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  1. Yes, I think a 3rd. party tool like that is a very good idea! As I say, I am basically OK tinkering with aircraft & panel cfg files, but sound and effect files are quite a mystery to me, so it'd be trial and error... I assume (I'll check) that FSSound Studio is payware though - not sure it'd be worth the outlay given the limited use I would doubtless make of it. I bought FS Panel Studio years ago and have rarely used it. Thanks.. Edit: Yes, $19.99. Not outrageous but I don't really have any spare 'FS' cash right now, especially for something I know I'd hardly ever use
  2. Unlike the aircraft and panel cfg files, which I basically know and can manipulate without too much problem, the sound.cfg file is still rather a closed book to me. Could ask I ask one or two questions (which may or may not be sensible!): First, is there a part of the file which governs parameters for sounds in the cockpit and another part for spot view sounds? How are the two differentiated? Second, how would I reduce the volume of the engine sounds (as a one off for one aircraft) in spot view without changing anything as heard in the cockpit? I see that the 'vparam' settings would do this, but I have no idea which I need to change. Clearly those that relate to the sound files that play in spot view, but as I said above, I may be able to locate the likely wav file by listening and comparing FS9 with the same played back in a media player (is there a more precise method?), but how do I determine which ones are playing in spot view and in cockpit view, and so with parameters to alter? Here's part of the sound file I am looking at for example: [JET_WHINE.2.02] filename=SAPBR715_INT_1 flags=0 viewpoint=1 panning=0 rparams=0.102000,0.910000,1.000000,1.819000 vparams=0.000000,0.000000,0.029365,11.355932,0.103076,30.084745,0.263000,34.467930,0.435000,31.021379,0.532000,27.574827,0.607000,21.542759,0.861000,0.000000 link=JET_WHINE.2.03 [JET_WHINE.2.03] filename=SAPBR715_INT_2 flags=0 viewpoint=1 panning=0 rparams=0.102000,0.702000,1.000000,2.043000 vparams=0.311000,0.000000,0.333000,0.000000,0.393000,3.829500,0.459000,6.702300,0.528000,8.653500,0.592000,7.659900,0.653000,5.192100,0.804000,0.000000 link=JET_WHINE.2.04 [JET_WHINE.2.04] filename=SAPBR715_INT_3 flags=0 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.128000,0.000000,1.000000,1.340425 vparams=0.514000,0.000000,0.562914,5.319149,0.600731,12.371134,0.622517,19.148935,0.666667,26.595745,0.743929,32.978722,0.819740,28.596804,1.000000,4.255000 link=JET_WHINE.2.05 [JET_WHINE.2.05] filename=SAPBR715_INT_4 flags=0 viewpoint=1 rparams=0.200000,0.310000,1.000000,1.085000 vparams=0.740000,0.000000,0.780000,1.000000,0.800000,5.000000,0.820000,20.000000,0.830000,70.000000,0.850000,88.000000,0.910000,95.000000,1.000000,97.000000 link=JET_WHINE.2.06 [JET_WHINE.2.06] filename=7171A flags=0 viewpoint=1 panning=0 rparams=0.001000,0.670000,0.800000,1.383000 vparams=0.006000,0.000000,0.057000,5.721300,0.120000,32.860802,0.390000,32.783398,0.614000,10.845900,0.807000,0.000000,0.927000,0.000000,0.997000,0.000000 link=JET_WHINE.2.07 [JET_WHINE.2.07] filename=x7171 flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.000000,0.500000,1.000000,1.551000 vparams=0.005000,0.000000,0.127000,3.200000,0.197000,16.799999,0.238000,76.800003,0.336000,78.400002,0.405000,18.400000,0.590000,0.000000,0.630000,0.000000 link=JET_WHINE.2.09 [JET_WHINE.2.09] filename=x7172 flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.014000,0.667000,0.898000,1.260000 vparams=0.000000,0.000000,0.123000,0.000000,0.125000,0.000000,0.301000,14.400000,0.387000,76.800003,0.498000,79.199997,0.602000,18.400000,0.734000,0.000000 link=JET_WHINE.2.10 [JET_WHINE.2.10] filename=x7173 flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.000000,1.035000,1.000000,1.721000 vparams=0.000000,0.000000,0.333000,0.000000,0.366000,2.400000,0.505000,16.799999,0.583000,78.400002,0.775000,80.800003,0.833000,22.400000,0.961000,0.000000 link=JET_WHINE.2.11 [JET_WHINE.2.11] filename=x7174 flags=0 viewpoint=2 rparams=0.012000,0.891000,1.000000,1.533000 vparams=0.613000,0.000000,0.771000,21.600000,0.861000,82.400002,0.998000,90.400002,1.000000,90.400002,1.000000,90.400002,1.000000,90.400002,1.000000,90.400002 Does the 'INT' in the file name probably relate to internal sounds (just a guess)?? Needless to say, the sound.cfg file is backed up before any changes! Thanks.
  3. Saitek think the hardware is to blame (and I do keep getting problems with axes going way off centre), so they have offered to replace it for a new one...
  4. I have had an X52 for so long that if the button/key presses were any different from what they are now, I'd never get it right - it's instinctive. How do you 'programme;' the X52 to respond to chosen key presses with no programming software and no FSUIPC? I use the stick mouse on the X52, but could do without it if necessary. Next time the problem happens I'll try some of the 'solutions' I just found here http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=38498 and elsewhere, and try setting the X52 mouse with a large deadzone. If all this fails, I'll disable the X52 mouse I guess.. Thanks.
  5. I am still getting this behaviour. The folks at MadCatz have been quite good and are investigating - they have offered to replace the X52 for a new one, but I doubt that the hardware is the problem. (I can fortunately test this as I have two X52s and am going to swap them over today to see if the wandering cursor still occurs - little doubt that it will. The problem with using FSUIPC is that some a/c don't like it. PMDG support have told me not to use FSUIPC to programme their MD-11 for instance, as it causes issues. I don't know if you'll come back to this thread Michael, but just to confirm, you uninstalled all the Saitek software and then only installed the drivers? I have a full setup of commands via the programming software and I envisage, if if it works with my PMDG etc. third party aircraft, it will be a nightmare to get everything working as it does with the Saitek software! Anyone else have this? A little video here, though I am sure it's hardly needed: http://mega.nz/#!T4JCSLpb!qN0xVwYqh7hBy5F12qGX98NWCOBaDvXsfH7wwAeJ46g (At 6", I pulled the X52 USB plug out) M.
  6. Hate to look a gift horse in the mouth but frankly, if I have to go and look up the airline ICAO code I might as well look up the callsign directly. OK, I know British Airways is BAW; but knowing that, it's very likely that I also know the callsign is 'Speedbird', to cite just one example. Who knows all the ICAO codes off by heart for the myriad of less well-known airlines though? If you do, this is the tool for you. If it worked with the name of the airline it would be SO much more useful...
  7. I have never attempted to have FSUIPC (registered version) take over all my keyboard shortcuts and joystick controls. I have no idea how.. I'll have to look at the documentation but I recall that it is complicated??
  8. A few weeks ago I suddenly started seeing my mouse cursor moving steadily from the left to right side of my monitors all by itself (a brand new 'amusement' provided for me by my PC; I never know what it's going to conjure up next!). It was still usable but went back to its trek across the screen when I left the mouse alone. Took a while to discover that it was caused by the X52 - if I unplug it and then back in again the cursor stops its movement. (I am talking about my main mouse here, not the cursor on the X52 itself). I thought I'd solved it - it seemed to happen mostly if I woke the PC up from standby mode. But now it happens on and off (not all the time, thank god) for apparently no reason at all. I simply have to unplug the X52 and then plug it back in again. I love the hardware but I am really fed up with Saitek's software! I can't use USB3.0 on this PC as the Saitek software kept causing BSODs with the Intel USB controllers (a known issue apparently), there always seems to be something! If I had $1 for every time I've had to reinstall the Saitek drivers... ! Anyone else had this cursed cursor issue and been able to find a permanent fix (other than ditching the X52!). Martin
  9. Yes, it is nicely done. The only problem I have is with lines on the ground splitting up and running across the scenery like rats when views from any distance (familiar I think from many sceneries). I can usually fix this by mipping the textures, but for some reason I cannot get Mip Manager to work on these bitmaps....
  10. Nice work: http://www.albysimsd.hostoi.com/FS9-FS2004-mombasa-HKMO-scenery-overview.htm It's really good that a developer is producing African airports for FS9! They clearly deserve our support (especially as it's priced at a more than reasonable €12). Maybe next, Dar es Salaam??? Martin
  11. Ok, so much the better. I was reading other threads where people couldn't get BEV to work in Win7 (I don't have it myself) and thought I'd give the heads up here to save people money, possibly! If there's a workaround, great...
  12. From what I hear BEV is a nightmare with Windows 7 - the configurator doesn't work (apparently) for one thing. So read up before purchase, if you run that O/S or later. For instance: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/318036-birds-eye-view-scenery-issues/ Martin
  13. Thanks Maurice for posting the Mexico City screenshots. To be honest, I prefer mine to yours (much more variety, as you say) and on the PC the textures are very sharp. But in the end it's a matter of taste, as you say. BEV has been going for years (if I recall correctly!) - the review looks great (though the screenshots don't show particularly sharp of detailed autogen). But I don't actually fly in the USA/Canada all that often - if it were global I'd have snapped it up a long time ago! I wonder how it sits with Ultimate Terrain.
  14. Yes, I also have SweetFx loaded onto my FS9/FSX PC back in London, but not here. I should probably do nothing until I get back there for a visit in September (I am running FS9 on a ten-year old Dell M1730 while I am away. State of the art ten years ago!!! Still more than serviceable, credit to Dell!) and can see what my 'real' FS PC is running..
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