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  1. Alvega

    Black Friday GTN650/750 [SOLVED]

    Guess I'll skip that one then.
  2. Alvega

    Black Friday GTN650/750 [SOLVED]

    I had an aircraft where the screen was dark and doing this made it light up.
  3. Alvega

    Black Friday GTN650/750 [SOLVED]

    Have you tried rotating your mouse wheel over the screen to see if it lights up?
  4. Alvega

    Black Friday GTN650/750 [SOLVED]

    HI Jean-Luc, Don't know if you are aware but not everyone needs to browse to the .key file to authenticate or reinstall. If one has a Flight1 account we just insert the login data and don't need to browse to the .key file. That was my case and is probably his case too.
  5. Thanks for the heads-up. Edit: Went to the website but cannot see the 20% off, is it over?
  6. Alvega

    650 Touch

    What plane? Or did you try on more than one?
  7. Alvega

    650 Touch

    Hi Jean-Luc, this worked. Thanks.
  8. Alvega

    650 Touch

    HI Bourrinopathe, No, there's not. There's just a [GTN_750_1] section. Aren't you having the same problem when trying to add the GTN to a new plane with 2.4.10?
  9. Alvega

    650 Touch

    I just noticed this is happening to me too. Both with 750 and 650. Guess it is a problem with v2.4.10 because it was working before. Now if I add a GTN to a plane the window does not open. The "Reset Window" is dark, can't be clicked. And the Garmin trainer process is there in task manager. The window opens on the planes that have the GTN in the 3D panel though.
  10. Alvega

    650 Touch

    You mean it doesn't show when you click "Show window"?
  11. Alvega

    Crossfill on GNS ?

    Hi Jean-Luc, How do I enable crossfill in X-Plane GTN? I'm not able to do it.
  12. Ok, thanks. Sorry for the off-topic.
  13. Jean-Luc, you are right. The plane is the default Cirrus. It doesn't have an avionics master switch and it starts with avionics on even in cold and dark. Is there a way to make it start with avionics off? Thanks.
  14. Looks like this isn't fixed. The GTN's are powered on if i start the aircraft cold and dark with "Avionics bus" selected on power source. If I change it to "Main battery" they start powered off.
  15. Alvega

    GTN 650 + default jet (Cirrus SF50)

    Sale here: Don't forget to download the coupon and activate it.