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  1. I'll try one tonight Vic with EA off and a clean install of ASP3D and report the outcome. Last flight done with EA on had no issues.
  2. Micheal, I was suffering the same dilemma after installing ASP3D Open Beta #2. I had no problems with the first beta but ever since the new update problems begin. Did a little research and come to find out that EA must be on. If not then ASP3D will crash the sim. That solve the CTD problem on my end.
  3. That's FS2004 generating AI-Traffic .bgl files at once. Within five minutes they'll scatter and follow their routes. Eye sore yes but it's a common way FS9 spawn traffic from different AI .bgl files at once.
  4. I beg to differ Mr. Bloom. It will load all REQUIRED simobjects if it's =TRUE. That's why i activate what simobject i need for the flight. Everything else like ROTOCRAFT and AVATAR and BOATS will remain FALSE. [Entry.0] Title=Default Airplanes Path=SimObjects\Airplanes Required=True Active=True [Entry.1] Title=Default Avatars Path=SimObjects\Avatars Required=False Active=False [Entry.2] Title=Default Rotorcraft Path=SimObjects\Rotorcraft Required=False Active=False [Entry.3] Title=Default Ground Vehicles Path=SimObjects\GroundVehicles Required=False Active=False [Entry.4] Title=Default Boats Path=SimObjects\Boats Required=False Active=False [Entry.5] Title=Default Animals Path=SimObjects\Animals Required=False Active=False [Entry.6] Title=Default Misc Path=SimObjects\Misc Required=False Active=False [Entry.7] Title=Default Submersible Path=SimObjects\Submersible Required=False Active=False [Entry.8] Title=Default Weapons Path=SimObjects\Weapons Required=False Active=False [Entry.9] Title=Default Countermeasures Path=SimObjects\Countermeasures Required=False Active=False [Entry.10] PATH=C:\Prepar3D v5\SimObjects\IVAO_MTL <-------- If i'm flying on IVAO then this section would be TRUE in both fields. (ACTIVE & REQUIRED) TITLE=IVAO_MTL ACTIVE=False REQUIRED=False [Entry.11] PATH=C:\Prepar3D v5\SimObjects\FLAI <-------- If i'm flying on VATSIM then this section would be TRUE in both fields. (ACTIVE & REQUIRED) TITLE=FLAI ACTIVE=False REQUIRED=False [Entry.12] Title=utLive Aircraft Path=C:\FLIGHT ONE SOFTWARE\ULTIMATE TRAFFIC LIVE\utLive Aircraft <-------- If i'm flying with UTLive then this section would be TRUE in both fields. Required=False Active=False Tyrone Headlam
  5. Worked from day one upon install v5 with No issues
  6. Working. Thank you. Wrong password on my part.
  7. Experienced the same issue as stated. " C:\Users\conne\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRb11588.30867\P3DAddonOrganizer_Install.exe: The specified password is incorrect. C:\Users\conne\Downloads\addonorganizer_1_54_b02 (4).zip: No files to extract "
  8. The lights work and look way better than default but still have an impact on performance so i chose not to install and prefer Simmershome Slim Lights instead.
  9. You can also export your commands from v4 then import it to v5.
  10. As Chock stated. Options---->Application
  11. Unfortunately yes Captain. First i tried by with ORBX Central believing it was problems with layers but to no avail.
  12. I believe those submerge poles are exactly what he's seeing but Spilok is seeing it protruding above ground. I experienced the same situation a couple of days ago but painfully solved by re-installing v5 again.
  13. No issue at all and UTX EU can be applied the same way.
  14. It's been stated on the UTX Forum that "The current UTX V2.x installers only support P3D V3 and P3D V4. I know of no plans to support P3D V5 at this time." There is a way though and it's simple to configure 1) First we start by installing. This is where your originals installers will be placed. 2) In the folder that obtain the installers, There is a config file that must be amended. (IM.ini) Change "Prepar3D v4" to "Prepar3D v5" When you're done, just save and close. 3) Now click the UTXinstallmanager in the same folder and you should have the registry for Prepar3D v5 in order. 4) Once the registry is recognized for P3dv5 let's start installing by first highlighting Prepar3D v5 and go through the normal process in the installation which is a two step procedure. UTX will be installing the files to the root P3D folder. Classic installation i know but you can always pull them out and place them anywhere and use the .XML method but i wouldn't advise it. 4) When the installation is done, You will get this expected error. Go to the newly install (Flight One Software folder) in the root Prepar3D v5, then the UtUsaFsx folder. There you will see a .ini file named PRODUCT. Open to modify. Everything that says v4, Just change to v5. Save and close then you're done. 5) Run the in the same folder for you modifications anytime you want like the prior methods we had before. Cheers with good health to all. Tyrone Headlam
  15. After adjusting to this setting the ride was much smoother. The wind problem was still there but at seldom times. Although (True Winds Aloft) not activated, you will still have winds but more stable.
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