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  1. Useful link below. Might help. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/release-information/status-windows-10-2004
  2. AivlaSoft have Simplecam. It's worth a look. 7 day trial and already updated for V5. Reminds me of X-Plane's quick look system. Sometimes 10 camera positions is all you need. Cheers,
  3. UTL is not V5 ready. Those using it in V5 had it already installed in V4 and just needed to modify some entries. A clean install in V5 will need to wait for an updated version. Cheers,
  4. Just a thought that may have some bearing on this. I removed P3D4 from my system and deleted everything I could find including F1 folders and the RealityXP Folder created in C drive. I then installed P3D5. I used the current version of the GNS530 rxpGNS2-FSIM-Setup.exe. It installed fine and did not create a new RealityXP folder in C. It works without the .lic file I used to see. I assumed it now picks up my license details from the registry as my name is correctly shown in the panel when in use. I did get a RealityXP folder created when i later installed the GTN750 for XP11. That has a .lic file for the GTN in it. However the GTN was installed from the Flight1 wrapper after the usual virus threat rubbish. Perhaps the folder and license file are only created when you originally install with the Flight1 wrapper? Cheers,
  5. That has been my experience. Tested with many games built in benchmark tools. I have a 43" 4K LG monitor 60HZ. Test the game at full 4k then change the games resolution to 1440p and rerun the test and the FPS is greater. Its math, less pixels to push around. Also, as said, set your in game resolution to what you want (1440p) and the window will take up as much of your 4k screen as necessary. The bigger the 4k monitor the bigger the window. My 43" monitor would show a 1440p window approximately equivalent to a physical 27" screen. The only downside I found for me running a 1440p windows on a 4k monitor was that I could see everything on the surrounding screen which kills the immersion somewhat. If I could be bothered I could have set a black background and hid my desktop stuff to make is cleaner. I could also set my monitor to a non native resolution, instead of its 4k native set it to 1440p and compare the quality. I tried it with FarCry5 and I got better frames and the game visuals were very acceptable. Another thought, depending on how far back you can get from the screen - especially large screens - running in a small window lets you get a little closer to the screen. Some games with lots of movement are difficult to play up close, motion sickness and all that. Cheers,
  6. Game pass is good. Xbox Game Pass for PC is still officially in Beta. I signed up several months ago for the special promotional price of $4.50 per month. I have currently installed and playing The Outer Worlds, Halo collection, The Surge 2, Yakuza 0, Subnautica, Metro Exodus, Gears 5 and Gears Tactics. Good value. For a gamer of course it is. Consider the savings against paying release prices. I’m already way ahead. If you are anything like me I’ve wasted heaps on games and Flight sim add ons that looked good but did not hold my interest enough to finish. This subscription model is good to use to trial games for an extended period. Like MSFS buy it., don’t like it uninstall and get back to Gears Tactics. Better than a 14 day return policy I figure. Oh, and you are not locked into Game Pass, you can cancel your subscription. Why the negativity, it just another choice. Cheers
  7. Good choices. BUT. In about 2-3 weeks Intel are releasing new CPU’s requiring a new motherboard. The replacement for the 9000k is looking very interesting at possibly the same or lower price. If you can, wait for this release. I always figure buying a new PC should last the next 3-5 years so with that in mind and so close to the next big thing I would wait. Cheers
  8. Just for interest Rick. I know you have fixed this but co-incidentally I had a system next to me with the same problem. I could not resolve the issue and did a reinstall as the system had very little data and software loaded. I did notice that the Software Protection Service would not start. Error 5. I guess I wasted around 3-4 hours trying to fix the issue. A reinstall of Win10 with essential software took me about 90 minutes. I did not sign into the owners account and used a local account only. Immediately after the install I went into Activation and Win10 was already activated with a digital license. I did not enter a key during the install phase. I intentionally left the system disconnected from any network. I also wiped all partitions before the install to ensure the disk was clean. I mention this to prove to myself that the key is tied to the hardware id and not a Microsoft account. I suspect the Security Intelligence Updates (which you cannot uninstall) may have something to do with this error. There was an incident here in Australia a month ago where hundreds of users (including myself) of an accounts program (MYOB) were blocked from running its executable. Never fixed, We had to use a workaround. Cheers,
  9. For the home user Win 10 Pro is not required. The advantages in Pro are only evident in a business environment. Able to join Active Directory. Use Bitlocker. Can act as a RDP Host. Can use 512GB Ram (Home limited to 128GB). Cheers,
  10. Yes. And you have nothing to lose as you can run Win10 without a key for a short time before you activate it, just in case. I would recommend you use the Win7 key. In my experience the fact the Win7 key has never been used made no difference to a successful activation. Cheers,
  11. I’ve upgraded 3 Win7 systems (2 pro and 1 home) in the last couple of weeks and the Win7 licence is still accepted. If installing on bare metal do not enter a key during the install phase. Once the install is complete enter your Win 7 key to receive a digital licence. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Tip. If you want to avoid signing in with a Microsoft account when doing a clean install, do not connect to your wired or wireless network until you have passed this stage of the install and have setup a local account instead. Cheers.
  12. Don’t assign an action to it in controller setup.
  13. Gladiator MK II. Highly recommended. You can order via X-plane.org store. Cheers.
  14. Shortcut to using Google to search a specific site is in the google address bar type. site:avsim.com "then space then your search term" e.g. site:avsim.com T6 This works in any site you wish to search and is good in that it limits the results to the site nominated. Cheers.
  15. OK. I feel for the OP. We both got a response to our questions within hours. I was fully expecting to wait a few days. Somethings out of wack with their support.. Cheers
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