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  1. ScotFlieger

    P3D v4.3 hung

    Thank you for the report but there is not much I can do except wait for further reports.
  2. Thank you. I will certainly have a look at the 'no joystick' issue with a suitable warning. Such user reports are essential to improving LINDA.
  3. You are very welcome. Glad you have it sorted. Just to confirm. You had no joysticks installed to cause the problem? I need to look at this if that is the case.
  4. Hi Paul Thank you for your report. I have not heard of this problem before and I am surprised it has been occurring over different versions of LINDA. When the GUI jumps to the Summary page, what else changes? Does the aircraft remain sync-ed? Can you access the MCP and Joystick setup pages? What aircraft are you using? When you click on Tracer does the Console window open? Click on Console button (F1) to open manually/display. Does the LINDA LUA still function and respond to button presses? I have done a detailed analysis of the GUI code to see what could be happening. There are several occasions when display of the Summary page is forced (ie. on startup, clicking the Settings button, selecting a new aircraft). There are 3 other conditions which may reflect your case: Windows detects a joystick device change. FSUIPC is not connected/running. The current aircraft module does not match that used by GUI. None of the cases relate to the Tracer function. In case 1, I would ask you to disconnect any extra HID devices keeping just a basic joystick. For Case 2, what version of FSUIPC5 are you using (5.132c is the latest)? For case 3, I will need you to follow the Fault Diagnosis thread procedure and email me your logs plus your config-HID.lua and config-MCPX.lua files.
  5. ScotFlieger

    NEW Aerosoft A3XX Professional v0.5 beta (21 Jul 18)

    v0.5 beta released Fixed Transponder panel functions Added Default Configuration files for VRi MCP1 and MCP2 (Boeing)
  6. ScotFlieger

    Little help :) Pack 1 one button Aerosoft Airbus

    Hi Chris Thank you for your report. It is will be fixed in the next release (v0.5beta). To fix it yourself: Click Edit and Edit Actions to open action.lua in the LINDA Editor. Enter AB_Pack1 in the Search field. Enter AB_OVH_Pack1 in the Replace field. Tick the All checkbox. Press F4. This will correct the error.
  7. ScotFlieger

    NEW Aerosoft A3XX Professional v0.5 beta (21 Jul 18)

    v0.4 beta released Fixed issue with Lower ECAM on and off Added OVH/GLS/PED Integral and Flood Lights Fixed issue with IRS/ADR buttons Added No Portable Electrical Equipment switch (replaces No Smoking)
  8. ScotFlieger

    LINDA for VRinsight CDU II /FCU / MCP -Combo II

    The correct serial to USB drivers are downloadable from FTDI Downloads. This allows the VRi panels to communicate with FSUIPC and hence LINDA. Do not run the VRiSim.exe otherwise a clash will occur. I have modified the ALT knob inc/dec function to better follow the Auto/1000 switch position. This will be included in the next update. Thank you for the donation. It gets expensive self-funding all the new aircraft releases people want.
  9. ScotFlieger

    LINDA - Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

    Thank you Christian for the update. You have prompted me to download and install Peter's latest 5.132c.
  10. ScotFlieger

    QW-787 module beta

    As mentioned, the QW787 APU start is a 2 stage operation. You need to first switch the APU on before selecting start. In future releases, I have modified the QW_OH_ELE_APU_start() function to check if the switch is off and select on before attempting to start.
  11. ScotFlieger

    Explanation of LINDAs GSX Door Service

    Is it not <shift><ctrl><F12>? Check Add Ons menu. PS. this is the Support forum for LINDA not general Flt Sim Support.
  12. ScotFlieger

    P3D 4.3, FSL A320X Linda Problem

    I am pleased that you have things sorted. Until FSLabs issue a SDK with the hinted professional/home cockpit version, then we have no known means of accessing or controlling the ‘flat’ buttons like fuel pumps. Nor can we read and display the AP SPD/HDG/ALT FCU data. This is why I may go back to the new Aerosoft A3XX release that does work.
  13. ScotFlieger

    P3D 4.3, FSL A320X Linda Problem

    Hi Neil There were a number of changes required for the P3Dv4.3 A3XX update and some functions may have been renamed. The ROTOR_BRAKE params were rearranged on the central pedestal. I have tested the following functions for the actions you list and are all working: VC_PED_ENG_1_MSTR_Switch_on/off/toggle VC_PED_ENG_2_MSTR_Switch_on/off/toggle VC_PED_ENG_MODE_norm/start/crank/toggle VC_PED_PARK_BRAKE_on/off/toggle VC_PED_WXRadar_PWS_toggle You many need to reassign some functions.
  14. ScotFlieger

    linda,p3d v4,pmdg737NGX and MCP-panel -small problem

    Patience please. I have been away working and not had the time to fire up my PC to view the files.
  15. ScotFlieger

    Lua Question

    There are a set of LINDA-specific _tX() functions in common.lua that compare the Lvar and toggle the outcome. I am away from my system at present so i can not list each one. If you look in this LINDA system code you will find a description for each.