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    Retired (2016) after 40+ years in various cockpits both fixed and rotary wing. Enjoy flying as much now as when I started. Did nine years forest fire suppresion in the CL215 & cessna 310 birddog; that flying was indeed interesting. Regional airline before that - SF340 & HS748. For the most part a blue collar pilot career, lol. Enjoy flight sims lots. P3dV4.5, X-P11 & DCS.

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  1. I don't know about today's pilots. Most learned from day one with gps. When I did the medivacs on Baffin the company had an astro compass onboard the aircraft and they taught me how to use it. Was never a rocket scientist with it but with practice i was okay. Picked up an old one at a gun show a few years ago and now have it in my den. Don't know if you can still get tables for it.
  2. Greetings again, Jon B & Janov, Never got to Thule. Would like to have seen it....once, lol. Was based out of Iqaluit for the better part of a year doing medivacs with a Beech 200, month in, month out. Did all of Baffin Island and sometimes Resolute. Got over to Sondre Strom and Nuuk from time to time....interesting approaches. The people on Greenland were some of the nicest people I've ever met. We once did a charter with the king air to Sondre Strom(sp?) to pick up the Greenland president/prime Minister?? and a few cabinet ministers. SAS would come into Sondre from Europe as it had a 9000+' runway and then we flew them to Nuuk (3100' on the side of a high hill) as the Greenland Air king air was not available. Nice people. You'd never guess they held the positions they did. They sent up back to Iqaluit with some beer and wine...which Canada Customs made us pay duty on. This is back in the late 1990s +/-. There is a fire suppression version of the 146 I would have like to get my hands on. I did some years of fire suppression with the CL215 and the cessna310 birddog so I know a little of fire flying. The 146 looked like a great aircraft to be doing drops with. I have wondered if while doing the drop you could open the clamshell some for some drag, have the engines already spooled up and be in good shape if you got a surprise. Never talked with anyone who has flown it on fires to find out. The pic in my posts is in a CL215. I will look forward to the demo.
  3. Janov, greetings, I did quite a few years of rotary wing before switching to fixed wing permanently in the mid 1990s.....Loran was used on the coast before gps was available. Occasionally I'd put harbour pilots (30+ miles out) on ships and the Loran made life so much easier when the viz was poor. I'll try out the 146 demo and see what I think. Had a chance to do a few jump seat trips on the 146 and it seemed like a nice place to be. Did the odd jump seat on a 732 and 727 going into shorter gravel strips to get to the helicopter ......northern Canadian flying many years ago. Mins at time were just a number on a plate, if there was a plate. After I went to fixed wing I spent time in a HS748 going all over the eastern arctic, ndb approaches with the older adf where you dialed the freq like an AM radio till you got the right ident. I had a couple great captains who excelled as teachers which gave me a decent foundation. One spot at the time was 2900' gravel (CYXP) up a fiord a few miles.
  4. Just watched an hour long flight from the UK to Rome. I would like to try the demo. I'll watch for it.
  5. As a retired pilot, 40 years worth, who started flying in the 1970s when GPS was unknown and something called NavStar was talked about and considered by most as a wet dream I remember this era well. I remember being permitted as a guest in the jump seat of an Air canada DC9 (Ottawa to St. John's) that was dispatched without a functioning DME and the crew simply used the radar mapping. Flight of my own in the Canadian arctic that involved driving off the end of one VOR and going 2-300 miles on a heading to picking up the next VOR - another time was waiting for a low powered community NDB whose range was usually under 50 miles. Flying was interesting then and when I finally got GPS thought I had died and been taken to the promised land. I don't think flying this JF creation as it is would be a hardship, more like an enjoyable treat. I'd sure like to see the visual quality of the JF cockpit, if everything else works as it should, before i part with the $$Cdn where exchange can kick us in the n**s. it is a kind of flying that was pretty darn interesting and today for the most part is gone. Could be why older pilots like good quality watches with easily read sweep second hands for timing the MAP of an NDB approach, lol.
  6. One day it stopped approving my purchases. I now buy elsewhere. I am done screwing with this marketplace. I spent many unsuccessful hours attempting to correct this.
  7. My machine used to fun MSFS2020 so smooth it was amazing and after the last update...stutters, chunky....not worth starting up at the moment. I9-9900k, 2080-8gigs, 32 gigs ram....... I am not exactly under powered.
  8. I have both he MilViz KA350i and P180. Both are excellent. The Milviz PL21 imho is the best presentation of that cockpit available in P3d. I have spent a fair bit of time in the rw flying the KA90 & 200 off and on over the better part of 20 years and I would say the MV King Air cockpit is a very nice place to be. Never flew the 350 but those I know that have have said if you like the 200 (I really liked the 200) you would love the 350. The P180 is an interesting aircraft. I found a pilot report as i was dubious about just how quick it was/is and it is a fast machine in the real world and in the sim. Beautiful to look at too. it is a very enjoyable aircraft in P3d just like their King Air. You would not go wrong with either one of these MilViz products.
  9. Where do we find the installer? thanks. Dave
  10. SimAddOns Canadian Airports for MSFS2020 I find very good and well worth the price. I have been a customer for 10 years and happy. While the P3d are great I find the MSFS absolutely stunning. I flew to many of these in real life (as a pilot) before retiring. Also, the developer, Ralph, is very responsive when it comes to support. Dave
  11. I have a couple thousand rw hours on the Pt6-34 and to be honest I am quite happy with the characteristics that Real Air created.
  12. Greetings, Thanks for the reply, How does it work with add-on airports that have their own static aircraft? I9-9900k, 32 gb, 2080 (8 gig)....got this a couple years ago. Wish I'd got the 11gb 2080 as P3d can run out of video memory.
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