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  1. historic weather, essentially only possible (in P3D) from AS is not what you may think it is .... it is not "recordered live/current" weather, just an hourly snapshot of the latest so hence does not depict most weather metars reported half hourly nor Specis when weather fronts pass bottom line, use current weather for the scenario you choose ... ie there is nothing real simming at night pretending its day.
  2. now that's a surprise ..... i'll seek a refund based on your esteemed guidance, thanks seriously, you are obviously a freeware geek.
  3. a tough call vs their VHHH ..... the ISS upgrade of WSSS is almost except WFSS has better operational features (eg low visibility daytime taxiway lighting) all have great textures etc ..... but a good airport needs to have operations "integrety"
  4. thanks for the "inspiration" to try a P3D453 install..... with promising success. fortunately, I had added the new runway to the afcad of the previous ISS version so can use it in lieu of the P3D5 afcad. & to mention, am using the P3D4 SODE / the taxiway signs are corrected in WSSS2023 / but have to redo a conversion to taxiway lights to operate in daytime low visiblity (again)
  5. indeed ..... & depending on your ATC addon (on or offline) you should get vectors to those waypoints listed on the CHANGI SId's chart. It will be interesting in a few years with T5 open what runways are preferred for landing and/or departure. @ the similarily configured future VHHH, I understand the centre runway is to be mostly arrivals.
  6. there should be a "considerable" change to taxiway idents in the afcad & for signs and pavement markings to match the current charts ....... actually changed some 2yo to allow co-ordination with the new runway & its taxiways.
  7. details / details / details .......
  8. @Christopher Low agree completely, but they should identify to new users their product is "significantly" out of date if it is (particularly with respect to operations/charts) .... eg ISS's current ZSPD & the previous WSSS for over 2 years
  9. I am disappointed there is not a P3D4 version in the first instance, given the afcad corrections necessary to earlier versions & undertaken by the AIG crew won't be compatible ..... if as suspected with WSSS2023, the afcad is only an extension of previous to include the 3rd runway. As mentioned above, they may not have corrected taxiway signs / ident either.
  10. the "pics" in the Elite report show hangars & aprons at WASC & another shows "X"'s on R02C/20C as appropriate awaiting its rebuild & exit taxiways towards T5.
  11. hmmm ... no mention of a P3D4 version in the Elite report. it will also be interesting to hear if subsequent & timely updates will be made as T5 & R02C/20C's rebuild is completed. fortunately or not, i updated my P3D4 version with the revised taxiway idents 2yo & added R02R/20L 1yo, given i understood ISS went "missing"
  12. & your thrust / prop settings are ?
  13. http://www.owlsnest.eu/tools.php may help review your simobject folders.
  14. is gate 3 occupied ..... look forward to dave's advice
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