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  1. When this happend to me it was because the slew controls in the sim was linked to throttle and other strange axis. I cleared them within the sim and set my own joystick axis (and rudder pedals for nose left / right) and all was good.
  2. Could i possibly trade a pack of cookies for a copy, when released? please? The choice of choc chip, double choc chip, or any other flavor (white choc and raspberry?) is entirely yours! 🙃
  3. If you have knee board.dll try removing it... think it’s in the modules folder. All of a sudden mine just stopped working and it was down to knee board. Ps. If anyone knows how to cure this I’d be very interested as even a redownload / install doesn’t fix it and I miss it a lot
  4. Can i take a vehicle with me though?
  5. ahh memories! I once put a 'banger' in a old car's exhaust pipe. When it went off, the exhaust hit the floor (the WHOLE exhaust!) and the back window shattered....me and my friend were laughing so much we was unable to stand up! 🧨 😂
  6. As an fsx’er stickler I’m seriously considering the new sim after ready this! I can only imagine how great it would look now! RTMM was epic fun and a great stress reliever 🙂
  7. word not allowed you beat me to it... I was just about to post that I was wrong... im only 2 years! Late.
  8. ...and with the $80 pricing, you was also given vast Boeing manuals. Then PMDG had the great idea of withdrawing those manuals, giving the same lame excuse along the lines of the licencing lameness, but increasing the price...for LESS of a product! Unbelievable! Whats more unbelievable is the 'special' people that buy it, and continue to defend an action that only hurts the user's . Its just brain dead. and don't forget, RSR is flying around in a REAL DC-3! (that cant be cheap!)
  9. When you lift the throttle over the bar into reverse, or off, whilst looking at the controller properties (Control panel > devices and printers > right click in the throttle, select game controller settings) you'll see the button 29 (left throttle) and button 30 ( right throttle) will light up. In FSX i use button 30 as throttle (decrease quickly) in the controls menu and this activates reverse thrust on anything i fly. thats all, no FSUIPC or target was needed.
  10. Sorry no answer for you, but following the topic. I have yet to allow the updates for this exact reason.. 🙄
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