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  1. as a musician to, i really love to hear other melodies. loved it, very good. keep up your great job, good luck my friend. cheers.
  2. Hello Steve, i hope it's not to much to ask, but can you amp Alex pack, that i asked before, i have actually tried to ask him in private message, but i didn't get any answer so i hope it's ok. thanks very much!
  3. i can wait, and from the other experience with you, it takes about 2 minutes.
  4. they are all perfect, please make those available, with a good high sound(: thanks very very very much for your angle work!.
  5. thanks very much! BTW how do i use the one for the departure what should i click on? thanks again, Dan.
  6. i would really really appreciate if you can amp the pack by Alex, i really did love those sounds, but they are a little bit low, i tried to find a software that can do that for free, but with no luck. thanks.!
  7. yes, it does batter, one thing that i really wondered, in RW when you hit the brim button you will hear the sound right away, in our NG it takes sometime till you can hear the actual sound of the trim. cheers.
  8. wow thanks, i really do hope we'll get those sounds, fixed, thanks for your pack.
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