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  1. vadriver

    Best traffic addon Performance wise

    agreeing 99% with jay & dave earlier ....... but most times the models / liveries aren't equivalent to those used from freeware.
  2. vadriver

    A cautionary AI tale......

    Chris The moral of your initial post ..... never delete a model/livery from simobjects, you never know where you could have used them !! & a note to all, have you updated your [Exits] to use multiple jetways now possible with SODE....Widebody Exits. & yes I'm a least one update a week of my 100 (US west coast) airlines.
  3. vadriver

    A cautionary AI tale......

    chris with what AI program may I ask .... 'tis not obvious from you post (though I suspect it's not the AIG Way)
  4. vadriver

    VoxATC Questions

    Chris Have a read of AI Discussion ..... it discusses the "many options" that answer your questions with a yes, though some are qualified. My preference is the AIG Way mentioned therein by Jay ..... free/donateware (some optional base models are payware) but is a great team providing recent schedules / liveries / aircraft which you can customise to your airports etc. As for your 3, the AIFP tool used with AIG allows you to also review the default AI to see the answer. Enjoy
  5. vadriver

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    how can i do that ......?
  6. vadriver

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    errr ... I am more than busy setting up the FMC etc. to leave the flightdeck & go back into the terminal to watch the passengers / ground crew ??????????
  7. vadriver

    Things I don't understand.................

    now here's a post worthy of .... ?? tis boy's vs men's ..... your call scott !
  8. vadriver

    Green box PMDG NGX

    ie use the keyboard ...
  9. vadriver

    GSX Level 2 - Reviews?

    Glenn Have you used SODE's Autodock ..... which didn't work with GSX1.
  10. vadriver

    sdk ?

    uses sdk data .....
  11. guys & gals my problem is whether the PRO version has "less faults" than previous versions ..... it's one thing to "upgrade to P3DV4", it is another to fix issues from the past eg the CDI pointer, crossover speeds for different CI etc.etc. the delays are probably because the PNF spilt coffee on the FMS keyboard .........
  12. alan I'm curious ..... is that default ATC you use ? I use the same TTS voice as PNF (co-pilot) in MCE & with either Vox or PATC (for all ATC comms) to have one & only PNF as David wrote (as follows).
  13. david not a user (yet) of the PRO .... but can't recall conflicts in the earliers though I never used either FS2Crew or the onboards therein. as I best I recall, both were options that could be "off" .... and MCE functioned as one wants, customised or not "procedures and checklists" as you asked. hope to hear from others what they've found with PRO ..... & hope we all can talk about PF & PNF rather than ?
  15. vadriver

    Pro ATC X users

    gaz one question .... what plane "type" are you flying & if you want, some screenies of your settings, particularly the options pages.