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  1. MaDDogz

    Best flight planning service?

    I throw this 1 in
  2. I’m confused sorry. I don’t know what your asking. do you want to change view on the second screen with a button on a controller?
  3. Click second view to bring into focus and press view change key?
  4. MaDDogz

    Windshield rain effect

    That was not my intention to insult.
  5. MaDDogz

    Windshield rain effect

    I didn’t come here and make my statement for a keyboard war... and We’re comparing flight simulator addons (not even the actual sim) to multi million dollar company’s OK 👍 nice one. As she says : On that humorous note, that’ll be all from me good day 😁
  6. MaDDogz

    Windshield rain effect

    Whitch is an attitude only excepted in this strange flight sim world - not the software world, just flight sim. i just find it hard to swallow that in this fast paced world we live in in 2018, the old it’s ready when it’s ready line just don’t cut it anymore. If this hobby was more popular,(more people doing the same thing) taking that stance would bankrupt the company. Fact. thats the problem, no competition, so it grows ego, and allows behaviour that we see to continue. again it’s only because it’s a niche that allows such sloppy responses otherwise people would just move on to the next company. well that’s my opinion anyway.
  7. For the 2 mice you could try TeamPlayer. you want the beta version 2.0 (2.0.10) - free version for the second independent display, maybe you can open a new view window and expand it in the second monitor. This may hurt FPS though.
  8. MaDDogz

    Turkish Delight

    And the next flight...Russia to England
  9. You may need to rebuild your shaders if you have a new G.card
  10. No that’s right it’s not what is being asked about but I have given a little light at the end of the tunnel🤗 instead of a slammed door ( as I know full well what it’s like in that kind of situation, asking at forums and getting nothing back, from certain Flight Sim development sites..) because as you say what the op is asking doesn’t exist!
  11. You can simply open the bitmap in paint and crop the light you want. Then save as “my light” position it on the background 2d panel in xml : Position x = *** y = *** usually the top left of the background is 0,0 I use paint, to get a rough idea where I want the light. Place your mouse curser where you want the light and look at the lower left corner in the paint window, you’ll see something like 388,433. enter those numbers in the position section of the xml , test and run, adjust as necessary MUCH more available online if you wanna learn it 👀
  12. Just a guess because your explanation isn’t clear to me, but I would say take off, and fly heading select 274. Whitch will have you intercept tytus waypoint. When to make the turn should be stated on the sid chart. Post a link to the chart to help people help you.
  13. MaDDogz

    PMDG 737 engine animation

    Yes load the Cessna at any airfield. Shut down, turn everything off. Then save the flight, but make sure to tick the little box at lower right corner saying make this default or something along those lines. But to my memory, although this method works for most other planes; example A2A etc, with the ngx, pretty sure you will still need to go into the FMC > PMDG options and select the cold and dark panel state.
  14. A bigger desk, and the warthog. It’s the best there is for a Hotas system, and uses hall sensors ( magnets) rather than pots. ....otherwise you could look at the thrustmaster T-flight. Pick them up for about £50 new.
  15. Lol... almost as bad as paddy throwing stones at the floor...and missing!