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  1. Quackarov

    USA Tour V2: Airplane discussion

    Oh, IKR is "I know, right?" Just a little thing haha. Yeah I've heard it can fly SUPER far if you fly high and lean enough.
  2. Quackarov

    USA Tour V2: Airplane discussion

    IKR? I have tried to do it before and it feels like I have to be going well over 100 KTS just to not flip over from the engines rotation.
  3. Quackarov

    USA Tour V2: Airplane discussion

    Really good suggestions.
  4. Quackarov

    USA Tour V2: Airplane discussion

    Both very good suggestions. Feel free to add any more if y'all have any ideas. I would like to collect as much info as possible 🙂
  5. Hello everyone! I had completed my first tour of the US, flying from KLGB, to eventually KJFK in my little PA24-250 Comanche. I love that airplane, but I want to branch out a bit. Now, because the AVSIM community always gives the best advice, I come here to ask a few things primarily about aircraft. BTW here is the route I took for those who are "interested:" http://prntscr.com/mwndp4 First a few guidelines: 1: Aircraft may be either twin or single prop. 2: Aircraft may be either in a tricycle or tail-dragger configuration. 3: Aircraft shouldn't be too slow. I love flying, but this is a simulator so I don't have all day, ya know? 4: Aircraft must have the ability to land and take off from relatively short runways. I.E. Good takeoff performance. 5: It would also be a plus (not required at all) if it was faster than a Beech 35, so I can beat my friend when we fly 😉 . 6: The airplane must be made for P3D V4. I don't want to hassle with any converters, unless the airplane has been proven to be %100 the same and working after converted. 7. I require the fidelity of the airplane to be very high. I will be spending a lot of time with it, so I would prefer there not to be anything the community deems overly unrealistic, or broken. 8. Please provide links. Thanks! PS: IF you know any good business jets, put them in here too thanks ❤️
  6. Quackarov

    Control Locks warning light

    Hello, I was closing the door behind me in the plane while trying to move around mid flight and accidentally hit the control lock. I clicked on it and it came off of the throttles but the throttle wont go over flight idle. Whats going on here?
  7. Quackarov

    Scenery Help

    Hello, I am having issues with some scenery installation. I am attempting to install these sceneries here: https://hawaii-photoreal.com/ I get this when I go to an airport, though: http://prntscr.com/leh0m3 I have installed everything in the right order like they said. I honestly have no idea what to do with it. Please help! Edit: I had some people in my VA help me fix the issue. I ran the orbx vector runway altitude modifier and everything was repaired. Best, Andrew
  8. Quackarov

    Looking for a VA, suggestions.

    Hello, I am a avid flight sim enthusiast, and I would like to join a VA which I can put time into, and feel some sort of gain. I am looking for a VA with some sort of structure, like ranks, that can unlock different aircraft, routes, etc. If I wanted to get all aircraft, fly wherever I want, etc, then I would just go on projectFLY and do the usual. I want some personal progression. I want something to aim for, other than just having a bunch of miles/ hours. Please let me know what you find the best fit for this. Best, Andrew
  9. Hello everyone, I have a request from the great community of AVSIM. I am looking for a fast, small touring aircraft that I can use to fill up my projectFLY passport. I would prefer it to be jet-powered if possible. Maybe a Bizjet. I would also like to have a quality autopilot and nav system. I have the F1 GTN 650 & 750 and the RealityXP 530 so if there is not built in screen, I can get around that. Please no G1000. I still cannot work that one very well. Also not many companies do them well. (COUGH CARENADO COUGH.) Props would be fine, but like I said above it needs to be fast. As much as I love seeing the world around me, I don't have all day. I also run P3D v4, so please only aircrafts that are compatible. I am fine with buying a P3D v3, but it has to 100% work in P3D v4. TL;DR : For touring. Preferably Jet, or fast prop. Good AP and NAV System. Preferably F1 GTN 750 or Reality XP 530 support. (Not required) P3D V4 Compatibility required. I look forward to the responses! Best, Andrew
  10. Hello, I'm looking for the best ORBX scenery pack for coverage in the Vancouver area. I cant tell which ones they are. Let me know. Best, Andrew
  11. Quackarov

    P3D Flying Clubs?

  12. Quackarov

    P3D Flying Clubs?

    Hello, I'm trying to find a flying club. Don't really know where else to put this but since I fly in P3D V4, this feels like the best option. I would like to fly GA aircraft more than the big birds. Is there anything like this out there? I'm not looking for an airline. Just a group of people that like to fly planes. Please let me know. Best, Andrew
  13. Yeah it got fixed a while ago. Somehow got fixed. If I knoew how to close this I would.
  14. Hello AVSIM, I am officially an word not allowed. I went to sign into my AVSIM account on a different PC than usual, I.E. no auto-fill or such so I went to log in with Facebook and ended up getting the "Select screen name" tab which I hit cancel on, since I though it was to make a new account. Well looks like I just deleted my AVSIM account. Now I cannot use my actual email like I have on my "actual" account. The name was Andrew Urbanczyk. Is there a way I can get that back? I can provide information. Thanks, Andrew