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  1. Wont have a chance to try out for a bit. Would be good to hear thoughts on 5.4.
  2. Big fan of anything flightbeam but ft cyul could be at the top for me. If i could get consistant performance then it would be ft cyyz hands down.
  3. I'm good either way in terms of compatibility but whatever way that gets developers coming back is the route I am hoping for. It will be monetary pain but whatever. lol
  4. I have been told from a very reliable source it will not be using UE5 which was told to me around November/December.
  5. Everything that was said was deleted by rhumbaflappy. I'm not trying to argue - we were all just stating facts. As I said I most likely would support Pavlin with whatever he decides to proceed with but calling similar product trash is not called for. I've done Manitoba photoscenery for personal use - never published - for either it was v2 or v3 but either way I can appreciate the hard work and time along with many frustrations along the way for a portion of a Province let alone an entire country. I am sure if you politely reached out to Matthias he would try to help you out Pavlin...He is on here too.
  6. He didn't mean literally...You will probably get quite a few folks using your Asia stuff once you get things released. In fact frankly you can probably include myself of those that will buy/donate whatever you release...I am pretty sure he uses v4 like yourself for what it's worth.
  7. He's not wrong....Like you I am a P3D loyalist but you have to face the facts that the user base is tiny compared to msfs. It's pure facts....this is what got you into trouble over on FSD.
  8. No experience as I am thrustmaster Airbus guy myself but shoutout from fellow Winnipegger. About time our weather is changing for the better. Golf clubs are finally coming out a few times next week.
  9. I really enjoy your screenshots. I'm a P3D guy but doesn't matter. They look great and you must have a pretty healthy add-on budget eh? heheheh
  10. I'm a p3d too but some get more sensitive than others unfortunately. There is a reason a certain someone got banned yesterday over at FSDeveloper. Anyway, I agree with others that v6 wont see light of day until at least sometime around FSExpo. Looking forward to June.
  11. We should be pretty close if the beta log in was first reported, what, November or something like that. I am not too worried about lack of addons at first as I golf all spring summer and fall anyway. At the very leasy hopefully the sdk is simplified for the developers to pump out stuff easier and faster.
  12. I see what you mean. I just had a look at it shows v6 out of stock.
  13. Agree with Ray 100pct. Even with freeware out there to take advantage of. There is no way anyone is running vanilla other than testing purposes.
  14. MatthiasKNU on fsdeveloper...Once you find him on there which wont be hard you will know what I mean. For nuvecta I put the texture folder into the corresponding MSE folder and then copy contents of the scenery folder into the MSE scenery folder.
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