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  1. MaDDogz

    Long loading time PMDG 777

    And AI traffic, although from what I understand from the op this only happens with the 777?
  2. MaDDogz

    Blue Screen has me puzzled

    Does the error log give any clues? what are you doing when it happens? Does it happen when it’s left idling? have you googled the error? how old is the system / components ? Just a few questions to get the ball rolling 😁
  3. MaDDogz

    Bouncing throttle

    You can buy the throttle separately yes it’s usb connection i strongly advise the combination throttle and stick though.
  4. MaDDogz

    Bouncing throttle

    Also trying to flair properly with the saitek yoke just makes you look like a bad pilot 👨‍✈️ you pull towards you to flair but the THING sticks, so you pull a little harder...the THING still don’t move so you pull a little harder and then bam, the shaft suddenly lets go and you take off again! There good for about 6 months after that it’s a paper weight, albeit a larger one.
  5. MaDDogz

    Bouncing throttle

    HI this is known problem that cannot really be fixed, you have dirty pots... you can strip it down and clean them but the problem will return. How long before is anyone’s guess but it will return. This problem is actually massive when it comes to controlling the plane properly, making your sim session stressful when it should be the opposite. you need a controller that uses hall sensors, they are magnetic. Saitek use copper tracks that wear out. i went and bought a thrustmaster warthog HOTAS because it uses hall sensors( and looks real nice, also metal construction) - check it out. Expensive yes but I’ve had it goin on 3 years now and still no spikes in any axis. take a jet for instance where you can set the thrust by the decimal point 98.7% because hall sensors are so accurate I’m able to set thrust by decimal point so 98.8% 98.9% no problem. you wouldn’t be able to achieve this accuracy with a brand new throttle from saitek.
  6. MaDDogz

    South South America

    Turn all ai traffic off and try.
  7. Would a forum post from PMDG explaining GFO not like, really help right now? ...... im either missing something or its not being posted on purpose. A lot of people were disappointed ( not me btw ) and then a million questions about it arise, and whilst I’m really pleased about the xplane news, in my mind common sense dictates a explanation post is desperately needed. please, I am open to correction, but this kind of behaviour, especially after all the controversies that has happend after the “big announcement “, just comes across as pedantic. like I said though I am open to be corrected as I’m aware this maybe just how I feel.
  8. MaDDogz


  9. Well... this the second xp11 pic I’ve seen today and I’m in awe... I’ve never considered xp but... I see more and more addons coming out for it and from the little I read about xp, they seem very good... looks like its going places!
  10. MaDDogz

    My world.

    Wow! Picture perfect! Love the horizon where land meets cloud and the visibility dropping off in the distance. very vibrant colours too and superb clarity.
  11. MaDDogz

    FSL Website hacked ??

    I’m still non the wiser what they did so bad? Any links that explain?
  12. Indeed. I agree, but the overhype is what has led the hostile comments i beleive.