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  1. Downloaded and installed for 64bit (first without uninstall, than with pre uninstall, without Antivirus, as Admin) but the configurator still says 3.1
  2. Hello! When I trie to reload the Database for P3Dv4.3 LNM is showing the window where it shows the progress but it stops working and not responding. I had this several times, the solution was to restart but this seems not to work anymore. I run LNM as Admin. LNM is on latest version. Thank you!
  3. Rhinozherous

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    I still dream of a PMDG level Boeing 727 😃
  4. Rhinozherous

    Milviz Turbo Otter not working

    Hello! I installed the latest Module for the Milviz Turbo Otter v1.3 and followed the instructions under "To install the module". I can assign keys but they do nothing in the otter. P3Dv4 by the way. Thank you!
  5. Rhinozherous

    AirDailyX news

    I switched to FSElite because of no news on AirdailyX. I mean there is no constant flow of news in the FS world like in realworld but they are veeeery slow at AirdailyX.
  6. Rhinozherous

    Brakes overheating to easily?

    Also want to setup FSUIPC correctly... So, the + numbers on the slope setting make the braking less sensitive? Tried to set it up but I was unsure if the slope should go to minus or plus 😋
  7. Rhinozherous

    Source for Vintage Approach charts?

    Thats true, simdata will not match up... So I think I will keep up with my own method. I use littlenavmap (without the plane shown on map) and build my own vintage approaches via the distance measuring tool and stuff. But it would indeed be a very nice wallart! You gave me a very nice idea, as me and my girlfriend are moving and I am re-planing my "sim-workstation" at the moment. Thank you very much!
  8. Hello! As I did not find that much on my search, I wonder if anyone has a good source for old approach charts? ILS, VOR and NDB from the 40's up to the 70's or something.
  9. Rhinozherous

    DC-6 Rain Maker

  10. Rhinozherous

    FS2crew working with actual Beta?

    After a quick reinstall of FS2Crew it seems to work now, at least the fo starts doing things... Will do a testflight now.
  11. Hello! I am on P3Dv4 with the Maddog on SP 1 build 317 - Open Beta. First time I tried to fly with FS2crew correctly installed and activated in the Maddog Manager I was able to open the FS2Crew popup and start it, but my F/O didnt start to do anything... no preparations or wathsoever. Do we have to wait for an update? Thank you!
  12. Rhinozherous

    Pilots Life

    Anyone tried it?
  13. Rhinozherous

    Immersion for 747-8i?

    Thank you very much. Now I will enjoy the awesome wing and engine condensation (like this effect the most) 🙂
  14. Hello! The description on the product page says only for "PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II" and no other airplane. Does this mean it is not working with the -8i and -8f addon from PMDG? Thanks!
  15. Rhinozherous

    Jan Vissers C-47 in P3Dv4?

    Ah where do I get this dll? I just installed and tested, basicly it works but I dont get any sound from switches and few other things... maybe because of this dll?