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  1. Hi Decio i am pleased to help. When you say 'the issue persists' I assume it is with your own CS737 module and does not occur with default or not other aircraft. It sounds to me like your module is entering an infinite loop stopping other functions running. LINDA LUA runs on a timer with some events. It runs in a single thread so cannot run functions concurrently. Any function must be run to carry out an action and exit. The use of loops within functions (while do/for do) must be kept short so they do not lock up and keep looping. The same applies to conditions (if then) which will never be met. Otherwise LINDA will appear to freeze and stop working. If an action needs to operate over even a few seconds, you need to use exposed timers like AircraftTimer10Hz() to re-call your operation with global variables. I hope my explanation is understandable.
  2. Mark, is it only you who uses LINDA? No one else seems to have all issues you do. For P3Dv4, you will need a fresh installation of LINDA 3.0.0 beta in its root directory (ie. c:/p3dv4/modules). The top bar of LINDA now shows whether your are connected to a 32-bit or 64-bit Flt Sim. You will also need the latest FSUIPC5 5.103 installed. LINDA should report this version number. I have fixed the Console problem. If closed before you close LINDA (manually) it will not appear on restarting. Check you FSUIPC5.ini [Programs] block so that it reads CLOSE not KILL. Please send me your FSUIPC5.ini and the /modules/linda-cfg/system/linda-gui.ini files.
  3. Thank you. Fixed in 0.7b.
  4. Saitek Radio and Multi Panels only work with standard Default FSX aircraft with LINDA. More work is required to translate from the Default FSX to specific add-on aircraft (like PDMG and Aerosoft). This work has still to be started. With the FSLabs A320X there is no way to (at present) to access or inject information into the aircraft. Therefore, there is not much you or I can do in Spad or LINDA. The Saitek Switch can be assigned functions in LINDA 3.0.0 to the switches and gear lever.
  5. Further button functions added with Beta 0.7. This includes many new button and switches on the centre pedestal. It has not been possible to access flat buttons due to the lack of information/access.
  6. Thank you the feedback. Guenseli will I am sure update the module. In future please post such reports under LINDA Support.
  7. Our aim is to provide working aircraft modules for users. Having spent considerable time and effort searching for the codes I am reluctant to publish them. This is especially the case when we have requests with FSLabs for additional information on other button and display data. I do not wish compromise our case for all LINDA users.
  8. You will find all the TCAS/XPDR buttons and switches are now implemented including IDENT along with both left and right wipers.
  9. The changes are quite extensive and there is a massive gap between 1.13 and the latest version. A clean install is highly desirable and should resolve your problems.
  10. Moving from LINDA 1.13 for MCP1 to LINDA 2.9.6 or 3.0.0 beta is a big step. There is no encryption applied to these downloads. First read the release notes and then read them again. Then I strongly recommend you take a full copy backup of your Flt Sim \modules folder - you will need this to copy back your old aircraft configurations. Afterwards delete the following files and folders: linda.exe linda.lua \linda \linda-cfg You should then unzip the downloaded LINDA files and open the top level folder (LINDA x.x.x Standard ...). Drag-and-drop the \sounds and \modules folders into the TOP LEVEL of your Flt Sim folder (e.g. c:\fsx\ or c:\program files (x86)\fsx\). Say YES to all overwrites. Do not select any encryption. Once done, go to your 1.13 backup and copy the following folders into your new installation and the same named folders: \linda\aircrafts\ \linda-cfg\aircrafts\ \linda-cfg\system\ Run LINDA and open LINDA Setup to ensure your MCP1 is enabled and on the correct COMM PORT. Then start your Flt Sim. If this fails, please following the fault reporting and diagnosis thread and email me your logs.
  11. Hi Decio I will need to get you to follow the fault reporting thread procedure and email me your logs so I can see what is happening. You don't tell me which version of LINDA, FSUIPC, Flt Sim or Windows you are using. I also don't recognise the CS737 aircraft. All aircraft without their own specifically written module will be treated as FSX Default. I would not recommend creating you own module unless you have experience with LUA programming for LINDA. The latest beta version of LINDA 3.0.0 provides the CTRL+ALT+R hotkey for restarting the LUA Engine. LINDA 3.0.0 is compatible with 32-bit (FSUIPC4) and 64-bit (FSUIPC5) Flt Sims.
  12. Hi airtj You should not try to encrypt any folder. What version of Windows do you have? Is this a 'first time' installation?
  13. You will get the NOTE warning every time with the original MCP1 panel. This is because I am unable to test with this old panel - I don't have one. However, the bad handle is an issue. I suggest you first download the latest FSUIPC5 5.102a as it has a fix for a VRI comm problem. If this does not fix the problem, please follow the debug guide thread and send me you full logs by email. The snippet you posted is not enough.
  14. You can use the LUA function:"your beep") to call a play a .wav file placed in the Flt Sim \sound folder. You would need to write a function and place it in the aircraft user.lua file that would be called when the 'event' occurs. You would need to define the 'event' using the documented LUA language options. I would not wish to add more bells and whistle into the standard LINDA.
  15. For P3dv4 using FSUIPC5 5.102 you will need the latest beta version of LINDA 3.0.0 available in the download sub-forum. This will work with both FSX/P3Dv3 32-bit (using FSUIPC4) and P3Dv4 64-bit (using FSUIPC5). The old LINDA 2.9.6 will not work with 64-bit apps.