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  1. I don't think there are any aircraft in the Premium Deluxe version I would want. Standard plus some really good addons, which will always be far better than any default is more than enough.
  2. Those who are reporting 'major issues' with MS2020 will find 'major issues' with MS2024, guaranteed. Listen to the majority, not the vocal few.
  3. I've been using 6144 for maybe a year, thanks to Bob's suggestion. Looks terrific with no negative impact.
  4. Which is exactly why you should only join the beta if you are more interested in testing than flying.
  5. Look the other way for the 20 seconds they are there. They will go after SU15 is released.
  6. A lot has changed since the Arrows and Warriors ruled MSFS. This will need to be amazing.
  7. Grain free here. (I always use Live Weather but not VR)
  8. Wonder if we even need MSFS 2024 anymore 😁
  9. Agreed. And already a few minor faults corrected just a few days after release. This one is special.
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