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  1. If there is no logging in the Console what LINDA debug level do you have set? You need to set VERBOSE (as described in the Fault Diagnosis thread). You also need to edit FSUIPC5.ini to change the LogOptions entry. I have emailed you asking for the FSUIPC5.log but can you also send me the FSUIPC5.ini too?
  2. Hi Fleahead Sorry to hear about you Issue and thank you for the comprehensive summary. It sounds like LINDA LUA code has a problem. Open the LINDA Console and check that there are no error lines. You also don’t say what aircraft you are using. Please follow the Fault Diagnosis reporting thread and let me see your log files.
  3. Hi ham123 This suggests that you 3.0.3 installation is incorrect. I would need to see the logs to investigate further. Please follow the Fault Diagnosis thread procedure.
  4. Hi gb I have also spotted that. It does not affect LINDA operation so it will take a back seat until I have time to look at it.
  5. hi Eric, Yes. I suggest you do use the beta previous posted above and the workaround. The A320X is corrupting LINDA when you start P3Dv41 with A320X as your default configuration. I don’t have a full solution yet.
  6. It does work. As I said start P3D4.1 with a default aircraft and then and only then select the A320X.
  7. Hi Charly You will a module for the FSLabs A320X under the Download sub-forum. It is only issues as a beta due to the lack of a SDK from FSLabs. It will operate most buttons, switches and knobs except a number of 'flat' buttons (like Master Warning/Caution). There is no way at present read and display data on the FCU. Additionally, if you read the Support sub-forum on the subject, you will the recommendation to load P3Dv4.1 using a default aircraft before loading A320X. Otherwise, LINDA fails to work correctly.
  8. UPDATE: There is an initialisation sequencing issue with FSLabs A320 v2 which is stopping LINDA LUA startup working correctly. I have spent a number of hours trying to isolate the cause but I have no answers at present. In the meantime, start P3Dv4.1 with a default or A2A training aircraft first and when LINDA READY load A320X. Anyone having issues with this workaround should follow the Fault Diagnosis procedure thread and send me the files stating this is the case.
  9. New link copied to original post. I’ve locked the thread so email/pm me with any updates.
  10. Hi Pete Welcome to the LINDA community forum. Generating a module takes a lot of personal time mainly by Guenseli and, in some cases, myself. We work on those aircraft that, firstly, interest us, there is a popular demand for, and, most important, for which a SDK is available. It also depends on support from the aircraft add-on producers for their support and encouragement. LINDA is a free to use product for the very reason you raise. If we charged users would have an expectation of new modules for every new release. Users are very welcome to us the core LINDA and other modules as examples of how to design and develop their own modules for aircraft they wish to use. LUA is a simple to learn programming language and imitating code from existing code is the easier way to learn. There are plenty of online references for syntax. The only proviso I would ask is that the resulting module is shared here with other users. I hope that answers you question.
  11. Hi Stinger Even if you do not have the named files (config-mcpX.default) in LINDA-CFG, you do need the 2 nested folders so that LINDA can save the user's configuration files. What version of LINDA are you currently using? I can only support the latest released version.
  12. Hi Gordon Welcome to the LINDA community forum. I can not tell you directly whether LINDA will work with your CP Flight MCP as I have no direct experience. LINDA will work with most devices than generate a button push that can be detected by FSUIPC (full version). It will only work with knobs if they also generate a series of button pushes when they are rotated. The biggest problem you will have is out of data to any displays. LINDA was originally designed and built around the VRi Combo MCP panels. It works with both the Boeing and Airbus variants. I hope that helps.
  13. Hi Stinger Thank you for uploading your new module. You caught off guard there. Your module contains too many files which I would ask you to correct and repost the module. When issuing a new module it is important that no existing user configuration files are overwritten (to avoid complaints mostly from Guenseli). Only those files listed below should be included. The correct structure is: /LINDA ...... /aircrafts .............. /{aircraft name} ........................ /actions.lua ........................ /ident.lua ........................ /readme.txt ........................ /{aircraft name}-functions.txt -- generated by using link /LINDA-CFG ...... /aircrafts .............. /{aircraft name} ........................ /config-mcp.default -- if available ........................ /config-mcp2.default -- if available ........................ /config-mcp2a.default -- if available ........................ /config-user.default -- if available There is an automatic means to create this structure via the Maintenance page which needs further work but is useable. To generate a new module from your system: Select your aircraft from the aircraft dropdown (top of page). Press and hold CTRL and double click on the Maintenance link. If you own a VRi Combo panel, clicking on Create MCP Config Files to generate the config-mcp.lua and config-mcp2a.lua from the your config-mcp2.lua setup. Again if you own a VRi Combo Panel, clicking on Create MCP Default Files will convert the above config-mcpX.lua to config-mcpX.default files. Under Export Aircraft Module, click on Select Target Folder and use directory point to where the module is to be saved. Click on Export New Module. This will place all the required files in a folder named {aircraft name}-version_number.txt. Use Explorer to check all the files listed above are present. Zip the folder ready for posting. If you have any questions please come back to me.
  14. I don’t have time to respond fully now but read the LINDA release notes. For 3.0.3 you can use the Maintenance page to install a module automatically.
  15. Hi Busychild thank you for the logs. As reported by some other users, you need to start P3Dv4 with a default aircraft before loading FSLabs A320X. I am still investigating the underlying issue.