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  1. Thanks for your prompt reply. I checked the PMDG NGX (FMC/Key Commands/Lights) but there is no shortcut available for the Retractable Lights to be used via VoxKey. So be it. Regretfully, let us drop this issue even though the actual controls are separate and relevant for the SOPs. I look forward to the implementation of the Transition Level (at lest for the readout from the FMC) and the related FO announcements (in climb and descent. Thank you for your cooperation, Giorgio
  2. Sorry, I probably was not clear, in spite of several messages. I tried several times to explain that the the Retractable Landing Lights have three states: In-Out-On (i.e. Out is NOT On ). All three states are independently necessary. As I wrote (non need to explain the reasons again): 3- Missing specific commands: - Fixed landing lights ON/OFF (only the fixed ones!) - Retractable landing lights ON/OFF (not in/out, which are already OK) 4- OK for the Xponder code, thank you. 1, 2- What about the “Transition” (Altittude, Level) commands ? If all (or part) of this is not possible, please state it and I shall stop messaging. Let me clarify that I am not intending to bother you in any way. I am just trying, with your help, to make MCE as perfect as the PMDG NGX is. Thank you, Giorgio
  3. With reference to my last message (Dec. 9, 2018), plus additional tests with MCE: 1- The command “what is the transition level” is not working (the request for transition altitude is OK). The level value could be read in the FMC from the Descent page/Forecast page (where it is entered, correctly, as a level). The current reply is “we have not computed yet”. Probably an issue when reading the string ”FLxxx” from the FMC. 2-Verbal reminders (“Transition”or “Altimeters”) by the FO when airplane crosses the transition altitude (climbing) and transition level (descending) should be restored, as they were working in a previous version (most useful for those flying without ATC control). 3- Retractable landing lights (RTL): they are three-state switches, to be used independently of the global “Landing lights” control bar. The logic (new SOP) is as follows (documentation sent with a previous message): Cleared for Line-up (or Cleared for Approach): RTL Extend Cleared for T/O (or Cleared to land): RTL ON Missing specific commands: - Fixed landing lights ON/OFF (fixed lights only) - Retractable landing lights ON/OFF (retractable only) 4- Commands to set a Transponder code xxxx work when issued verbally, but do not work in (written) scripts (note: figures written as per MCE convention). Looking forward to the next update! Thanks for your outstanding support and regards, Giorgio
  4. Dear FS++, MCE (2.7.80) together with GSX (+ Level2 Expansion) have been operating perfectly and automatically all doors of PMDG 737NGX for boarding, catering and refuelling in P3D. I am using the GSX/Level2 “Autopilot” mode for the whole sequence of operations. Recently, a problem arose with the operation of the doors: it does not work any more. The rest of the MCE+GSX operations is OK. I wrote to FSDT, but they replied that GSX does not operate the doors, it is performed by MCE (forgive my ignorance about it). According to FSDT, this is not a GSX issue. It is possible that the problem was caused by the recent P3D update to v4.4. I am attaching the exchange of forum messages I had with FSDT. It details the problem description (and my tests), plus the FSDT reply. I hope it can be of help in sorting out the issue, hopefully in the next MCE version. The combined GSX+MCE, when fully working (including doors operations), is a beauty ! Thank you for your attention, Giorgio
  5. Gerald and FS++ Team, Thanks for your reply and v. 2.7.80. I am reporting about the mods to the PMDG 737NGX introduced in 2.7.80. I refer to the requests/proposals put forward in my message dated 27 October: 1- (Test Flight data Recorder): OK 2- (EFIS CTR button): OK 3- (Bank Angle Limit): NO. Same as before: button motion only clockwise, positions and verbal statements get mixed up 4- (A/P Master switch, bar below the A/P buttons): NO. The bar switch is not being activated/deactivated. The command tries to switch the CMD-A button (can be ignored if you prefer) 5- (Used fuel): OK. However, the long statement about total fuel on board, in two different units (lbs and kg), is unnecessary and somewhat confusing. Please delete statement 6- (Retractable and Fixed landing lights): NO. Issue not addressed or not working. Need separate commands fo FIXED landing lights (On/Off) and 3-state Retractable lights (In/Out/On) (see the SOP file attached to previous mail) 7- (Wheel well light): OK 8- (Transition): NO. The word “transition” is not even uttered anymore. Should be fixed for proper warning by FO 9- (Increase/decrease EFIS display range): NO. Does not work. Only statements “EFIS display range xx” (in miles) work 10- (Manual parking brake when C&D): NO. It can be circumvented as I explained in my previous message, but clumsy (can be ignored this, if you prefer) 11- (Words not uttered by FO): NO. Please let us know if too complicated to be implemented, but the FO vocabulary is quite limited at the moment for proper interaction. NOT SPOKEN: cleaning, stable, release, band, from, if, enter, arc(s) preset, pre set, us, let’s, let us, circle(s) setup, pilot(s) parameters, jetway, jet way what, how much, pedestal, stand, detent, time 12- Also, I checked again the Transponder logic. Currently, the command “Transponder TA RA” on takeoff sets it to “TA-Only”. It should be set to the full “TA RA “ position (it has to be set manually now). It is the internal 737 logic which limits it to "TA-Only" at first, then above 1000’ RA it switches AUTOMATICALLY to "TA RA" if correctly set at the outset. So, about half of the mods are fine, but please continue fixing the missing ones (# 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12). Most of them are necessary for a full and proper action by our FO. And thank you for bearing with be and for your continuing efforts !! Thanks, Giorgio
  6. Dear Gerald and FS++ Team, 2.7.75 is another remarkable improvement. It is getting very close to a really complete command complement for the PMDG 737 NGX. Testing this new update I ran into: - a few items forgotten/overlooked from the previous list of suggestions (“Missing or ineffective commands”, with your replies), and - a few remaining issues which could be improved or fixed. Overlooked: 1- “Test Flight Data Recorder”: the reply is still “Performing VOICE Recorder test” (for those enjoying the “Verbose” mode). 2- EFIS CTR button: No reply/No action. I deem it necessary, if possible (e.g. "EFIS display center" "EFIS center button select" ...). Gives access to VSD during DES & APP 3- Bank Angle Limit works only clockwise, no CCW action. In addition, the knob positions can become unreliable, since the command does not reset to the minimum bank value of 10° before switching to the requested value(s). 4- The bar below the A/Ps to engage/disengage both A/Ps is not operational.The “autopilot master switch” command is recognised (red text shown), but No action (on/off) 5- Used fuel: commands such as “display used fuel” are not recognised. [Note on Used fuel: the fuel counters switch has 3 states: Rate (central, at rest), Reset (up, temporary) and Used (down, temporary). Currently, the “Reset fuel counters” command moves the switch both Up (correct) and Down (unnecessary). The missing command should just move the switch down temporarily (e.g. “check/display used fuel”), to allow for checking this value against the Flight Plan] 6- Retractable Landing Lights: they are a 3-state switch (In + Off/ Out/ On). Commands should operate them independently of the Fixed Landing Lights (see latest Boeing SOPs at T/O and LND clearances, excerpt attached). The optimal solution would require adding two separate, independent commands: “Fixed landing lights On/Off”, plus and additional “Retractable landing lights In/Out/On”. The existing “Landing lights On/Off”, controlling them with the bar above the switches, should stay as it is. Excerpt of relevant document detailing new SOPs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pxwi4ks5dog2l1h/Transition to new B737 SOP.pdf?dl=0 7- Wheel Well Light On/Off: the red strip displays “command does not exists ….” (used at night during the airplane external check) 8- Transition announcement: we need just a single announcement “Transition” whenever the altimeter reference indicator (below the altitude strip, displaying either the QNH or STD ) turns from green to boxed yellow Remaining issues: 9- the “Increase EFIS range” command works fine. however, “Decrease EFIS range” increases it too (!) 10- A missing (and useful) command: “set parking brake manually” (with variants if appropriate). [Note: Chocks set the parking brake in a “hidden” way. At startup C&D, requesting the FO to set the brakes has no effect, since “parking brake is already set”. In order to get the parking brake set by the FO during the preliminary safety tests, I have to command the sequence (using Voxkey): remove chocks--set parking brake--restore chocks] 11- In the Notify function, the FO is incapable of pronouncing a small set of relevant words: "from, if, enter, setup, outside, pilot, parameters, stable, jetway (not even jet way), us (spoken only as US), time, let’s (or let us), what, how much, pedestal, console, stand, detent" I believe that the above list should mark the end of my pestering you for improvements, with grateful apologies. I love MCE ! Thank you so much, as always, for your splendid work and support, Giorgio Giorgio Goggi (Win10 Professional, P3Dv4.3, PMDG 737NGX, MCE, ChasePlane, Orbx)
  7. I had the same problem, it was on my "wish list" for later. My tests show that: 1- for VORLOC arming both "nav hold on/off" and "track mode on/off" work. IT WOULD BE DESIRABLE TO HAVE A COMMAND REFERRING EXPLICITLY TO "LOCALIZER" (intuitive) 2- for APP "approach mode on/off) is fine Thanks, Giorgio Giorgio Goggi
  8. Fine, thank you for the immediate reply, I shall follow your advice. Regards, Giorgio
  9. TO PMDG I am a most happy user of your PMDG B737NGX. A few minor issues, however, seem to remain open (#2 and #3 about initialisation): 1- Airstair : at startup in Cold&Dark (C&D) conditions, extending the airstair requires turning the battery on. The airstair operation should be made independent of the battery (otherwise a ladder might be required to board the crew ! They have an external switch). 2- Sound management: at startup in C&D conditions, the cockpit is perfectly silent (long ago I pointed out a strong residual rumble and its cause, then corrected. I appreciated your acknowledgment !). If one switches to an external view, then back to cockpit view, at times the same rumble reappears, manifestly out of place. 3- Similarly, if one selects NGX CLDDRK (from Panel State Load) a second time, e.g. for repeated tests, the rumbling sound reappears at times. Also, the EXEC light on the FMC remains off and, most important, if the airstair was extended at the end of the previous session, the NGX resets with the airstair still extended. Initialisation problems. 4- Radar Test: The Collins 2100 Radar added to the NGX is a real beauty! During the TEST phase on the ground, the “rainbow” self-test pattern is not displayed, as it should be (see the Collins WXR-2100 Operators Guide, pages 4-54 and 4-55). Hope these suggestions help towards making our beloved NGX absolutely PERFECT ! Regards, Giorgio Giorgio Goggi Win10 Professional, P3Dv4.2, PMDG NGX, MCE, GSX, ChasePlane, Navigraph, Orbx
  10. Dear Gerald, Thank you for your fast reply. Here a few brief clarifications (forgive my imperfect English) on a few points from my previous message/list, before you get to work: Points: 2- Command “check overspeed warning” works fine. Forget my point #2 and thanks for pointing it out 5- Sorry, I had not realized that the retractable landing lights already have 3 states, which work OK. The only command now needed would be “fixed landing lights on/off” (they are operated separately from the retractable ones) 9- EFIS buttons row on F/O side (Course and frequency commands are OK): Voxkey cannot be used, no access is offered in the FMC/Setup options for controlling these buttons. Same for the Captain side ! Nice to have them all accessible via commands, but not so urgent. If you are too busy at the moment, skip this item for later … 14- Your statement about Transition (ALT or LVL) is absolutely correct. In my tests, however, the F/O call happened as described in my previous message (point #14), i.e. when descending through 10,000’. In the US the TL is everywhere the same at FL180, whereas in Europe, for instance, it varies from airport to airport (in some cases as low as 3000’ !). I suggest to make sure that the value(s) are read from the FMC and used by the F/O correctly, or to abandon the issue and remove the call altogether. (Note: in my setup both P3D and MCE are always installed in their respective default folders, and are operated as Administrator) 15- Used fuel: the fuel counters switch has 3 states: Rate (central, at rest), Reset (up, temporary) and Used (down, temporary). Currently, the “Reset fuel counters” command moves the switch both Up (correct) and Down (unnecessary). The missing command (e.g. “check/verify/display used fuel”) should just move the switch down temporarily, for checking this value against the Flight Plan. Also, as requested I checked the mcpmd73.dll file version in P3d/MCE/dlls folder: it was “created” on May 15, 2018 at 13:06:37 and “modified” on July 4, 2018 at 22:04:58 Than you so much for a fantastic job, as usual! Giorgio
  11. Hello, back home after a 3-month absence. Got MCE v 2.7.72: the new commands set for the PMDG 737NGX is a major improvement. Thanks! After re-testing the whole cockpit in every detail (to make sure, I even re-installed my NGX), there are still some (last) commands missing and a few mistakes/issues which require your help: 1- “Test Flight Data Recorder”: the switch guard now flips, but the reply is “Performing VOICE Recorder test” 2-Mach Airspeed Warning (or just Airspeed warning): No reply/No action 3-Center Fuel Pumps: it would nice to have a common command such as “All center fuel pumps On/Off” 4- Utility bus: command flips the wrong switch (the IFE Passenger seats). The correct switch is at its left 5- Retractable Landing Lights: they are a 3-state switch (In & Off/ Out/ On). Commands should operate them independently of the Fixed Landing Lights (in most SOPs at T/O and LND clearances). The perfect solution would require adding two separate commands: “Fixed landing lights On/Off”, plus a “Retractable landing lights On/Off (their 3rd state, after extension) 6- Wheel Well Light: Reply (and action !): “Performing Fire Test” 7- EFIS CTR button: No reply/NO action 8- Bank Angle Limit works, but only clockwise. No CCW action 9- F/O MCP and EFIS: no commands. It would be useful to control at least the Course setting (MCP) and the 7 EFIS buttons (they are in the F/O area after al!) for dual A/P CAT III landings. Something like “Set Course(or EFIS) your side ….” 10- Command “Set Altimeter to Standard” has a toggle action. It would be better to add a “Set Altimeter to QNH” for proper use (i.e. during climb and descent, respectively) 11- Engaging VORLOC gets correct replies (“LOC hold engaged, LOC captured”) but NO real action, NO button light on MCP and NO FMA annunciator. In flight, it turns out to be NOT active (no capture). (Note: Engaging VORLOC manually works OK. Also, the APP function works OK (both LOC and G/P)) 12- The bar below the A/Ps to engage/disengage both A/Ps is not operational. Used after landing 13- “Test Master Lights Switch” works but terminates after a few seconds, a bit too short for checking ALL cockpit lights. Please lengthen duration (x 2-3) 14- The” Transition Level” announcement is not made on climb, only on descent. Also, it is issued when passing 10,000’ (wrong, it should be at Transition). The transition values can be read from the FMC, on the PERF INIT page (on climb) and on the DES-FORECAST page (on descent). 15- Used fuel: commands such as “display used fuel” have NO action We are now almost done with qualifying our F/O to a perfect level ! Thank you so much for making MCE+NGX a really superb match, Giorgio PS: please notify verbiage of new commands added, thanks!
  12. Hello, just two clarifications on the NGX, please, I am unsure whether the following two issues are normal: 1- The WXR test pattern is missing. During radar test, ND labels and voice announcements are OK, but no pattern is displayed after them. This was checked under various conditions (DC and AC On, EFIS WXR button On, no other WXR function active, then each function selected in turn). WXR works perfectly with Active Sky. 2- When Xponder is set to TA/RA, ND displays TA ONLY (as for the TA Only position). Thank you for your help, Giorgio
  13. Again, thank you so much! Currently away then on holidays, back sometimes in mid-September. Very eager to try them out, but shall make tests and give feedback (with great pleasure) only then! Giorgio
  14. Hi, Continuing on the PMDG 737NGX refinements and corrections: The "set/release parking brake" command has just a toggle logic. It does not check for the actual state of the parking brake lever. In some situations, this leads to either a wrong “the parking brake is already <state>” reply, or wrong outcomes (i.e. it being switched to the reversed state). It is highly desirable that that the ACTUAL state be monitored, if possible, so as to have the appropriate response and action Thanks, Giorgio
  15. Thanks a lot! I did not mean in any way to push you; replying so fast to a continuous inflow of queries is definitely a demanding job! Just to be informed... Looking forward to the next developments, Giorgio