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  1. Thanks Dave, that fixed the issue.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to create a flight from FSDR to FSIA but P2A doesn't let me insert FSIA after FSDR. If I try from FSIA to FSDR I have no problem. Why is this? Thanks. Edit: It works if I find the airport on the map and then right click it and choose it as destination. But it doesn't work when pressing the Add Wpt button.
  3. People talking and yelling is not the sneeze, it's cabin ambiance effect. The sneeze is just a sneeze, that scares the word not allowed out of me sometimes, lol, so I always disable it.
  4. That depends on the plane. There are planes with passenger cabin and no cockpit door. On those the pilots hear the passengers after taking off.
  5. Adding another scenery to the list of sceneries that cause this problem: MROC -by ARKA506 on Flightsim.to @virtuali I now have the UK World Update installed but still see the "Rubik's Cube", not the 11 sign, when I have one the faulty sceneries installed.
  6. Same, but I'm 57.
  7. But that way it is going to download and install the flightplans also, or not? Can't I download and install just the models and textures?
  8. I would like to know this too. I just want to use the textures and models with MSFS live traffic, without the flightplans. How do I do this? Doesn't the AI Manager auto-install the flightplans? Or can that be disabled?
  9. That is if I use the traffic generator. As I said, i don't want to use it, I just want to use MSFS live traffic and install some AIG companies that are missing in Aerosoft's Simple Traffic so I don't see random companies or planes with default textures in airports.
  10. I always used ground traffic slider at 30 but in some big airports I get lots of stutters and I think it's because there are lots of planes parked. Gonna try with that slider set to zero. Thanks.
  11. I mean, If I don't use TC and I just use the AIG repaints with MSFS live traffic and I have the ground slider set to zero, if I arrive at an airport I don't see any planes there, right? And the same if I'm going to take off, no planes on the airport, correct?
  12. If you have ground traffic slider set to zero do you see any planes parked on airports? Or are the airports empty and you just see planes flying?
  13. After that you need to go to the Marketplace and download WU X, if you didn't yet.
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