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  1. Thanks for the info, can’t wait….
  2. I will be purchasing as well if it will work in P3D4.5…
  3. RSR and his company have been a disaster for a number of years now. Having been personally abused publicly by him for pointing out one of his many untruths, i was done with the company long ago. Quite clearly no consumer could reasonably make an informed purchase decision based on promises made by this rather untrustworthy individual. From my perspective anyone pouring more money into this company has rocks in their heads. Buyer beware, i will spend my hard earned dollar elsewhere. He and his company can go to hell.
  4. Hello This appears to only work in P3D5. I tried renaming for V4 and it did not work correctly. Is there any chance of an adjust for V4.5 users? Thanks for considering...
  5. Thank you for your work to make this even better…
  6. It was very low visibility when i left, 1.6sm from memory..... didn't see much but I wouldn't expect to in these conditions.
  7. Bought it this morning. Installed and flew PMDG B748 out of it. While certainly not a top level addon like say FB KSFO it is certainly ok on my system and far better than any other alternative. I am happy without being amazed….and appreciate developers still looking into P3D where others have abandoned it…. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi Everyone just looking for a good payware quality Indian destination for a B777. What is out there that’s good? Any suggestions appreciated.
  9. Haven't been able to complete a flight yet. Tried WSSS-VTBS and VTBS - WSSS. Very disappointing indeed......never had the older version. Can't complete a flight.
  10. Do you use P3D4 or 5? Is it also a problem with P3D4? All reports i saw was with V5.
  11. This RR has told many fibs before and people still fall for it hook line and sinker. Surprised….not likely. The LNAV update, the B777 cockpit……never likely to happen folks. All marketing designed to get you buying their older products.
  12. Just completed OTHH to EHAM, one very happy camper here…..congratulations Fly Tampa, its a must buy for P3D in my opinion….
  13. Hi im looking for short duration (sub 3 hours) routes from the OTHH V2 from T2G to locations with a good payware scenery....any suggestions...? Please advise which payware option you have. Thanks.
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