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  1. I'd like to know as well
  2. You're the best, Gerald! Thank you!
  3. The turboprop I found to be the most realistic is the Real Air Duke. I haven't tried to put it in v4 yet, but it is very realistic for P3D. I've got a bunch of real time in King Air's and the like, and those PT6 engines are heavy duty. The things that I like most about the Duke are: 1) attention to detail 2) sounds 3) engine handling (if you have a hot start, your engine will blow up -- & watch those temps in flight!) 4) aerodynamics/performance (the sweet spot has been hit with this one, balance between real world and sim handling) 5) Flight1's GPS intergration (LPV approaches, etc) 6) You can fly anywhere with this little beast (dirt, gravel, short, hot & high) There honestly isn't much that I have to complain about. The ONLY thing is, and by no fault of its own is the thrust lag. It's a simulator limitation. The thrust lag is very annoying, in other words, the response time from when you put the thrust levers forward, to the power you achieve is very slow. In this regard, X-Plane 11 has it nailed down. Perfect ratio. I also wish that they simulated Icing as well... But, other than that, this airplane is awesome; there's no way you'll be disappointed. Watch some youtube videos on it, and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to change the specific LOD radius of buildings only. Trees appear to have a very minimal performance hit when compared to buildings. Right now, I have the autogen LOD radius set to Medium, and the autogen sliders set to Very Dense. I'd like to increase the tree lod radius, but keep the buildings to a medium LOD radius. Since I use ORBX global, the trees are attached to the lights, and at night, that's what I care about; being able to see the lights in the distance. I don't particularly care about the buildings that far out, as long as I can see the night lighting. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for the help,
  5. In the PMDG CDU menu, go to options, sounds, and select "pre load all sounds." I don't know if this will help since you're so far out, but it's worth a shot.
  6. Thank you for this wonderful product and fantastic customer support! I am trying to emulate my company's checklists and there are some items that are variable such as: 1) Fuel quantity...........____ Planned, ____ Checked 2) Altimeters ............. ____ IN/HPA QNH, ___Ft (i.e. 2-9-9-2 Inches QNH, 20 feet) 3) Trim...............____Units, 0,0 4) Flaps................____ Planned, ____Set 5) Landing Data....................VREF____, Minimums____ There are also some non normal checklists that i'll create for engine failures and the like. Is there a way to simulate these responses. I don't necessarily need the FO to respond correctly, but for practice, I'd like to be able to say the correct thing. Also, for the conversation with the ground crew (GSX) is there a way that we can create company specific verbage? For instance, we need to request clearance to pressurize hydraulics prior to releasing the parking brake. "Cockpit to ground" "Go Ahead" "You're cleared to disconnect external power, request clearance to pressurize hydraulics" "You're cleared to pressurize, standing by for pushback" "Cockpit to ground, you're cleared for pushback, tail West/East/North/South/Left/Right/Straight" Thank you!
  7. Hello, I'm using P3D v4 and I was practicing SLOP. I offset the course 2nm to the right, followed it in LNAV and was ready to go back on course. Now when I drop a DELETE on the offset R02 RSK 6, It says Invalid Delete. I have no idea if this is a bug, or if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks
  8. Thanks, Kyle. That did it. Can I use FSUIPC now that it's activated?
  9. The 747 for P3D v4 is loading up dead with no activation window. I tried installing the Simconnect as explained on the website, but nothing is working. I'm now repairing P3D hoping that will fix it. Please help! :) Thank you.
  10. Hello, I am trying to create a checklist based on my company's SOP. IRL the captain says something seat specific and the FO says something seat specific too. i.e. "Panel Prep" Captain: Complete Left FO: Complete Right. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
  11. I just got the A320, and though it's not quite there yet, it's definitely study level. It flies well, but doesn't simulate some emergency situations i.e. engine fire as the bottles are inop. Overall though, it's a good plane. The sound addon is pretty good too. Since the plane is still beta, there are some things that need tweaking, like if you want to do a single engine taxi, you need A LOT of power to get moving. Reading through the forums, it looks like JAR is working with a couple of real world A3xx pilots, so it has a bright future. For now, my three go-to airliners are the default 737 with Zibo's mod, the FF 767, and the JAR. Waiting on an update for the Rotate MD-80, but that won't come out until XPL is out of beta.
  12. -9 aint too bad. a lot of planes can go to -40. I don't own the 747, or have any experience with it, but try turning on your hydraulics and let them warm up. Then try starting the engines. they HYD fluid may be too cold.
  13. That Better Sky got rid of all the banding issues. Everything looks great now!
  14. used to happen on XP10 every week or so. My guess is it's just security