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  1. Rhinozherous

    Pilots Life

    Anyone tried it?
  2. Rhinozherous

    Immersion for 747-8i?

    Thank you very much. Now I will enjoy the awesome wing and engine condensation (like this effect the most) 🙂
  3. Hello! The description on the product page says only for "PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II" and no other airplane. Does this mean it is not working with the -8i and -8f addon from PMDG? Thanks!
  4. Rhinozherous

    Jan Vissers C-47 in P3Dv4?

    Ah where do I get this dll? I just installed and tested, basicly it works but I dont get any sound from switches and few other things... maybe because of this dll?
  5. Rhinozherous

    Jan Vissers C-47 in P3Dv4?

    Thank you! Love the DC3
  6. Rhinozherous

    Poll: Online flying with VATSIM, IVAO, or Pilot Edge

    VATSIM will get much better Voice quality soon (I hope) they announced on Facebook that they are beta testing new voice codec stuff and things like voice-unicom, quality by range and other awesome things! Looks like a new era of online flying to me!
  7. Rhinozherous

    Jan Vissers C-47 in P3Dv4?

    Hello! Back in my FSX times I flew the awesome freeware C47/DC3 from Jan Visser. Now I evolved to P3Dv4.3 and I wonder if anyone already tried it on this version? Is it working on 64bit? Thanks!
  8. Rhinozherous

    Repaint artist for AUA repaint?

    Sorry, thank you for moving!
  9. Hello! I love the PMDG 747-8, but my "home airline" dont operate this bird. It is Austrian Airlines. Is there an repaint artist willing to do a fictive AUA repaint? Thanks
  10. Rhinozherous

    A2A Constellation Module?

    Awesome! Thank you very much!
  11. Rhinozherous

    A2A Constellation Module?

    Hello! It seems the Constellation module is lost here... is there anyone with an copy of it? Would be awesome! Thank you!
  12. Rhinozherous

    FSLabs A319 Contrails not aligned

    I thought this is an PrecipitFX bug thats why I posted here. I have posted it also over at FSLabs... if anyone is interested: https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/19108-a319-contrails-not-aligned/
  13. Hello! P3D v4.3 here. Just a little issue, but still, I think about it every time I see it 😋 The contrails of the A319 from FSLabs are not aligned with the Engines. See screenshot via link: https://imgur.com/ir7gooD
  14. Rhinozherous

    747-8 TCAS Test

    Maybe I overseen it, but is the - 8 FCOM part of the Manuals? Only found one for the -400. If not, do you have a source for the FCOM? Would be interested too! Thank you
  15. Rhinozherous

    747-8 TCAS Test

    Do you talk about the FCOM that comes with the 744? I dont think this represents the TCAS panel of the - 8?