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  1. barramundilure

    Navigraph Charts

    If I still have a current subscription do I still need internet connection to view?
  2. barramundilure

    Navigraph Charts

    Yes I suppose that is the case. I wanted to know if the charts were somehow stored in the app on my iPad or needed the internet to download them every time I open the app.
  3. barramundilure

    Navigraph Charts

    Hi does anyone know if I can use my Navigraph Charts on my ipad offline? Can i download the charts with a valid subscription and access them offline at a later date. I travel a lot and would like to look at the probable sid and stars we might be using in real life but won't have access to data at the time. Thanks for any info you can shed on this question.
  4. barramundilure

    PBR update available for PMDG 747/8

    Steve it was the 300ER that was last updated Oct 2017 hence the confusion. You are correct to 200LR had a minor update mid 2018. My concern is that the Queen has had all the updates while a curent product in the B777 has had little or no love, with none in the works any time soon. As you said, everyone is entitled to an opinion as to when an update is overdue or not.
  5. barramundilure

    PBR update available for PMDG 747/8

    I stand corrected over the last update time Steve, I thought my update log said mid 2017. Not sure what they updated last year, was it anything substantial or just a control panel update? If their current workload doesn’t allow them to work on the B777 despite numerous updates for the Queen, does that not trigger any alarm bells for you? Perhaps those thinking about investing in the B777 are basing their purchase thoughts on a promised update in technology that they say they haven’t got time to do! That might be why Robert was upset with me pointing out. By the way I hope you are right......and it does come. Just won’t be holding my breath.
  6. barramundilure

    PBR update available for PMDG 747/8

    Have a look at the official PMDG general forums, it won’t be any time soon.... I got the treatment from Robert yesterday who said he didn’t want to put any more on the developers plate and when I expressed polite disappointment I get hammered over it... Last update for the B777 was mid 2017...although they said they will update (with no proposed timeline I might add) there ain’t no sign of it at all and I doubt there ever will be to be honest. Anyone seen an image or anything that would lead you to believe that was not the case? Just my thoughts of course. It certainly isn’t a priority as you can tell from Roberts rather rude and childish response to me or PMDG’s actions. Only the Queen seems to matter in terms of technology and additional feature updates. ‘The NG3 is obviously underway and their operations center project seem to have any other development time available. They do some good work but dodge the hard questions or get angry when you express genuine disappointment at lack of progress for what is supposed to be a current’s a pity. There are some other good developers out there that may satisfy my further requirements after this episode unfortunately.
  7. barramundilure

    Just upgraded content and client to 4.4

    Thanks for the explanation Chris. Exactly what I was wondering. Cheers
  8. barramundilure

    Just upgraded content and client to 4.4

    Thanks for the advice everyone, seems to be running better.... Bert I have PMDG aircraft that I normally run in Widescreen mode but have turned it off currently as per advice. The panels are overzoomed accordingly but if I pull back my zoom rate, they look pretty good. Should I keep it this way or reconfigure for widescreen settings? I have a 2K monitor running at 2560 x 1440.
  9. Hi Everyone i have as the title suggests recently upgraded to P3D4.4. The problem I have is that I am not convinced my graphics settings etc are correct for my hardware. Can someone give me some suggestions as to what settings I should have set inside P3D as it’s a bit stuttery and get some weird shading effects at times. My system specs should be below.
  10. barramundilure

    FTX Tahoe and Monterey with just FTX LC North America

    Thank you for the information sir.
  11. Hi Everyone There was a bit of a hot topic a few months ago re FTX saying that it’s airport products “had to have” FTX Northern California to work. It turned out that this was not precisely correct, it would work with FTX OLC North America but with perhaps some issues that were caused by not having the full fat regions installed. I do not want to start another war about this but was wondering if anyone has these airports running with just FTX North America in the background and what “problems” are you seeing by doing this. ‘The full fat regions in North America do tend to have some system taxing features that I don’t see when using a slightly less detailed FTX OLC NA and would love to run these sceneries, just wondering how bad or otherwise the impact is not running it with the full fat background scenery. Thanking you for any information you can provide.
  12. barramundilure


    Hi Everyone i am considering purchasing Imaginesims KATL. I have their WSSS scenery and have found it very good. I am aware that FlyTampa are supposedly doing this scenery at the moment, but given the length of time and promises of soon for their upcoming KLAS scenery and the lack of images or information on the development of KATL - I am not confident we are going to see it anytime soon. What are your opinions of the Imaginesim version. While not as new as their WSSS is it a credible offering for P3D?
  13. barramundilure

    Having trouble with the DA62 accelerating on T/O

    Fot those wondering, I have it sorted out now. I had an axis on my throttle controller that has a noisy pot. Even though there was nothing assigned to the axis it was obviously interfering with it, as soon as I removed the axis completely from the profile I had no problems. Once gone, no troubles at all. Hope this info helps anyone else with similar issues.
  14. barramundilure

    Having trouble with the DA62 accelerating on T/O

    Will do when I get home Sean. Much appreciated. For those wondering, started the scenario with the default piper cub then changed to the DA62, and brakes appear to be working normally in FSUIPC with other aircraft but will take another look at that as well. Other than this problem I am having, I like the aircraft very much. Cheers Tim
  15. barramundilure

    Having trouble with the DA62 accelerating on T/O

    Hi Everyone Still having issues but there seems to be some sort of conflict between FSUIPC and the DA62. I only have throttles and flight control axis' mapped in FSUIPC (no prop pitch or mixture) with a DA 62 specific profile for view changes etc. I suspect its something to do with the interaction between the DA62 and FSUIPC because if i push the throttles full up and accelerate i will only get to around 60kt however if I go to FSUIPC and look at it then close it down (not even change anything) then switch back to the DA62 I immediately accelerate again as it should. Sorry that this is so difficult to explain what i am seeing. Can anyone offer support or any ideas? How do I get hold of the Vertx people as I can't seem to find a support forum or should i be in contact in the FSUIPC forum? The only thing about FSUIPC is it runs well with all my other add on aircraft and never had any issues like this before. Any help greatly appreciated.