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  1. ScotFlieger

    MCP2 and Q400 Help

    For LINDA to work with the VRi MCPs it is essential that you do not use the vrisim.exe software. You only need the FDTI USB Serial drivers installed for the MCP to communicate with your PC. Also ensure you are using the latest 32 or 64 bit registered (paid) version of FSUIPC and the current version of LINDA 3.0.5. In addition to the PMDG, check that LINDA is working with a default aircraft.
  2. ScotFlieger

    Copying key setting to another aircraft

    Configurations can be copied from one aircraft to another to replicate the same base settings. Locate the source aircraft configuration /modules/linda-cfg/aircrafts/{aircraft1}/config-hid.lua and copy file to the second aircraft folder. If you only want to replicate the assignments for a single device (eg. Saitek Switch Panel), open the config-hid.lua in a text editor for both aircraft. Identify the block of assignments for the device in the first aircraft file and copy it completely and paste it over the same device in the second aircraft file.
  3. ScotFlieger

    Linda: Assigning keyboard strokes to A320 functions?

    Hi hifisch LINDA does not allow you to assign keyboard strokes to call functions. I allows a joystick button to generate a key press and FSUIPC allows key strokes to set FSUIPC control values.
  4. ScotFlieger

    LINDA V3.03

    Due to changes in P3Dv4.2 and the latest FSUIPC 5.124 (?), you need to download and install LINDA 3.0.5. Earlier versions will not function correctly.
  5. ScotFlieger

    Why are the 'Download' forum's topics now locked?

    Hi Mark The Downloads have been locked to maintain configuration control and to avoid multiple comments. Please email your updates to Linda @ and I will update the module once checked.
  6. ScotFlieger

    problem with LINDA TRACER button cer 2.9.6

    Hi I recommend you install the current version of LINDA 3.0.5 which is compatible with 32-bit FSX and 64-bit P3Dv4. You will the latest 32-bit version of FSUIPC 4.9xx (unsure). Developer mode also needs to be selected under LINDA Settings. There is a Log Options in FSUIPC4.ini that needs to be set to YES.
  7. ScotFlieger

    Input Lag PMDG

    Hi Eric This sounds like you are experiencing a problem with the MCP hardware/firmware. There is not much LINDA can do to compensate.
  8. ScotFlieger

    Majestic Dash8 Problems

    Hi burm Thank you for the files. There is nothing that I can see that is wrong. Your assignments are correct. I would point you to Guenseli’s comments above on the Q400. Majestic has developed an aircraft that does not conform to standard FSX design and reportedly exhibits the usual responses you reported. There is nothing we can do to correct the problem as it is outwith our understanding.
  9. ScotFlieger

    Majestic Dash8 Problems

    Hi Burm The VRi MCP knobs generate a slow and fast input when turned depending on how fast you rotate the knob. This is translated in LINDA to the MCP + and ++ or - and - - inputs. You need to ensure that your are using the following Q400 module functions: MJCD8_HDG_BUG_inc MJCD8_HDG_BUG_incfast MJCD8_HDG_BUG_dec MJCD8_HDG_BUG_decfast MJCD8_ALT_BUG_inc MJCD8_ALT_BUG_incfast MJCD8_ALT_BUG_dec MJCD8_ALT_BUG_decfast The inc/dec functions change the input by one unit, the incfast/decfast functions change the input by 10 units. This explains the results you are getting. The above functions and others are included in the default configuration files for the MCP2 and MCP2a panels. If these defaults are not installed delete the file /modules/linda-cfg/aircraft/majestic dash 8 q-400/config-mcp2.lua and then restart LINDA.
  10. ScotFlieger

    Problem with Linda + P3D + FCU-COmbo

    Hi Welcome to the LINDA forum. Unfortunately you posted your question under the main forum for which I do not receive any notification. I have moved it to Support. Do you still have an issue?
  11. ScotFlieger

    How to assign buttons to Lua files?

    Hi Stefen I am pleased you have things working. It took me a few false attempts to get things working. I prefer using the LINDA editor for all LUA work as it includes an automatic syntax checker. After savings any changes, clicking on Reload LUA Engine performs a full reboot of the LINDA LUA code ensuring all core code, libraries and modules are reloaded and initialised. The manual was written some years ago and unfortunately we do not have the source file. Most users don't explore LUA or having any knowledge of programming as you have. It was also written as a time when the MCP was the key hardware supported and joysticks were limited in their support. Enjoy using LINDA and I always welcome new insights and suggestions.
  12. ScotFlieger

    How to assign buttons to Lua files?

    Hi Stefwei I have had a chance to investigate you problem. In the /modules/FSUIPC Documents directory you will find a zipped folder called 'Example LUA plugins'. This gives a range of examples of working plugins. The Plugins open within their own thread so cannot call any LINDA defined functions. There is also a useful document FSUIPC Lua Plug-ins.pdf. For my test, I copied the plugin display vals.lua into the /modules directory. I then created a function in the lib-user.lua file: function TestPlugins() ipc.runlua('display vals') end Note: Right-clicking on the function name allows you to test the function without assigning to any button. It is important that the plugin sits in the /modules directory and no .lua extension is required within the ipc.runlua command. It is also important that the lua plugin does something visible as no error reporting occurs for debugging purposes.
  13. ScotFlieger

    How to assign buttons to Lua files?

    Find the LUA programming document in /modules/fsuipc documents/ and check the syntax for the command. I am not sure whether the .lua is required and assume that modules is the root directory. I would need to try coding it myself to give you more help.
  14. ScotFlieger

    How to assign buttons to Lua files?

    Hi Stefwei Welcome to the LINDA community. I have not done what you suggest with LINDA. In most cases you would create a LUA function with its own code in LINDA and call it directly. However, the ipc.runlua command should work if placed in the correct structure. There are 2 recommended locations for placing user written code: lib-users.lua (/modules/linda/libs/) for global use across all aircraft or user.lua for each specific aircraft (/modules/linda/aircrafts/{your aircraft}/). You create a uniquely named function (MyRunCode) containing your required LUA code. For example, function MyRunCode() ipc.runlua("mycode") end The path should be either the full address or start within the /modules/ directory). After editing your user.lua code (using LINDA Editor), save it and then click on Restart LUA Engine to load the code into LINDA's runtime structure. The LINDA Editor will check for any syntax errors before saving.
  15. ScotFlieger

    Selecting Saitek FIP instrument with LUA

    Hi Frank LINDA does recognise the Saitek FIPs are a unique device and adds them to the Joystick. Unless LINDA detects the serial number is can not identify multiple FIPs should you unplug and reattach to a different USB port. Apart from assigning functions to any buttons, LINDA provides no control or output to these devices. In the Setup Joysticks page does LINDA show a serial number for each of your 4 devices? How many buttons does LINDA identify.