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  1. Hello everyone! Just wanted to see if our developers have come out with any great private jets recently? I love the Xtreme Prototypes LJ25D and the FlySimware FA50EX. I have mixed feelings about Carenado's stuff, but I always enjoy flying the Phenom 300. are there any others out there you all like that I should go and check out? Thanks all!
  2. Hello all! Whenever I request a specific cruising altitude from VATC, I always get the response "unable at this time". If I choose "request higher", they'll give me an altitude I can't reach yet (Like FL410 from FL350). Is there anyway to get the kind robot people to bless me with my humble request? Thanks,
  3. Hello all! Just wanted to give an update here. Please reference my post in the AIG forum in concurrence with this thread Convert AIGFP to BGL? (For VOXATC) (alpha-india.net) I found that you can't convert AIGFP flight plans to BGL since they are much more complex (hence why the flights may seem more realistic). It was recommended that I remove the AIGFP files and let AIG reinstall (requires you to untick "Use AIGFP" in settings). This did end up working, and the reinstall process was much quicker (4 hours vs and entire day). Please do remember to run the VOXATC indexer after going through this process. (Pro tip: Don't delete the AIGFP files, just move them to a different folder, it's the same effect with no drawbacks). Hopefully this thread helps me in the future and to anyone else needing assistance. John, thanks for your help! Now I can move on to getting some help on a couple bugs/mishaps I'm getting from VOXATC.
  4. Happy to hear! For any and all following along, please refer to this thread from AIG support. TL;DR It's not possible to convert AIGFP to BGL since they're too complex. Convert AIGFP to BGL? (For VOXATC) (alpha-india.net)
  5. Thanks for chiming in! I'm running version 7.43; I'm not seeing a later beta version. Is this the version that's supposed to support AIGFP's? cheers,
  6. Gotcha, I did post a thread on AIG's forums to figure out how to convert AIGFP's to bgl's. We'll see if they have an answer (I'll post a solution here for those following along). So, I've never used AIFP before, forgive me any and all confusion. What is this and how do I use it? Am I downloading flightpans from AIG Dispatch and having them recompiled into bgl's via AIFP? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the response. In that case, what should be the move on my end? Do you suppose I'll need to reinstall AIG and deselect "Use AIGFP"? Or is there a better way to compile BGLs so that VOXATC can use them? Thanks
  8. Hello all! I use P3Dv5 HF3. I was wondering how to get VOXATC to use AIG-AIM models? I'm not sure what the cause of problem might be, but VOXATC isn't spawning any AI at all, despite the slider being 100% in VOXACT Settings. AIG-AIM is running using the traffic manager, so the two are essentially running at the same time without influencing each other. Is there any way I can flip a switch and get VOXATC to start using these models? The indexer seems to scan through them, so I don't see what the problem is. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Hello Everyone! What's the best available F-22 out there for P3Dv5? Is it simply just the default one? If so, how good is that one and what things might not be simulated?
  10. Hello! Check out this clip (pardon the beeping): https://imgur.com/a/F2dOphf Here's what's going on... if I go from a different window to P3D, I get this weird ~5 second lag in the MB pan before it resumes to normal speed. Anyone know what might be causing this? I have mouse pan in the virtual cockpit set to 5.75, so its meant to be a bit quick. (It's like Chaseplane is having 5 second sleep paralysis every time I come back to P3D!) btw, if anyone here knows why my F-18 is beeping, lemme know! (Maybe its tired of me, eh?)
  11. Hello! I've bought the Superbug, holy hell its amazing! I see what hs118 meant by the engine spooling, it makes taxiing a little interesting, but it works, nonetheless. Now I'm getting on the aircraft carrier phase. Wish me luck! 😃
  12. Thanks for the info! That's one thing I appreciate about the Superbug so far, the FBW simulation is well regarded. If anyone has additional wisdom, please share!
  13. Hello all! I finally got the exilerating chance to hear all 12 engines of the Blue Angels team blast full military power over my head just a few days ago. Naturally, I now have F/A-18 fever! (And the need for speed 😎) I want to find a study-level F/A-18 for P3Dv5. The two candidates I see so far are DC Designs and VRS Superbug. So far, I'm more sold towards the VRS, but I want your opinions first in case DC Designs (or anyone else for that matter) would be a better fit in the end. Thanks!
  14. I'm having some issues with starting the engines. I just tried following a youtube video from cold and dark as well as the kneeboard checklist. Here's a couple things I'm seeing: Failure warning panel "Lo Fuel" light is lit the entire time, regardless of refueling. I was able to start engines 1 and 3. Engine 2 would just spool up to 9% N1 and not do anything from there. Any thoughts here? I put the plane into "all systems off" as opposed to "ready to start". Is all systems off bugged or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
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