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  1. There will be no one taking over support of LINDA. Certainly the FSUIPC developer won’t be interested. The LUA code is open sourced and anyone can contribute to updates or new modules. The core UI code requires specialist skills, tools and knowledge.
  2. I am very sorry for not being present on the forum for some time. I deeply regret that I am no longer able to provide any further support for LINDA. This includes commenting online, providing solutions, future updates or answering direct messages. Users are asked to offer advice to any posts. Existing downloads will remain available for present but none will be updated. My apologies to all loyal users over past years - I have enjoyed supporting the flight simulations community.
  3. I assume you have the latest FBW LINDA module 3.1.3. I found no issues with the sync-ing of any of the FCU values using the MCP2 or MCP2A with the virtual cockpit. As with all MCP1 users I cannot guarantee that it will work correctly with this obsolete hardware as I am unable to test the software with it. There can be a delay issue with MSFS where FSUIPC7/WASM are slow to initially respond to any inputs. If you are careful with turning the knobs they should be correct. If they go out of sync then the display should update after one second.
  4. There is a setting in FSUIPC7.INI required to stop the livery mismatch with the FBW A320. I can’t reminder it off the top of my head but refer to the FBW module comments and FSUIPC documentation. EDIT Found it - Edit FSUIPC7.INI to add the entry UseAirLocForProfiles=Yes under the [General] block
  5. There are possible issues with the MCP knob functions. A new version has been released on Github which I have not fully tested yet. FSUIPC7 is best for axes but cannot call LINDA functions. LINDA is better for buttons, switches and MCP knobs. However, for MSFS I am using the MSFS control functions for my Thrustmaster A320 joystick and throttles.
  6. Which Flt Sim, LINDA, FSUIPC and aircraft module versions are you referring to? What VRI MCP do you have?
  7. The line reported is 5755 which contains a read of the Lvar E_FCU_SPEED. This suggests that you are not accessing the Lvars for the Fenix A320 correctly. With MSFS it is essential that FSUIPC7 is correctly configured and the Lvars are correctly loaded. The startup order is also very important. You need to read carefully the notes provided with the module download and amplified here.
  8. Hi Claus Without access to the Honeycomb Throttle hardware there is nothing I can do within LINDA. I brought myself the Thrustmaster Airbus Throttle and Side Stick. These work flawlessly with the Fenix A320.
  9. Please read and follow the Fault Diagnosis Procedure (under LINDA Support) and email me the logs. Make sure that the LINDA Verbose logging is turned on so I can see what is happening.
  10. There is a simple thing called Google search. It can answer most questions. Open Control Panel and select Devices and Printers. Locate the joystick device and right click. Select Game Controller Settings then the device and click Properties.
  11. LINDA will work with HID devices that respond like joysticks. Looking at the internet for information on the VRI Toggle and Button panels suggests this is the case. The LINDA Joystick Page lines should highlight when a button in pressed or switch operated. If this not the case use the Windows properties utility as per the link.
  12. @burm I have taken a look at the module code and it does not contain any of the autopilot functions I would associate with the VRI MCP. The only knob type function relate to the transponder. This does not stop other button functions being assigned to the MCP.
  13. Hi Burm Please do not cut and paste logs into posts. Also please read and follow the Fault Diagnosis Procedure under LINDA Support and ensure the logging is switched on. Then EMAIL me the logs to the address given. I need to see the raw logs to examine them properly. Has LINDA worked previously with P3D and your MCP? Is this a new installation?
  14. The front main page in your second image suggests that LINDA is not running fully. You have Maddog selected by it is not sync-ed to the sim (orange outline). No joysticks are shown connected and you need to tick Developer in Setup LINDA or Defect Diagnosis Mode in Maintenance to be able to select LINDA Tracer. In FSUIPC6.ini you also need to change LogOptionProtect to Yes.
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