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  1. I ran into lousy FPS the other day and whether it was coincidence or not running FSDT live update fixed issues I had at a couple of airports with FPS. Now it's smooth again.
  2. worth the price I am guessing? how is the autogen?
  3. Great feedback thank you. I think i will leave for now and maybe get montreal if it ever goes on sale
  4. Hi all wondering if anyone has purchased product from either of these developers who seem to be covering cities. One seems more detailed than the other. I am considering trying them out but wouldnt mind some opinions...some look pretty good while others not so much.
  5. wow guys thanks so much for the guide!!! Finally VABB from ThaiCreations works!!!
  6. Mark, sounds like FT will be doing CYYZ v2. How soon who knows....
  7. I had a ctd as well and will try another flight but I am close to reverting back to previous client if I have more issues. I followed to correct steps in updating p3d and have not checked if its because of ms access.
  8. Thats exactly it. For 29.99 euro what exactly are we buying that we dont already have in activesky? I am curious to know more and after looking through the hifi forums at first glance I didnt see any posts on the product. I am definitely interested if it adds to the immersion with activesky.
  9. I noticed there is a new advance weather tool for use with ActiveSky available in simmarket today called ClimaDrive. I am unsure what this can possibly add to ActiveSky so I guess my question is does anyone out there have it for P3D and provide info for what this really does? They certainly have a well produced video up but is there any substance to this software?
  10. Unfortunately I am not expert enough to really say if that could work or not. Maybe next step is to try one of the developer support forums for FT or FB and see what they think? Mir has a pretty good support board over on FB so maybe try there. That is probably what I would try if I were in your shoes.
  11. Sent you pm. Hopefully it helps.
  12. Wish I could. I am not having this issue anywhere that you are seeing and have the same addons you have referenced so far. When I get home from work maybe i can share my settings with you to try if you like? Let me know.
  13. are you using custom inibuilds dl profiles? If you are maybe go back to supplied DL with the addons and see if it makes a difference. If you are using the DL that installed with the addons you may have to go ask the FT or DD guys in their forums. I definitely agree that something is not right.
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