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    My son and love him as much as God loves my heart.

    Been here since my transfer over from Microwings.com back in 1998. My fly2! website was actually hosted here on AVSIM way back. (BENZHANGER). I lost many years here at AVSIM mainly because my account was not reestablished after the SERVER Transfer in 2005 in time.

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    Electrician, NYC Local 3 (IBEW)

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  1. 51, Started with 4 Diskettes FS5.0
  2. Airborne out of 25R (KLAX). ELY6 Twitch <------- Full 15hr session on Twitch Thank you for the view Captains. Tyrone Headlam
  3. Scenery 103 & 104....... Place them between 001 & 002 (Default terrain and Default Scenery). A template of my setup.
  4. Hi Derek, The problem you have is Layer issues. It happened to me also upon first install. No matter how many times you sinc the sim through Orbx Central the issue is still there. Place all _CVX above the DEFAULT_SCENERY and that should fix the problem. Tyrone Headlam
  5. Benzhangar


    Welcome Onboard Captain!
  6. Enjoy what you have and don't worry if the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. It's still currently winter. The landslide of P3D is not that fast as you may believe.
  7. "On Golden Pond" was another blockbuster too during during my teen years.
  8. Update for the RealityXP Garmin GTN now live.
  9. You can amend the altitude with P2ATC. T. Headlam
  10. Clockwork Mark. Thank you. T. Headlam
  11. Thank you for the Update to ATC-Chatter 1.7. Just received the notification. Happy Holidays! T. Headlam
  12. Ray, A quiet update just came out for ASP3D (8027). All seem to be working.
  13. No trial notification and all sceneries active after the update here. Concur with @Chapstick on a handful of users with the problem.
  14. Captain, Check "Mipmap VC Panels" in the first setting photo.
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