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  1. perhaps invest in a mature sim ..............
  2. or 31 ....I can't envisage ZSPD / VHHH / ZBAA with 30 or even 31 it all seems like a "l.....n" to me but then again, if there was a demo to understand the "promises" .......
  3. sounds like a good ATC addon ... ??
  4. what's the highlight compared with others ......
  5. Ron I'll let Gerald help you better than I can. I have fortunately no need for the keys you ask about. In the meantime, check that the option feature to mute one's mic to MCE by pressing the numlock key is not stopping you being heard. If option selected, toggle that numlock key to check a command (eg flaps is a harmless one to try if your aircraft is powered) & also tell Gerald which sim / plane.
  6. so, $35m later, how would you compare the HUD to other ATC addons (most if not all have "free" demos) there are a few that are very similar & have been "used" for over a decade
  7. but surely, if you change one's scenery, you need to do it again (& again) ...... & preferably at a convenient downtime.
  8. As Ray wrote, it introduced ATS routing along with pattern flightplans (for sim AI use) that is not possible with bgl's. It is these pattern flightplans (eg TNG's) which are not thus inherently available for bgl compilation. Now if you have an ATC off-line addon which has its own route planner (FSHud & VoxATC), the only data you need from any plan is schedule/depature & destination/aircraft type along with an airac to assist those programs to compile their own sid/star/enroute jetway routing for its own spawn (ie not using the sim's) ....... a better result in my opinion. So, no need for AIGFP's for 2 pilot gate to gate operations by RPT's etc.
  9. Indeed ........ I have never used AIGAIM (OCI or manually). Only yesterday (& as I have for almost a decade), I downloaded the recent FIJ AIG flightplan zip, edited it, then compiled it with AIFP to a bgl. Today, I have several of BZ's plans to do the same with. There are many more to do for S22 by others than there are from AIG.
  10. As best I understand (given I don't use AIGAIM etc but AIFP ...... to compile those many more & recent flightplans from avsim sources), AIGFP's alongside AIGTC gives a much better spawn & control to the sim's spawn & hence would be of interest to ATC addons that use the sim's spawn, reactively. VoxATC (alone amongst all other ATC addons) though has its own AI "engine" that proactively spawns & controls the "same" AI ...... & in my opinion, is far better than the above mix. To read / use AIGFP files, the only data of interest therein to VoxATC would be the same depart/destination/aircraft data as included in a bgl ..... & for now would not profit from using the "jetway routing" data included in an AIGFP file (my guess). & besides, AIGAIM has an (the original) option to compile bgl's in lieu (except for rotary AI).
  11. I don't know ...... but I understand Amazon Polly voices aren't SAPI5 compliant & hence not "useable" in MCE (maybe I'm wrong) I have invested in so many Cereproc's / Harpo's / Ivonna's over the years, all of which are "great" with MCE but also with other "complimentary" ATC addons etc.
  12. Well, apart from using plans with the likes of FSHud & another ATC addon which compile their own routings for direct AI control (ie no need for AIFP's routing nor AIGTC), there are many plans available from others (not just AIG) which provide bgl's for all FIR's, particularily regional carriers that frequent hubs as much as local airports. & besides, many appreciate the customised options possible with AIFP as well.
  13. yes, it would be if its own AI spawn / system (as distinct to the sim's spawn used beside most existing ATC's) will "mesh" with one's choice of runway etc ...... which might be downwind / crosswind & hence "conflict". one assumes that the base option will be for dynamically assigned procedures which are using the same ones as AI. VoxATC is an example of an ATC with its own AI spawn / system which "meshes" well with one's own, when dynamically assigned (& you hear AI comms vectoring one to merge with AI).
  14. with your own TTS & the parallel use of MCE and P2ATC/VoxATC, you can have the same copilot (PNF) "voice".
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