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  1. Tony747-400

    -400F 635k MZFW no longer available?

    Have you got the STAB Fuel Tank option selected in the options menu?
  2. Tony747-400

    Navigation Display Question.

    Ticket sent to PMDG. PMDG have said airport depiction is correct of the airport on ND in PLN MODE as it is a North Up display but the MAG HDG being incorrect is a bug and being looked at to be fixed.
  3. Tony747-400

    Navigation Display Question.

    Will do. Thanks Dan, will look tomorrow
  4. Tony747-400

    Navigation Display Question.

    There’s half of one at the top in PLN mode, the same as Map mode.
  5. Tony747-400

    Navigation Display Question.

    Ok fair enough, I don’t really understand it though so won’t use it, just don’t understand how a heading indicator stays at 002MAG when the plane is turning through 180 degrees turn
  6. Tony747-400

    Navigation Display Question.

    I did in the options try changing heading from heading up to track up but made no difference. I can’t understand though how the heading indicator doesn’t move when the aircraft is and the compass rose that is showing in PLN mode is completely wrong. Would be appreciated if you could have alook on your sim.
  7. Tony747-400

    Navigation Display Question.

    Perhaps I’m reading the display incorrectly. If I am it seems very confusing having headings that don’t move, compass rose headings that do and both showing them as incorrect.
  8. Hi. Wondering if this is a problem with my panel states or Possible bug. I’ve tried with Cold & Dark and Short and a custom panel I have made. Flying on the 747-400 British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic liveries. I’m on the RWY 08R at EGKK. The normal Map display is showing the correct heading of 079. When I switch to PLN mode to review my Flight Plan the the HDG is showing 002 MAG and the compass rose display is showing the RWY at about 130 degrees. If I go back to MAP and then press CTR to get the full compass rose then back to PLN the RWY 08L is showing it’s on a heading of 150 degrees and the heading indicator is still showing 002MAG. Making the aircraft move and in flight makes the compass rose move but not the heading indicator. Am I missing something and reading the display wrong or could someone please check if they are seeing the same thing and is indeed incorrect. Thanks
  9. That will teach you to be helpful or friendly in a PMDG forum!!!!😂
  10. Tony747-400

    Dusk and Dawn performance problems...

    If your using aircraft such as PMDG try reducing the amount of lights you have switched on in the aircraft. I leave off Taxi light and RWY Turn Off Lights when on the RWY and only use half the landing lights, then when Taxing just have the Taxi light on. See if that helps. Having all the lights switched on kills my frames and I get terrible stutters.
  11. Tony747-400

    MK Studios Tenerife

    I purchased the DD Tenerife South. a few months ago. There was a fault with some of the rock textures around the airport. DD sent me a file to get it looking right. Hopefully that file is included in the main download when purchasing. If you purchase and the scenery doesn’t look right E-Mail them, they were very quick with the response which was good. Good scenery well worth the money.
  12. Tony747-400

    No Descent Via VNAV

    Had you put a lower altitude into the MCP for the Autopilot to start descending to before TOD?
  13. Tony747-400

    Cannot Disengage APP Mode for new leg

    Try switching both Flight Directors off then back on again.
  14. Tony747-400

    747-400 Weight Limitations Question.

    No I don't think so, I guess that's the answer to my question. Will change the option to have it installed and see if that makes the weights correct. Thanks for your reply
  15. Hi. According to the FCOM page 10.2 Limitations Section the passenger variant Max Take Off Weight is 394.625KGS On the Payload screen of the FMC it shows a Max T/O weight of 385.6 KGS a shortfall of 9000 KGS. Also there is a small difference in the MAX ZFW. FCOM says 244.9 KGS and the max you can enter via the FMC is 242.7 KGS. If anyone knows why this is, especially the 9000KGS difference in Max T/O weight I would be interested to know.