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  1. On request: Search the Library for the Category "Prepar3D - Miscellaneous Files" Prepar3D - Miscellaneous Files Look for (any): Filename: b737ngx_comprehensive_flows_for_mce.zip Added: 1st June 2020 Author: Giorgio Goggi Enjoy! Giorgio Goggi
  2. Just to inform the community that I recently uploaded to the AVSIM Library a new set of MCE flows for the PMDG 737NGX. It is aimed at adhering, as much as possible, to Boeing SOPs and to exploit in full the amazing potential of MCE. New extended MCE command set included, courtesy of FS++. It is a comprehensive set of flows (61), which enables the user to carry out a complete flight, including all ground services (with GSX2) and camera controls (with ChasePlane), without relying on mouse or keyboard. Only by verbal commands. Detailed instructions and directions included, plus a number of utilities. Happy flights! Giorgio
  3. Thank you VERY MUCH, Keven! All fine now. GIorgio
  4. Yesterday ChasePlane was working fine. This morning it starts, stays on for about 10 seconds, then quits. In Task Manager both CP and CP Bridge appear, then disappear. Any clues? Thanks, Giorgio Goggi
  5. Problem solved: CP needed updating.
  6. More about my previous post: 1- I migrated weeks ago, all has been working well, 2- the issue happened after a Win10 update today, 3- using a camera to shoot (quickly!) a picture of the address displayed by CP during loading (shown with the mouse pointer on the small rotating circle, top right of the CP window menu) I could read, on two different attempts, the following messages: Processing C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\P3D4\SimObjects\Misc\ ... and Processing C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\P3D4\SimObjects\Weapons\... Hope it helps
  7. Hi, using 1.1.72 fine until yesterday. Now same problem here!
  8. Let me try to offer some (limited) experience and comments: I do not own the NGXu (yet). So, for the NGX: having touched down and requested reverse thrust to be selected, the PNF rather hilariously went into 'takeoff' mode and started calling out the V speeds! It may well be that I am pushing the limits of acceptable use of MCE and it gets hopelessly confused about the actual flight stage I am in… I remember having had a similar experience a copule of times (at most) when making circuits for testing purposes, with the FO believing to handle a T/O. It may happen that the plane does not transition to the “landing mode” (I do not recall the specific details of this, though. Prior altitudes?). It is for this reason that on touchdown the autopilot is disconnected first thing (I use the autopilot master bar command). have just tried a LH pattern with the PMDG 737NGX (in the absence of FSiPanel 2017) and I can report significant problems. I have been having to repeat multiple times to set the speed and the PNF still does not want to play ball with the autopilot and will not disengage it when requested. I never experienced this. In general, I have a feeling that a complete or reasonably long flight should be performed, maybe some “ FO misconceptions” do creep in. In general, the conditions controlling the final leg of the flight are very complex. Reference should be made to the Boeing FCOM, Chapter 4: Automatic Flight, particularly to the Go-Around Section (4.20.16 onwards). Lastly: when attempting to set a course of 196 degrees in both the iFly 737-800 and the PMDG 737NGXu, every attempt resulted in a course of 096 degrees being set I asked a similar question some time ago, it is a true effect. I recall that this is indeed a deliberate choice, in order to avoid possible confusion. One should use a complete phrasing such as “one hundred ninety five”, since three-digit numbers beginning with "1" might be misinterpreted as Radio frequencies. Hope it might help Giorgio
  9. Thanks, Giorgio Not to my knowledge. I usually let it update by itself, and I have that option unchecked.
  10. Hi, long-time happy user of ChasePlane, now migrated successfully. Working beautifully. Since some time, on P3Dv4.5 booting I get a message that ChasePlane cannot connect for updating. In fact, I am stuck at v. 1.1.65. The error message suggests cases (i.e. multiple P3D instances running, or antivirus) which do not seem apply to my case. A solution would most welcome. In the worst case, I would accept to update it manually, but I do find any means to do this in the program. Please advise. Thanks, Giorgio
  11. Ok, it works now! My mistake. Thank you so much for the prompt suggestion. Regards, Giorgio
  12. No, I don't. No mention of this in the manual. I'll give it a try. Thanks
  13. Hi, I have been using ChasePlane with full satisfaction for years now, but for one item: Transitions In & Out between cameras (in the Advanced tab). Despite trying different functions and Transition time constants (up to the max 5000 ms), I never get any effect and the transition is always instantaneous. Of course I made sure that the Transition effect is activated in both views (departure and arrival, so to speak), and that the Speed and Inertia settings are non-zero, with all possible combinations of controls. After many attempts I am now out of options and suggestions will be very welcome. Thanks, Giorgio P3Dv4.5; Win10 Professional, PMDG 737NGX, ChasePlane Giorgio Goggi
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