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  1. PMDG 737 for MSFS module updated to v0.3 BETA. Added VRI MCP2a Default configuration Updated VRI MCP1 Default configuration Fixed Transponder / TCAS functionality
  2. Hi @Bratwurst22 I have checked the latest beta release of the PMDG 737 module v0.2 and the trim values are displayed on the VRi MCP for elevator, aileron and rudder trim. Can you be more specific?
  3. @Mantamuzza Thank you for your report. Your don't say which Flt Sim, FSUIPC or LINDA versions you are using. What order are you starting the software? It is normally recommended that you first the Flt Sim (especially when using MSFS2020) then FSUIPC followed by LINDA. To ensure LINDA is displaying the correct information I would also click the Reload LUA Engine link and wait until LINDA reports Ready. If you still have the problem please read and follow the Fault Diagnosis Procedure (under LINDA Support) and email me the logs.
  4. @f.skywalker Thank you for the report. There was an error which will be corrected in v0.3 shortly.
  5. The PMDG 737 beta module was updated to v0.2 yesterday. It contains all the functions you list for the Transponder/TCAS: XPND IDENT PMDG PED XPND IDENT XPNDR SYSTEM PMDG PED XPND SYS 1 PMDG PED XPND SYS 2 PMDG PED XPND SYS toggle ALT SOURCE PMDG PED XPND ALT 1 PMDG PED XPND ALT 2 PMDG PED XPND ALT toggle TRANSPONDER TCAS PMDG PED TCAS test PMDG PED XPND MODE inc PMDG PED XPND MODE dec PMDG PED XPND MODE cycle PMDG PED XPND MODE tara PMDG PED XPND MODE ta PMDG PED XPND MODE xpdr PMDG PED XPND MODE rptg PMDG PED XPND MODE stby PMDG PED XPND MODE move (XPNDset) **** PMDG PED XPND MODE show **** XPND DIGITS PMDG PED XPND CODE 1 inc PMDG PED XPND CODE 1 dec PMDG PED XPND CODE 2 inc PMDG PED XPND CODE 2 dec PMDG PED XPND CODE 3 inc PMDG PED XPND CODE 3 dec PMDG PED XPND CODE 4 inc PMDG PED XPND CODE 4 dec The marked functions **** are for internal purposes and should not be assigned. All available functions are included in the download in PMDG 737 Fucntions.txt.
  6. ALL VRINSIGHT MCP1 ORIGINAL OWNERS PLEASE NOTE. I am unable to fully support the obsolete VRInsight MCP1 original panel and cannot guarantee LINDA or modules will work with this hardware. I do not own a MCP1 and am unable to carry out any testing. I can only do this for the VRI MCP Combo 2 (Boeing and Airbus). The result of this is that MCP1 users will need to self help and carry out initial assignments to get their panels configured. I cannot guarantee that default configurations will work out of the box. It does not you or me by simply reporting that things do not work. If anyone upgrading to the supported MCP2 (Boeing) and MCP2A (Airbus) and willing to donate their MCP1 to the project then I would be most grateful.
  7. The PMDG737 for MSFS provides most functions required. Have you assigned the required functions to those knob presses? I do not own an original MCP1 and can not do any testing. No guarantees can be provided.
  8. @majapahit please read and follow fault diagnosis procedure under LINDA Support and email me the logs.
  9. PMDG 737 for MSFS module updated to v0.2 BETA. Adds extra EFIS FO Knob functionality Fixed Standby Compass Light Fixed Transponder Fixed Aileron Trim Fixed Rudder Trim Fixed Autobrake Fixed Landing Gear - issue with PMDG preventing correct operation of gear in some cases *** ***If you are unable to raise landing gear or flaps check that you have no HYD failures and carry out a full service using the MCDU options.
  10. @Krekel325 I am glad you are finding LINDA useful. LINDA was originally designed, before my time, to make up for the deficiencies of the VRI software. The code is specific to VRI Combo panels and more recently the VRI CDUs. It also works with HID joystick devices and some USB card that behave as joysticks. It would require knowledge of any new equipment and its interface to work with other panels.
  11. This is the big clue. Open named file in LINDA Editor and comment out line 143 by adding 2 dashes (- -) - no spaces. This will be fixed in the next LINDA v4.1.x update.
  12. Thank you for the report. There is an error in the combined LOGO and NAV light functions. Do you not use these at the moment. It will be fixed in v0.2.
  13. The VRi MCP is a USB and Serial Com Port not a joystick. In LINDA it comes under Setup VRI Panel. Check that the correct VRI Com Port is selected.
  14. With MSFS it can take some time (one or 2 minutes) before FSUIPC7 and LINDA fully initialise. This is indicated by the READY message under the Sync to Sim or in the LINDA Console.
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