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  1. I am unable to assist you as I do not own this aircraft. My colleague @guenselimay be able to help when he gets some time to look at it. We do not do this full time.
  2. @edreedyk thank you for the logs you sent. I have checked the MCP1(original) LUA code and can confirm that all the knobs (CRS/SPD/HDG/ALT/VS) only operate their specific functions in Mode 1. Although the GUI allows Mode 2 & 3 functions to be assigned, these are not executed. As I do not own an original MCP panel, I will not attempt to change any of the LUA code. I could not test the changes or guarantee not to make the code unusable.
  3. I have just re-read your comment the USB card is initially working and then stops. This points to the very annoying Win10 habit of switching power off to USB ports if not used. See this post covering how to turn off this feature. The logs you sent indicate that everything else is working as expected.
  4. Please read and follow the fault diagnosis procedure and email me the logs.
  5. Check that your FSUIPC6 is correctly registered (see fsuipc6.log). There is a button you must click during installation. Do you have valid functions assigned to your devices? Test using a default aircraft.
  6. The repeat speed is set for best performance for running the LUA code. It is always recommended that for fast actions that FSUIPC be used.
  7. @Rulerthank you for that reminder. I spent this morning analysing the code and found an error which meant that the serial numbers were not indexed correctly. I am waiting for confirmation the fix works (3.2.5).
  8. I am afraid that you will find that the CS757 may not conform to the full implementation of the other aircraft modules you mention. It is not supported by the LINDA team. Additional code using Lvars and other data is required to communicate fully with the MCP and aircraft especially if the aircraft does not conform with FSX Default standards. There is not much more I can add to help you.
  9. @finair I can’t help you with the module as it not under my control. Does the MCP work with other aircraft, ie default aircraft?
  10. Files received thank you. I will investigate in the morning.
  11. @finiair you will find that the CS757 config-hid.lua file is trying to reference a device that you have since disconnected. Either plug all your devices in or open the file and delete the block for device 1690FE130 starting at line 35.
  12. LINDA does not use the Windows allocated ID number. It only uses the VID, PID and serial no. It is not happy if devices are unplugged or the USB ports are changed. I see that your USB Cards do have different serial numbers. This should sufficient. Please email to Linda @ awginfosys.net the 2 config-hid.lua files found in /Linda-cfg/system and /Linda-cfg/aircrafts/{your aircraft}.
  13. Laminar Research is X-Plane. Do you mean Lockheed Martin for P3D? Thank you for the update.
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