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  1. Hi Ray. Not sure what your backup solution is. I would swap the 1TB HDD for a 4TB HDD. Allocate a 2 to 3 TB partition for backups, with the balance for whatever. I use Macrium Reflect. They have an excellent free version but the paid version will allow for incremental backups. Create a backup profile for your c drive and another for your P3D drive. The backups should be quick with the HDD attached to one of your SATA connections. I do this but also repeat the process to a USB 3 attached HDD dock. Q-codes. I think of them as the modern version of BIOS beep tones. Instead of 2 short and 1 long beep indicating a memory error problem you get a led readout on the motherboard showing a number. if the number gets stuck you can look it up in the MB manual. Unfortunately this feature seems to only be on the more expensive boards since AM5.
  2. A tip for future use. When in the Stream Deck home page you see installed plugins in the RH column. Right clicking the plugin name does nothing. However, if you right click any buttons below the name you will see the plugin version number and get the ability to uninstall the plugin. Cheers.
  3. Heads up - in my case I just got. Win11 Builtin security reporting that mjc8-400-Pro-1_025_x64-inst.exe Threat blocked. Detected Trojan:Script/Wacatac.H!ml (! in spelling is correct) It has removed the installer I just downloaded. I'll do some due diligence before I try again.
  4. Right click the PMDG Ops Center shortcut and click Properties. Click Open File Location. (should take you to the folder - C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\PMDG\PMDG Operations Center) Right Click OpsCenterUpdates.exe and run as Administrator, A fixed version will download and update the Ops Center.
  5. It may not like being in a another subfolder. The same as Gaist ships. Install instructions suggest creating a RTMM folder with those 33 folders inside then using addon linker to attach to that. Same as you would do if you wanted to use addon linker to control ORBX addons. Say you have a folder called MSAddOns. Then inside this another folder called Scenery and inside Scenery another called RTMM then another 30 odd folders containing the critical files. Try moving the RTMM to be directly under MSAddons or try having RTMM on its own and use Addons Linker to connect to it as a new folder. Options/ General tab/My Addons Folders. Cheers
  6. Same issue but with a VKB Gladiator stick. Took a while to narrow down to that joystick. I now get around these issues by having all my controller gear attached to a USB hub with seperate on/off switch for each port. Only power on the bits I need and turn off when finished. I have to constantly attach and detach gear from my multi purpose desk so the ability to leave my controllers plugged in but not active suits me. Cheers.
  7. I have a VKB Gladiator joystick. Took me ages to troubleshoot but when it is connected both monitor and system will not enter sleep mode. Disconnect the joystick and both devices sleep as normal. I just got used to disconnecting the joystick. Its easier with a powered USB hub that allow each port to be switched on/off. I have not found why this happens, something to do with polling I guess. Will watch your replies. Cheers.
  8. As you state you will be running 4k, what refresh rate? Series 4 are fantastic for 4k and high refresh rates. A 4080 will work. if the price increase to a 4090 is managable then go for it. Here is Australia the price of a 4080 is around $2.5k delivered add another $1k for a 4090. Stock of 4090 is low but the 4080 is available everywhere ( a silent protest at the price me thinks) The monitor specs are the first things I consider when choosing a GPU. Its the one PC item I keep for a long time. Cheers.
  9. Thanks to both B777ER and Lorby for raising and resolving this issue so quickly. Spad.Next is bye bye (far to costly to add streamdeck support). Although, I do like the button graphics when assigning events. Makes the selection process easy. Cheers,
  10. Seeing the same problem as the OP The graphic within AAO Assigned Axis shows smooth movement but that does not mirror the aircraft yoke. Currently testing with the default 152. Also happens with 2 other aircraft. Setting AXIS within AAO by using Select simulator axis is unusable. FWIW I am trying Spad.Next demo and that has no problem setting the AXIS and works as expected. As suggested to the OP I have been able to work around the issue by using your 3rd bullet point Select simulator event. Then choosing Aircraft Flight Control Events then AXIS Elevator Set. Move the joystick to set the axis. Repeat for rudder and ailerons. Just hit add and all three axis work as expected. I was in an outside view when I tried to set Z axis for my throttle and when I clicked add it filipped the plane. Again using simulator event instead of simulator axis fixed the problem. BTW no 3rd party product running. No fight controls configured in MSFS. Using a VKB Gladiator. Perhaps this can help troubleshoot. Cheers,
  11. Try this youtube channel below. Mark has several Honeycomb videos that should assist you in getting started. https://www.youtube.com/c/SimHangerFlightSimulation Cheers.
  12. I suggest you try searching youtube. There are many videos that will show you how to use your new toy.
  13. In AAO select Tools then Port settings for Web. Enter the WebAPI Port you wish to use and click apply. Then ensure under Tools that Enable Web API on port ???? is ticked.
  14. Had an issue with the recommended port on my system. Changed it to (in my case) 9288 per instructions and problem solved. The offending software was Logitech G Hub used to manage newer keyboards and mouse. It uses a number of ports checking for updates etc. I found it useful to download SysInternals Suite from the MS store and run the included TCPView64 utility to find interfering programs. Cheers,
  15. I vaguely recall having to ensure you had 600kb of free memory before it would run. Fun times.
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