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  1. I think I've finshed tinkering for now. I do like a little case bling I'm afraid but I'm very happy with my temps and don't like black fans! The Spectre Pro's are excellent but the 140mm Gelid Wings on the top and rear exhaust are the most impressive case fans I have ever used.
  2. St Mawgan

    Orbx FTX Related Releases

    I meant for those without access to the Orbx Forums. I tried to post a direct link to the file but wasn't allowed to.
  3. St Mawgan

    Orbx FTX Related Releases

    The good news is -The Stark's Twin Oaks Patch is out :smile:The bad news is -I can't seem to post a link to it :sad:I think maybe we will have to wait until it's on the official Support PageWhat's New? Re-colored 30cm airport photoreal for more contrast, saturation, and clarity A ton of new NatureFlow vegetation, specifically grasses around the airport New NatureFlow falling leaves in autumn from selected trees - mainly by the house and at the large oak by the hill A full sound pack, including conditional ObjectFlow wind sounds. If the wind is over 5 knots, you should be able to hear it rustling in the trees nearby. There are also dedicated night sounds (crickets) The required terrain mesh resolution has been changed to 5m so 7S3 is in keeping with all the other FTX airports without the "floating objects" anomalies on the hill. Some of the tree texture files in fall/winter have been updated. In previous versions, they gave some users black boxes where the alpha channels should have been.
  4. St Mawgan

    Orbx FTX Related Releases

    I always think it looks like Peed on first glance but then again my eyesight is terrible :(
  5. St Mawgan

    Orbx FTX Related Releases

    That's right. Good, I knew didn't dream it! It would be good wouldn't it. It's one of my favourite 'runs' in PNW for testing new add-ons and it's very apparent when you leave the Darrington area and then see the join where Concrete starts.
  6. St Mawgan

    Orbx FTX Related Releases

    I'm sure I remember reading when Concrete and Darrington were released that someone was working on developing the stretch of river connecting the two. I think I even remember seeing images of it as a work in progress. Did that ever happen?
  7. St Mawgan

    Orbx FTX Related Releases

    Please do!