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  1. With all the wonderful effects that we have been seeing in the past weeks like thrust reverses, rolling wheels, etc., the landing smoke tires will the cherry of the cake. Thanks Nico and Real Traffic team for this master piece of software.
  2. I think that made the trick, thank you both @G-YMML1 and @kiek. I reduced most of the bells & whisltes graphics for JFK scenery. I'm using DX11. The excesive sim objects freezes the sim and then CTD.
  3. Yeah, I will try disabling many bells and whistles and test. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Hi, No, I'm not using GSX just the AIG, FSLTL and FS Traffic (just the base models).
  5. Hi, With the new Version 36.3.0 seems to be working good. Maybe something in the DB was broken. At this point no freezing or CTD at KJFK. Greeting from Mexico Jaime I wrote too early, after 30 min spotting at JFK traffic started to disappear and sometimes flashing, then the sim freezes and CTD, this is just happening at this airport with PSXT + RT.
  6. Hi, I'm having serious issues at JFK, Inibuilds and Asobo's stock scenery. Before injecting traffic I can move my drone camera to any part of the airport without problems, but after 2 or 3 minutes traffic has been injected and starts the show, suddenly freezes and 30 seconds later CTD. I reinstalled AIG and FSLTL, not sure what is going on, but this issue starded since Version 36.2.1. I tested in KLAX, KPHX, KLAS and EGLL, everything working great at this mayor airports, just KJFK has the freezing and CTD issue. My system: Ryzen 9 5900X 64 GB Ram RTX 3090 Windows 11 AIG & FSLTL full install I'm the only one?
  7. I have the same problem at heavy airports, it is not related to PSXT, it is a sim bug in the way it manage memory. There are many posts with this issue at the MSFS forum and Discord.
  8. Thx for the explanation. This is going to happen with airports with high or low QNH? Mexico City (MMMX) is the same thing now, aircraft landing on the street, at list 1,000 ft before the airport.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to do some plane spotting at EGLL but I noticed that all landings are touching down before the runway, not sure if this is a QNH related issue, but in both runways is the same. Last week plane spotting was perfect, aircraft landing at the correct spot. Thankyou.
  10. Me too having that flickering also, it comes specially in heavy airports and any aircraft, not just the PMDG. It desappears turning off PSXT, but I think is the way ASOBO handles the memory. I don't think is PSXT related. My best wishes for 2023.
  11. This new version is a complete game changer for plane spotting, a big wow and hats off. Thankyou Nico for this big improvement. 🙏 Landing effects like smoke tire will be the top of the iceberg. Nice job. 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  12. Absolutly a big, big YESSSSSSS. almost no stutters, wowwww.
  13. Thx Nico, FSLTL have those effects in most models, but I really don't know if it hast to be that traffic works internaly, nevermind, I prefere 100% your app with RealTraffic, I hope someday the micro stuttering in the injected traffic desapear and have smooth and beautiful plane spotting. Cheers Jaime, Monterrey Mexico.
  14. Hi Nico, I have a simple question. It is possible to have touchdown effects like tire smoke when landing? Thx for this programs, works like a charm. Jaime Monterrey, Mexico
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