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  1. I used Simbrief for a long time, now I switched to PFPX. This is for my modern IFR flights. When I fly the DC6 or the Connie I plan my flights vor to vor with Little Navmap. For choosing DEP and ARR airport I have made a google maps-map where I mark all my freeware and payware airports to get a nice overview. Also a nice to have to find new airports.
  2. This is really an exact answer! :-D I thought it is way more common. Thank you very much!
  3. Hey Pilots! I want to set the probability for holdings in the settings of PRO-ATC X to a somewhat real value... What would you say is a good value (0-100%) for the probability of holdings? I think about an overall value for the "whole world". Thanks!
  4. Good work!
  5. You could load it up onto the avsim library, always a good thing to share such things with the community! No problem from my side, if you want to!
  6. Sounds good! Would be nice if you PM it to me, Thank you!
  7. Thank you guys! Happy to help. If anyone has ideas for improving, I am open to it.
  8. But unfortunately we cant feel this in sim (unless you own an Buttkicker) so I prefer sound feedback. The cabin always rattles a bit.
  9. Also, when you are at low speeds I think the elevator is not that effective because there is a lower stream of air. The missing landing sounds are an anoying thing, hope for a patch soon.
  10. Tegel, Berlin - EDDT It is old and relativley small and the architecture is very... lets say functional. But it is a charming one. And, of course, my home airport - Vienna, LOWW :)
  11. Is there still anyone with the pictures or text files? If so, please load it up - I will save it, so if they disappear again I will load it up again... This topic is very helpful, please dont let it die
  12. Looks promising!
  13. Thank you guys!
  14. Hello! I already know that the wear for the DC6 is stored per repaint. But how is this working on the NGX and the 777 when service based failures are ON? I have read the intro manual, but there is no explaination if this works for the whole plane (all repaints and models like 738, 739....) or per repaint (lufthansa, american airlines....)? Can someone enlighten me? Thanks!