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  1. I am interested to know if the France VFR is any good. Looks like they are using default gates which can be a bit of a turn off but the rest of it looks good from the photos on simmarket.
  2. well it's not ready to be used with anything in P3D yet. It doesn't respond to anything when firing up Aerosoft A320. Note their Simapp must be running in order to use the hardware. So far just compatibility with MSFS but it is a very nice, robust unit with nice lighting.
  3. Check ur email. They got back to me instantly with incredible support re shipping. For what its worth they used ups.
  4. The winwing unit is amazing value. I unboxed it last night after golf and the knobs and buttons feel solid and everything looks right. It is going to be modular but i only plan on getting the left side. The centre unit was 150.00 cdn and it is definitely not a cheap 3d print job. I plan on testing out this weekend to see if it can do anything out of box. I can report back with results.
  5. Beyond excited that it showed up yesterday at my front door. Looks like Aerosoft Airbus support is coming next month. Has anyone else gotten it and have you used it yet with anything in p3d? With golf season upon us in Canada i wont sim much now until october.
  6. what killed it for me is the extremely dark cockpit - cant find anything or read anything in the AS A320/330....If they fixed it I will update, spool it up and test but right now it's installed but collecting dust while I keep on trucking on with v5.4
  7. If that's the case thank god he has so many countries covered off that probably will never see light of day even as payware. Hopefully if he does pull the pin, there is at least some where/some one that is willing to host for him.
  8. Personally, with so many other options that haven't dropped my PC to it's knees, I don't even have trueearth anything installed anymore...What I use are a combination of: Megascenery with either nuvecta or living airports autogen Matthias freeware photoscenery and autogen (definitely worth donating to him) FC Scenery - best out of this, megascenery and realworld by far real world scenery The above doesn't kill my performance and looks great for the most part. Not cheap in some cases but neither is orbx. Regards, Sean
  9. I agree. The screenshots forum is almost all MSFS. There are some really nice screenshots but I prefer seeing the P3D stuff. It's mostly why I joined both the V5 and V6 facebook groups..Some of the stuff being posted on their is really great to see.
  10. I have all of his stuff working just fine in v5.4 for what its worth so you will be fine.
  11. I have it working fine in v5.4. It's been a while since I played with it but I also disabled the related files in the default scenery (201) folder. I just fired it up and it definitely has no elevation issues. Still looks decent for it's time. afcad always stunk for this airport though. lol Just had another look and I definitely adjusted elevation in ADE to make it work in 5.4 as well.
  12. https://secure.simmarket.com/sierrasim-simulation-harrisburg-intl-airport-kmdt-p3d4-6.phtml Looks pretty good to me...seems there are improvements over previous releases and glad to see they are still supporting P3D.
  13. I actually prefer to use bgl and then where I have to the aigfp. AI companion never seemed to work with aigfp only....traffic continuously respawned with any traffic limiter program frankly...I found a mix of bgl and aigfp works well for me. For what it's worth I haven't seen any CTD you have experienced. As others suggested post your logs in the support forum at AIG and they can help you out with what the root cause is.
  14. Darn I guess I stay with 5.4 for now...
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