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  1. I installed it all over again - with the config-hid file from the backup - now everything seems to work fine! Thank you for help and sorry for the inconveniences!
  2. Okay, I get that now. But then we are at the beginning, as I installed it into the modules folder and the old profiles didnt work. In your first reply you asked me to run a fault diagnosis.. where can I find this? Will do that, thank you!
  3. I thought that FSUIPC has installed into the Modules folder but I also have FSUIPC Folder in add-ons folder. But the ini, dll and the key file where in the module folder only... I had to copy over these three files to get LINDA happy after installing it to the add-ons folder. But now I get errors about a "violation" and it says that there are unknown joysticks.... I think I roll back to the old LINDA.
  4. Just bought the licenses and made a little mistake when copy/pasting the key to the window - I got support from Mark in a two minute window per Email! All my concerns are gone! Thank you very much!
  5. Hello! As I updated FSUIPC to 6 I tried to use the new LINDA version - But I am still on P3Dv4. I thought that we can use the old buttonprofiles on the new LINDA... did I get this wrong? - I backed up everthing in the Modules folder, deleted the folders "linda" and "linda-cfg" and also the files "ipcReady.lua", "LINDA.exe" and "linda.lua". - Then I copied all the files for new LINDA version into the Modules folder. - After this I inserted my backed up "linda/aircrafts" folders, and the "linda-cfg/aircrafts" folders into the new LINDA folder structure. But when I start LINDA and synch with the sim I can see all my profiles in the dropdown of LINDA but they are all empty. Thank you very much!
  6. Hello! This seems like a great product and I consider buying the PMDG ultimate bundle for 737,777 and 747. But I have made bad experiences with such apps and products in regards of support and development. As the price is not that low I wanted to ask here if the users recommend it, or if there are signs of a dead product or something? Do you think it will work in the near future so that it pays off to buy it? Thank you!
  7. Where did you find this info? I was on the webpage but did just find general info... Thank you very much!
  8. Hello! Because one can never have enough buttons, I wondered if anyone is using 2 sets of Saitek MFDs - so that you have 4 pieces of them... Are they interfering in any way because they are the same? I want to use it in P3D, XP11 and DCS. Thank you!
  9. But he is not in the mood to write a single word on his own website since Oct 2019... unfortunately I bought this "EA addon". But I will be more cautious in the future regarding little dev studios, I have seen this too often now.
  10. As the title says... previous verson was unable to push it.
  11. Hello! Since I use now a Saitek FIP with a nice VOR gauge I wondered if it is possible to mod the DC6 in a way that I can set the heading via the VOR gauge heading bug instead of chasing the heading with the standard DC6 autopilot? I know, it is not historic and accurate... but it would be nice to have this mod if possible... Thank you
  12. Hello! I just found this one (only found netherlands version) https://www.tui.be/nl/designthesky TUI is searching for a new design... I thought maybe one of our great repaint artists want to do some real aircraft repainting 🙂
  13. Hello! I dont want to complain here about anything! I think the DA62 is a great aircraft and thats the reason why I want to know this... It seems Vertxsim has vanished, no updates and unfortunately no new aircraft or something. Anyone knowing anything? It is hard to track as there was no forum for it. Thanks!
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