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  1. to be "real", after about 4 hours swapping PF & PNF roles, you "handover" to the "other" tech crew for about the same time whilst you have a pee then a "nap" to front up bright & shiny for the last / next 4 hours. i let others give you examples of the real "shifts" but it would be rare to be PF for both takeoff & landing. in simming, you'll need a partner to make it real .... otherwise, pretend.
  2. you mean, look at the scenery to confirm where you are .... then if timely you might look around & admire !!!
  3. Team This "laggard" has to ask, given all the above reports, do you see any / other worthy reasons to invest in P3D5 (& perhaps for me a W10 investment)
  4. whose paintkit are you using ...your own i trust !
  5. vadriver

    PMDG 777

    next step .... try https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/pmdg-777-forum
  6. jay have i missed an update or something ??
  7. well they are, but just a tad longer than your normal "tinnie" .........................................
  8. you mean for ifr ...... of course not, your question is answered by itself in my opinion !! one assumes you asking about for the same aircraft ??
  9. not unusual behavior if around the Capital Hill precincts ........ commiserations to the OP
  10. after all these years, you are not following the vox forum on avsim ??
  11. how is the flight going ..... i'm off to bed now after the "busiest" flight in a T7 i've ever done. VMMC to VHHH ... was actually "grading" some issues in VOXATC but have to say "well done" T7 (&VOXATC) short haul is fun .....
  12. & here am I at 2257 betting you would fly the 777 as QTR do / did YSSY via YSCB to OTHH ..... short & long haul !!
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