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  1. Oh sorry guy i did not use lorby to install any of these. Mdpc and tapa installed fine...for mbpv i turned the corresponding obx file to .off. or you could use ade to exclude the default scenery. If i misled you on the lorby part i apologize.
  2. I have all three of these working fine in v5. I assume you are referring to mdpc 2016?
  3. mic, I am trying to also get that one to work and will circle back if I can get it fixed up.
  4. I have aerosoft baby buses working fine in v5. Just pointed to v4 and it seems ok
  5. Get off my back. I was giving the guy an option and never said it was perfect as i said in my first post. It works for me because i only use payware addons. Instead of trying to pick a fight with me for no reason why dont you spend some energy to offer help/suggestions instead. ADE/exclusion poly is one as mace pointed out.
  6. I use this method as i do not use default stuff ever and was merely offering this work around as an option, not as gospel.
  7. There is nothing guy but virtualcol freeware and blackbox although i use aerosoft buses mostly now. I used to be like you but the vc stuff grows on you and i have eventually flipped mostly to vc.
  8. Sorry man, i clearly didnt read your entire post but mace is right. There is an exclusion option by building a rectangle around the area you are looking to remove default objects from. By the way not sure if you know but i think cloudberry had released koak which may work with v5. I dont fly into koak ever so i havent a reason to buy it.
  9. Totally agree with you. Can live with it because I enjoy the sim too much however it will be awesome when they fix this issue. I too am one of the "lucky ones" that doesn't get a CTD after HF1.
  10. no man, do not delete it. Just change it to ".off" It won't do anything to harm your set up. It gets rid of the default objects and is the easiest workaround to have all of your addons work in p3d v5. I have a sh^% pile of non v5 stuff working in V5 with this method. Hell, I even have LatinVFR's TTCP and TSIM's TUPJ working in V5 and they both were only ever "compatible" with FS9 and FSX.
  11. I have it working perfectly - I guess I shouldn't say that because I did have to turn one of the BGL to .off which is OBX15180 in scenery/102/scenery. Once I did that the default scenery disappeared. My order in P3dv5 for the actual product itself. Sacramento Airport SMF_LC SMF_LIBS
  12. Sorry i meant for kpsp. Will check tho. Would love to be able to use it. I have no problems with the other ones i own.
  13. Ive only ever seen kpsp crash for me from v3 onwards. Cant imagine there is a grass setting in orbx central. Im glad you are able to enjoy v5 with that fix.
  14. Would love to know the answer to this as well. Ksfo is fine for me but engm and tncb both have same problem..looked everywhere last month for answer, couldnt find one.
  15. another option for you is to try the FSRadioPanel which is all of the saitek panels rolled into one app. The pro version is a small charge but it's all I use now with my samsung tablet. I have two of the panels sitting collecting dust now. Also, you do not need to worry about profiles using the app. It has a simple server connection exe, you turn on the app and boom, you are good to go.
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