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  1. I had a guy on the P3D Forum help me. Turns out the F-22 does not work with keybinds. Used a Mooney and it worked fine. I hope someone with a similar issue can find this thread lmao.
  2. Hello. Currently pulling my hair out trying to figure out what is wrong with my sim. I just reset my windows and installed Prepar3d. No Addons, completely up to date PC. I am trying to get by binds set up and for some reason I am getting the stupidest issues. If I set my parking brake, half a second later it gets unset. If I move my flaps down a tick, it immediately gets put back up. I have NO CLUE what is causing this. Using search engines is useless as ever so I come here to ask for help. PLEASE help. Thanks, Andrew
  3. Hey everybody, What do y'all personally recommend for me to check out for some jet training airplanes. I have the Milviz Talon but after a bit of toying around, I realized that I should be looking for something a bit slower. I am just starting out with it and want to take it slow to begin. I would like to stick with Jets. Thanks in Advance, Andrew
  4. Hey guys. Anyone know if the Digital Aviation Do-27 works in V4? It looks like a great airplane. Thanks, Andrew
  5. Who was the painter you hooked up with? Are they still active?
  6. Hello everyone! I am a novice painter myself, but I do not obtain the skills to faithfully recreate the beautiful livery of my school's aircraft. I am a student of Mt.Sac, a community college for all kinds of things here in SoCal. One of those things is Aviation. Linked with the school, is a flight school at Brackett Field (KPOC). The school is called "College Aviation." All of their aircraft have the same paint in exception for the tail number. If you could please recreate this livery for me, it would be amazing. To fly with them in the simulator would be so cool. I would be willing to pay if it helps. I took 2/3 of the pictures myself from the diner near the taxiway. Let me know if you need anything else. Pictures: https://imgur.com/gallery/q8F3CY4 Thanks, Andrew
  7. Thanks for clarifying reader. That is pretty much exactly it.
  8. Hello AVSIM, I am wondering what the best KOAK scenery is for P3D V4. Payware or freeware fine. Thank!
  9. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone managed to use their CSL models with their JoinFS. Is there any way to have JFS recognize them? Thanks, Andrew
  10. I am reading through these with one of the biggest smiles I have had in a while. I love all of the responses and stories people are willing to share. It is really something special. On one of the topics I have seen, the "game" comment was accidental. I probably should have re-read it before clicking send, but oh well. I made my bed, and now I must lay in it. Again, I really appreciate everyone who took the time to respond! Thanks again!
  11. Thanks for moving it! I really only post in the P3D forum so I thought I wouldn't bother anyone else.
  12. Hello everyone. I would like to ask you all question. What is the thing that keeps bringing you back to flight simulation? Is it the views? Or maybe the airplanes? Maybe it is the satisfaction of completing a flight. What is it that makes you load up your game and get in an airplane? Any answers welcome! Thanks!
  13. Hello all. What would you recommend for a KSLC scenery for P3D V4? Thanks!
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