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  1. vadriver

    Aerosoft A318/A319 professional

    "Orally spoken checklist items by the PF and confirmed by the PnF" ??
  2. vadriver

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    chris if so, my apologies. I don't know that I am looking for support per se, just a clarification / further definition of what it is for as I can't see any animations / consequences using its ID with the range of "mouse actions / key presses" possible. I have used over SDK 100 control events (all very well titled & within my intuitive range) to assign buttons / keys with fsuipc, but this one has me stumped. looking forward to further advice.
  3. vadriver

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    sergio pete dowson (fsuipc) deserves the thanks .... I'm just a messenger so to speak. i was also hoping to have some news from support on a way to improve the tiller interface but it seems they are too busy falling over themselves to remember what they wrote in the SDK a few years after they were born ..... disappointing to say the least.
  4. vadriver

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    & rudder send direct to fsuipc calibration plus with MaxSpeedSteer=XX and RudderBlendLowest=X (defaults are 60 & 1 respectively) in [Joystick Calibration] of your *ini. in this configuration, yes pedal nosewheel steer is about max. of 7o but tiller nosewheel steer is 78o This new RBL feature is essentially to correct in the ngx & probably other pmdg etc. aircraft the animations seen on the LDu Sys page. Unfortunately, if you were in the tower, you would see the rudder move during tiller nws. using P3D4's steering/rudder set axis (via send to FS) is more correct as regard animations but pedal nws is not limited as in the real.
  5. vadriver

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    team have asked pmdg support about the above & hoping to hear whatever soon irrespective of the following. in the meantime, pete dowson has an "Interim release 5.132c includes a new parameter alongside MaxSteerSpeed: "RudderBlendLowest". This gives a ground speed below which the rudder input is used fully with no tiller use. The parameter defaults to 1 knot, so the aircraft needs to be stationary (or very close to stationary)." works well in the ngx with "fsuipc direct to tiller/rudder" axis along with the above and MSS.
  6. vadriver

    Why is this forum dying?

    back soon .... off to get a popcorn refill at the local !
  7. vadriver

    B77W pilot looking for an additional aircraft to purchase

    richard thanks ....... why 5 years you may ask. well for me, I find the pmdg 737ngx the best fit (for my simming). Intergrity & systems depth, support yet equally useable with respected & supported addons such as fsuipc / linda, mce, pfpx, topcat, virtual cdu, navigraph charts on short & realistic regional flying. I just can't see myself flying pmdg's widebodies for hours nor on "mostly unreal" regionals.
  8. vadriver

    B77W pilot looking for an additional aircraft to purchase

    mark You must be exited about sitting in the left hand seat ..... in another 18 months ! I just got my 4 bars after 5 years.....
  9. vadriver

    First Solo...

    on floats ...... that I would have wanted to watch !
  10. vadriver

    First Solo...

    noel .... you & i share a decade of fond memories it seems. mine were of a cub on dry land. I'd love to hear what the Luscombe panel was .. the cub was sparse as i grew to see.
  11. vadriver

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    Marc PMDG's SDK.
  12. vadriver

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    Team further to your aboves, I noticed the following in the sdk ..... & wondered what effect / action it has on the use of the tiller & rudder. it seems to be associated with a "click spot" on the tiller axis. // Nose Wheel Steering #define EVT_NOSE_WHEEL_STEERING_SWITCH (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 325) #define EVT_NOSE_WHEEL_STEERING_SWITCH_GUARD (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 326) #define EVT_TILLER (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 975) any thoughts / knowledge would be appreciated.
  13. vadriver

    Any good resources for Airport gate information?

    for P3D4.X ?? my best is to use pete's makerunways (for the g5.csv) to see what your sim's afcad expects ... of course, the integrity of stock & / or payware airports may vary from the real (flightaware) but most "premium" addons are not far off the real.
  15. are we talking AI or your aircraft ??