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  1. I left P3D a long time ago, only using XP12 and MSFS now. I dont think there are that much P3D users left and from them a minority is interested in the Concorde i think... I wish FSLABS all the best in every case! They do good work.
  2. Hello! Just an inspiration if you guys search for a new thing to add. Would be nice to control the GTN750 from PMS50 via Aviaworx.
  3. For some reason I thought it has to. I just tried again and the condition levers work now! I did not get the alt preselector to work but it seems Guensili has not included it in his script. Nothing to do with Bvars it seems. Thank you very much for clarification!
  4. Hello! First and foremost: I am not a programmer, please be nice to me in terms of setup instructions! I trie to use the BVars from Guensilis King Air scripts. (I want to use the condition lever assignments and alt preselect) In the comments to the script there is an answer from him that says "You have to make sure to have the AAO InGame/FIP Panel enabled" Here is where I am stuck... I have the AAO symbol inside MSFS and it has a white border - so I think it is active. In AAO I have a checkmark in the "Gauges" menu at App/Web Windows. What else should I do to get these BVars running? I tried it with the AAOs manual, but it confuses me more than it helps I have to say 😋 Thank you very much!
  5. Okay, I THINK I found the problem... As I use WinWing MFDs I also have "Simapp Pro" installed - this is the main software from winwing - and while the hardware is awesome, the software is... "word that is not allowed on public forums". It seems I had to shut down completely, power down the winwing hardware completely and restart to get simapp pro recognize the hardware again. Now AAOs is starting as normal... I guess the two programs where interfering with one another!?
  6. Hello! AAOs is not starting anymore... yesterday it worked normaly, I started with setting up controls for the Black Square Bonanza. Today I wanted to finish but AAOs is not starting anymore... I always start it before starting MSFS, today I just get a little taskbar icon but the UI itself is not appearing. AAOs appears in the task manager and I am able to end the task here but no UI. I already tried restarting the PC several times without success. All other programs working as normal. Which files can I provide you for failure search? Thank you!
  7. Are all Realsimgear devices supported? I have an REALSIMGEAR GCU47X and would love to use it with Xplane12.
  8. Ah okay, thank you for clarification! So it is a feature, not a bug! 😃 I didnt realize that the unused data is hideable when deselecting the ILS feathers after choosing an procedure - this solves the problem for me!
  9. Hello! This is for Xplane 11 data. In the Screenshot you can see that the ILS feather at the Default EDDN Nürnberg is doubled, and also the Frequency and course data. I have to zoom veeeery far in to see both data sets. I think this is an error in the scenery data, but is there a way to exclude one? The frequencys are different, one is wrong compared to Charts data. Thank you!
  10. Hello! Is anyone aware of a way to assign the keys of a streamdeck to LINDA? I run the SD software as admin, but in LINDA it is not recognized as controler I think. Is this possible? Also want to know if there is 100% no way of doing this. Thank you!
  11. Hello! I love the Dash8, but the dumbest invention in aviation history is the ALT SEL button to capture the altitude you just set. Why should I want to climb thru my set alt, or descent into ground when I just set my alt to level out... But this is another topic. Is anyone aware of an assignment in linda or other programs that pushes the ALT SEL button after you changed altitude? Or something similar? Thank you!
  12. Hello! I have an VRinsight Boeing style Combo 2. Is it possible to asign its buttons and dials to MSFS2020 via Axis and Ohs? I would like to use downloaded scripts from flightsim.to for the PMDG DC-6 for example and in the future for the NGX and so on, when they are released. Thank you!
  13. This is the Downloads section
  14. Found a fix at the A2A Simulations Forum: https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=71841
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