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    My son and love him as much as God loves my heart.

    Been here since my transfer over from back in 1998. My fly2! website was actually hosted here on AVSIM way back. (BENZHANGER). I lost many years here at AVSIM mainly because my account was not reestablished after the SERVER Transfer in 2005 in time.

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    I belong to both VATSIM & IVAO
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    Electrician, NYC Local 3 (IBEW)

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  1. Benzhangar

    activation code

    Todd please delete your purchase info and contact PMDG through the support portal.
  2. Benzhangar

    Horrible Lightning Flash

    Sorry to hear that Mitch. Hope you get this dilemma resolved soon.
  3. Benzhangar

    Horrible Lightning Flash

  4. Benzhangar

    V 4.3 will not run?

    David, I was in the same situation. What i did was Remove every Lockheed Martin folder in the ProgramData, AppData\Local and Roaming which fixed the problem with hanging on start up.
  5. Benzhangar

    Scenery Hunt

    Captain, You can try this freeware of St. Barth's for the time being.
  6. Benzhangar

    QW 787 error 71

    Sorry for the late reply Nico. Yes the QWings 787 works flawlessly.
  7. Benzhangar

    QW 787 error 71

    Make sure the category resemble the same. [General] Category=airplane atc_type=BOEING atc_model=B788 // Or B789 for the 900 series
  8. Hi, Make sure your fuel and payload is empty with no passengers on board first before starting FSPassengers. You can set everything through the FMC or the Option menu.
  9. Benzhangar

    P3Dv4.2 loads on START

    Hi, If you mean loading the Situation on startup, Next time don't exit the sim. Go to the options menu and see if " Show Scenario Startup Screen" is checked.
  10. Benzhangar

    Not about flight simming...

    The GAEL: One of my favorite ballad.
  11. Benzhangar

    "Don't sink" on every approach

    You're hearing the stock P3D GPWS / ("GPWS_Dont_Sink") located in the sound folder. You can rename it (GPWS_Dont_Sink_bak) to fix the issue.
  12. Benzhangar

    Aircraft suspended in mid air???

    Exactly. Just slew it forward, you'll be on the field.
  14. Benzhangar

    Multiple Altitude callouts

    Maybe it's your ACARS system if you simulate with a VA. If so, disable the GPWS system in the settings.
  15. Benzhangar

    Any new word?

    "I don't think that is so much the case now, I think Ben has just found other interests and Airline2Sim isn't so much his priority anymore." Then if that is the case then i could understand the concerns with frustration but it took a lot of guts to post his personal experience in the forum. I for one understand what he went through and how difficult things will be.