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  1. CaptCraig

    New update

    [BUMP] Does anybody have a couple turb settings that fit nice with the FSL and their recommended activesky settings?
  2. CaptCraig

    Carenado B1900 anything yet? (resolved)

    Never mind got it working :-)
  3. CaptCraig

    GTN750 Integration

    Anybody figure out how to get the 530 in the B1900? I can get the popup but the gauge in the VC stays blank
  4. Anything yet for the Carenado B1900?
  5. CaptCraig

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    I returned to this thread in hopes of more screenies past page two. What's happening Carl???
  6. CaptCraig

    Eye Position Indicator

    Mine looks like this
  7. CaptCraig

    RSR, let me kiss your feet ^^

    I can't believe nobody has asked "when?" yet!
  8. That was it! Thanks! Had to un-check "Moon Casts Shadow" in Graphics.
  9. CaptCraig

    OC keep showing new update update available

    Yeah. Then I did that and then the problem started. It wasn't until I downloaded and re-installed a second time that it resolved. I only download installers to my desktop, deleting them once done with them, so not sure what was up there. Doesn't matter now, all is fixed.
  10. CaptCraig

    OC keep showing new update update available

    For the plane. Yes as Admin. I downloaded the latest version from the PMDG store, then installed it, and I've been getting this message that the 747 has an update available. So I'm just going to uninstall re-download and reinstall and see if that fixes it. ... Yep. Fixed.
  11. CaptCraig

    OC keep showing new update update available

    Same thing happens to me. Asks if you want to install the update. Click yes. Vanishes. Next time you open the OC it's there again.
  12. CaptCraig

    P3Dv4 Hotfix and PMDG Aircraft

    Devs seem to be super quick on this. Everything I had installed in v4 has been updated post Hotfix. Good times. No idea what's actually happening behind the software curtain but it can't be bad!
  13. OK so I too can only get the landing gear and screens and init of the 747 if I enter a default aircraft first then switch to the 747. FSUIPC5 installed. Hope a fix is in the works. Not sure who the fix lies with at the moment. I don't really like loading up two aircraft in the scenario though. Not sure if that has any impact on performance for the session.