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Found 77 results

  1. Before I begin, I just want to make clear that this isn’t another thread about METAR vs. MeteoBlue weather model data, or closed vs. open weather API. Instead this relates to at least one apparent bug, identified by the community on the MSFS forums, which might be responsible for some of the terrible live weather depiction we’ve had since SU5. There are a few topics on the forums relating to the degradation of weather depiction in the sim after SU5 and the Xbox rollout. This issue is one of the most disappointing aspects of the sim for me, because the screenshots and videos I have from the early days of live weather in MSFS are spectacular compared to what we have now (see the end of this post for examples). The two biggest issues are: All clouds being rendered as cumulus in live weather Cloud Density is now always zero — these days clouds are mostly transparent. A user on the forums, who contributed to this thread (see also the comparison of pre-SU5 weather vs. post-SU5 weather) has made a really good video showing a bug where cloud density can no longer be applied to individual cloud layers. If you change the density of an upper cloud layer, it also affects the density of the lower ones. You can see the video here: There seems to be some kind of a fudge to render visibility as well, which forces the density value to always have to be at or near zero. This doesn’t seem to be for performance reasons, but rather as a workaround for visibility issues. Increasing cloud density doesn’t just help make clouds look more real, or give you a greater sense of speed when passing through them (see the below video for that example — complete with trippy video artefacting on camera changes), but it also lets the lighting engine cast shadows on cloud levels and on the ground far more realistically. These are all things that MS/Asobo themselves sold to us as great features in their feature discovery series videos. If you’ve made it this far, I’d really appreciate it if you could vote on these MSFS forum bugs to try and get Asobo to pay attention to the issue. Here are a couple of them: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/live-weather-clouds-density-opacity-always-zero/544158 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/cloud-layer-densities-are-not-fully-independently-controllable-by-layer/600715 ***** MSFS launched with far superior (visual) live weather compared to what we have now. Id’ argue that they owe it to us to fix at least some of these bugs in MSFS2020 and restore what was lost, rather than forcing us to wait until (and pay for) MSFS2024 — assuming these bugs are even on their radar for that release. Below are a couple of Live Weather shots in MSFS from 2020/early 2021 before SU5 just to show you what we lost: Live weather extending to (and beyond) the horizon — the original 600km that was advertised. Thin cumulus/stratocumulus cloud layers and their original ozone visibility setting (if I recall correctly) causing the yellow hue in the distance. Thicker clouds lead to better shadowing on lower cloud layers. I still remember this flight as I was flying VFR, with the clouds closing in on me from above and below. Same flight as above — but really highlights the cloud density leading to excellent sun/shadowing on the ground. Not my photo — this one's courtesy of someone on the forum thread linked above. But shows realistic looking thin altostratus-type clouds. Another great example of cloud density. The upper and lower clouds here are thick enough to cast shadows on each other, leading to a darker lower layer not in the sunshine. Distant low-level clouds, realistically rendered from afar. Also, check out the visibility that we had originally. These are all live weather shots, and to me, at least, they all look entirely realistic and added so much to the experience of flight.
  2. I just acquired MSFS a week ago. Weather options were working as they should. I could choose between several weather themes and also real world weather. Now I have no weather options. It seems to be stuck on the last one I was using which I think was broken clouds. Anyone know what may have happened? How can I get my weather menu back?
  3. Looks like those of us using displayport screen connection are having issues to see rain drops on the windshield (which are almost lacking). Well, someone on the forums has discovered that using a HDMI connection, the effect comes back. In case any of you have the same issue, worth a try. And in case it works, please, submit a report to zendesk. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/cant-get-rain-to-show-up/285049/13 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/rain-as-advertised/307925
  4. Evening everyone, So I recently purchased FS Global Real Weather and to be honest i don't really like the whole integration process. I like everything to be seamless and work in the background like ActiveSky. With FS global Real Weather you have to start the program then run the weather then start the sim then inject the weather, Yea not for me. So my question is, if I just use the normal default weather download from with in Xplane 11 and then I choose Noaa weather option for pilot2atc will there be a difference between the two programs? so will pilot2atc atis read out the same atis as the sim? or will there be a big difference? forgot to mention that I am also using skymaxx pro 4.6 and real weather connector. Thank You
  5. You can search airports by ICAO and get detailed Metar and animated map, choose altitude to display etc etc https://www.windyty.com/BIKF?300h,2015-12-02-12,63.986,-21.594,9
  6. Name: Outerra becomes moody Category: Outerra Videos Date Added: 07 February 2016 - 04:50 PM Submitter: HiFlyer Short Description: Outerra update Hot off the presses, this is a look ahead at some upcoming features. Changing weather (accelerated here), global rivers, river bank erosion, rain, exponential noise distribution on terrain. Unfortunately Youtube compression cannot handle the rain well ​Rivers in procedural worlds has been a goal for quite some time, and has been a tough nut to crack! If you look at other procedural worlds out there, you will see oceans with a uniform sea level but never rivers. This is a feather in Outerras hat. View Video
  7. Hello everyone. As everyone know , Rex is working on new weather engine Rex Weather Direct. I bought Rex 4 texture yesterday and looking for weather engine. ASN has %20 discount on their products. I can buy ASN without upgrade(doesnt have money for upgrade) or should I wait for Rex weather engine?. I think Rex weather engine will has better compatibility with Rex 4 texture. I would like to see your suggestions.
  8. I am using X Plane 10 own real weather and i download at start of each flight But during any flight, any region or any time i have never seen any harsh wind conditions or turbulance. All the planes fly like a train wihtout any movement or turbulance effect. I am reading the real weather conditions during the flights the turbulance is always at zero Am i missing something ?
  9. Hi Everyone, First,Im sory for my bad english.. I'm using Sp1c Pmdg NGX and I have a problem with LNAV. After takeoff, I am activating VNAV,LNAV and A/P.Airplane is following LNAV path normal and smoothly.But after 5-10 minutes later,LNAV is deactivating and airplane leaving from the LNAV path.After this, I am trying to use heading for correction, but airplane is not responding to my commands :S Can someone help me about this situation? For information : Im using FSX default weather engine (updating every 15 min) its maybe about weather update ?? Best Regars.
  10. Hi all, For those who like flying approaches into low IFR weather for the fun of breaking out of cloud and trying to land in blowing snow with strong winds; keep an eye on the east coast of canada. Environment canada has issued a winter storm watch for St. John's and vicinity. CYYT is the airport ident. more info here. YYT webcam here. YYT charts here. Hope to see some of you there tomorrow night! pd:test those wx engines and our skills.
  11. Active Sky 2012 SP2 has been released! This comprehensive upgrade to the #1 weather simulation engine for desktop flight simulation brings significant improvements in many areas, further increasing realism, enhancing visuals, and super-charging the overall weather experience. New weather engine features include Overcast Ceiling Enhancement, In-Cloud Visibility Reduction, Default Options Profiles, Official Prepar3D support, and an overhauled "Direct Weather Control" depiction system that provides smooth transitions and better cloud coverage accuracy. Improvements are numerous and include better overall weather depiction and smoother transitions in all weather modes, updated station databases, increased tropical storm coverage, overhauled wx data network for better performance, and improved interpolation. On the graphics side, tons of brand new graphics variants have been injected, and existing graphics were tweaked for better visuals and variety. Some of the new graphics include 59 cloud variations, 22 water wave variations, 74 taxiway variations, 40 runway variations and 20 new sky variations, all in extremely-high detail and focused on what users have been asking for. In addition, new SP2-based themes and new customization allowing items to be enabled or disabled from wx-influenced selections are provided. Many fixes are also included, with adjustments and fine-tuning based on user feedback. All together, this represents the biggest service pack for Active Sky ever produced, creating the most advanced weather environment solution to date. AS2012 SP2 is available free of charge to all existing AS2012 customers. To download the upgrade, please visit our downloads page. For more information about Active Sky 2012, screenshots, or to purchase, please visit www.activesky2012.com. Full Revision Log: Active Sky 2012 Software Revision Log SP2 – B4826 – Software (1) Indicates changes to Public Beta 1 (B4696) from previous (2) Indicates changes to Public Beta 2 (B4722) from previous (3) Indicates changes to Public Beta 2B (B4724) from previous (4) Indicates changes to Public Beta 3 (B4726) from previous (5) Indicates changes to Public Beta 4 (B4755) from previous (6) Indicates changes to Public Beta 5 (B4783) from previous (7) Indicates changes to Public Beta 6 (B4801) from previous (8) Indicates changes to Release Candidate (B4815) from previous (9) Indicates changes to SP2 Release (B4826) from previous Weather and User Interface New DWC mode handling with "Prevent Cloud Redraws" and "Local Station Writes with DWC" enabled to provide better cloud coverage and accuracy while eliminating cloud formation shifts. Prevent Cloud Redraws and Local Station Writes with DWC is now ENABLED by default and ENABLED in the IFR/High Alt option profile.(4) New feature/option: Overcast Ceiling Enhancement – When enabled, the lowest overcast layer will be enhanced by adding and modifying complimentary cloud layers – This increases apparent thickness and restriction to visibility with a potential performance penalty – Please see documentation for addition information regarding this feature (1) New feature/option: Reduce Visibility In Cloud Layers (Requires DWC and Visibility Graduation and Smoothing to be Enabled) – When enabled, visibility will be reduced within cloud layers, proportionally based on layer coverage (1) New feature/option: Default Options Profile Screen – This screen will show at startup (can be hidden) and allow you to choose from various default options profiles that provide the recommended depiction mode and settings for various types of flying – Note that choosing a Default Option File will overwrite your current settings – We recommend trying all profiles before settling in on your ideal option set! (1) New enhancements to all depiction modes for better accuracy of cloud and other conditions (1) New official Prepar3D support! See documentation (initial “Important Stuff” chapter) for more information (1) New Station OIIE added to server fetch and default distribution (existing users must manually add station to data stations or update data station list from server to enable) (1) New Station EDJA added to server fetch and default distribution (existing users must manually add station to data stations or update data station list from server to enable) (1) New Station UASK added to server fetch and default distribution (existing users must manually add station to data stations or update data station list from server to enable) (1) New Station SEQM added to server fetch and default distribution (existing users must manually add station to data stations or update data station list from server to enable) (8) New save/recall persistence of last used Flight Plan “Speed” value (7) Added additional high performance wx data network server for more redundancy and better performance. (6) Added new Western Pacific tropical storm data coverage. (6) Added more room in Wx Report screen for textual TAF area to permit more than one line when using larger DPI/Font setting (3 lines available in normal DPI setting) (1) Added additional clear weather/reset during refresh as well as completion of synthesis in Smooth Cloud transition mode to prevent “stale” weather during loading of new or altered weather i.e. historical, edited, etc. (1) Added additional handling during AS2012 startup to check and ensure that the “FS haze layer” is properly disabled, in case the user has restored or installed a graphics set that enables the haze layer, causing visibility sync issues with the AS2012 weather engine (1) Adjusted wind layer turbulence generation for less turbulence overall at higher altitudes with default turbulence options (8) Adjusted Cirrus cloud generation for less chance of doubled/mirrored cirrus cloud effects and better balance of cirrus clouds depicted based on Cirrus Cloud Generation Percent option (7) Adjusted handling of failed downloads, so that if the very first download attempt fails, the program is automatically switched to offline mode and loads the last loaded weather – If a download attempt fails after a successful connection is initially established, the program will silently skip the download and retry every 30 minutes (7) Adjusted handling of “Load Preset” in Wx Edit screen so that the currently-selected Station ID is used in the loaded preset METAR string (instead of the station specified in the actual preset METAR) (5) Adjusted Flight Plan Navlog section to be multiple-row selectable (previously, you could select only one row) – This is useful for being able to select, copy and paste to external programs(5) Adjusted output rate during “Local Station writes with DWC” to be slightly slower to prevent overloading SimConnect with some aircraft/situations which could result in slow or improper ambient conditions depiction (i.e. temperature) (5) Adjusted DWC Local Station Writes processes in attempt to eliminate problematic temperature depiction/spikes as well as cycling clouds (clearing and re-forming). (5) Adjusted very high altitude temperatures to be slightly colder than previous in SP1 (by approximately 10%) – affects temperatures above 52,000ft only (1) Adjusted handling of single-left click of mouse on the system tray icon, to automatically bring up the AS2012 program - Use right click for the normal context menu (1) Adjusted documentation to reflect option/screen changes (1) Adjusted FSX/P3D native variable wind depiction to not activate until within 1500ft AGL, to avoid potentially large wind direction changes during approach where wind speeds may be higher (2) Adjusted “Overcast Ceiling Enhancement” feature to provide a better overall overcast depiction including thicker clouds and improved performance (2) Adjusted “Start FSX/P3D” tooltip to reference FSX/P3D instead of FSX only (2) Adjusted “Reduce visibility in cloud layers” feature to not reduce visibility in FEW/SCT cloud coverages (will only reduce in BKN/OVC) (2) Adjusted “Reduce visibility in cloud layers” feature to reduce visibility only up to a certain altitude in cumulus layers to avoid visibility reduction when not actually in the cloud layer (visually) as much as possible – Note: some desync between cloud layer boundaries and visual location with cloud sprites is unavoidable (2) Improved Interpolation system for more weight for closer stations with valid data, and extended the “clone” range to 3 miles (any station without data that is within 3 miles from a station with data will inherit most of its data instead of interpolating) (4) Improved “Force Destination Weather Zone” feature to simply always copy/clone destination weather without any interpolation logic if the destination station includes full surface information (4) Improved AS2012 DWC wind variability simulation for more realistic wind direction changes between approximately 4500AGL and 1500AGL – below 1500AGL FSX/P3D native variable wind depiction becomes active (2) Improved DWC depiction process for better cloud coverages (4) Increased speed and smoothness of visibility transitions (Visibility graduation and smoothing feature) (2) Slightly increased speed/smoothness of wind transitions (DWC depiction mode) (2) Default option changed for “Show in-Sim text messages” – now defaults to OFF (2) Default options changed for Prevent Cloud Redraws and Local Station Writes with DWC – now defaults to ON (4) Changed ICAO ID FAJS to FAOR (JOHANNESBURG AIRPORT – changed in server fetch and default distribution (existing users must manually add FAOR station to data stations or update data station list from server to enable) (7) Fixed problem where some METAR reports with “BECMG” elements, or duplicate cloud layers could cause corrupt cloud layer information and temp/pressure depiction issues (9) Fixed problem editing the surface wind layer in Edit Wx screen which would result in an unhandled exception(9) Fixed problem where some cloud layer information could become corrupt and cause depiction failures and temperature spikes (7) Fixed problem with recent new airport/data stations and edits being automatically removed from server database (8) Fixed problem with Wx Config screen where editing the surface layer (via the edit layer button) would cause aloft wind layers to become corrupt (7) Fixed problem with XGaugeWizard installation of Xgauge in Quality Wings 757 panels causing problems with Landing View (6) Fixed problem with XGaugeWizard installation of Xgauge in Aerosoft Airbus X Extended Fallback panel variant(7) Fixed problem where entering lower case letters in station ID field of Wx Edit screen would result in cursor returning to first position automatically after 3 characters entered (now characters are automatically set upper case as you type them in, and the cursor maintains appropriate position) (7) Fixed problem where attempting to insert a wind layer below 3000ft was not properly validated and would cause an unhandled exception (layers below 3000ft are now prevented and a message is given) (7) Fixed problem where importing a flight plan would cause the saved/persistent flight plan speed to be discarded(7) Fixed problem where Voice Flightwatch (122.02) would play even if the Voice ATIS/Flightwatch option was not selected (7) Fixed problem with flight plan import not properly importing user-created waypoints (via FSX flight planner) (5) Fixed problem with hurricane data causing crashing (NullReferenceException) in some cases, when located within the hurricane area (1) Fixed problem with Flight Plan Import on waypoints/intersections using 0.000 Latitude/Longitude (1) Fixed problem with program crash when choosing the “Influence” button on sound items within the graphics item detail screen (1) Fixed problem in Smooth and Standard Mode depiction where closest station might not be properly updated with correct data, causing incorrect FS ATIS reports or improper cloud depiction (1) Fixed problem where conditions might not update properly throughout a flight in Smooth Cloud Transitions mode (1) Fixed locations of stations EGCN and EGSY in locally distributed data station database (1) Fixed problem with crash when clicking on map with stations enabled yet no stations are within visible range (1) Fixed problem when in Standard depiction mode and “Disable Winds Aloft” is checked where aloft winds would mirror surface winds – Now aloft winds are null in this condition (1) Fixed problem caused by some SSD devices causing re-activation issues (reactivation requests should now eventually stop after 1-2 new re-activations after installing this new update) (1) Fixed problem with XGauge Wizard failing to install XGauge into Carenado C208B (1) Fixed problem with “Prevent Thunderstorms with CB” option not working in some cases (1) Fixed problem with using historical weather where invalid date and/or “over 3000 stations ignored” message can appear when using some historical downloads (1) Fixed problem in Wx Edit screen where changing station ID without pressing “Reload Current” could result in weather editing/changes applied to the previous station, not the selected one (1) Fixed problem where “Start P3D” button might not correctly activate and/or be usable when using Prepar3D mode (2) Fixed problem where simulator running detection (station database edits, graphics theme installs, closing AS2012) would not proper identify Prepar3D in some cases (2) Fixed problem where temperature depiction could become erroneous due to bug in “Overcast Ceiling Enhancement” feature (3) Eliminated all use of “Trebuchet MS” font, as this font was being commonly uninstalled (erroneously – this is a standard Windows font) by other programs and causing program load failure of AS2012 (1) Eliminated station KBSM (decommissioned) from locally distributed database (existing users will need to manually disable/remove this station or update their data/download stations from the server using the Wx Options/Edit Station Database tab) in order to have this station ignored Graphics New Graphics Update! Includes: 28 brand new high-detailed Cumulus cloud variations 12 brand new Stratus cloud variations 19 brand new Wispy cloud variations 4 brand new Cirrus cloud variations 22 brand new Water Wave variations 45 brand new Concrete Taxiway variations 29 brand new Asphalt Taxiway variations 2 brand new Taxiway Mark variations 19 brand new Concrete Runway Surface variations 7 brand new Asphalt Runway Surface variations 7 brand new Concrete Runway variations with smaller tire marks 7 brand new Asphalt Runway variations with smaller tire marks 20 brand new Sky Day variations 9 brand new Airport Parking Space variations 7 brand new preset graphics themes based on SP2 graphics All new variations in all categories include improved depth, shadowing, detail and scale, along with other changes as requested by user feedback Previous Stratus variations adjusted with improved color balance All Sky variations adjusted to prevent potential over-coloration in reduced visibility situations Previous Sky Day variations adjusted with improved color balance Previous Airport Parking Space variations adjusted for improved realism Previous Asphalt Runway Surface variations adjusted with improved color balance Updated Concrete Runway screenshots (all variants) to properly show concrete instead of asphalt in previews New graphics variation option to “Prevent this item from being used in Wx-Influenced selections” – Checking this box will prevent the item from being used in any wx-influenced selection – By default, certain variations from SP1 will be prevented, using a bias towards SP2 graphics New Weather Influenced Values update to include definitions for new SP2 variants
  12. Hello, I was wondering if someone could assist me with the following issue. The issue I am having is that FSX for some reason is not setting my customized weather settings. I click the individual weather station and set my desired settings, however when I move to the weather station (airport) and set a weather for it, the settings for the first station return to the default settings. The issue occurs if I use the weather themes in FSX or the Real-World weather feature in FSX. Honestly, I don't know what else to do... I have deleted the FSX.cfg file to see if it help and the issue still remains... Any ideas? System Specs in the signature. Many thanks for any help on this matter!
  13. Hello, I use active skies 2012 and I can only currently have the weather updating every 5 mins is there a way to make it more frequent like every 1 min or maybe 30 seconds? Thanks
  14. When using REX in flight sim I keep getting a popup from FSX that said " FSX has failed to load the weather" or something along thoes lines....but rex still sucessfully injects the weather, I guess my question is, how do i get that message to stop popping up?
  15. Hi,I have a couple of questions related to AS 2012 & PMDG 737 NGX.1) I plan a flight, for example, from EETN to LKPR (CRZ ALT F400). When I need to know what the CRZ TAS is going to be, I have to know the OAT in that level -- then I calculate speed mach 1 (in kts) according to that OAT and multiply it by the mach number which is going to be my CRZ (ECON from FMC); the speed that is economical for me in F400 is mach 0.782 … that's why I need accurate OAT -- BUT here I see the problem: For filling T/C OAT in FMC, I always find any airport that is located near by the T/C point (seen from NavDisplay), then I write this ARPT (ICAO) to the Active Sky (Wx Report) to see the TEMP at the required FL (under the symbols of weather, there are wind and temperature information for certain altitudes -- 3K, 6K, 9K, … 49K) -- so from that I can read that e.g. in 39K feet the OAT is –57.4 °C etc. According to that temps, I calculate the OAT for 40,000 ft (which is sometimes higher than in lower FLs -- possible?) -> I put that temp. to this http://www.csgnetwor...achonecalc.html and just calculate the mach 1 speed according to that temp, and then multply it by e.g. 0.782 -> I find out that my CRZ speed (that I also fill in the FPL) is going to be +- 447 KTAS. … well, as soon as I reached F400, I saw in FMC that the OAT was much lower, approximately –77 °C, so my airspeed then was a bit lower, e.g. just 425 KTAS and not 447 as I had been expecting… But if I check the weather at AS (locked to nearest ARPT), I can see there's just written something like 39K & –55.8, 44K & –57.4 --- so how is it possible that I have so much lower OAT than everywhere is issued? -- now I mean also this: http://jeppesen.com/...ion-weather.jsp -- also showing the TEMP if you open the wind forecast -- e.g. FL390 & showing –55 °C, but in FMC I can see OAT –77 °C…So, I'd like to know if the AS (and then aslo the JEPP. weather) shows the OAT correctly (-> then there must be any problem with FSX/PMDG), or if the OAT that shows FMC is correct. (But I suppose there shouldn't be any incorrect entry in the JEPP. weather maps.) :)And why do I need to know it?Well, just because I don't like when something is not working as it should / is not accurate, then also to fill the CORRECT CRZ airspeed to the FPL, and finally, when I calculate the EETs to FIRs, then it's not accurate (according to the planned TAS & actual TAS -- even if the wind is calm).P.S. I'm not using FSInn, but Squawkbox with Weather settings OFF.And the second, last, not so long question: :)2) Is it very important to have very quick internet connection to get the actual METARs on time (with minimum delay)? Because I have Wifi connection and sometimes it's delayed up to 20 min. -- it's 10:20 Z and I still have valid METAR from 09:30 Z (instead of 10:00 Z). And just one more note: In AS 2012 settings, I have set Automatic Downloads (+ VATSIM Online Weather) to every 5 min., but if I look on Wx Report, I can see “Last Updated: 00:15” and now it's 00:43 -> so “Last Updated” should now be showing +- 00:40 (update every 5 mins.); am I correct? (if yes, why is it not?)Thank you very much in advance!Adam
  16. I have looked around but curious if there is currently a working weather add on for p3d v4 It may be too soon for this type or utility but i wanted to know if anyone has one working as of yet Peter
  17. I have a question concerning the Wx-10A. How can I enable it to show some returns? I've set up a major thunderstorm via the FSX dialogue (no weather addon running) and I could see the rain and lightning around me. But the display never gave me more than those four scanning dots. The switch has a 'TEST' setting, but I can't reach it (the switch stops at 'FWD') to check the system. I've also tried my weather addons and caught some TS, but still only the four scanning dots while I could see the lightning and rain around me. Is this happening just here (no indication and 'blocked' test setting) or can one of you confirm the issues? :Worried:
  18. I know this question has probably been asked a million times now, but from past experience, what do you think it better? I currently own REX 2.0 (I'm getting Essentials tomorrow when I have the time) and I'm also thinking of buying ActiveSky 2012. The problem I find with REX is that it takes absolutely ages to install textures, and this really gets on my nerves. I've heard that AS' weather and clouds is better/more realistic but I've also heard that REX has better textures. So what do people do, use both? Any past experience, I really want to hear some!!
  19. New fsx and p3d2 weather addon FSX Weather 3.5 http://fsw.acefly.com.ua/ Program FSX Weather is designed to control meteorological data in the game Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Iincludes technology xHead . The program allows to analyze real-time weather information, simulation of air flow and additional weather atmosphere. The program has the opportunity to obtain filtered meteorological data in decrypted form. FSX Weather allows you to download weather with servers providing METAR, analyzes it for text errors and complements it with additional weather extensions that are present in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Not compatible with some aircraft PMDG. Requires FSX SP2 FSX xHead FSX xHead designed to control the internal chamber in Microsoft Flight Simulator X . The program allows to simulate the inertia of the virtual view as the user moves the camera through the three axes ( X , Y , Z ), store up to five different camera positions. The program simulates the visual and sound effects, arising from the landing gear, flaps, spoilers and spoilers. Management of the program to some extent duplicate control cameras, taken in FSX default. Screens: http://fsw.acefly.com.ua/gallery
  20. Name: SYSK - Aviation Weather Radar Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:34 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided Stuff You Should Know: Weather radar is a little more than you might think. View Video
  21. Hello All Not sure if anyone of you have had the same issue as I have had. While I use AS2012 (an amazing weather programme) it does not give me the maps and data which an airline pilot would normally have access to. I have come across a website which looks to have a bucket load of information about weather, possible turbulence and it covers areas outside the USA. Most importantly the site overlays weather information over North Atlantic Tracks (updated daily as are the tracks). :wub: Here is the link http://www.turbulenceforecast.com/ Hope you find it as helpful as I have over the past few days with planning my flights and knowing when I am going to hit the bad stuff during one of those long haul flights. :wacko: Kimberly Richmond-Jones Ps. I have no connection or affiliation to the above listed website.
  22. I know the weather engine of FSX is not great and I do not have any add-ons for weather yet but have searched YouTube for examples (REX, ASE, FEX etc) and cannot seem to find any weather engine that actually gives me a proper ceiling. If I specify in FSX an overcast ceiling at 500 ft, I should not be able to still see the ground at 600 feet, let alone at 4,000 feet!! If I want to fly IFR it should be real IFR. Is there ANY weather engine out there that actually gives me a solid overcast (8/8) ceiling at any height when I specify it, without still being able to see the ground? All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  23. Hello, After loading OPUS weather, the weather loads (cloud, visibility etc), but after a couple of seconds, the weather disappears and return to CAVOK (back to what I started with). I am using FSInn (VATSIM), I have 'Disabled weather by default', I have tried running in CAVOK condition with FSInn, and running the program without touching the weather config settings. I have to my knowledge disabled the FSInn weather. It seems to me something is stopping OPUS weather from staying 'loaded'?? Also, I am seeing the OPUS software updating the weather, but again, something seems to knock it out after a couple of seconds. Any help, much appreciated!
  24. Hi, Would like to ask if I am doing something wrong on that: Rex Weather Force now provides a metar_report.xml file, that is updated regularly. As I wanted pilot2atc to get the weather from this file instead from NOAA, in the WX tab of the options I linked to the directory (XXX:\rex weather force bla bla\export\ ) and checked the option to use REX. But... nothing happens. Tried different locations (in sim), did this on different times (in sim and in real), disabled UAC, started as admin, blah blah... Pilot2ATC simply doesn't show me the weather. ATIS tells me it's not available and the alt setting is always 29.92. The second thing: in the options traffic tab if the checkbox is checked, traffic warnings keep coming when taking off and landing or passing low in the vicinity of an airport. But if I ask for clearance to cross a rwy I often get cleared into departing traffic. This feature doesn't work (at least in MSFS) at all... 😞 and the third thing: How do I put "new" airports and airfields into the database? MSFS has many airfields that doesn't exist in pilot2Atc. I tried to run the new "makerunways" for fs2020 and then let pilot2atc pick up the date from the files. But I ended up in like 3 x 2 hours "reading data" with 2 x empty database in the end. The third time it obviously turned out better, but still no new airports. And yes... I checked the files manually. The airports are there... Any ideas how to solve that?
  25. Has anyone tried AS16 yet? As a current ASN user, I'm disappointed that you have to buy separate versions for FSX and P3D. As a result, it would have to have something special to convince me to upgrade. Thoughts?
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