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  1. Hello Everyone! What's the best available F-22 out there for P3Dv5? Is it simply just the default one? If so, how good is that one and what things might not be simulated?
  2. Hello! Check out this clip (pardon the beeping): https://imgur.com/a/F2dOphf Here's what's going on... if I go from a different window to P3D, I get this weird ~5 second lag in the MB pan before it resumes to normal speed. Anyone know what might be causing this? I have mouse pan in the virtual cockpit set to 5.75, so its meant to be a bit quick. (It's like Chaseplane is having 5 second sleep paralysis every time I come back to P3D!) btw, if anyone here knows why my F-18 is beeping, lemme know! (Maybe its tired of me, eh?)
  3. Hello! I've bought the Superbug, holy hell its amazing! I see what hs118 meant by the engine spooling, it makes taxiing a little interesting, but it works, nonetheless. Now I'm getting on the aircraft carrier phase. Wish me luck! 😃
  4. Thanks for the info! That's one thing I appreciate about the Superbug so far, the FBW simulation is well regarded. If anyone has additional wisdom, please share!
  5. Hello all! I finally got the exilerating chance to hear all 12 engines of the Blue Angels team blast full military power over my head just a few days ago. Naturally, I now have F/A-18 fever! (And the need for speed 😎) I want to find a study-level F/A-18 for P3Dv5. The two candidates I see so far are DC Designs and VRS Superbug. So far, I'm more sold towards the VRS, but I want your opinions first in case DC Designs (or anyone else for that matter) would be a better fit in the end. Thanks!
  6. I'm having some issues with starting the engines. I just tried following a youtube video from cold and dark as well as the kneeboard checklist. Here's a couple things I'm seeing: Failure warning panel "Lo Fuel" light is lit the entire time, regardless of refueling. I was able to start engines 1 and 3. Engine 2 would just spool up to 9% N1 and not do anything from there. Any thoughts here? I put the plane into "all systems off" as opposed to "ready to start". Is all systems off bugged or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  7. Understood, Thanks for helping me here@ I have the GTN750 installed, and it works like a charm! Only thing left is to figure out why I'm having engine failures 5 minutes into a flight. If you happen to locate a full tutorial pdf, that would be really helpful. I see the quick reference tables and checklist at least. (EDIT: Found it on the product page, see it here: Flysimware’s FALCON 50 – Flysimware) Thank you!
  8. Thanks! I downloaded the installer from RealtyXP but bought the software from Flight1, whats the difference between the RealityXP and Flight1?
  9. Hello! Sorry for the late response. These links are truly helpful, thank you!!
  10. Hello! Can anyone help me find a way to install RealtyXP's GTN750 or 650 into the Dassault Falcon? I've tried a couple of times, but I'm having trouble replacing the G530. If there's some setup files that anyone's created, I'd love to know! Thanks all
  11. Hello all! I feel like its easier to find answers to this regarding Boeing aircraft rather than Airbus aircraft. Does anyone have any wisdom on how exactly you decide to use flaps 1+F vs 2 for takeoff and flaps 3 vs 4 for landing in any airbus A3XX lineup? It makes a lot of sense how to decide this in Boeing aircraft (no it doesn't, I'm just saying that because there are more answers online), but I don't quite understand the logic for the scar- ahem- Airbus method. Here's an example where I don't know whether to do flaps 3 or 4 for landing: I'm flying an A330 into Heathrow at 342.7 thousand-lbs and the VAPP for flaps 3 is 136KIAS and flaps 4 is 134KIAS... which one would a real-life pilot opt to do? (assume calm wind with standard temp/pressure) (If anyone has a link that already answered this, please cure my idiocracy since I'm not a master of research. Very much appreciated!) Thank you, happy to hear the wisdom you all have!
  12. I installed the Phenom 300 to P3Dv5 (P3Dv4 installation with P3Dv5 patch), and to the best of my knowledge everything seems to have installed okay. Only problem I see so far is the Procedure page of the FMS can only show me Approaches (refer to video attachment). Every tutorial and manual I see indicates that I should be able to see the remaining 3 IFR procedures below the Approach function. Am I doing something wrong here? I should be to just press Proc > Departure in order to start my route, right? Check out the video and let me know if I am doing something incorrectly. https://youtu.be/me5qnnGEARE
  13. Thanks, Benjamin! Its such a small detail that goes a long way! I tried figuring things out on ADE, but I still have alot to learn with it, so easy does it for now. Thanks for the help everyone!
  14. What's a VATC? lol EDIT: Oh VOXATC, haha! comedy of errors, I swear...
  15. Okay, I located the problem. VOXATC does not like aircrafts that have quotation marks in the titles. That's a bit of an annoying problem to go in a change every livery that has quotation marks in their titles in the cfg files. So far, thats the solution I'm running with, however if anyone knows how to make VOXATC ignore the quotations, let me know!
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