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  1. ScotFlieger

    Can a LINDA plugin be made for VoiceAttack?

    Hi Joe I have not heard of VoiceAttack until today. With my current workload I do not imagine having any time available to even start looking at a plugin.
  2. ScotFlieger

    Aerosoft A320 lua Command Question

    Glad you are getting things to work. When using the Tracer it is best to select just one or two variables to follow. Otherwise you will, as your experienced, get a very, very long list. Use pause and resume to provide some control and enable you to see what is happening. Avoid model data that is changing constantly. When dealing with a Flt Sim (or even a real aircraft) concentrate on outputs you need (normally that displayed) and on inputs (button/knob operations) - the pilot interface. This is the way to control what we need to fly aircraft better. Avoid injecting values deep in the model.
  3. ScotFlieger

    Saitek Radio Panel Baro is stuck in hPa

    I have reviewed the LUA code handling the inHg display on the Radio Panel. I have got it working with no change. However, the integer values of inHg (eg 30.00) were displaying as whole number without the decimal part (eg. 30). I have modified common.lua to correct this. Download this version of common.lua, unzip it and save it in /modules/linda/system. Ensure the LINDA Setup Saitek Panels checkbox is unticked and restart LINDA. This should make the Baro Reference compatible with Trump's backward America :). ISO rules! Further work will be required to change the GUI code for a faster version.
  4. ScotFlieger

    Aerosoft A320 lua Command Question

    Hi Joe The cockpit display settings use the Lvar you identified and there are functions provided (eg. AB_MPL_PFD_Power_) that control these values - search the Airbus actions.lua file in Editor to find them. The Lvars vary from 0 to 20. It the InitVars() function you will find that the default OnVar is set at 16. You can change this to 12 and call AB_MPL_PFD_Power_on() to set it. Similar functions are provided for ND, ND Radar, ECAMU and ECAML. To read the LVar you use: val = ipc.readLvar("AB_MPL_PFD_Power") and write values (0 to 20) to it using: ipc.writeLvar("AB_MPL_PFD_Power", val) Tip: Place new and modified functions in user.lua file. These are loaded after actions.lua and override existing functions of the same name.
  5. ScotFlieger

    Realair Duke Turbine Linda File Question?

    Glad you got it sorted. The LINDA ident.lua needs to match all or part of the installed aircraft directory name. For example, for Aerosoft Airbus A318/319/320/321 the part simfolder entry is "Aerosoft A3" to match all the variants of the aircraft. You can check this my clicking Edit and start typing in the 'Aircraft search string' until you get a unique match to cover all installed variants of an aircraft add-on.
  6. ScotFlieger

    Saitek Radio Panel Baro is stuck in hPa

    I have never used inHg so it have never been a problem before. Let me investigate further.
  7. ScotFlieger

    Realair Duke Turbine Linda File Question?

    Hi Joe I may be wrong, but the RealAir Duke is an older aircraft that is unlikely to be compatible with the P3Dv4 revised add-on structure. It is designed to install in the P3D/simobjects/airplanes directory - this is perfectly valid. LINDA should then find it and correctly identify it. As you suggest you have installed it is the 'new' /documents/prepar3d v4 add-ons directory, you will need to create your own add-on.xml file in the RealAir Duke folder pointing to its SimObjects and Effects folders. The /linda-cfg/aircrafts/realair-duke folder will be empty as no MCP default configurations (config-mcpX.default) are provided - it is too old (2012). If correctly formatted, LINDA will find the aircraft and allocate the module.
  8. ScotFlieger

    Aircraft in Add On Directory

    Looking at your linda2.log you sent me, LINDA correctly identifies the location on your F:/Documents/Prepar3d v4 add-ons/ folder and finds other add-ons located there. You can see for yourself the [TEST] lines. Your aircraft simply needs to comply this. As you have done your own thing with copy/changing locations, I am unable to advise or assist you further. This thread is locked.
  9. ScotFlieger

    Aircraft in Add On Directory

    Check in the /documents/prepar3d v4/add-ons/{your aircraft} and ensure that there is an add-on.xml file. If it does not exist then your aircraft does not conform to the P3Dv4 SDK definition which LINDA uses. Is there a simobjects/airplanes folder in the same directory as below? The add-on.xml for the above example is formatted as follows: You could create a similar add-on.xml with the appropriate paths for simobjects and effects. No changes to LINDA are planned or required to conform with the P3Dv4 standard. I am unable to offer further assistance.
  10. ScotFlieger

    Aircraft in Add On Directory

    Lockheed Martin has provided aircraft add-on developers new options to install their product in new separate locations such as the \documents\prepar3d v4 add-ons. This separates the addons from the main P3D software to facilitate future updates. It also allows the use of existing locations. The developer has to design their installation to use these locations and provide an essential addon.xml file so that P3D (and therefore LINDA) can find the addons objects folder. You can not simply move the aircraft by copying it. I recommend you use original install location. Alternatively, you need to read in detail the P3D SDK documentation to understand the changes.
  11. ScotFlieger

    LINDA tracer help

    I am not sure that LINDA will enable you to achieve your goals. LINDA works with FSUIPC to handle standard HID devices to provide a convenient and powerful tool to add simple and complex functions to the device buttons (ie. button presses) combined into modules for specific aircraft. It is not suitable for rotary encoders. LINDA provide detailed support for the VRInsight Combo panels for which it was original developed. The Tracer was developed to aid module designers. It is a detective tool which involves many hours searching for the data/inputs the designer may need to design the module functions. It is divided into 3 panels. Lau Variables - most add-on aircraft use Lvars to store data, switch positions and commands. Many have understandable names but others not. You reload the current Lvars by clicking on the top link. Clicking on an Lvar with display its current value in the LINDA Console (a live copy of the FSUIPCx.log). One on more Lvars can be monitored while you operate simulated switches and buttons by selecting them and clicking Start. It is not advised to click Start All. You can also toggle the data held in the Lvar between 2 values (default 0 and 1) at the bottom to see the effect. FSUIPC Offsets - these are the offsets defined in the FSX Offsets document (in /modules/fsuipc documents). You can watch these offsets as they change in appropriate format (eg. unsigned double, decimal, binary, etc). Favourite offset values can be defined and monitored in the console. Not all aircraft (especially the more sophisticated ones like FSLabs) conform to the original FSX data values: they use there own internal variables instead. FSX Controls - these are standard control values (see link above) employed by FSX and P3D to control or set specific values. They are referenced using a numerical code and name. Again, not all aircraft comply with these values. Use the various options at the foot of the Console to set the level of analysis, monitored values and filters to aid the search for the information you want. There is no means of seeing what LINDA functions are related to specific Lvars, offsets or controls. This can only be done my searching for values in the module LUA code using the LINDA Editor. You can get a list of available functions in an aircraft module by loading an aircraft and clicking the List Functions link on the LINDA Summary page. Analysing aircraft and developing modules requires a good knowledge of programming and the skills of a detective. It is not something I can lead users through here. The descriptions above should give you a useful start.
  12. ScotFlieger

    Saitek Radio Panel Baro is stuck in hPa

    On LINDA Setup page tick the Developer Mode checkbox. This will enable those options.
  13. ScotFlieger

    MCP Combo can not connect to Linda

    Thank you for sending the files. I can’t view the .lua files until I can get on my PC. The FSUIPC5.log (line 281) indicates that FSUIPC tries to connect to your MCP2 Boeing Combo panel. It gets a serial comport device ID but receives no acknowledgement. It should log the panel type. If it doesn’t then LINDA can not control the panel. Check you have set the correct comport number in LINDA and FSUIPC5.ini This is very similar to another user’s problem I have been looking at. It suggests that may you still have some VRI software running (VRSim of SerialFP2) running. Use the Activity Monitor to ensure that neither is running. Alternatively, the USB/serial connection could be intermittent. Are you hearing the Windows device connect/reconnect tones? To test this run the VRISim program and ensure it connector identifies the panel details. You can test the connection by ticking the read and write checkboxes and repeatedly entering the following commands in uppercase in the write box and clicking the T(est) button: CMDRST, CMDVER, CMDFUN. The latter 2 should return the version number and panel type. If not this may be a new issue with the latest Win10 update
  14. ScotFlieger

    Aircraft in Add On Directory

    By creating a folder in the /LINDA/aircrafts directory means that LINDA will assume it has a valid aircraft module. The absence of one is treated as a FSX Default aircraft and LINDA reverts to the default functions. I am unsure whether or not your workaround will provide a stable working solution. There are no Prosim module written for LINDA.
  15. ScotFlieger

    MCP Combo can not connect to Linda

    Please follow the Fault Diagnosis procedure thread and email me the logs. That will allow me to see what it going wrong.