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  1. Same here using long turnaround.
  2. Same with long panel state. Also getting gear strg and fuel transfer warnings.
  3. I also dont ask for "going wild" tires... just want to hear the structure working when taking the load of landing. I think this is realistic.
  4. Hello! I recently installed the newest update for the DC-6 and read the Changelog. I dont want to rant, I just wondered why there is still no fix for the absence of a touch down sound? I am no developer or programmer, but is this such a big task? Thank you very much!
  5. An PMDG 727 would be THE aircraft I wish most.
  6. Hey! I had read about Buttkicker and wondered if anyone has tried to build one itself? I think I know what hardware is required, but I am unsure about the Software... For use with FSX. Thanks
  7. Chaseplane down... and they have nothing else to do then posting on facebook ^^ https://www.facebook.com/FSFXPackages/?hc_ref=ART7BfTgjzKHpUkxl1-oTRaHlOB6h6kwVD3zekuYS8FXjtFdUch_-BQlMy0cpc-dnwY&fref=nf
  8. Last time CP was not working I thought this is an exeption, it could happen... Now I have the bad feeling this will happen regularly Please send an email to: alpha@oldprop.com with error "Connection closed"
  9. As this problem started I stopped the Windows update for 35 days (a function in WIN10). Today it started to download the updates as the 35 days are over. It is now downloading a security update with version KB4049179 and an cumulative update version KB4041676... anyone with experiences about this updates and FSX?
  10. I dont want to use GSX anymore and I dont want to use AES.... hope there is a third one to choose in the near future
  11. I am very disappointed about some users here. One short problem and they took off to all sorts of hate and anger. Please read the description before you buy an addon that is "vital" for you (in development + online connection needed). Thank you guys from FSFX Packages and keep up the good work!
  12. Anyone who knows how long it could take them for getting a new license?
  13. Same problem here... Sure, it sucks when you cant fly if the server is broken. But I use Chaseplane now for a while and this is the first problem of this kind. We have a lot of advantages from the server thing.
  14. Also a good hint if it stops working. Thank you!