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  1. Wow, you have a great wife, if that happened to me, the first thing I'd do is pinch myself and wake up because I've fallen asleep at the wheel. If she's up at that time (half naked or otherwise) the chances are I'm in trouble... and if I'm not then I will be by morning. Having said that, if it really happened; I'd immediately divert and clear myself for the backcourse approach to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, probably to be told to go around for a precision talk down to the reciprocal (to make sure I don't get lost)... then I'd wake up... but with a bigger... smile on my face. 😀
  2. Sounds like the Kai Tak trafic file is in FS9 format, it works but it kills all the other non-FS9 traffic files, which, I think, is what you're seeing. Try converting it to an FSX traffic file and see what happens...
  3. And you think that the division writing and selling a $200 software package is generating more revenue than the division(s) that makes and sells the F35? In fact, so much more that LM is going to be concerned whether you (I'm assuming a single purchaser of software and not the head of some country's military) buy/like/support it or not? It's not gospel, it's grounded in truth and fact. It's made popular by people who can see it, irrespective of whether they are employed by anyone. Whether you buy it or not is irrelevant to how true it is. He mentioned some of the internal features of P3D that most of us haven't heard of, it doesn't become more or less true if someone else says it. Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe you are intimately aquainted with CIGI and DIS protocol version 6 and konw what it is, unlike the rest of us. If by "P3D blah blah" you mean "the basic a fundamental purpose of P3D" then yes, you're right, I am. You are, again, trying to ignore it but unfortunately it doesn't cease to be true just because you don't believe it. I'm not a big believer of gravity but I have yet to escape it's grasp. This is becoming a bit detached from reality now, you've made no further additions to the discussion other than you don't like Rob and I'm not sure that has any bearing on LM's approach to P3D. You can make as much of a fuss as you like about what LM have to do to win your trust and money but they're not going to care. I'm just trying to lower your blood pressure, make your life more relaxing and increase your life span by pointing out you're beating a horse that has not only died, it's been to the glue factory and come back as UHU. P3D will run whatever course LM wants it to run (as it always has) irrespective of our little community, all we can do is enjoy the ride. Let's all just get on with enjoying that ride and looking forward to Aug 18th when we will finally get a new product aimed almost entirely at us.
  4. It doesn't serve the consumer market, it's a defence contractor. Of course not; but dude, they make fighter jets (along with this lot https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/products.html), do you really think a $200 software package is going to be their main money spinner? Face it, we're nothing but barnacles on a blue whale, they are not going to care if we leave any more than the whale would if a barnacle fell off. MSFS isn't a competitor to P3D, P3D contains a whole load of other technologies (Rob mentions a few here https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/567953-microsoft-flight-simulator-and-prepar3d-converging-diverging-or/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-4155816) that we don't care about (because it's not designed for us) that MSFS is unlikely to have. That doesn't mean MSFS is (going to be) bad or that P3D is good, they're just aimed at different markets. You're comparing apples to leaves, both green but very different things. This discussion comes up a lot with people who just think P3D is FSX with lipstick on, we don't/can't see it; but it's not. It's way more than that and if we were LM's primary market, we'd get it... but we're not... so we don't.
  5. LM doesn't need to understand anything but their target market. We are *not* their target market. Most MSFS buyers are *not* their target market. The P3D franchise will not wither until the military/Govts stop buying it. They will not be reacting to us/our market, their market is someone else, we're merely clinging on to that market's coat tails and enjoying the ride. P3D will carry on just fine with or without us (and independent of MSFS's success or failure or perceived greatness or otherwise) until LM decides it's not what it wants to do (for whatever reason) and pulls it. It may decide to work it's magic using MSFS as a new base (like it did with ESP before it) but that's a deal that's for the future.
  6. Telling you to go to THR CLB at thrust reduction alt (1500ft AAL) is normal, going into AFLOOR when the speed is low is normal, the two are unrelated. If it's going into AFLOOR when the speed isn't low then that's not normal and what we're trying to figure out. The problem may also be that the speed is getting low (either due to insufficient thrust or high pitch) during the climb, triggering AFLOOR, again, that's what we're trying to figure out.
  7. This is unlikely to be a scenery issue, there must be something going on that the flight control system doesn't like. Try the flight from Kigali again but don't load anything into the FMGC, just take off using TOGA, climb in CLB and OPEN CLB up to your cruise alt and point north. See if it does it again. Alpha Floor (AFLOOR) is a thrust mode that's activated when it thinks you're going to stall, I was under the impression that the pitch was acting bananas before AFLOOR kicked in and AFLOOR was a result of the low speed caused by the high nose attitude. Is that not the case?
  8. Very strange, my observation on your screenshots is that in both the "bad" shots there is no pitch mode active while in the "good" there is. I can't tell if that's a symptom or the cause but either way, if there's no pitch mode (which, of course, can't happen in real life) then nothing is controlling the aircraft pitch so it will do whatever. The fact that it keeps doing the same thing suggests there is something "controlling" the pitch, it's just we don't know what it is (and it's not annunciating properly on the FMAs). Once you've figured that out, the Aerosoft guys will probably want to know so they can fix it. Having ruled out an all encompassing bug in the aircraft (i.e. there still could be a bug but it obviously doesn't happen all the time), you need to figure out the root cause. Unfortunately this will require a lot of testing. Is it a Kigali thing? Africa thing? Time of day thing? Weather thing? Was it to do with the route in the FMGC? Or you could just keep flying and make a note of places (time of day, weather, etc) when it happens again and over time you may see a trend. cwburnett's instructions were spot on but if you have a oneDrive folder in explorer a right click, share and copy link would work too.
  9. Hmmm, does sound like there's something wrong with your install, not being able to select a speed seems like something that, if it really didn't work for everyone, people would be up in arms about. I hear you brother, these days I rarely sign up to anything if I don't already have an account with them, however, if you have a Microsoft/Hotmail/Outlook account/email address then you already have 5Gb with oneDrive. If you have a gmail account (or an android phone) then you already have 15Gb with Google Drive. If you have an Amazon account then you have 5Gb free with Amazon photos. If you have an apple account (or an iPhone) then you already have 5Gb with iCloud. Most of those will integrate with Windows fairly easily (oneDrive is already quite tightly embedded in a default Win10 install) meaning the whole upload and get shareable link to paste into Avsim can be done from Windows Explorer in a few clicks. If it's commanding the right speed then it could be the frame rate limitation, for reasons best known to themselves they've used the internal gauge refresh tick to power their flight control system. When the system gets bogged down (i.e. low frame rate) this refresh tick slows down and hence the flight control system isn't updating fast enough to keep control of the aircraft. That could also explain what you're seeing but it sounds like your machine should be able to handle it.
  10. Just another random thought (I get them a lot these days). What is the commanded speed when the nose starts pitching up? Are you in managed speed? If so, there's a chance that the bug is with that, if it changes to 0 automagically that would cause what you're seeing. Try a flight only in selected speed... A screenshot of the panel when it happens would really help. ...and as previously mentioned, thrust levers go to CLB at the thrust reduction alt which defaults to 1500ft above the departure airfield.
  11. I had similar problems (with the speed/high nose up leading to stall) and traced it back to not typing in a v2 speed. When you put the flap in the PERF page, it fills out all the boxes (flex temp, v1, vr and v2; but if you don't type in and overwrite the v2 speed (you'll know when you have as it shows bigger/bolder than it was) then when you go to managed speed and (opn) clb it basically commands a speed of 0, prompting the Saturn rocket impression that fails when it runs out of oomph and you fall unceremoniously back to earth. You didn't mention whether you did this or not so just suggesting it as something to try, as to your other problem, I've no idea...
  12. Already been done by AIG https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=31878.msg326307;topicseen#msg326307 However, those look great, I'm sure your talents would be much appreciated over at AIG https://www.alpha-india.net/
  13. On my 1080Ti, I went from 3 1280x1024 monitors to a single 3440*1440 curved widescreen (a few years ago now) and, while I didn't notice any major increase in performance, the ease of config and the lack of bezels made my experience much better, would recommend...
  14. https://www.aurora.nats.co.uk/htmlAIP/Publications/2020-05-21-AIRAC/html/index-en-GB.html Not in the above list which suggests it's no longer with us... To be fair, it was based at the old Sheffield City Heliport which was closed in 2008 (other than for emergency use) so it was never going to last long.
  15. A bunch of static Australian aircraft somewhere strange is usually Orbx, check there first. Search the Orbx folder for the airport code and add .old to the end of any BGL files that look like they may contain static aircraft - their naming structure usually passes the Ronseal test...
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