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  1. What's unnecessary and childish is when people are attacked for stating their opinion and then others jumping on board.
  2. Bert, Because I don't need too. Apparently you do. If you were stupid enough to fork your money over for a product that wasn't complete, then I've got a real 737 I'd like to sell you real cheap. I just didn't get around to building it yet, but trust me, it shouldn't take too long. Just pay me first. Aren't I entitled to my own opinion? Hey, maybe they will put out great series, but I will wait until everything is complete before forking over my money if I feel it's worth it. They lured you people by saying the rate would go up if you didnt act now. If it does, that's fewer people that will potentially buy it.
  3. I for one am very glad that I had the will power to refrain from making this purchase many months ago. First, is anyone at AoA a real 737 pilot?? From what I saw, maybe one of them has their private pilots license. I could have read the FCOM's 500 times by now while waiting for the slow drab of videos to be made available. Sure, the visuals may be all nice, but ALWAYS be cautious of "pay me now for services I'll provide later" outfits. Like a previous poster mentioned, you can find many extremely informative videos on youtube for FREE. These are done by enthusiasts, some with quite a bit of knowledge, and some who are real world 737 pilots.They have no interest in taking your money. They just love what they're doing and want to share it with fellow enthusiasts.
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