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  1. The reverser lever is a single lever for all engines in the DC-6. It's the big red lever in between the two sets of throttles. Full names in the forums, first and last.
  2. All good, wasn't sure if you were aware
  3. That's the FSX version
  4. The DC-6B came in domestic 8-tank variants, and intercontinental 10-tank variants. You're describing the 10-tank variant, the PMDG model is the 8-tank variant. Full names in the forums.
  5. I'm guessing you got this issue fixed then?
  6. Open the clip in youtube and look at the description
  7. You should check out the video description on youtube ;)
  8. Well it was that or finger pointing, and we know how you are with finger pointing
  9. And wikipedia says capacity is 26,022 litres which is 20,800 KG!!! Edit: Found another source for 21t
  10. Sorry my bad the L is litres not pounds.
  11. Not sure how you got your maths, 46,063L x 0.8 = 36,850 KG = 36.85 Ton = 40.62 US Ton The original litre figure is from a source online for a 737-700WL, not direct from sim. Not at my sim PC right now so can't check but thought I'd give you a close figure.
  12. Very strange, I've not had a single CTD with the DC-6. If you can find anything in event viewer that could be a big help
  13. I suggest opening a support ticket with them, that will put you in direct contact with the gurus who can look into it.
  14. Back of the envelope calculation from my L figure above gives approx. 36850 KG.