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  1. ScotFlieger

    Milviz UH-1 Huey Redux v1.0

    This new module for the Milviz UH-1 Huey Redux has been kindly provided by Graham McNicol. It is released on an 'as-is' basis for those keen to fly the aircraft with LINDA. No default VRi MCP Combo configuration files are provided. Download: Milviz UH-1 Huey Redux v1.0 To install the module: Download and expand the zip file into a suitable accessible location (ie. desktop). Open LINDA and ensure that the aircraft selector is not Sync-ed to Sim and --Aircrafts-- is displayed. Click on the Maintenance option. Under Import Aircraft Module click on Select Source Folder and locate the folder Milviz_UH-1_Huey_Redux_v1_0. Click on Select. Click on Install/Overwrite Module button. Open your Flt Sim and click on Sync To Sim (ensure MILVIZ_Bell_UH1 displayed and outlined in orange). Enjoy. Details of available functions are contained in the Milviz UH-1 Huey-Functions.txt file in the /module/linda/aircrafts/Milviz UH-1 Huey/. Standard default library functions may be used for many operations (eg. landing gear and flaps). See the readme2.pdf file for details on setting up the throttle axis in LINDA and FSUIPC. Please report all issues and suggestion under LINDA Support.
  2. ScotFlieger

    LINDA Q400

    LINDA accesses the Majestic Q400 controls using Lvars supplied. None of these deal with the FMS buttons so I am unable to advise on how to access them. I have the MJC8 Q400 Pro edition 1.020a for P3Dv4.x. It may be that the more expensive Training edition provides the necessary Lvars. See this link.
  3. ScotFlieger

    Button repeat rate

    A single press of a button will be actioned according to its position in the queue and triggers the function assigned to OnPress. If it is held for more than half a second it will repeat until released if a function is assigned to OnRepeat. Unless you have assigned your Glidescope cutoff function to OnRepeat you should not be causing the effect you describe.
  4. ScotFlieger

    Use Keyboard key for Linda Shift Key

    Just to close this issue down, use of the keyboard is dependent on which application has focus. LINDA needs to operate effectively regardless of where the focus is. A limited number of hot keys are used by LINDA but these are system function (ie. restart and minimise) and could not be made generally available.
  5. ScotFlieger

    Not enough timers available

    I sometimes get this too. It does affect operations and I do not have fix.
  6. ScotFlieger

    New 8.33 kHz radio frequency spacing

    Hi Stefan I am aware of the changes across the world to 8.33kHz spacing. In the real world the new spacing are converted to the nearest 3 decimal digit available. Unfortunately, the flight sim world is restricted to 2 decimal digits when entering frequencies and no hardware I know displays frequencies to 3 decimal digits. The offset encoding in FSUIPC (which LINDA relies on) only models 2 decimal digits. I will be no changes until there is a practical way to implement 8.33kHz spacing and 3 decimal digits. VATSIM UK has implemented the policy that when new 8.33kHz frequencies are published and no 2 decimal digital can be used or would interfere with neighbouring stations then the old frequency will be retained.
  7. ScotFlieger

    Milviz Turbo Otter not working

    Does the DHC-3 Turbine Otter appear in the Aircrafts dropdown list? Do you have the folders DHC-3T Otter in your /modules/linda/aircrafts and /modules/linda-cfg/aircrafts folders? Try reinstalling.
  8. ScotFlieger

    Use Keyboard key for Linda Shift Key

    Hi Julian Nice idea but I am not sure how to do it. LINDA avoids using the keyboard because it is aimed at making the programming of joysticks easier. I will keep this in mind should I reopen the GUI code.
  9. ScotFlieger

    QW 146

    Link fixed
  10. ScotFlieger

    FSLabs A320

    Adam There is a major problem interfacing with the FSLabs A3xx aircraft due to the total lack of information provided by the developer. The only buttons I have found access to the non-flat buttons. This was done by a lot of slow interrogation of various outputs when buttons/switches were operated. I was not able to interface with the radios within the simulation although the default LINDA VRInsight MCP and Saitek Radio Panel do work with pilot clients like vPilot. Until FSLabs release more information or their proposed ‘professional’ version then you will not be able to achieve what you describe.
  11. ScotFlieger

    Change Restart Key (ctrl+alt+R)

    Hi Robert The hotkey CTRL+ALT+R for reloading the LINDA LUA Engine is hard coded. It was selected because it did not interfere with other applications. No change is planned.
  12. ScotFlieger

    Disabling Linda in FSUIPC?

    Your choice. Most LINDA users run it all the time.
  13. ScotFlieger

    Disabling Linda in FSUIPC?

    Commenting out the [PROGRAMS] will stop the GUI starting but would allow the LUA part to load and work in the background. This is fine unless you use the Saitek panels.
  14. ScotFlieger

    Disabling Linda in FSUIPC?

    You need to remove or comment out the runif LINDA line in the FSUIPCx.ini [PROGRAMS] block AND remove or rename the LINDA.LUA file in the modules folder. The first part can be done by unchecking the Run with Sim option in LINDA setup. You must then close the LINDA GUI and restart your flt sim.
  15. ScotFlieger

    p3dv4 not responding to vrinsight

    Then please follow this procedure and let me see the logs.