelling great as on a warm day the -21 can be quite temp limited etc. The OEM G530 is pretty good too.
  9. I usually set initial A/P VS to 1000'/minute and accelerate to desired climb speed of 140 or 150 KTS thin select IAS assuming there are no obstacles. The extra speed in the real world keeps the nose lower so forward vis is better and keeps more air flowing over the engine for cooling on a warm day. I've always liked IAS in the climb - I flew a Saab 340 for several years and as climb performance up higher could be less than great at times IAS kept you out of trouble. Works great in the 414 too.
  10. A piston twin (C310R on fire suppression bird-dogging - great aircraft for the job) I flew for several years if you wanted to stop up came the flaps right after touchdown* to get max weight on the wheels otherwise it was not hard to lock them up. *For those that go on about raising the gear by accident - just identify the correct lever before you move it.
  11. Did you get the package with the321 as well? I was leaning to just the 320.
  12. CKD, Wondering too just how much time I will spend on P3d in the future which is one of the reasons I've been sitting on the fence. Like you if a sale was to happen I might jump on it.
  13. Now retired I watch for these things closer, lol. Thought maybe with the various Easter sales popping up.......I'm giving thought to the newest FSL version of the 320. Had their other ones for years and been happy with them. Dave
  14. Does anyone know if FSL are having an Easter sale?
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