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  1. Simbrief is definitely something you should try. In addition there is the Simbrief downloader. which automatically loads the flightplan in the correct format into the aircraft of your choice.
  2. Yes Peter.. that would be great. Love to have an easy way to better understand all the goodies..
  3. Well let me try again...DX12 maybe ??
  4. Yes.. true.. they said the same when P3Dv4 came out. Why ditch P3dV3 when it is nicely running ?
  5. I kept a backup of the 4.5 version of the AIG files and just moved the relevant files over to the new AIG 5H structure. Seems to work fine on first sight... Would be a pain having to reload all of the files .. b rdgs / Dick
  6. No support for V5 yet.. http://ultimatetraffic.flight1.net/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=18341&title=prepare3d-v5
  7. Can you share the actual error message with us ? Did you set the insertion point in ORBX Central ?
  8. https://fselite.net/originals/live-article-developer-statements-on-prepar3d-v5-product-compatibility/
  9. In real life LOWI is a quiet airport. In the "ski months" there is a lot of movement but only on Saturday and Sundays. In summer and on weekdays in the winter there are not that many movements. So if you want traffic from the mentioned airlines go for a weekend day in January thru March.
  10. New version available now at simmarket. Version 1.01Changelog- AFCAD: Airlines assigned to stands,- AFCAD: Stand 42 deactivated (used by static),- VOR KEV added,- Added missing line at stand 9,- Changed Scenery Complexity for some airport objects,- Static airplanes at BIIS removed,- Installer improvements,- ORBX compatibility fixes. MK do act fast !
  11. The download is about 6 gb. There is 1200+ square kilometers photoreal scenery. The approach is very scenic and absolutely great. Can you have seasons in photoreal scenery ?
  12. In my case the install of the Bus also installed the Aerosoft updater. Run the updater, tick that you also want experimental updates and select the bus to be updated. Very convenient.
  13. the next one is out already: Experimental Improvement: Several changes to checklists and semi-intelligent co-pilot.
  14. Well "vhgjg".. you are trying again after your first rant got deleted by the mods ? Aerosoft delivered 6 hotfixes since the release on dec09.. you call this poor support ? You are not realistic.. I have the plane and I am very happy with it. There is room for improvement but that goes for many aircraft but I can honestly recommend this plane. Compare prices between the AS 330 and e.g. FSL and PMDG... the AS330 gives excellent value for the money you spent, actually it is a bargain for what you get.. I really wonder why you hold such a grudge against Aerosoft.. b rgds / Dick
  15. Maybe this will help you : http://majesticsoftware.com/forums/discussion/36/125-hz-pro-controls-config-tool-wizard It is a great tool.. I use it all the time. b rdgs / Dick
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