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  1. check AIG .... but you'll need to find GA plans / aircraft for your local (not easy though, depends on what you call GA ... C172's or G500's)
  2. vadriver


    indeed, but many AIFP.pln's (20% is my guess) are either GCR or routed via SID exits rather than STAR entries (or vice versa) ....... certainly in the AsiaPacific jurisdictions. One needs to be able to correct them ..... to avoid TCAS "incidents".
  3. ?? ..... are you as I wanting to see vectors etc about "stormy" weather, in the TMA at least
  4. vadriver


    can't agree more ... found AIGFP inconsistent (routing was often incorrect) etc.
  5. you all spend more time on avsim commenting about MSFS than you do "flying" 🤔
  6. Speaking of STARS .... & SIDS too, one needs to note whether the procedure is a legacy or an RNAV one. VoxATC does not get it spot on (yet) with core ICAO phraseology for RNAV "climb/descend via's" .... so this may further confuse one.
  7. could to hear paired numbers ...... but still no "climb via"s with an RNAV sid (perhaps with a TOP) & ps ... don't forget PF/PNF chatter in PNF mode & ps why are AI using closed taxiways .... another MSFS glitch it seems
  8. i retired before FS95 ...... did you ever fly a VAR ?? enjoy the ride & don't forget the sunscreen above the stratus 😎
  9. but you prefer a VFR orientated version .... which seems to suit MSFS. so should there be 2 versions, a PF/GA/VFR/non pressurised version & an IFR/pressurised/PNF version ... each optimised for the procedures/airspace flown rather than compromised to suit both ???
  10. indeed they do ...... AWC & others don't store metar/taf beyond 72 hours
  11. & we remember them (my grandad, my dad) .... though we grow old but thank their legacy for today
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