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  1. Nope. I'm running 4 sims so only buy when stuff is on sale/discounted. There are threads in the MSFS forum that cover this aircraft.
  2. The Turbo sale price is US$45.00 or $58.00 aussie dollarroos. Your $70 figure is likely for the bundled planes. For anyone who purchased the Turbo from a 3rd party such as PC Aviator I'm informed by JF support that a 25% discount will be offered when listed on PC Aviators site. When that happens is anyone's guess as the NA version has been out for 2 months or so and is still not listed on any 3rd party store that I can see.
  3. Thanks for this Fragtality. Just moved to a TKL keyboard and using my Stream Deck for number pad and many other things. Slowly working through all this and look forward to making the most of the SD with my sims. There is a bunch of new terms mentioned I'll need to get my head around. Thank you.
  4. That resembles me. Send me a personal message on what kind of help you might need. If I think I can help I'll give you my mobile number for a chat. Cheers.
  5. Curious, Even though you have received a refund are the bundle/s you originally purchased still shown in the Marketplace as Owned and Installed? The "My Content" listing should also show around 110 items installed if they have not been removed. A "happy" side effect if true. Cheers,
  6. In for a penny.... I see I've raised more question that answers. Lets see if I can do a better job by clarifying/commenting on members queries. And thank you Griphos for editing your original reply. No I do not work for MS/Xbox. Just another user with a different view to some. So IMHO Lets look at the 3 versions in the MP. Deluxe gets you 5 additional aircraft and airports over the Standard version. Premium gets you 5 additional aircraft and airports over the Standard version. You don't get the Deluxe stuff. Premium Deluxe gets you 10 additional aircraft and 10 airports over the Standard version. So both the Deluxe and Premium add-ons. If I buy the premium deluxe version all 3 version will show as owned as you have just paid for all the aircraft and airports listed in the 3 packages. They are yours to keep. These bundles are in the MP to cater for users who only bought the Standard or Deluxe versions of MSFS and want to upgrade/get the additional add-ons available in the other versions. Of course Gamepass owners who have installed the Standard version can also purchase any add-on from the store. No add-on purchased at the store is lost as you have paid for them. Gamepass If I did not have gamepass and just purchased any of the 3 versions of MSFS for the full price then the version I paid for will be listed in the Microsoft Store under My library. Either as Installed or Ready to install. Select that item and in the dialog box that pops up it will clearly state "You own this game". On the RHS it will either say Launch if you have it already installed or Install if not already installed. Anyone who purchased the game can verify this. However, with Gamepass you are given a special digital license. Look under Installed and Open Digital Ownership. It clearly states "This product is installed. You can use Digital Ownership with Xbox Game Pass for PC or buy it to own" You will also see an entry for MS Flight Simulator with the same comments. This ownership is only valid while you are a gamepass subscriber the same as any other game you may have installed. So yes you can call yourself an "Owner" of MSFS Standard edition as long as you keep your subscription active. Be assured that if you cancel your Gamepass subscription you will lose access to that game and any other game in your library that you are "renting". That is how it works. If you purchased an MSFS Upgrade or any other product in the MP while still a Gamepass subscriber the purchase will stay there. If your Gamepass expires you will need to buy at least the Standard version of MSFS in order to access those purchases. The wording of the Bundles in the MP store has been interpreted differently by many users. If I was looking for a cheap buy-in to the Premium Deluxe version it is easy to convince myself that the wording meant I get "everything" at a big discount over everyone else, why, because I'm a Gamepass subscriber. Even though I might be in my first month and had only paid $1.00. (I'm sure everyone who paid full price would not be happy if this were true). On the other hand when I read the wording I took it to mean I was getting "everything" as in, all the aircraft and airports in the Standard edition and was being given an option to buy extras should I be interested. This Upgrade appears to be the only option for anyone interested in getting the content from those versions. The are called Upgrades for a reason. Sure the description could have been worded better but it wasn't. I don't think anyone who purchased an Upgrade can show that "You own this game" without it still showing options to buy it. To my mind unless I see that ownership clearly in my account then I do not own the product. Cheers,
  7. If you are on Gamepass then you can buy the version you want inside of XBox Gamepass for PC otherwise you only have the Standard version while subscribed. If you let your subscription lapse you will no longer have Gamepass access and will have to purchase MSFS direct. In the Marketplace (MP) there are 3 options to "add" the extra content to the base game. Once paid the extra aircraft/airports will be downloaded and available. MSFS will not show as being owned by you anywhere other than the extra content inside the sim. You will see comments like User owns a digital license which simply means you have a license to use MSFS whilst a Gamepass subscriber. You will not see any reference in XBox or the Microsoft store that you own the game. In fact you will still see the option to buy MSFS for the full price from the MSFS screen in XBox where it will say "Purchase Options". Those of us that have actually purchased a game via Xbox will know that this Option changes to "Install" when you have purchased the full game. Another way to look at this is that the Marketplace is only available from within the game. We can therefore assume that you already own at the very least the base (Standard) version in order to be able to access the MP and buy the optional addons and MSFS upgrades. It is not clear in the MP that those 3 items simply enable access to the extra content for people who only purchased the Standard or maybe the Deluxe version. When you do the math it is definitely cheaper to pick the version you want from the outset. In my case I've had Gamepass for several months and will keep my subscription at least until it is out of beta and the monthly fee doubles. I'll then cancel my sub and buy the latest shinier version of MSFS directly. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  8. Thanks Chock. Happy to be wrong. So far it seems all MP purchases go into Official and 3rd Party into Community. Also access to config files seems OK. Only the Deluxe and Premium stuff has been locked away. Cheers,
  9. My gut tells me that if I buy anything via the Marketplace (MP) it will be locked. Whereas if I buy from a 3rd party site it will be installed into the Community folder with full access.To date I've only purchased 3 airports via ORBX and Flightbeam directly which installed into the Community folder (good discounts compared to the MP). Chock has the Caranado 182 from the MP I believe - I wonder where that was installed. One annoying thing - I had assumed when you purchased a product listed in the MP from the developer direct that it would remove it from the MP listings and reduce clutter as it is already "Owned". I was wrong. I'll have to wait until something else from the MP is worth buying to see how it works. Part of the reason MS might be locking things away (aside from piracy) is support and licensing concerns. Cheers
  10. Tony, I have that in my aircraft list with my Standard version. Not a Premium aircraft maybe? BTW, for users who installed the sim on another drive you will see that the Appdata folder in C drive under your user name is a junction to the actual folders in WpSystem on the drive you choose to install MSFS to. The folder you installed MSFS in (in my case P:/MSFS has the Community Folder for purchases, liveries etc. The other folder "Official" is were the main bulk of the files are are.
  11. X-Plane as at 23 Aug 2020 X-Plane org has the FF 757, 767 on sale. X-Aviation has 34% disc on the IXEG 737 Classic - Be quick with this one as it's a rare sale. Cheers,
  12. https://lorby-si.weebly.com/ The above link works for me. It resolves to https://www.lorby-si.com which also works for me. I use Cloudflare for DNS.
  13. Sure, why not? I also get my tech news from youtubers. I've never received a single email/newsletter from PMDG. So unless your on Facebook (I'm not) or refreshing their web site or a member of AVSIM then this is just another avenue for information.
  14. And when we hear that MS has signed an exclusivity deal with developer A and B for 1 year, then OMG, like OMG.🥵 "Is MSFS 2020 A Game Or A Simulator?" It's both a game and a simulator depending on how you use it. Just like all the other flight sims. It's coming out at the right time as I fear I might be getting to old to use the other sim for "simulated training" 😉 Cheers,
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