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  1. Hi, where is the location of the camera file and look for that setting please.
  2. I found the culprit, is the FlyTampa mod with Rwy 26L is offset.
  3. No worries Nico. I can live with that. Amazing your job, keep going.
  4. Thankyou Nico for your response. There is any way to modify manually the QNH? Departures are perfect from the correct spot, just landings is the issue.
  5. Hi Nico, I'm having this issue at Las Vegas on RWY 26L, all aircraft are landing before the runway starts. I'm using Fly Tampa Scenery in MSFS. I'm using the latest version 31.15.0 Thx for your support.
  6. Sorry for my english, I live in Monterrey, Mexico.
  7. It would be great and looking forward to the update and tested. As I mentioned I fly in the real world Citaiton 500's series and the Carenado's S550 has some issues that are not the GTN related. But before the 11.30 and GTN update was working moreless as it should be.
  8. Ok, in the Baron seems to work ok, maybe this has to be with the Sperry autopilot, but before the GTN update was working ok. The NAV remains ARM but follows the GTN flightplan.
  9. Hi I disabled the options discussed in Carenado's forum with no luck, Before de GTN update and 11.30 the Sperry autopilot was working as it should be. I'm really not sure if this is related to the last GTN build or directley to the S550, If I don't use the GTN as primary the autopilot works good.. Thankyou Jaime
  10. Hi, I will give it a try tonight and prepare a video for you. Regards Jaime
  11. Hi, After updating to 11.30 version I have some issues: 1.- Nav button (Autopilot) remains ARM, but navigates as it is supposed 2.- LOW BANK and SOFT RIDE are not working any more, buttons shows green but nothing happens. 3.- Syncronizer not working 4.- For some reason DME is attached to the next waypoint of the GTN 750 and not to the VOR as it supposed to be. 5.- APPR with the same problem as point number 1. I'm using it in Carenado's Citation S550 with the latest Reality XP update, if I disable the GPS on the GTN 750 the autopilot and everything else works at it should be. Thankyou Jaime
  12. I'm referring to the Garmin trainer directly. I clicked to the power on button and appears in black screen.
  13. I have v 6.50. It is normal that the trainer is off? Maybe I'm missing something here. Jaime
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