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  1. Aerosoft VRi 10% Discount Offer

    For EU users you may be interested in a Aerosoft 10% discount offer off VRi MCP Combo (Boeing and Airbus) Panels. These are what LINDA was developed to use.
  2. Module Requests - please read

    I have just brought the JF C152 and will start looking at a module. However, most default functions appear to work fine.
  3. New User Help

    Hi Burm Please follow the Fault Diagnosis procedure here and email me the logs. This will show what is not working for you. You refer to the latest PMDG 737NGX preset 4.11. This is the MODULE which contains default settings for the MCP Panels. These only apply if you have not already saved a MCP assignments for your system. If you want to revert to the default settings you to backup and delete your existing config-mcpX.lua file (X is the version of your panel). The file is located in /modules/Linda-cfg/aircrafts/PMDG 737NGX/.
  4. Prepar3D 4.2, FSLabs A320X and LINDA 3.0.5

    Glad you got it sorted. Enjoy.
  5. Flight1 King Air B200 ?

    Please email me the module you have and I will reinstate the link (Linda @
  6. Prepar3D 4.2, FSLabs A320X and LINDA 3.0.5

    Hi Minoan Welcome to the LINDA forum. You have the correct versions of LINDA and FSUIPC for P3Dv4.2. Note FSUIPC version does not handle LINDA assignments. I have just double checked and there are no problems assigning functions from the FSLabs A320X module (v0.10a beta) to joystick buttons. The available functions are limited (hence the beta status) due to the lack of a SDK from FSLabs. Only the switches and knobs can be read. The flat buttons and display data are unavailable. Please ensure that Sync to Sim in activated (aircraft outlined in orange). If the problem persists please follow the Fault Diagnosis thread and email me the log files.
  7. LINDA via XUIPC to X-Plane?

    XPUIPC does not provide the interface capabilities of FSUIPC and SimConnect available to FSX/P3D. XP is a totally different beast. I do not intend to carry out any further investigation for the foreseeable future. Sorry.
  8. Input Lag PMDG

    Those functions are correct. Please try a self-test of your MCP. Operate the AP Disengage switch (down). Turn on power to the MCP. Operate the SPD knob and ensure that the Test Mode display SPD + for clockwise and SPD - for anti-clockwise.
  9. Input Lag PMDG

    Hi Eric You still don’t say what aircraft. If the SPD function is operating in the opposite sense then I suspect that the wrong assignments appear in the your set up. I checked my PMDG737 today and it is working correctly. Please list the MCP SPD functions against the entries.
  10. Input Lag PMDG

    Which PMDG aircraft and module versions are you using? What functions do you have assigned to the SPD knob?
  11. VRinsight CDU III for p3dv4

    The VRi CDUs have 2 separate feeds - one input and one output. INPUT. You will need the VRi USB drivers installed whether or not you use their software or LINDA to detect and action any button push. You can only use one piece of interface software. If you wish to use LINDA then make sure that the VRi software is not running. The CDU should appear as a joystick device if it works with LINDA (see Setup Joysticks page) and pressing a button should highlight a button line of the Joysticks page. OUTPUT. With regard to the blank display, you need to connect to P3D and open the appropriate 2D panel for the CDU and position it on the CDU display. It forms one of your simulator displays.
  12. Prepar3D 4.2, FSLabs A320X and LINDA 3.0.5

    There are changes to P3Dv4.2 which is causing problems with SimConnect and add-ons like FSUIPC and therefore LINDA. You need FSUIPC 5.123e or revert to 5.122. If LINDA 3.0.5 ‘freezes’ or becomes slow to respond, close and reopen the GUI.
  13. Prepar3D 4.2, FSLabs A320X and LINDA 3.0.5

    Thank you lonewulf. I am aware of the 'not enough timers available' message. I do not know the cause and, if it does appear, it can stop LINDA being re-started. However, if you open and close LINDA from within FSUIPC5 you should not get this message.
  14. Console Window

    Hi Chris Changes I made to the Console in the last release caused the pause you report. I have yet to find time to rectify the issue. There is nothing you can do except click on Resume.
  15. Prepar3D 4.2, FSLabs A320X and LINDA 3.0.5

    I'm flying fine just now. Descending into EGLL.