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  1. Hi all, When I upgraded to Win10, it killed my P3D licence and I had to ask LM to remove the old activation so I could run it again. Will an in place Win11 upgrade do the same? How about any PMDG products, will they need deactivating first? Many thanks, Ian
  2. Temp in C and pressure in hPa as well: and it all works just fine. I always give the passengers our alititude in ft, everyone loves cruising at "thirty five thousand feet"... 😎
  3. I thought it was from RealTurb, no idea how to turn it off, if you figure it out, let me know...
  4. Based on everything that has happened to you and the solution so kindly provided by Lawy, what do you think?
  5. Hi Noel, The answers to all your questions (as in most in the professional world) is "it depends...". However, to generalise (while trying not to upset the purests and the pedants)... 1) 30kts 2) STARs are usually filed in the flight plan so you have a good idea as to what you're going to get but every airport is different. Usually before top of descent you'll get a clearance (or at least a hint/tip) for the STAR. In some places they're nice enough to give you the runway as well but not everywhere (I'm looking at you, Frankfurt). 3) I'm unaware of any hard and fast rules about lights but I've not met many airliner pilots who don't want to be seen. Turning the lights on below 10000(ish) is common for airliners whose lights don't extend into the airflow; and turning them on when on a runway (or on receipt of take off clearance sometimes) is generally what happens. Same with the other lights, if you need them, use them, if you don't, switch them off. 4) There's no limit in my company although we're limited to -10 pitch. We also have a limit of 3000fpm within 3000ft of the MSA but that's company specific and not a rule. I think Air France 447 achieved -11000fpm but I'm not sure that's one to copy. 5) Weight and weather, the general philosophy is to cost as little as possible (some worry about making schedule too). 6) This is a massive subject but the cost index basically tells the FMC how to balance flight time and fuel burn. Max cost index = quickest flight time, lowest cost index = minimum fuel. Modern FMCs are very clever and will take winds, temps, weights and trip length into account to give you the best speeds/alts to fly at to achieve this. Hope this helps, Ian
  6. British Airways 😉 Let the backlash commence...
  7. Check your RAM voltage, over the years I've noticed XMP doesn't always set the voltage correctly (if at all), it ups the frequency and tightens the timings but leaves the voltage 🙄. I don't know exactly what memory kit you have but check the specs for the highest voltage supported then set that as the memory voltage in the BIOS. No promises but I've never had any memory problems doing that and what you're seeing isn't right...
  8. NVMe drives only use 4 lanes each so if you have 2 or them on one card it only really needs 8 lanes for full speed, ergo, 8 instead of 16 won't make any difference. Note : on the Amazon page for the Dual M.2 NVMe SSD to PCIE Adapter Card X8 M Key there is also the option (for an extra £13) for a 4 way, 16 lane PCIe card. That would future proof your storage for a while...
  9. That's quite normal in the States, they don't tend to prescribe departure routings too strictly, the controller will vector you towards your initial fix and send you on your merry way.
  10. Without knowing your budget it's hard to recommend anything, if you're happy to spend £3500 then yes, that's your best bet (although I'd have though you could get 12900K for that money which would be better). As ResetXPDR said above, if you're looking for something between the 22 and 35 price points then a 3080 (maybe Ti) would fit quite well, don't discount the Ryzen's either, they're pretty good. Probably worth sticking with the 32Gb RAM and I wouldn't go any lower than a 11700K (or 5800X with Ryzen). If you need more info we'll need to konw how much you're prepared to spend and don't forget about the cost of controls, do you need joysticks, yokes, throttles, pedals etc? You can remove stutters from pretty much any system bar a potato by reducing your sliders, all you're paying for here is how high those sliders can go before the stutters start. No system (right now) can run everything at max without stutters so you have to decide what level of sliders you're prepared to live with and how much you can pay for it. HTH, Ian
  11. It's the RAT (Ram Air Turbine), it pops out automatically when all the generators drop off line. It generates electricity (and sometimes hydraulic pressure) so the aircraft remains controllable until a better source of power is connected. It's normally a maintenance function to restow it so only when on the ground. I think restowing it is one of the options on the tablet. HTH, Ian
  12. I'm not sure I can be much help but I had, I think, a similar problem, but with v1 of FSDT's JFK. Apologies if I've misunderstood the problem (and I'm not trying to derail the thread here) but I was finding that the entire AFCAD was displaced by a few hundred meters to the SE. Zooming in in Little Navmap showed all the AI aircraft parked in the correct relative positions (i.e. you could see where the various terminals were by where the aircraft were parked) but they didn't line up with the scenery. The whole AFCAD seemed to have "shifted". I tried looking at it in ADE and, with it connected to P3D (also 4.5 HF3), I could slew around the airport checking the location of all the parking positions. The AFCAD lined up with the scenery but the AC were simply parked somewhere else. I was pretty convinced it was a duplicate AFCAD problem too but I never found one. The really weird thing was that when I made some changes to the airline gate assignments of the parking positions, the changes seemed to be reflected in the "shifted" parked aircraft. I moved Alaska/Virgin Am to T7 (I was on v1 of the scenery so it was quite old) and in the shifted AFCAD there they were, parked up with all the BA aircraft... just not at T7, somewhere in the middle of the airport. I tried everything I could think of, taking P3D back to its default state, reinstalling JFK, deactiviating all addons (except JFK obvs) and numerous scans (with numerous programs) for duplicate AFCADs. In the end I gave up. Nothing seemed to fix it, on a few occassions I seemed to fix it but the next time I tried it, it was offset again. I was going to ask for support but as it was such an old version I figured I wouldn't get much help (other than, "buy the new version") so left it. I was looking for a nice KEWR and ended up getting the DrZewiecki NY airports which included a JFK which worked fine. Sorry I'm not much help and can't offer a solution, I don't know if this is the same problem you have either but if it is then you're not alone...
  13. That kind of money will get you a good but not exceptional system, good frames around EGLL and KFJK are possible but you'll need to turn down some sliders and manage your expectations accordingly. These two are ususally pretty good and their FS systems are well balanced. https://www.chillblast.com/gaming-pcs/by-type/flight-simulator-pcs https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/desktop-pcs/microsoft-flight-simulator/ Don't forget you'll also probably want some kind of flight controls, the more the merrier in my opinion, and that can start adding up. HTH, Ian
  14. Throwing a few bits of info at PFPX, with this mornings weather and little to no checking, it appears a 772ER would handle that flight just fine. I used a route of: KLAX LAXX1 TRM J169 KOFFA DCT BXK J184 EWM DCT JCT J86 LEV Q102 CIGAR Y290 BAGGS DCT RSW DCT VKZ BR53V SKIPS Y290 HAGIT Y308 ACONY Y280 GABAR UG633 ANU UL695 EGIMI UL375 DIGOR UL695 FHAW DCT 10S010W 16S000E 20S010E DCT NEVEP UM431 VEDRY UP301 TETUS UN181 PEDIL UQ19 AVAGO AVAG1D FAOR and TBPB SBRF FHAW and FYWH as ETOPS airports A payload of 23.6t and cost index 0 gave fuel required 136146kgs, trip time 18:58 burning 126927kgs. I'm sure many other aircraft would be able to achieve this. Hope this helps, Ian
  15. It's a lot to go through but www.timetableimages.com has loads of info on that time period. Good luck Ian
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