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  1. Thanks. I'm aware of the collision avoid feature. For the sake of added realism, I was suggesting to activate it before we actually arrive to a designated gate to avoid tossing other aircrafts. If we let PSXT know our arrival gate, it will just refrain from parking an aircraft in it , so that when we arrive, the gate will be available. Cheers, Amine.
  2. Hello, Thanks again for the great work! I have a small feature request since PSXT allows us to choose our arrival airport already , would it be possible to add an arrival gate field in the UI to prevent PSXT from parking an aircraft there. in 99% of the cases, we know our arrival gate even before takeoff, so that feature will ensure that we don't come "crashing" into an aircraft parked in our gate after an 8 hours flight 😃 . I used to edit the parked xml file each time to remove a specific gate, but it is easy to loose track of what gate was removed each time, and all learning is suppressed once i roll back to the original file. Thank you ! Amine.
  3. Hi Nico, Thanks again for this great piece of software! I actually had the same idea as Philip and did some research on the topic. I found https://aviation-edge.com/developers/ and I even made a subscription. Its quite expensive (5$ for the first month then 99$ US/month for developers license) but I think it will take PSX to another level. It has all information about departure and arrivals of any airport, with schedules time of departure , Gate number and codeshare information ,etc.. and all is done through simple API calls. I can transfer you my API key if you are interested to check it on. Please let us know your thoughts on this. Thank you! Amine. PS: Here is an example of data you get from the API. Here I asked for departures timetable for YUL airport . This is only the first result: [ { "type": "departure", "status": "scheduled", "departure": { "iataCode": "YUL", "icaoCode": "CYUL", "terminal": null, "gate": "A30", "baggage": null, "delay": null, "scheduledTime": "2019-09-14T18:00:00.000", "estimatedTime": null, "actualTime": null, "estimatedRunway": null, "actualRunway": null }, "arrival": { "iataCode": "YQB", "icaoCode": "CYQB", "terminal": null, "gate": "25", "baggage": "DOM", "delay": null, "scheduledTime": "2019-09-14T18:53:00.000", "estimatedTime": null, "actualTime": null, "estimatedRunway": null, "actualRunway": null }, "airline": { "name": "SWISS", "iataCode": "LX", "icaoCode": "SWR" }, "flight": { "number": "4652", "iataNumber": "LX4652", "icaoNumber": "SWR4652" }, "codeshared": { "airline": { "name": "Air Canada", "iataCode": "AC", "icaoCode": "ACA" }, "flight": { "number": "8726", "iataNumber": "AC8726", "icaoNumber": "ACA8726" } } },
  4. Well, first of all, thank you for such a beautiful piece of software ! I want to ask if it would be possible to have an option whether you want to parked AI to disapear or not. I fly mostly from and to CYUL airport, and most aircrafts here, if not all of them, turn their transponders while still on the gate. Having this option would make an arriving aircraft to park at a gate and stay there until the same plane appears again on ADS-B on the same gate. I guess PSXT would just replace it as it does for other parked aircrafts. This would make it very realistic, and users would have the choice to disable this feature if they fly on other airports that don't have this "luxury" :) The issue I have is that the airport becomes empty after running PSXT for a certain time. Parked aircrafts disappear but PSXT do not replace them, I guess because the updated CYUL.xml is still fairly new. Thank you so much! Amine from Canada.
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