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  1. Rhinozherous

    Favorite planes

    My favorite list: (may be influenced a bit by availability of addons for flightsim) Vintage Jet: 727 Vintage Prop: DC6 Modern Jet(s): 737, 747, A320 Modern Turboprop: Dash8 Warbird: B17, Lanc, B52 (i like the heavy ones) GA Prop: Comanche Not so favorite: (but I love them all) Cessna 337 Skymaster (looks weird)
  2. Rhinozherous

    POSCON online flying

    VATSIM is only promising things without doing something... This is a logical development of things. POSCON seems to be in early stages, if THEY do what they promise many people will change the platform. But the (hopefully near) future will tell.
  3. Rhinozherous

    IL2 orDCS

    Go for DCS if you want the complete realism pack. For sure, the jets are more automated, but learning these systems sounds easyier than you think. As far as I know IL2 automates systems that are not automatic in real life. In DCS you can go for WW2 birds which are way more real modelled than IL2 plus the cold war birds and more modern jets. Plus Helicopters. Multiplayer community is great and with the mission editor you can build everything you want- for training for example. And via the user files you can download a ton of stuff from others. I tried IL2 and was very frustrated about the weird feeling and automated systems. In DCS the WW2 birds are very hard to learn but they feel as you would excpect it (when you never have flown this in real life). Development is great for DCS, dont know about IL2 development.
  4. Rhinozherous

    Videolink - How do airports make money

    Because it fits the topic, another videolink about the cost of slots at EGLL and what airlines do to keep them ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8XZriAdB1g
  5. Good video about airports and money making https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdU1WTBJMl0 Have Fun!
  6. Rhinozherous

    Favorite Addons ?

    I had this problem too, my mothertongue is German. The solution was to do the Voice training for Windows Speech, because FS2CREW is using it. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/windows-speech-recognition-voice-training This is just a quick search for infos to this. After the training I have no problems anymore.
  7. Rhinozherous

    Favorite Addons ?

    I used ezdok, but changed to chaseplane - best decision ever. Another awesome aircraft is the new MD-82 from Leonardo, the maddog. For planing purposes and charts I use EFB v2 in conjunction with Navigraph charts in the desktop version. All things from FS2Crew. Envshade. Do you have the freeware airports installed from ORBX? There are packs for Europe and the USA. Mostly ga fields. All airplanes from A2A. Highly simulated ga airplanes, study level. .... These are some inputs coming to mind.
  8. Rhinozherous

    Feature Idea

    Hello! I love chaseplane. I had an idea for a feature. It isnt a big practical feature, more for immersion. I think about the possibility to make a "camera run" and record it for a specific airplane. For example, you load your plane and with an shortcut you are placed beside of the airplane. Now you can "walk" with the normal camera movement, or an own "walk mode" which simulates walking and board the plane via the stairs. Here comes the already implemented door function in play. But you can record the walk from outside right to the pilot seat. Here you do your preflight items and then you do the walkaround. You can now play again a pre-recorded walk, leaving your seat, thru the cockpit door, down the stairs and around the airplane. Maybe it is possible to also record short stops and headmovements. Just an idea, thank you for an awesome tool!
  9. Rhinozherous

    What's the latest news on FlightSimStore?

    Family problem or not, if you take money from people - sometimes no few - you have to stop it at least. Shut down the store or leave a note. But letting it go and people paying for nothing is criminal.
  10. Rhinozherous

    Roll in speed at the gate

    Thats right, not that far from parking a car 😛 Good point!
  11. Rhinozherous

    Roll in speed at the gate

    Hello! I know about the normal speed restrictions for taxi, but is there one for the last few meters to the gate... On the turn from taxiway to the gate. At which speed the marshaller is not sweating and praying for his live when i taxi in? I always tend to loose speed too early when on the last few meters to the stop point. For example with the PMDG NGX and the fslabs Airbrush.
  12. Rhinozherous

    Sibwings AN-2 anyone with alternative download?

    I dont have the link anymore. But in the meantime the Aerosoft AN2 was released. Seems better and much more active then the sibwings.
  13. Rhinozherous

    Shop and Support down?

    I will wait non the less, because store reacted weird... Also will clear cache. Thank you!
  14. Rhinozherous

    Shop and Support down?

    Hello! As I switched to P3D I wanted to buy the 737 base pack for it. But everytime I clicked checkout via paypal and so on I was directed from paypal instantly to an empty Shopping cart on PMDG. Hope I dont have to pay twice for nothing now, cause I tried two times. After this I created a ticket on the pmdg site for the Problem. This worked, but afterwards the support link is not reachable... Also I dont recieved any mails about a status of ticket. But I dont know if PMDG uses such emails.
  15. Awesome! Thank you very much! Ebenso noch ein schönes Wochenende!