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  1. dick

    Brake Temp and others

    Which 747 are you using ? What makes you believe that this is related to chaseplane ? b rgds / Dick
  2. I think Pete deserves the Nobel Price for flightsimming !
  3. dick

    EDDF ILS and qualitwings 787 problem

    Have you selected an ILS approach in the FMS ? Does it work on other runways at EDDF ? are you using an uptodate Airac ? Give me runways en frequencies that you have and I will verify. I never have any problem with ILS at EDDF... b rdgs Dick
  4. Hi Andreas, You are not giving a whole lot of information... which airports are you talking about ? The aerosoft ones ? of the stock/defaults ones ? and which gates ? In general the parking is depending on the afcad of the airport itself and GSX or Qualitywings play no role in this. Give me an airport name and the exact position where your aircraft is placed incorrectly and I will verify against my P3D. Are you talking about the 787-8 or the 787-9 ? Read the manual of GSX. If you go to the Gsx menu under Add-ons in your P3d menu you have the option " Customize airport positions". Sometimes the difference between the size of the aircraft and the size of the parking position is very little.. sometimes 1 of 2 meters. In this option you can see how big your parkingspot is and how big your aircraft is..and modify is the difference is small. b rdgs Dick
  5. dick

    GSX Problem with Orbx LOWI

    Well John, in a way I can understand that there is little response as this sounds very strange... I cannot find any reference to JKLI. There are some helipads included in the LOWI scenery but the codes are all different. I do not think GSX is at fault here as GSX just reads the applicable AFCAD. If there are more afcads involved it picks the one that it thinks is appropiate. If you go to the add-on menu option at the top you will see the GSX / Customize airport options. Selecting this gives you an GSX option menu and in the left top corner it will show you what AFCAD GSX is using. From there you can trace the origin of this "unwanted" afcad. Depending on the source you decide on the plan of action. So the FSDT forum might not the best place to find an answer to your question Could be that is something wrong in the order of your scenery config file and that something "else" is taking priority over the right LOWI afcad file. The Afcad file that GSX should be using is LOWI\scenery\Westsim_Innsbruck_APX.bgl. What happens if you land at LOWI.. in stead of loading up the position.. does that change anything ? b rdgs / Dick
  6. dick

    Taxi2gate VHHH

    On the taxi2gate site there is an update to version 1.2 of the VHHH scenery... would that help ?
  7. dick

    Taxi2gate VHHH

    I have it. Installed it (P3Dv4) as explained by Ed and it works good. It is actually a very nice airport. I have never seen any stutters or anything like Mark explained.. Go ahead and install it.. b rdgs / Dick
  8. In my case turning on VSync and selecting triple buffering solved my flickering. B rdgs / Dick
  9. dick

    747 Brake Temp Problem

    Well Fabrizio, I have different experiences with FSUIPC. I do not find it annoying but I am very happy with it as a very useful tool. I have an automated backup every day at startup of the system so I never forget. I do not need to reinstall anything ever as whenever something goes corrupt I go back in my backups to the day things were still working fine. b rdgs / Dick =
  10. dick

    747 Brake Temp Problem

    Don't you have an available axis somewhere on your joystick or throttle ? I use an old throttle as brake. With FSUIPC you can program this as an axis and brake adjustable 1 to 100% percent.. b rdgs / Dick
  11. dick

    Key Mapping Razer Orbweaver

    Hi Daz, I have a Razer Tartarus for the same purpose as you and it works great. You probably have conflicting assignments. There is a tutorial on conflicting assignments on the FSFSX/Old prop forum. I do not understand why you are mapping the keys (orbweaver keys ? ) to the joystick and control panel in P3D. I never did that. I actually chose the Razer key assignments to be "unlikely" to be used somewhere else that is to say e.g. Control+another key and I removed these from the P3D assignments and assigned these key combinations to mypreset views in Chaseplane Let me know if you need further help. b rdgs / Dick =
  12. On the 747-8 the lights on the startbuttons on the overhead do not light up during the engine start. That might be confusing for a 400 pilot..
  13. dick

    GSX Menu Issue

    As far as I remember that was caused by a bug in P3D 4.2 which was solved in 4.3.. Something to do with not clearing ( or "remembering" too long ) key presses. Are you still on 4.2. ? b rdgs Dick
  14. dick

    GSX not in sync with P3D

    yes, afcad's are mostly bgl files. Just put ".off" behind "bgl" in the name of file and GSX and P3D will ignore it. So it should look like this ###_egnt.bgl.off Read the GSX manual.. it is all in there.. b rdgs Dick