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  1. And I spawned again in MYNN today, the weather icon just showed clouds without lightning but there was lightning. Guess the icon is not very trustable.
  2. It worked, thanks. I did it in both the runway.flt and apron.flt, otherwise it wouldn't work when I started cold and dark. I also may have found a bug. The external power is not working for me (with or without the modifications). I enable it on the tablet and it shows up connected to the plane but there is no sound from it and it seems to do nothing. I tried turning on the avionics with it connected but nothing happens. Can you (or anyone else) confirm if it works for you? Edit: Sorry about the off-topic guys, forgot this thread was about the 182RG.
  3. Ok, got it. I think that will be specific enough for me, Bert. Will try it. Much appreciated, thanks.
  4. Hi Bert, Can you be more specific about what do I need to edit there to make it open with the PMS50 GTN by default? Thanks.
  5. Hmm, can't recall if was using that file or not. What should I do?
  6. No problems here, I'm loving it. Only problem I found is that the GTN config doesn't stick, I have to change it on the tablet every time I use the aircraft because it always defaults to the GNS530. It wasn't like this before.
  7. You have Offscreen terrain pre-caching in the graphics options set to Ultra, correct?
  8. The default is ON, and there are planes that use that mode in the gauges so I'd leave it ON. Unless you test with it OFF in the aircraft you fly and don't see any problem. From the SDK: This was in the SDK some months ago when I checked, but I just checked again and it's still the same, but I believe the default is now ON.
  9. Be advised that NANOVG is now the default mode so you will probably have issues with other gauges in other planes if you disable it.
  10. So it seems it's not FSLTL causing the issue. I would now try without GSX.
  11. Did you also try with FSLTL disabled? I mean not opening it at all. Try with it disabled from the start (injector process not running). If you still have the issue we can exclude FSLTL as the culprit.
  12. Did you try with FSLTL static planes set to zero just to make sure it's not the static planes causing the issue? I don't think it is, but that's what I would do just to be sure. Sometimes it loads the planes in nearby airports too, not just the one we are at.
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