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  1. ThomasAH Majestic updates are handled differently to other developers. You get them directly from Majestic’s website. You need your order details from PC Aviator or whichever shop you purchased from to download the patched files. Once downloaded you copy these files over the old ones in Majestic’s entry in simobjects, aircraft. Instructions are provided. Cheers,
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply Mark. Thanks for doing this. Cheers,
  3. Mark, I purchased Ralph’s ATC files years ago. Can these clips be merged with your product without any ill affects? Cheers,
  4. And quitely removed fsx-se. So I guess it depends on what side of the fence you are on. Cheers,
  5. No difference in features. The cheaper one. Cheers,
  6. Same experience. Further, when using the minimize down arrow it not only shifts back to my main screen but it's also just a small rectangle. Bit of pot luck where different windows open. Latest version full install. Also It's a bit of a fiddle with the left and right screens getting it sized right. e.g. when dragging the centre column you lose parts of the RHS menu items and there is no scroll bar to let you know. When you drag that windows out to see all the items it then affects the view in the LHS window. Needs to be more set and forget I guess. Hope I've explained it OK. Cheers,
  7. Well David, I’m guessing that like you I’m one of many that bought JS41 on the promise of Steam compatibility. They even added JS41-SE to the Op Centre ages ago. I now see they have silently removed it, it now just says FSX. It’s over 2 years since reading they were checking for SE compatibility in Feb 2015. I’ve seen references from a PMDG employee saying it was nearly ready years ago. To my knowledge they have never said it would not be made compatible with SE but their actions recently suggest it will not happen. Every time this question is asked it is ignored. I honestly have no idea why they do not say something or even acknoledge that their customers need answers after all this time. To my mind there really is no excuse for this behaviour. Cheers,
  8. And one fine manual as well. Tip for anyone reinstalling. The new owners of Falcon 4 now require a full install of their product before installing BMS. Previously you could get by putting just a copy of your legally obtained falcon.exe on your drive and pointing your BMS installer at it for verification. If you’re like me and have no CD drive you can create an ISO of the CD on another system and then mount that ISO on your gaming system to install Falcon4. Annoying but thankfully it does not take up much space. Cheers,
  9. Ok Guys. Thanks for clearing that up. Suprised that the locals did not bring this to your attention earlier that your listed price showed inc VAT when it obviously did not. And to be pedantic showing just (excl VAT) along side the price would be clear to all site visitors that tax is not included. As an aside. Unfortunately for Australian residents we will be be paying 10% GST on online purchases from overseas sellers effective July 2018. I notice that some sellers who use firms like esellerate are prematurely charging GST. You may want to ensure your people know. I do believe you have to sell over AUD75k per year to Aussie customers otherwise you don’t have to register with the Australian Tax Office. Thanks again.
  10. The purchase price shows 20 quid inc VAT. This is the same price that is charged through the buying process. At no point does the price shown reflect a 20% VAT reduction. If that’s the way it’s supposed to work then your price should show as 20 quid plus VAT applicable to buyers from affected regions. FYI I’m signed in and my profile clearly says Australia. Still wants me to pay 20 UKP. Cheers,
  11. Pete - Actually a reinstall of the client, rather than the content, is what will fix corrupt or missing shaders. From Sunny YBCG. Cheers,
  12. You need to rethink this. You're asking the developer to add a method to disable the core function of his product so you can use it for FP and a moving map. That seems unreasonable, surely he has better things to do. Have you considered using LittleNavMap or SimLauncherX for this purpose? Cheers,
  13. Exactly Jim. A lot of folks use it for the big picture, but as you say you can easily focus on specific processes. Cheers,