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  1. vadriver

    Blueprint KLAX V3 Opinions

    so to compare is a stretch .............. i'm confused. how then do you know what is ?
  2. vadriver

    Freeware AI installer app from AIG

    or join in to hear more / ask more ......AIGAIM-OCI
  3. vadriver

    How to get the correct Departure Runway ?

    indeed, but the limitations are that the winds need to be <6kts. for mine, you still need the opposite runways available for stronger winds but control AI by shutting down "the high scoring" of ILS's in runway assignment in those light winds but that runway assignment is based on winds when stronger (?). the more one thinks of the permutations, the more we maybe should reconsider the allowable winds on runways ..... perhaps a 10kt tailwind / 30kt crosswind is more appropriate in the scoring alogorithm (just guessing for now) at different times of the day.
  4. vadriver

    How to get the correct Departure Runway ?

    the limit in that is "many" prefer historic weather ... and how with current weather can one match AI to that and / or hear an appropriate atis, both in the air & on the ground. that's the apparent shortfall to me.
  5. vadriver

    How to get the correct Departure Runway ?

    I'm by no means a programmer or whatever it needs to make it happen. but I have "observed" how "many" have tweaked runway lengths & deleted / added ILS's to effectively direct AI to "preferred" runways (given the sim's alogorithm score is not only heavily weighted in those 2 inputs), the missing "feature" seems to be is that it can't be done in-flight to vary ... whether for example to toggle an ILS if it is day or night and xwind/twind limits aren't exceeded on the resulting active (much like AFLT does with ALS in low visibility daylight). to have opposite runway use at KLAX maybe be that little bit more complex though .... must try landings on the 6's, departure on the 25's ? whichever, I add my support to the lobby for a "feature" many here hope to see some day.
  6. vadriver

    FAIB Alaska 737 Fleet OC Livery??
  7. vadriver

    How to get the correct Departure Runway ?

    and that PFPX is a planning tool, not a takeoff / landing tool like its sibling Topcat tool .... which you use when you know / decide the runway to use. or historic weather. AS call of the active runway is sometimes different to the sims atis call and neither seem to read addon airports "accurately" (open/closed runways). both do "score" the runway to use after considering visibility, navaids for landing, length & wind & if all equal (?) will choose closest to true north.
  8. some aren't .... that to me is the core of the "angst" above. & those some have no face, just a "real name" un-colibrated signature in cyberspace !
  9. vadriver

    FLAi2UTL - Anyone?

    sorry .... misunderstood your idea, thought you may be updating schedules !
  10. vadriver

    FLAi2UTL - Anyone?

    but will I still see "retired" ual b744's / vrd's a320's / nor qfa B789's ...
  11. pmdg have never insulted (me), they just haven't replied
  12. vadriver

    Convert AIG/BGL traffic to UTL traffic

    @Agovico261 so confused as to what ...... drop a "name" in your posts so we can further emphasise with you on what to do. i recommend you ask F1 for a refund ... as AIG is the best way if you are prepared to invest time "on the ground" as it seems you are to have an AI better than UTL
  13. vadriver

    Convert AIG/BGL traffic to UTL traffic

    to view a traffic file / plan .............visualizer. i use it to possibly edit the files (eg remove flights not in my area), find liveries etc.
  14. vadriver

    Convert AIG/BGL traffic to UTL traffic

    a long path ..
  15. vadriver

    Convert AIG/BGL traffic to UTL traffic

    which create bgl traffic files with known and the latest suggested / allocated liveries .... then what's the point, they are more recent with much higher quality liveries / models (or am I missing the point). besides whatever, you need to delete conflicting schedules in UTL.