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  1. I think Simmarket have gotten sloppy with their installers as I recently purchased the updated LFPG and it said the installer was V1.0.0 when it had indeed been updated. i do think Simmarket owe people to get this stuff right as it took a number of support requests to T2G to establish that it was indeed the updated version.
  2. I installed the upgraded version of this scenery after paying for the upgrade however in my control panel it says it's version 1.0. Can anyone confirm what version they see in the control panel?
  3. Do you need 32-35fps? As long as it's smooth, I am happy in the mid 20's with a complex aircraft.... I occasionally get a stutter looking towards the terminal and city whilst in a turn, but it's no deal breaker from my point of view.
  4. Running it in P3D V4 and have no real problems with PMDG aircraft....I'm very happy with it personally.
  5. Hi Tim ihave only got AS for P3D4 installed never had the newer version. Thanks for sharing anyway. Thanks MD i will check but I don’t think that is the problem, when i do the test function that works fine....
  6. Hi everyone, i bit the bullet and purchased the PMDG NGXu but have realised that i have no longer got a working radar. Yes I am aware it only picks up precipitation and not clouds and during heavy rain i get no returns. I have reinstalled AS for P3D4 and done a reinstall of the NGXu with no luck. Not sure what else to try, but any ideas appreciated. Cheers
  7. Hi Everyone I have made some progress with my Bravo unit which is pleasing although there are certainly parts of it i don't like. For example it seems the only way for the throttle, mixture, pitch axis is to use the P3D menu and subsequently being able to easily move from aircraft to aircraft if going from a turboprop to a jet is time consuming but the biggest issue i have is a calibration issue. I have the PMDG B737 and profile activated and can use the throttles effectively however the Flap lever is a problem. Fully up on the hardware is always giving me only flaps 1 not up no matter what I do and full down gives flaps 30 not flaps 40. Can anyone help with this calibration issue? Do i try and calibrate in p3d or through the drivers. Another thing is when the calibration software says leave the axis in a neutral setting, am i supposed to guess when the throttles, props and mixture are in the middle of their range or should it be at idle or full forward given its not a yoke?
  8. How do you activate the current profile? Also what assignments did you tweak in P3D?
  9. Thanks for your comments, i do already understand this. Unfortunately this is not the problem i am encountering. I have had to run the axis through P3D instead of FSUIPC unfortunately as if i run the axis through fsuipc as soon as i go to calibrate it, the axis will not work. If i leave the axis uncalibrated then the axis is reversed.... Cant win either way.
  10. Hi Frank, glad your getting things sorted. Not really related to throttles hardware but i dont think the C310 needs carb heat. Not sure about the B55 but the C310 is fuel injected....
  11. After spending a heap more time trying to sort this, it seems that FSUIPC and the Honeycomb Yoke absolutely hate one another in regards to the throttle, mixture and pitch axis’s. I can get it to basically work however the full throw is not there at the moment. Eg the pitch levers don’t go fully forward or back despite the controller being physically fully forward or fully back. Not sure what the solution is to be honest as how can i switch from a twin engine piston to a twin jet without deleting axis through the P3D controls menu each time. This is a real mess and Honeycomb really need to fix it.... At the moment I am really angry with the lack of support and the quite frankly pitiful programming that has caused these issues to occur.
  12. Thank for your help Frank. I feel like we shouldn’t have to do this sort of stuff alone to be honest. The developer needs a swift kick in my opinion. its the start of my working day and have a bit on this evening so it could be a couple of days before i can get back to this mess. i am wondering if I should simply uninstall FSUIPC bind the axis’s in P3D and then reinstall FSUIPC for the key binds etc? i will report back once i have gone through this. Thanks once again for your help and support, im glad you have it working well for you.
  13. Hi Frank thanks for the advice. I am seeing slight improvement of the situation as it seems the sim itself isn't the problem but the controller functions internally are. I am using a Saitek yoke with the throttle unit removed and replaced by the honeycomb unit plugged directly into the computer. In P3D4 controls panel itself under the bravo unit i had removed all axis's but have the default control buttons selections enabled. Under the Saitek Yoke section once again I have all axis's removed but default button commands available to me. I have been use FSUIPC to try programme both the yoke and throttle axis's as I was doing before but something is fighting the whole system. I can assign bravo axis to particular commands in FSUIPC which results in them working backwards but as soon as i try and calibrate them these axis refuse to move at all. I don't know if there is a way to reset all axis commands in P3D, and then try to uninstall FSUIPC then reinstall it and finally the Bravo software. It definitely seems there are elements fighting each other but have spent many hours trying to solve it for little result. Any ideas from anyone reading this would be appreciated.
  14. Tried contacting the manufacturer by several methods for no reply. The unit is total junk and support non existent from the manufacturer..... Buyer beware, thanks for your help.
  15. Hello everyone after a horrible mistake purchasing a Honeycomb Bravo throttle, and the failure of it to work properly I have managed to totally screw up my P3D install. Advice in the hardware forum was to delete P3D and start again from scratch. While totally unappealing it looks like I have almost no other options so am asking the best way to uninstall everything so i don't have problems when everything is being put back on. I have a number of sceneries that have been installed via the XML method which i am not really competent to install the others but can someone please explain what is the best method to uninstall and then reinstall everything i have taken years to build? I have lots of Orbx scenery, PMDG aircraft, etc etc. How do I tackle this? Words can't explain how angry i am with Honeycomb and its failure to install and subsequent screwing my system trying to right the situation. It looks unrecoverable from here. The radio silence from honeycomb support just adds salt into the wounds.
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