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  1. i can't see any reason why the triple 7 experience will be different.
  2. i payed with sterling pounds, but depends, if you are not satisfied with your rig then buy, if it does the work for you, don't. simple as that.
  3. so the "baby" stands for that, good to know.
  4. i am flying for JETva.co.uk, i love it, it's very easy to do flight's the routes are very fun, and the 737 is one of the favourite there, you can have your charts, winds map etc... BTW if it wasn't clear the airline is eayjet.co.uk
  5. of course Adrian, i am using i5 2500k non overclocked, and getting 20-30 locked to 30fps at EHAM mega airport, of course it will be enough, cheers.
  6. alright, are you using rudder pedals? if so try set the action to about 80% and all the null zones to 0, that might fix your problem.
  7. that's increased my performence in 3fps, thanks very much Ryan, your'e the man!(:
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