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  1. FSX I presume .........................
  2. Krung Thep ..... one of my favorite's in the early '90's, particularly on Suhkumvit at the rail crossing (midtown)
  3. dave this is the P3D sub-forum .....may be you should ask at the hobbyist's sub-forum.
  4. @daniel Keen to hear an update on how things are going ..... 😉
  5. Scratch that ....... tried FDM with no joy. Still prefer manual navigraph, so easy to store my tweaks locally & carry forward if appropriate. Good luck on your quest 😉
  6. Rich yes, but i'm guessing (not being an FDM user) not if it doesn't exist for it to find. as best i know it, installing any new addon which uses an airac includes installing a folder with an "old" airac for one / FDM to find and update. Vox's future install wil do this I'm sure.
  7. @Polymerman @tegoid Rich I suspect that Navigraph's FDM is looking for this folder (but can't create it) which will in a future Vox release be created on install ... & which the FDM would find & subsequently install its airac. Create the folder oneself & see if the FDM finds it ...... that folder is what a Navigraph manual install looks for (& can create).
  8. I'm confused by most of the above .... PMDG asks for real names "to keep conversations personal and familiar" sounds okay but more often than not, apart from RSR, non of their "staff / beta" team address a reply to your post "personally". maybe it's me, but if you use any name / signature, real or not, i try to address a reply directly mentioning you somehow. is there another reason .... how does anyone know your real name anyway ??
  9. Indeed ...... Vox's Airac2103 does contain extra parameters (compared with the concurrent LDS one) for "holding" procedures on STAR's. On your next flight using Vox's Airac, you'll see for example (in Vox's log) at VHHH ........... "Converted procedure name in: BETY1G out : betty one golf Format exception with segment xml attribute: Hld_Time_or_Dist Dist :: Input string was not in a correct format. Cannot find segment Xml Attribute: Hld_Speed" This is the new data but not readable by your current version.. Expected & harmless for the moment.
  10. what's missing ..... just an update perhaps but then you enjoy your C172 don't you ??
  11. no .... let vox assign those & then only include them in your aircraft's FMS when assigned & then the APPROACH when it is assigned. the pln is "enroute" only ..... SID exit to STAR entry.
  12. @adaniel Tor ...... Jay's notes are more than correct in that Vox expects one to fly the "pln" flightplan & more importantly follow the SIDS, STARS & Approaches it assigns after among other things considering the latest weather (& definitely not what ASP3D suggest ..... that program as brilliant as it is at weather depiction does not read your sim's scenery to know which runways are available & what Vox believes is appropriate for your aircraft etc.) That aside, & in the relative absence of your mention of the approach phase, I suspect you are reporting "established" whilst on the STAR just after you receive your Approach Clearance (STARS do not lead one to the runway .... that is the Approach procedure thereafter). Vox would know you are not on the Approach & are further than 10nm or so away from touchdown, hence "rejects" the report as you hear ... & it is expecting you to be on the Approach procedure. Again, if you post a specific scenario, one might better define for you where & whether the "problem" occurs.
  13. @kevinfirth.............. line pilots are accustomed to "experimenting intelligently & learning by discovery" no need to listen during @tegoid's "beta" school.
  14. oops ..... UTL unfortunately doesn't work with the only off-line ATC addon that monitors/controls/communicates with AI. Almost freeware AIG's do. & that addon is not the subject one.
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