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  1. I could be wrong (and frequently am...just ask my wife) but the PMDG radar just picks up precipitation not the clouds themselves. So if you're in clouds but there's no precip there won't be anything on the radar.
  2. It cracks me up when starting out at these little backwoods airstrips and sure enough, there's that ramp guy/gal with the motorized push cart. 😄😂😂
  3. I just checked and it is there and selectable in mine.
  4. I've found out you can use the smart cam to guide you to your "assigned" parking spot. As you come up on taxiway intersections, hold the smart cam button and it will start to "look" in the direction you are to turn until you get to your spot. Sort of a non-intrusive way to use the taxi guidance.
  5. Man, I'm glad to hear its not just me. I thought I just really sucked at landing. 😀
  6. Thank you, Rob. This is by far my favorite plane to fly.
  7. Thank you for this wonderful mod. This is now by far my favorite plane to fly.
  8. Yeah, if you look in the Official area, there is a United livery for the generic twin engine airliner. What I find humorous is hearing an airline call for clearance and taxi then watch a Piper or Cessna single prop taxi by with like SWA1234 as the callsign.
  9. I've never turned on any failures to this point, but might be something to look at.
  10. I was wondering if it was plane specific or G1000 specific. That answers that.
  11. Flew two flights today after updating and both times I was cruising at altitude with the autopilot on using NAV and ALT and suddenly the MFD went blank with a beep like it was rebooting. The start screen would show up on it where you have to push the button and then it would be back on and the flight plan there, but of course once it went out the autopilot was disconnected and plane started turning. Anyone else experience this or is it just me?
  12. Same thing here. No adjustment, just a box saying done.
  13. Came across a work around for this. If you resize another window like the ATC or map then it starts responding again.
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