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  1. is this the one you don't need a airspeed indicator for, but rather a calendar? 😉 I was going to have a blast in this one the other day, but i already have too many!...some i had for a long time and havn't even ''powered up'' 😜 Hows it fly, Mark?
  2. That’s not a bad thing...getting milked by devs (not all) days may finally be over. 🙂
  3. Type name of fix in fmc, press LSK 1. Check it’s correct, press EXC.
  4. Stop debating and just go to YouTube. Simple. Surely a video is better than any wall of text a manual offers? it’s rammed packEd full of tutorials for chase plane. Yes, rammed full of videos, more than 10 exist and any ONE of them will have you up and running in 20 mins...just like that, so easy and so simple. There is a downside that you spend 30 mins setting views only to have to do it again for next different aircraft you want to fly, but once it is done it’s done.....or at least till it breaks again < not to sound assy but it’s breaking a lot lately and when it does, then I can fully understand the statement of “ destroying the flight deck” as when it broke on me that is how I felt, the sim was useless, couldn’t look around with hat switch and all presets for ALL my aircraft just “ poof” and disappeared. I had to manually replace my cameras cfg file because CP didn’t, just left me with a non working camera cfg that wouldn’t respond to anything. and many would love to argue this, but fact is fact and none of the problems, that have had so many topics appear here, ever excited until orbx became the seller. So whatever changed there, is flawed.
  5. Lots of topics on merging 767 with others search 767 merge on this forum, get an idea how it’s done and try it. Good luck
  6. I had my other half take a flight in it last night. She loved it 😁
  7. https://news.abplive.com/live-tv
  8. It has not been made V5 compatible, that's probably why it is on sale. If you do decide to purchase the scenery for P3DV5, then you do so entirely at your own risk. much better grammar..
  9. spectacular video man 😎 looks awesome.
  10. why are the clouds so pixelated? photoshop?
  11. 🤣 south south east.. 150 knots! well well she can move when she wants to then..just like a land rover...going downhill, with the wind behind you, and someone pushing! 😄 You could route LTCC > OKBK kuwait Int onto Dubai OMDB and finaly Karachi, all legs 500 - 650 NM ish Either way, looks like your stuck in regards to not overflying a war zone, so make sure your sat on thick piece of steel 😎
  12. Indeed Mark, it would be a massive detour in a 90 knot'er! 🙃. i'd go SSE down the boarder of Iran and Iraq into the Persian gulf, out through the Gulf of Oman, then pick up the coast and follow it to Karachi.
  13. ok, apologies, chasePlane itself is brilliant. It was amazing software before orbx got involved. You can’t help me anyway, as the software is no longer on my pc. Thanks for the offer of help though. For reasons not needed to be explained, I use nothing of orbx, and I’m not going to install central for chasePlane, and more than likely have to purchase it again, for a higher price, from a company I don’t do business with. There is a long, drawn out story behind all this, but I’m not going into again now.
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