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  1. Thanks, I've been pretty busy working lately, but I'll get to making them as soon as I can. I'll try making a different save state to help with the panel corruption. I don't know if the Recall Review is Boeing or company, but it makes sense for long haul operators either way. I'm sure Airbus pilots have something similar.
  2. Here is the FO's Preflight Flow video! Enjoy! Next will be the Before Start Flow
  3. No worries, here's what you do: Ensure your speaker is on Press the Black tab (Test/Reset Button) on the Oxygen mask and ensure it stays down Press the Oxygen mask's Red tab by the oxygen hose on the mask (it looks like small red circle, and you should see the Oxygen mask move down a little bit) Once it has been pressed down, hold your mouse button down, and move it off of the Oxygen mask (this will keep the mask pressed down) -- Once your mouse is off of the click spot, you can release your mouse button Go to your radio panel and press the Push to Talk button to the Down position (it says INT) You should then hear the oxygen over the speaker!
  4. Interesting regarding the Jettison Fuel to Remain Knob. I always thought that it was an 'infinity' knob and could be turned without end. I'll check it out the next time I fly -- but we do not have such a procedure. We do check the pumps that do not show a PRESS light when the APU is running. They should be the main 2 & 3 AFT boost pumps. As far as the scavenge pumps in the CWT, I was told that they are electrical. We do verify on the EICAS that the LDG ALT PUSH ON button in the correct setting. (normally we'd just check this in the sim since they're always doing non-normals, but technically we are required to check) There is an autoland placard under the RMI on the captain's side showing what the airplane is certified for. It goes up to CAT IIIB. Interesting about Pack 1, I have wondered. I think that had a role to play with the UPS crash in Dubai. You are right about flipping guarded switches. That happens to the Emergency Lights all the time. Thanks!
  5. Hey folks, Sorry it took so long, but here is the Captain Preflight Flow video. During the "Real Time," ignore the mouse movements. Enjoy! The next video should be up shortly; it'll be the FO Preflight Flow.
  6. Yeah it must, flying face first into extreme cold for hours on end.
  7. Hahaha. That's pretty cool. The window sprayers work on our planes, but I find that they do more harm than good!
  8. It depends on the segment of flight. If you are descending on an arrival with speed and altitude restrictions, flying in LNAV and VNAV together with the speed window 'closed' will cause the plane to project and plan for any upcoming restrictions. If ATC says 'delete the speeds on the arrival' one way to ignore the speeds is to (depending on aircraft) open the speed window/use spd inv. to select the speed you want. Assuming you are still in LNAV and VNAV, the descent mode will change from VNAV PTH to VNAV SPD (assuming you are using a legacy version of the FMC). Altitude restrictions will still be maintained, however you must make the airplane descend after each altitude constraint is met (in VNAV SPD). The altitude mode will change to VNAV ALT. The plane will never leave a VNAV ALT condition unless you are on a segment of the actual instrument approach past the IAF, or you force the plane to continue descent. This is because the speed entered in the speed window on the MCP is variable and the plane can not project what the correct descent path should be. The best way to mitigate this poriental cluster ... is to delete the speed restriction as you described in your initial post, but re-enter the altitude restriction as you suggested. It may seem like it is time consuming, but it'll save you a headache down the road. Long story short, SPD INV is useful for short periods, but not an entire segment.
  9. Yep, I've personally never seen them do a bug wash during normal ops. IRS got to be because the windows are so high off of the ground.
  10. Can you post the file names, please? Thanks in advance.
  11. Well this is interesting! With all of the guesses wrong so far, that really means this product is out of the box. We have to remember that PMDG is a for profit orginization, and at the end of the day they wouldn't develop anything this big without thinking about their bottom line. This product needs to be attractive to someone. This has to be something that we didn't know we wanted, have wanted for a long time but thought it was unattainable, or fills a gap in the market of the whole industry. The hints we got were: 1) Nothing like this has ever been announced 2) It started development 10 years ago 3) It will carry them into the future 4) None of the previous guesses have been correct Based on these, I have several guesses starting from (in my opinion) most likely to least likely. Some of these may have already been guessed as I didn't check every single one. 1) Aircraft maintainance over multiplayer. i.e. My autothrottles didn't work last flight, I need a mechanic to fix it. You submit a support request and a mechanic (other player) fixes it or defers it. 2) Subscription based -- something 3) integrating a "day in the life" simulation -- going to the airport, walking down the jet bridge, doing the walk around, etc. Perhaps 'Avatar' mode was spawned in PMDG's imagination first; these first iterations of it were the 'beta' test bed. 4) Anti-Piracy software for developers -- although they do enjoy 3D modeling... But we will just have to wait and see! EDIT: Swiched guess #4 to spot #1, and guess #1 to spot #4.
  12. Same issue, sometimes with the same orbx addons. I only really notice it at night though. I'm sure reinstalling global and LC as well as deleting and reinstalling shaders would fix the problem.
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