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  1. Since when has he been honest in regard to the B777? Countless broken promises about it though....
  2. Liked mine from day 1 and only improving. Perhaps follow all the instructions provided and your throttles will be fine - mine certainly are. In regards to the time of day change, get it right from the main menu options and you are good to go. My only complaint is the lack of systems and performance information provided.
  3. Hi everyone, i am having issues with a number of add on scenery's with large Pink X's dotted around the airport. They seem to be associated with lights and windsocks and i suspected an issue with sode but it appears up to date activated and registered. Does anyone have any suggestions what could be causing the issue? Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. Sorry but I’ve been saying this for a long time, PMDG and their business practices and customer service (if you can call it that) are a disgrace. Where are all those brave PMDG groupies now......? what a shock, the NGX not updated for p3D5 and the NGXu - very little more than a service pack at full cost - what a joke. They show their true colours once again, and the B777 is never going to get updated, so if you buy it expecting it to be, based on their never ending and obviously misleading information - you probably deserve to get fleeced now.
  5. I certainly wouldn’t be buying it at the moment.....the technology is old and despite promises that updates would happen they haven’t materialised. I personally doubt we will ever see them and the “update” talk is just there to lure new adopters to an old product... Buyer beware.
  6. You are speaking gospel right there Chock, be careful the PMDG watchmen will berate you for sure.
  7. They are pretty hot on charging users, I wouldn’t like to put my hard earned on betting they won’t charge for an update... Also be very cautious of any promises about updates of the B777, it’s an old project and they have been promising to update them forever and still yet to materialise with numerous excuses why it hasn’t been able to be fulfilled.
  8. Couldn't disagree more about the F1 version of the King Air v the Milvis. I think its streets better already and the SP will iron out a lot of smaller bugs. It is quite usable for me as it is and the SP will make it so much better imo.
  9. It’s funny how RR is allowed swear and insult me and then ban me in his cowardly fashion however when I post my experience with the company you see this as unfair play for some reason. RR can come and defend himself within the Avsim terms any time....in fact I would welcome the opportunity to have a debate with him without the one sided protections he currently enjoys from his ivory castle. If you want to throw your hard earned at them, fine - a fool and their money are easily parted however I think that the empty promises from the company and the character of guy running it are extremely relevant to anyone who has not yet purchased them. For goodness sake, the only excuse we haven’t had from him is his dog ate the update.... My earlier comments didn’t even cover the ‘built from the ground up” NGXu that is very little more than rehash with some improvement in graphics.....another full bubble purchase. Chaching. In any case, I worked it out that I purchased B737 and expansion and B747 in FS9, B737 and expansion, J41 and B777 and expansion in Fsx and B737 and B777 in P3D to be treated like something Robert stepped in on the sidewalk,....never again though and I hope people that haven’t been stung by this company take this as a strong warning to look thoroughly before they leap - especially with all the empty promises they make especially on older products like the ones on “sale” and their ability to convince others to pay and pay again business model. There are a number of other equally as good products out there, especially in the shorter haul space that don’t have the same levels of autocratic management, misleading information so as to lure new purchasers and ability to fleece their customers at every opportunity.
  10. Before you judge perhaps you should know the circumstances. I was the one that was abused by the owner of PMDG before I retaliated.
  11. Gee that’s bad luck threegreen- the guy is a word not allowed. He can’t take criticism and bans all that dares challenge him after using profanity towards a customer first - in a most cowardly fashion I would point out. He doesn’t own Avsim and I showed a moderator here exactly what he posted at the time and had a ban overturned when I went too far here on Avsim in response on that basis. As long as I don’t breach the terms of Avsim’s forum you will have to suck up my opinion on him and his lousy company. You cant handle the truth obviously. I will continue to point out the false and misleading promises and statements made by this company to any potential new customers whenever I see fit, within the Avsim guidelines of course. Buyer beware of these masters of milking their customers dry and it’s strong sycophantic base. They have a long history of promising updates to older products like the B777 that in my opinion they have no intention of updating despite the rhetoric and then get upset with people when they complain about it. Anyone who buys the B777 these days has rocks in their heads in my opinion. PMDG just don’t want that info out there because it’s a great cash flow earner for them. They can make all the promises they like but bad luck to the consumer if it doesn’t eventuate. As for the costs of updating your product from one platform to another that’s just another can of worms these guys played everyone for suckers for in the past and who knows into the future...
  12. Wouldn’t waste my money, they are the kings of milking their customers dry. For example they continue to sell an old B777 at full price normally that hasn’t been updated for several years despite promises to the contrary and ban you for voicing your concerns - its scandalous that they can operate and fleece unsuspecting purchasers that way. Purchase at your own risk - as for Robert he is a rude, abusive ....name not allowed. He can take a long walk off a short pier.
  13. Not sure if its coincidence but i generally have a stable P3D install and system in general. Something has recently upset it and i have had to do a system restore twice in a week or so. It does seem to me to be Windows related as well as I had Google Chrome crash and needed to reinstall as well. Admittedly i have added three scenery files but i am not convinced they are the culprits - two were manual installs. Very frustrating, i really hate these windows auto updates. Have never been able to stop them occurring however.
  14. 7th of Dec = 2 months and had those ones but thanks anyway...
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