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  1. Must have setup incorrect, cannot get any speed nor alt in legs page
  2. I presently use Flight Aware for US routes. Any sites for other than US?
  3. Hope this post isn't redundant but ..... any info on Tutorail #2
  4. Gwhaarmann

    Tutorial #2

    Probably missed this but...Any news on Tutorial #2?
  5. I have found that in boeing PMDG 737 at night to see instrument panel go to Aft Overhead panel on turn on DOME lights. should correct your situtation
  6. After all the cockpit setup for a selected flight with flt planner, I select a saved flt pln in the FMC , after EXECUTE and waiting for the initalizing countdown the throttle immediately advances. Any ideas?
  7. I am assuming that PMDG aircraft are considered "Addons" ?
  8. Pardon my ignorance but explain "default Aircraft" please.
  9. Getting only skelitizied aircradt and/or no taxi lines. Happens now very often. Takes several Flight Camcellations and reload to fly. MSFS FSX Free Flight, Aircraft PMDG373NGX, After loading flight in flight planner, FLY, requesting Taxi info. Choosing outside view two things happen with increasing regularity 1. Aircraft is skelitized 2. No reaction to choosing Progresive Taxi. Getting very FRUSTRATING!!!
  10. I have tried Flight Aware to get some Sid's & Stars for EGKK-EHAM with no success. Is there a particular place to get this info?? Thanks
  11. Yup, I have been confused. ( Memory issue 84yrs ) I am wanting to select a particular airline. I was looking at a PMDG 737 Next Generation Manual that references the tool bar I mentioned. OLD STUFF!!! I looked at the 737NGX CDU under Setup and see their is a ton of info to select from. However... I still can't seem to find what I want, or would like. I also see under "Select Aircraft" a wide selection of types of Commerical Airlines. I am assuming that will be my only option. BTW want I meant by "Tool Bar" is the very upper portion of the screen in Cockpit that states FLIGHT, AIRCRAFT, WORLD Thanks for your help guys
  12. My PMDG 737NGX tool bar does NOT have a PMDG Styles menu. Am I in the wrong place?
  13. Getting back to the original post "Flt Pln vs ATC", It has been mentioned about ignoring the ATC and continuing with Flt Pln... wou ld this be the same as "cancel IFR? If one would simply ignore ATC you would contantly get diections from ATC until they canceled for you.
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