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  1. vadriver

    CereProc voices on sale now!

    similarly, cereproc have not replied after I asked why their voices are differently "registered" to others such as ivonna & microsoft in both the 32 & 64 bit registers of my (2) W764 system computers. i reach out to anyone who can comment on what their registry editor shows & if a difference is seen in W8 or W10 .... and is it potentially the "problem" many have. it seems to my limited pc skills that with the different "registery" format, it is "logical" that one format if used first could / will dominate "non-conforming" ones subsequently. look forward to any thoughts.
  2. vadriver

    Does VoxATC and P3D V4.4 play nicely?

    an interesting read (after a long history of issues) ......
  3. vadriver

    Does VoxATC and P3D V4.4 play nicely?

    howard I agree ..... but I don't often go there. my main problem (& for others I suspect / understand) includes updating to TTS 64bit voices & that there's an interface issue between cereproc & others which has yet to be solved ...... it is the cause I suspect of many "fatal errors" & serious wasted investments (though to be fair I don't know that it is a vox problem) my other concerns are: a) I'm not sure the indexer correctly reads scenery the P3DV4 way. b) voxserver misreads TTS voices (accepts 32bits when it should not ??).
  4. vadriver

    What is Plan GS?

    that's IAS
  5. vadriver

    What is Plan GS?

    tell that to the PF on QFA9 .......
  6. vadriver

    Ground Steering Problem

    not upfront ...... how is the twist axis assigned / calibrated & to what control, rudder or tiller ? one assumes the twist lock is off ..
  7. vadriver

    Network PC for As4

    brilliant after ... could not see the point of before (since ASX) !
  8. vadriver

    Network PC for As4

    the ASP4 user guide page 96 ..... then it's your call.
  9. vadriver

    Conflict with AI

    bob/all indeed, pete has aifreezer.lua in his next fsuipc5 update stops "taxiout" traffic entering the runway after you lower the gear. works well though you may get "taxiin" crossing. then you can use the zapper and / or add it to the lua.
  10. to an attitude of ???? ...... it's not trimmed by the autopilot ??
  11. i'll buy any airport that has daytime low visibility lighting & sode ai jetway docking ..... it's a very shortlist.
  12. vadriver

    Runway/Taxiway lights in Daytime IMC

    FSDT daytime low visibility lights work for me (I believe they are stock / generic as called in the respective afcads) but definitely not a feature with most FB's nor Pacsim's (though FB clumsily use a "switch" in their manager at KMPS). Why the "offenders" can not use SODE activitated (PCL or better still "conditional visibility") options beats me .... as DD does for example. This is so true ...... overdoing the candy without realising it is about flight firstly.
  13. vadriver

    Does this happen to you?

    Eric Interesting, given FB advise there is no daytime lighting of runway / taxiway / approach lights (yet). If you arrived at / around dawn there could be said lighting for a short while.
  14. vadriver

    Does this happen to you?

    what annoys me (& many others) is the lack of daytime low visibility airfield & approach lighting at most of FB's airports .... given other developers do & recently some are using SODE to include such with conditional visibility options.
  15. vadriver

    Voice monitor

    what can i say ...... except ??