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  1. If you say the sim isn't worth it why are you worried about that? Just use the one you think it's worth it.
  2. 310MB on Steam for me and 4.36GB in game ( I don't have the UK and Japan updates installed).
  3. Thanks for this, Chaotic, you're a real asset to the community. 👍
  4. I saw snow yesterday on the montains near Madrid with Live Weather. When I disabled live weather and changed to Unreal Weather it disappeared.
  5. Where did you see this info that there will be an update to fix the spikes issue in the next few days? Do you have a link for it? Thanks.
  6. I am also using a USB hub (non-powered) with my Thrustmaster FCWS (joystick and throttle) and no problems at all.
  7. You just need the folder that is inside the folder, which is the latest version. Inside the folder you have a unreal-weather-live-metar folder, that's the one you place on your community folder.
  8. You just need to paste it into the WeatherEditionMenu.js file. Nothing much.
  9. You just need to place it on your Community folder and get an API token from AVWX. https://unrealweather.blogspot.com/2020/09/unreal-weather-live-metar-released.html
  10. Don't know if you are aware but you have that for free with Unreal Weather.
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