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  1. Awesome, didn't know that! Thanks to you both for making our Sims run so much smoother 😃
  2. Not quite correct. The first one was MSFS_AdapativeLOD by muumimorko (https://github.com/muumimorko/MSFS_AdaptiveLOD) - which is defunct now because not updated to the SU's released after it. BUT: without it we would not have anything of the Tools thereafter. That Developer found the original Mechanic to change the xLOD Values dynamically in Memory by either Altitude/AGL or FPS. Even the original Icon comes from that Project. So if anything, we need to thank muumimorko.
  3. I mean I would somehow agree if this is the "right" Direction. BUT: That does not mean it is wrong in any Sense. It is just not what I had in Mind for my Tool, but there is no right or wrong here. If it works better for some with this FPS Focus, that is absolutely fine. That is why I've favored the Route of multiple Forks - so there is Choice (my Variant is not dead in any Sense, it still works fine and will be updated for SU15 (Release) if necessary). Users have the Choice and can choose the Approach they believe / they evaluated better for them 🙂 I personally continue to use my Variant, because I was never concerned about my FPS. I just wanted a Tool that allows me to keep a xLOD Value my System can handle fine but just not on bigger Airports without Stutters. So in that Sense, Congratulations to @Reset XPDR on what he has achieved. And to everyone else: Just use the Variant you're more comfortable with 😉
  4. Ok, that is as much Time as I will invest in a Topic I don't have any Benefit from and which I especially can't do any Research/Development/Tests on. There was only *one* Response which actually tried to help. The other basically saying "you just don't know how to use it" which even gets an upvote. (To be honest, that is a true Statement - I can't figure out to find one single Bit in GB's of Memory.) So what I'm gonna do: Adding a Mechanic to switch automatically between PC/VR Mode based on two Offsets (from the FlightSimulator Base Address). With these Offsets being editable in the config File. Thereafter everyone for themselves. If one does not know what to enter there: don't ask me, I don't & can't know and don't care. If the Mechanic does not fit your Needs: Hope that somebody else offers a preferred flavor. 😉
  5. That would at least match with what Umberto has said, that these Offsets where meant for the MS Store Version. Maybe @virtuali can shed some Light how he managed to find two booleans/bits in the Gigabytes of MSFS Memory? 😉
  6. To the VR Folks driving me Nuts: Latest Binary-only Package available here. Does it detect PC/normal and VR Mode (For Example TLOD/VR: <100> / 100 should switch to TLOD/VR: 100 / <100>)? Which Store-Version? (If it is not clear how to download, how to extract, where to put => not eligible for testing)
  7. 👍 Well, I forgot to write that FindPairs() should reset ForceEvaluation at the End. (But it's kinda obvious, don't you think^^) As I already explained, the VR Flag can still be useful. If there should be an Auto-Switch maybe someday, it would be quite handy. (Or how would you decide to which Profile you would switch to for VR?) And considering some of the Comments here and the instant-closed Issues on GitHub, you can be very certain that you will find at least one User who forgets which Profile he/she uses for VR (and need that Flag as Reminder) 🤪
  8. Well I honestly don't know ^^ I tried to minimize Intrusion - we're still talking about injecting "bogus" Values in the Memory and Engine. But it very well could be that it makes no Difference for MSFS if you change both the PC & VR Values at the same Time. At the same Time it makes no Difference in regards to switching Profiles - you fancy VR People still want to switch between different Profiles without getting your Hands dirty I guess 🤪 (So removing the VR Flag by that does not get you further with that. It would also create the Problem: which Profile to switch to when going to VR?)
  9. Having one Flavor of something would be boring! 🤪
  10. That Status Quo still applies 😉
  11. I don't really have Products but Thanks! 😅
  12. That would be great, if that is really the Case! Maybe that is why muumimorko has chosen that Approach for the LOD-Values (since the Methods works regardless of Shop-Version) 🤔
  13. Well, that is understandable. But it would be equally reasonable to make an Exception considering that you've initiated that Topic with someone who is normally working on Solutions to enhance your Product 😉 But when that is your Policy, I'll respect that! 🙂 Since you answered here: Could you validate that these Offsets are always the same in every Session? Are they persistent? I'm still wondering that it would be so much easier than getting to the LOD Settings 😅
  14. If you want to keep Code Commonality: I've added ForceEvaluation (Model.ForceEvaluation) as additional Trigger for FindPairs() (in the if-Blocks in Lines 66-72). Still have to test it, but should theoretically do the Trick. Well that someone is also known as Umberto from FSDT 😉 Maybe he someday answers my DMs/Pings on Discord to get a bit more Information on that. I wonder a bit that it is really just a fixed Offset to the Base-Address of the Executable. Because getting the Memory-Locations for the LOD Values don't work that easily. Apart from that, I have no Capability to test that myself. Also, don't forget that you still need something do designate one of the Profiles for VR. So you actually still need that Checkbox (and Flag) for an Auto-Switch.
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