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  1. Well David, I’m guessing that like you I’m one of many that bought JS41 on the promise of Steam compatibility. They even added JS41-SE to the Op Centre ages ago. I now see they have silently removed it, it now just says FSX. It’s over 2 years since reading they were checking for SE compatibility in Feb 2015. I’ve seen references from a PMDG employee saying it was nearly ready years ago. To my knowledge they have never said it would not be made compatible with SE but their actions recently suggest it will not happen. Every time this question is asked it is ignored. I honestly have no idea why they do not say something or even acknoledge that their customers need answers after all this time. To my mind there really is no excuse for this behaviour. Cheers,
  2. And one fine manual as well. Tip for anyone reinstalling. The new owners of Falcon 4 now require a full install of their product before installing BMS. Previously you could get by putting just a copy of your legally obtained falcon.exe on your drive and pointing your BMS installer at it for verification. If you’re like me and have no CD drive you can create an ISO of the CD on another system and then mount that ISO on your gaming system to install Falcon4. Annoying but thankfully it does not take up much space. Cheers,
  3. Ok Guys. Thanks for clearing that up. Suprised that the locals did not bring this to your attention earlier that your listed price showed inc VAT when it obviously did not. And to be pedantic showing just (excl VAT) along side the price would be clear to all site visitors that tax is not included. As an aside. Unfortunately for Australian residents we will be be paying 10% GST on online purchases from overseas sellers effective July 2018. I notice that some sellers who use firms like esellerate are prematurely charging GST. You may want to ensure your people know. I do believe you have to sell over AUD75k per year to Aussie customers otherwise you don’t have to register with the Australian Tax Office. Thanks again.
  4. The purchase price shows 20 quid inc VAT. This is the same price that is charged through the buying process. At no point does the price shown reflect a 20% VAT reduction. If that’s the way it’s supposed to work then your price should show as 20 quid plus VAT applicable to buyers from affected regions. FYI I’m signed in and my profile clearly says Australia. Still wants me to pay 20 UKP. Cheers,
  5. Pete - Actually a reinstall of the client, rather than the content, is what will fix corrupt or missing shaders. From Sunny YBCG. Cheers,
  6. You need to rethink this. You're asking the developer to add a method to disable the core function of his product so you can use it for FP and a moving map. That seems unreasonable, surely he has better things to do. Have you considered using LittleNavMap or SimLauncherX for this purpose? Cheers,
  7. Exactly Jim. A lot of folks use it for the big picture, but as you say you can easily focus on specific processes. Cheers,
  8. Rather than use task manager, open resource monitor. You can use Winkey+R and type resmon. Specifically open the disk area and watch the files being loaded it may point to a delay. For example, during recent trouble shooting I was seeing severe stuttering when flying over a certain part of my scenery. Watching the files being loaded from disk I noticed when it happened that several ship models were being loaded. I disabled boats in the interface and the stutters were gone. Conclusion something amiss with the add on boat package I installed. It’s a very good starting point when you have these kinds of problems. Also works well to check locked files. And yes at 6% I see all the Orbx files loading hence long load times. SSD are not very fast with tiny file sizes so you still get long loading times. Cheers,
  9. What if... just what if, there was a change in the content module that fixed all stutters. LM discovered an error, (much to their embarrassment) and don't say anything specific, they just casually update the problem files with some obscure comment about optimizing textures. You will never know about this "fix" if you do not install the content upgrade. LM have publicly stated they are actively focusing on improving VR which has a flow on effect in optimizing the graphics for us normal folk, (normals being humans that get motion sickness). I for one have cleared and polished the table. It is now ready for the feast that is V4.1. At least I hope so, as I'm easily mislead. Cheers,
  10. Pretty much what Andy said. I will reinforce his comment about uninstalling FSX first including registry entries and entries in appdata. This way when you install the Steam edition rather than create a FSX-SE folder (if it finds a trace of a previous FSX install it will create this FSX-SE folder) it will create a FSX folder making it much more straight forward to install your older products. Should your add-on installer give you the choice of installing for either a FSX or FSX-Steam Edition, choose FSX. Cheers,
  11. Curious, Living in Australia and knowing we have to pay 10% gst for online purchases from July 2018 ( not withstanding some online firms are already prematurely adding 10%) why we have to pay the 20% VAT. Coupled with PayPal making a quid from exchange rates and fees and the price in AUD puts it out of range for this add on. A reason why I like ORBX selling in AUD. Obviously these are taxes and fees not going Turbulent, but they do miss out because I will now not buy this product. Removing the VAT for overseas buyers would have made a major difference to my cost. Possibly selling via 3rd party e.g. simmarket where you need to put country of residence and you get the no VAT price. This might not be the ideal area to comment on this but this topic raised my interest and I went to the web site to buy only to do a double take once the final cost to me was available. Worth taking on-board. Cheers
  12. Bryan, I’m pretty sure you are wrong regarding 64 bit versions of Office. The default install is 32bit. Also MS themselves recommend installing the 32 bit version to maintain compatibility with the thousands of add ons specifically designed for Office in the business sector. Pretty much every legal firm on the planet has plugins for Office. It’s more likely it’s 99 percent 32 bit. I also have had problems with this. It's not just that you are using the Spanish version for some reason but that widows now believes the user has Office 2010 x64 installed and forces Win10 to do updates. I recall this question about the Spanish version was raised on the PMDG forum. The answer was to take the issue up with FS2Crew. Office 2010 mainstream support has ended and this versions end of life is Oct2020. You may need to look at an alternative. In the meantime I choose not to use your add on with the other aircraft it is bundled with. PMDG do not appear to give such an option. Can you advise a recommended way to remove RASS after the PMDG install. Thank you,
  13. Hi Vic, Go to the download link in your fastspring receipt and you will get the latest version. Just did it myself several hours ago. 3.3.103 is the latest version. Cheers,
  14. My last major FPS problem was caused by bad sound card drivers. I went from 35 FPS to around 3-5 FPS. Of course I tested everything else first, specifically video. You could check if sound is the issue by temporally disabling your device in device manager or, as I did by disabling the built in sound in the bios. Once I had confirmed this to be the issue I updated the sound ( Realtek) drivers and back to to normal. Cheers,