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  1. Love it! Dovetail are kicking themself now! They clearly thought they would take the meal from the chef, and throw him the look, there homeless and hungry. They came in with an over the top bid, got it, only to have the door to reclaiming the cash, slammed in their face... I dunno, seen things like this before where people think this community is weak and stupid, clearly we are not.
  2. 1st DCS P51 fright

    😆 brilliant! Just picture the mechanic walking to the plane, the look on his face!
  3. XML gauge - Test mode

    Hi Barry Glad to report that did the trick! I had to change to 0 to a 1 though as it was reversed. the complete string: <Value Minimum="-40" Maximum="60">(L:CabinTemp,Celsius) + (L:TestMasterSwitch) 1 == if{ (L:CabinTemp,Celcius) } els{ 60 }</Value> Thank you, appreciate the help!
  4. XML gauge - Test mode

    Thanks, I’ll give it a try this evening at report back.
  5. I've made a cabin temp gauge useing xml. Im trying to make the gauge peak when i switch on the test mode for checking lamps ect. i have this : -<Image Name="tempneedleWindow.bmp" PointsTo="North"> <Axis Y="69" X="2"/> </Image> -<Rotate> <Value Maximum="60" Minimum="-40">(L:CabinTemp,Celsius) </Value> -<Failures> <SYSTEM_ELECTRICAL_PANELS Action="-40"/> </Failures> -<Nonlinearity> <Item Y="79" X="31" Value="-40"/> <Item Y="60" X="56" Value="0"/> <Item Y="60" X="75" Value="14"/> <Item Y="79" X="138" Value="60"/> </Nonlinearity> <Delay DegreesPerSecond="10"/> </Rotate> </Element> The Lvar for the test switch is <Value> (L:TestMasterSwitch) </Value> Whitch returns values of 0,1 and 2. Im useing the value 0 to illuminate the lamps on my gauge, witch i've done. Looking at other examples, i think i need to add the (L:TestMasterSwitch) Lvar somewhere in the above <Value>...''string''(?) Something like ; if {(L:TestMasterSwitch) 0 then (L:CabinTemp,Celsius) 60 else (L:CabinTemp,Celsius)...... (if test switch is turned on,then set temp gauge to 60 (peak), otherwise return (L:CabinTemp,Celsius) value. Just not sure how to write the above in XML language. Can anyone please help? Thanks
  6. How do I get more FPS out of FSX:SE? can freeware be pirated? Only way i can think of is that the authur ask it not to be shared, making it not freeware? I feel im missing somthing, but ive only had half a mug of coffee so far
  7. Avoiding starting engines

    With A2A planes, that have accusim, i like to load up cold and dark. to do that i had load the default cessna, turn everything off, save the flight, select the box to ''make this default flight''. So do the opposite, load cessna, start it up, get it ready to taxi, then save the flight as the default. Restart sim, select plane and it should load running. You dont need to load saved flight, at that location in that plane then change location / plane. By selecting ''make this default flight'' when you save it should carry the settings over to other planes on load up. I've done this in fsx, so when i open it, the start screen has the cessna, not the trike, becuase i made my saved flight default.
  8. A stab in the dark, but something that happend to me recently. Although my sim didnt crash, it was running nice and smooth with sudden dives in FPS down to 1.5 ! I opened Microsoft security essentials, whitch looks the same as Windows Defender (?), settings tab, then MAPS, (Microsoft Actice Protection System). This was set to basic membership. I changed it to 'i dont want to participate'. Also as you've done, excluded the whole C:/FSX (P3D) file from being scanned. Its now back to normall smoothness. As for installation location, ''Programe Files''....Now, ive been off the flightsim scene for 10 month or so, so things may have changed, but to my knowledge you should not install it in that location as the ''programe files'' are protected from ''write to file'', not allowing changes to those files.....even as admin. Might also be worth checking your history / quarantined files to see if any Concorde X related files have been caught.
  9. Dual Monitors

    I do the same thing 😁 once you you have dragged it over to your second screen, next time you open littlenavmap it should open on on your second screen so you don’t have to drag it over every time.
  10. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Lol Kim Jong un the wrong un’ crossed trump 😂😂
  11. Spray bar key

    Spray bars were only fitted to Reno racers, witch A2A didn’t model. So there is no spray bar. As for extra effects smoke / heat, unless you can find the file online it’s a bit more involved and not so strange forward.
  12. Never too young to learn

    Seen this too, smart kid!
  13. Can't put my finger on what svs means.... can't even begin to guess.