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  1. @waqar_mw the simple answer is no. The available data is limited and insufficient for me to provide anything useful or reliable. See the unofficial module that has been posted. Please do not expect anything soon. In the meantime I continue to use P3D as this provides the best flying experience.
  2. There are no changes at this time. Still under investigation.
  3. Module link reinstated under Downloads
  4. Try Function Condition_Lever_dec() I = 0 while I < 30 do ipc.control(65771) I = I + 1 end end
  5. With thanks to @Petraeus I have reissued the Captain Sim B757 module in standard form. This remains an unofficial and unsupported module.
  6. Please email it to LINDA @ awginfosys.net
  7. This is an unofficial module that I do not have access to. The link has not worked for more than a year. See comments.
  8. @joeherwig thank you for your contribution to LINDA. I am studying FSUIPC WASM and your Github items at the moment. The one thing I can't seem to do is to read and write to Hvars which appear to cover most of the buttons/functions we would need to produce a usable LINDA module.
  9. OK - difficult when I am trying to support 3 versions of LINDA. If you examine the fsuipc5.log file you will see the error that is causing LINDA to fail. The config-sys.lua file in /fsuipc5/linda-cfg/system is missing. This is correct the first time LINDA runs from a new installation. LINDA should create this file for you and the error will be removed on the second run or when you restart using the Reload LUA Engine link. Check /linda-cfg/system/config-sys.lua exists. If not run LINDA on its own and then restart everything. If you still have problems, re-run the fault diagnosis procedure and let me see the new logs.
  10. Hi Claus, I received your logs. Your first post says that you have installed P3Dv5. For this you need FSUIPC6 and LINDA 3.2.6. Your logs report that you are running the previous versions that only work with P3Dv4 and FSX SE.
  11. Thank you for the link. I will need some time to absorb the information and see how LINDA can be modified to exploit it. I may be some time……
  12. This is news to me. I will need to investigate. Do you have any links?
  13. Hi Claus, as before I need you to run the fault diagnosis procedure and email me the logs. I can’t see what you have done to your system this time.
  14. Thank you for pointing out my error. When I did a quick issue of LINDA 4.0.5 I did not edit the common.lua to update the displayed version number. It reads 4.0.4 at present until I can fix it.
  15. @lupus42 As I suspected there is no offset I can find that would could the 208 Fuel Boost switch. All the fuel pumps functions are either on or off (2 position). You will need to control the switch using the mouse in cockpit.
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