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  1. Hello! I know, the Jetstream and its fs2crew are now quite old and for me they work awesome together. But I just wanted to know if you plan any updates, voice packs or a ittle reboot version for it? I am just curious! Thanks
  2. Hello! It would be a nice feature if we could see the Airspaces on the route in the Flight Plan Elevation Profile. The option to view it on the Map, and filter it to the planned altitude is already asesome but it would be nice to see it in the elevation profile also to get a better situational awereness in the 3D Space. Maybe I can inspire you for such a feature Thank you!
  3. Thank you guys, I will trie Rolands Radar!
  4. You dont need a tablet. It is a program that runs independent of your sim. I have it openend on a second monitor beside the sim. If you click on the signature on Alex post you could take a look at the programm. Have Fun!
  5. Hey! Is there a way to integrate Active Skys WX radar gauge into the vc of the Jetstream? On FSX. Thanks!
  6. I just wanted to say Thank you for Little Navmap! First I used it mainly for my VFR Flights. In this section it was just the best tool out there for planning and so on. But now I bought the PMDG J41 (yes, a little late to the party) and since Little Navmap got the Navigraph update a while ago I can use it for my IFR Flights also. Because the J41 has not the best Nav Display I use Little Navmap on my second monitor as Electronic Flightbag beside of Navigraph Charts. It is just awesome that we can select all the approaches, transitions and so on in a clear and oversight picture. Please keep up this Tool and thank you again.
  7. Hello! Are there any TM Cougar owners out there? I consider buying it to have more buttons available. Do you know if they are asignable via FSUIPC (registered) without problems? I want to know if they are really just easy to use or if there are problems with hardware restriction or Software like the TM Target or any other restrictions? Thanks!
  8. Your post is now quite old, but fortunately I found it - I kicked Aerosoft ENGM and installed AoN... not that much differences, but for free + many other airports in norway - just awesome Thank you!
  9. Great sources, thank you! Found another: http://www.jn-photo.se/
  10. Where do you get the best wallpapers for the Desktop? I mostly use Google picture search, but I ran out of tags to search for... for example: Aviation, Boeing, Airbus, Aircraft and so on. Google is showing always the same things. I am just curious where other people get awesome pictures for the desktop.
  11. Okay, this is really a bit suspicious ^^ I hope there is something real in the near future...
  12. Hello! I use the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with the Quadrant (connecting to the yoke via PS2) since a few years now (first WIN7 then WIN10) and it always worked flawless... Now I have a new PC (also with WIN10) and the Throttle worked normal. But suddenly the Quadrant stopped working. When I plug in the yoke with the quadrant connected the yoke works normal and the display of the yoke is lit. But on the quadrant the little green power led is just flashing for a second on plugin and goes dark. No programms (FSUIPC, the Saitek programm... ) is recognising the quadrant. The Yoke itself works as it should. There is no damage or whatsoever on the quadrant, as I always treated it carefully. Anyone who knows this problem? Maybe a driver thing? Thank you!
  13. Hello! Finally my new PC is on its way (INTEL Core i7-7700K @ 4,6GHz - ASUS Dual GeForce GTX 1060 6GB - 16GB RAM - 250GB ssd - 1TB hdd) and I cant wait to install FSX and all (a ton) the other things, apps, tools for it. Since I do simming for a few years now I have gathered a lot of things around FSX and I wonder if I will run into any problems with my complete hardware change.... Because there are too many programs and modules I use I thought I ask you guys if you had any problems as you changed your Hardware. Did you have any license problems or so? Thanks