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  1. Remember the French tend to just sit on the beach or sleep for most of August.
  2. Cannot wait. Right up my street.
  3. And another one - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog of RV-14/14A v1.3.2 || August 05, 2022 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed INOP buttons on GTN750 from last update Fixed protruding flap actuators Fixed still propeller blades showing in far LODs Fixed fluttering animation not playing on all surfaces Modified cockpit.cfg to indicate correct values
  4. Er, this one is pretty good sometimes😐
  5. For what it's worth I don't fly any of those but in all of the GA I do fly, there is no blurriness for me with DLSS.
  6. Yes, DLSS + 4K does not give blurry glass panels.
  7. No complaints here. Was smooth, fast and beautiful before and still is. I never had any of the artefacts I've seen screenshots of. Temps exactly as before.
  8. Just had an email even though the update is dated July 19 - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog of RV-14/14A v1.3.0 || July 19, 2022 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added GNS530 cockpit variant. Model fixes. Reduced blue lights in front of screens.
  9. 1tb Firecuda SSD for all Steam games including MSFS.
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