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  1. As the Aerosoft Airbus Extended has been withdrawn, the module will not be updated in any event. The newer Aerosoft Airbus A3xx are recommended and the module will be updated when Aerosoft release the P3Dv4.1 ‘professional ‘ version (sometime). We can advise on but not support user hardware. There a number of websites and one Facebook page for home cockpit builders. Learning LAU programming is not difficult. The existing LINDA code can be used to learn from and may be copied and modified. There are also LAU resources online which a simple search will find. However, we cannot teach people this knowledge and skills. The best advise is to start simple and learn from your mistakes.
  2. Potentiometers are not the answer in my opinion. LINDA is designed for the VRi panels which generate an increase (clockwise) or decrease (anti-clockwise) button push for knobs. Only FSUIPC will handle a potentiometer output but this normally translates to axes (pitch, roll, etc). You need a circuit which creates a button push for rotation. These are sometimes referred to as encoders.
  3. Hi Erwin The VRi software is perfectly adequate with the correct configuration file although it does lack the flexibility and added functionality that LINDA offers. The config-mcp.lua file you previously sent me was correctly formatted. It is unlikely the cause of your problems. The key cause is that FSUIPC does not see the panel I am completely baffled as to why the VRi software is communicating and FSUIPC/LINDA is not. I have asked the FSUIPC developer if the fixed connection speed of 115200 bps can be varied to see if your panel has a particular speed issue. I will report back when I here anything.
  4. As you did before. The normal Flt Sim windows are available by selecting right-click, cockpit and your required view. I can only answer LINDA queries not general usage ones.
  5. Hi alean First of all you can ignore the MACOSX folder (should be hidden). I use my Mac to prepare all downloads and it is possible to end up with some hidden MacOS artefacts which have no adverse effect on a PC. Secondly, it is the only the /modules and /sound folders within the download that should be copied to the Flt Sim root directory (eg. C:/P3D/). This will copy all the relevant files into the correct /modules and /sounds directories. This is detailed in Release Notes included with LINDA download. Alternatively, if you already have LINDA 3.x.x installed you can use the Maintenance tab to select the download source and install in automatically. The same process is required for each aircraft module. Finally, I did try ChasePlane but found it conflicted with my existing views so I removed it.
  6. Hi alean I fly with the A320X, P3Dv4.1 and LINDA 3.0.5 almost daily. I have experienced no such problems as you describe. I have no AV software running on my exclusive-use FltSim PC due to issues with false positives with other flt sim software.
  7. Hi Romania Guenseli has given the answer I was about to. Provided the device can be seen by FSUIPC4 as a HID device then LINDA will work with it. Remember that FSUIPC will handle the potentiometers (axes) and LINDA the buttons and switches. There already exists a module for the old Aerosoft Airbus extended here and the new Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 here.
  8. Glad you got it sorted. We are here to help users get the best out of their system using LINDA.
  9. You should not be using any CH control software as this would interfere with LINDA/FSUIPC. I have the same yoke and have never used any windows control driver. Mine works perfectly.
  10. That's fine. The only way I can assist you further is for you to install LINDA 3.0.5 and run the Fault Diagnosis thread procedure and send me the logs. Please read carefully so I get the full debugging information. You say your CH Yoke is not working but have not explained what is not working. Is it the axes or the buttons? Did you backup your LINDA 1.13 installation and copy back your config-hid.lua file(s).
  11. You do not mention what Flt Sim or FSUIPC versions you are using. The minimum versions of FSUIPC4 and FSUIPC5 have changed for LINDA 3.0.5. These are 4.972 and 5.122 respectively (the latest version downloadable from
  12. Hi José There should be nothing in LINDA 3.0.5 that would prevent your CH Yoke working. Remember that no axes (aileron/elevator) are handled by LINDA; only buttons and switches work with LINDA. You need to set these up in FSUIPC (recommended) or in your Flt Sim controls. Also ensure that only one of these is set up to handle the axes otherwise you will get very strange results. I always disable all controls in my Flt Sim and rely on FSUIPC.
  13. Hi McFly Thank you for your report. There is obviously something going wrong with the configuration save. First, can I ask you to install LINDA 3.0.5 and then follow the Fault Diagnosis thread procedure. Then send me the fsuipcX.log and linda2.log together with config-hid.lua for the aircraft you are using (a default aircraft is best). This will allow me to see what is happening. I would also suggest you check that no automatic assignments appear in your Sim controls which could interfere with LINDA. One quick fix is to edit the config-hid.lua and replace {NoSerNum} with the GUI displayed serial numbers in curly brackets.
  14. Problem solved. When rebuilding your system from scratch make sure you install the VRi FDTI USB-Serial Drivers for your VRi MCP panel to work. The VRISIM and SERIALFP2 software is not required for FSUIPC/LINDA to work with the MCP panels but drivers are essential.
  15. Mark, please read the Fault Diagnosis thread and email me the logs. What version of LINDA are you using?