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    Retired (2016) after 40+ years in various cockpits both fixed and rotary wing. Enjoy flying as much now as when I started. 17 years on rotary wing. Did nine years forest fire suppression in the CL215 & Cessna 310 birddog; that flying was indeed interesting. Regional airline before that - SF340 & HS748. Last 7 years federal aviation safety inspector and gov't pilot. For the most part a blue collar pilot career, lol. P3dV5, X-P11 & DCS.

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  1. My machine i had built 5 years ago was with a 9900k and a 8 gig 2080. Worked very well. Last winter I replaced the GPU with the 20 gig radeon 7900xt. No more running out of video ram. Very pleased with that and the performance. This month I'll be replacing the 9900k with the 7800x3d, mb, 6000 ram. i expect that will work well for several years. A 9900k is going to work pretty good with your proposed video card though I'd suggest going for something more recent with more power if the budget will allow.
  2. I’m about to do a hardware upgrade and a fresh Win10 install. Been 5 years with this machine. This thread has been full of good knowledge. Many thanks.
  3. I am going that way (7800x3d) later this month. Last winter I replaced my 2080-8gig I'd had for 5 years with the amd/radeon 7900xt 20 gig and am very happy with it. This cpu from the various articles indicates for simming it will be on par with or exceed the 7950x3d which was what i was going for initially. Plus it is less money. I currently have for a cpu the I9-9900k which I have had for 5 years. Been 20 years since I have had an amd/radeon computer but times have changed. The new mb config will be used for the next couple, at least, upgrades to the cpu. Couple it all with 6000 ram and it should be a nice package. I've always found buying as much horsepower as you can within reason in the long run is less expensive.
  4. About 7 years ago I upgraded to a Dell Ultrasharp 34" curved, 34xx x 14xx resolution. price at the time was approx $1500 Cdn but a weekend sale allowed me to buy for $850. Knock on wood it is still bright, clear, no dead pixels, still very pleased with it. it was not cheap at the time especially for a new retiree but that said sometimes springing for quality is less expensive in the long run.
  5. I have been experiencing CTD on practically every flight since Christmas. However, the last update has the sim not starting. In fact it hung up near the end of completing the install of it. I'm unable to get by this or have the install complete the install process.
  6. Hi Mike. Reviews indicate the 7800x3d performance will be excellent for our flight sims. With the new mb/socket there will probably be a few new series of cpu that for the most part should almost simply plug in. If I’m not happy with it, which I don’t see happening, I’m sure I could sell it. It’ll replace my almost five year old i9-9900k.
  7. My 7800x3d just came in. Initially I was going for the 7950x3d but following reviews I changed my mind. . I few months back I replaced my 2080 8 gig for the new Radeon 7900xt 20 gig and am pleased with it.This will be the first all radeon rig i've had in 15 years. MB is a higher end asus tuff.
  8. I rum 5.3 and will add 6 when it comes. Too many interesting aircraft for it and I find the wx effects excellent plus it has the best wx radar of all current flight sims imho.
  9. If you have a moment I'd be interested to know about your VR set up. Thanks.
  10. I'm pleased that this sim is working for most people. For me I seldom complete a flight without CDT. I have done all the usually corrective actions and no joy. I have had to park this sim.
  11. In Canada we are about to get into government internet censoring in a potentially big way. The way the bills are written there's currently no way to guess with any certainty what their targets will be. I'm hoping the vpn works to prevent/circumvent that. If I remember correctly Nord apparently has users in China who get past the country's censoring. Here's hoping there will be a work around here. I've given thought to musk's Starlink.
  12. This happens to me as well.....since about January. Either within a few minutes after takeoff or 40+ minutes into the flight usually on decent or final approach. With me its 8 or 9 out of 10 flights.
  13. When you get the 7800x3d please share your thoughts on performance. I've got a 7950x3d on order and there's no sign of an arrival date yet. Giving thought to a 7900x3d but now the 7800x3d is out initial reviews are very good...... I'll be using it with the 790xt 20gig video card.
  14. I have a 7950x3d on order but no estimate of when it might arrive. Wondering if I should consider the 7900x3d. That said the 7800x3d numbers look interesting.
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