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  1. Check that you have the mouse profile set to default.
  2. I also agree. Best performance of the latest betas. Looks like there is much less load on the GPU after they fixed the DX12 bleeding issues.
  3. Guess that's why I don't see it too, I only use outside views in cruise.
  4. That's odd, you have some bad texture morphing there at TFFJ, I just checked on mine and I don't have it.
  5. I don't have any of those problems. I'm yet to have a CTD with this platform.
  6. I see you still didn't read the site you quoted. IT'S THE SAME site I quoted, not two different sites. Again, you need to read it to end and you will see the part about cloud turbulence that Bob also posted..
  7. Which sim do you know that has a better weather system than MSFS?
  8. You have no idea what site I'm reading because you didn't read the site of the link you posted yourself. Try reading it to the end. 🙄
  9. This is what is written in the product page about Cloud Turbulence: By reading this we get the idea it doesn't work in Passive mode, but if you say it does perhaps they need to update that.
  10. You asked that question a couple times already but seeing that all the beta testers and actual users seem to be ignoring it I suspect the answer is no. Hope I'm wrong though.
  11. I used to have PG off with my old rig for performance reasons, but always on since I got the new one.
  12. I recommend you lock them with RTSS using Front Edge Sync as Noel explained in other thread, it's better than in NVCP.
  13. No, because I lock the FPS at 60 with RTSS. It lowers the GPU power consumption too.
  14. I just use MSI Afterburner to monitor. I use 1440p resolution, not 4k, don't have any issues with CPU or GPU load.
  15. I mean I don't use the AutoFPS or AutoLOD mods. I use TLOD 150 and OLODS 100.
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