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  1. Hi Peter Welcome to LINDA and the forum. I believe the problem you are having is that you have the wrong config-mcp2.lua configuration for the MCP2. You can check this by opening the MCP Combo page and selecting the MCP (centre sub-panel). The SPD/HDG/ALT/VVS knob function should all have the AB_ prefix. I recommend you ensure you have the latest Aerosoft Airbus 4.4 v3 module which contains a config-mcp2.default file in /linda-cfg/aircrafts/aerosoft airbus/ folder. If it exists, delete the current config-mcp2.lau file and restart LINDA. This should copy the default configuration to your current installation. You may need to make your own assignments for various buttons and switches as when I created the default MCP configurations I did not have a MCP2 to work with.
  2. All the Flt Sims you list original from Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and LM has the licence to develop commercial updates to the original. LINDA must be installed alongside the appropriate version of FSUIPC in the /modules folder in the root directory of each Sim you have installed. LINDA 3.0.1 detects the version it is working with. The is no risk of conflicts as you can only run one version at a time. Note - FSUIPC5 is now available as 5.112.
  3. P3D will allocate some default assignments for devices it recognises. I find it a good idea to save my configuration because I have found these unwanted defaults can be reapplied. The tick box will stop P3D using any device. The only problem I have found is that it also remove the HAT pan view which I use a lot in the virtual cockpit. Unless you are using the Saitek pro flight panels then you should not need to do anything with Spad and LINDA. You can leave them installed but I would using one or the other to avoid confusing yourself.
  4. Hi Colin Welcome to LINDA. As P3Dv4, FSUIPC5, LINDA and SPAD each process inputs from HID devices, you will find none has priority. You must ensure that only one piece of software is assigned to handle a particular button or axis. FSUIPC and P3Dv4 will conflict with each other for axes given unexpected result. Likewise, all the above can interfere with each other when handling buttons. For your Leo Bodnar USB board you need to decide which to use and delete all other assignments. For example, if you want LINDA to handle a button, you must delete that button actions in P3Dv4 and FSUIPC5.
  5. Hi VBV109 Please follow the diagnosis thread above and send me the fsuipc5.log, linda2.log and your aircraft's config-mcps.lua files. This will allow me to help you.
  6. Hi Paul I would need to see some video (iPhone) to understand what you are seeing. I would like LINDA to provide a fully functional display.
  7. Hi Rozel As I am sure you are aware LINDA is good for dealing with discrete button pushes (on/off). All axes have to be handled by FSUIPC. I don't know of a way for FSUIPC to convert a position into a discrete event for LINDA to handle. The only way I can suggest is to write a LUA function that monitors the primer state and then triggers the switch. This function would need to be placed in the aircraft's user.lua and inside a timer so that it is checked regularly (1Hz) or called by an event triggered by a change to a Lvar.
  8. I just changed TEST to FIR1 in the DspShow function to make it meaningful when displayed on the MCP.
  9. Hi Steve You were almost there. You condition test needs to be the opposite to what you had (_tl(lvar), 0) not _tl(lvar), 1). You also need the AB_FIRE_ENG1_TEST_on and _off functions. Another tip is to do one action at a time. Get that working and then copy and amend for the remaining actions. As I said, when developing a new function, you can right-click on the function name to test it works before doing any assignments. Here's your starter for ten: function AB_FIRE_ENG1_TEST_on () ipc.writeLvar("AB_FIRE_ENG1_TEST", 1) LightSwitch () DspShow ("Fir1", "on") end function AB_FIRE_ENG1_TEST_off () ipc.writeLvar("AB_FIRE_ENG1_TEST", 0) LightSwitch () DspShow ("Fir1", "off") end function AB_FIRE_ENG1_TEST_toggle () if _tl("AB_FIRE_ENG1_TEST", 0) then AB_FIRE_ENG1_TEST_on () else AB_FIRE_ENG1_TEST_off () end end With your 3-position landing light switch problem, you may need to use 2 or 3 inputs on your USB card. Each position would then represent a button for OFF and ON and possibly RETRACT switch positions. A different function (OFF/ON/(RETRACT)) would be assigned to each button OnPress and you may need to assign another function to the OnRelease to cancel the selection. This is how the Saitek switch panel configuration (see release notes for Saitek setup).
  10. Hi Steve The place to start is to open the LINDA Tracer to identify the LVars used for the buttons you wish to control. After ensuring you have the correct LVars List (click on Reload LVars list) and then type a search string in the filter box (ie. FIRE). Then observing the button/switch you are interested in the cockpit and click on Set Value toggle to see the effect. Some values toggle from 0 to 1, others range from 0 to 100. You can also Watch these LVars by clicking Start and seeing the values on the LINDA Console (set at least to Verbose). Try clicking on the button/switch in the cockpit and note the values. You will need to create any new functions in the users.lua file (in /modules/linda/aircrafts/aerosoft airbus/). The Aerosoft Airbus does not implement all buttons and switches unlike the FSLabs A320X. Once you have the information, I would start by finding a function that results in a similar action in actions.lua. Copy it to users.lua and modify it with the LVars identified. You can test a function by Saving users.lua, entering CTRL+ALT+R (to restart the LUA engine) and then right-clicking on the new function name. It is very much a trial and error process but you will learn how LINDA and LUA works.
  11. Hi Charly You can certainly generate a module for the Aerosoft CRJ release and submit here. Unfortunately, Guenseli is presently on holiday and is unable to comment on whether he already has a module in preparation. The earliest you will get an answer is the end of August.
  12. Hi Stefan All VRI Combo MCP panels (original MCP1, MCP2 Boeing and MCP2a Airbus) will work with the latest LINDA 3.0.1 with FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv3 (all 32-bit) and P3Dv4 64-bit flight simulators with all aircraft modules including PMDG Boeings. You only need to ensure that you use the correct module function assignments to the MCP buttons and knobs. In most cases, default configurations for each MCP type are contained in the config-mcpX.default file. Make sure you download the latest module for the aircraft you are using. If you do not get the default assignments, delete the existing config-mcpX.lua file and restart LINDA. This will copy the available default settings into a new config-mcpX.lua file.
  13. Glad we got you sorted Roger
  14. Please use one login account. You appear to have 2 asking the same question.
  15. LINDA will not work with VRInsight SerialFP2.exe. You only need to install the serial drivers. Do not run the SerialFP2 software and only start LINDA. You also need LINDA 3.0.1 installed.