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  1. PMDG777

    DLL.XML File Missing

    Are you running the installers as admin (right click > run as admin) and with your firewall/antivirus disabled?
  2. PMDG777

    Service based failures on 737+777

    Per tail number
  3. Login to your PMDG store account as you have done. Click "View Previous Orders". Click the order for the 777 base pack. Download from the bottom of the page. Uninstall your current version (expansion first then the base pack) and reinstall with the newly downloaded installer. Go back to your "View Previous Orders" page and repeat for the 300ER expansion.
  4. PMDG777

    PMDG 737/777 Prepar3D V3 and V4

    Yes, the latest installers will give you the option of what sim you want to install in, and can be installed in both simultaneously.
  5. P3D is a more demanding sim than FSX. What might have been a stable OC in FSX might be unstable in P3D as it's pushing the CPU harder.
  6. PMDG777

    PMDG 737NGX Cold & Dark

    Have a read of the introduction manual, it explains all this and more.
  7. PMDG777

    Ops Center Update & Missing Aircraft

    Make sure your antivirus and firewall are disabled. Go to the Operations centre folder in program files (x86), delete everything but the updater and run the updater as admin.
  8. PMDG777

    Fule Problem After scenario Reset

    2 things: 1) Never reload a PMDG aircraft. The introduction manual makes this very clear. 2) Never use the default P3D/FSX fuel and payload, always use the FMC.
  9. PMDG777

    Update PMDG777

    Betting this has caused it. Disable these sceneries and try again.
  10. PMDG777

    Sun Exlipse Just Curious

    Active sky is weather. It doesn't affect sun/moon positions (which I don't think is simulated in P3D/FSX)
  11. PMDG777

    Update PMDG777

    Has anything else changed on your system? I don't see how updating the operations centre could affect the sim
  12. PMDG777

    Update PMDG777

    Hmmm then it shouldn't have affected your sim at all. That update only changed the operations centre. Is the 777 (or any PMDG) aircraft set as your default aircraft when the sim loads?
  13. PMDG777

    No thrust and no rudder

    No issues at all here so it's definitely your setup. Assign the controllers in P3D, not FSUIPC. Move your FSUIPC.ini to the desktop from the P3D modules folder and let it rebuild.
  14. PMDG777

    Update PMDG777

    Did you uninstall the old version then reinstall? FYI - PMDG require you to sign your posts with your full name (first and last name).