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  1. ScotFlieger

    Saitek Multipanel AP knobs

    Hi Klaus The LINDA implementation for the Saitek Multi Panel is designed around the Default FSX auto pilot functions. These may not work with more advanced aircraft like the A2A Bonanza. There is a way to get around this provided the aircraft correctly updates the default offset values. I do not have the Bonanza and am unable to verify exactly what I am about to say will work. You need to go to the LINDA Setup page and disable (untick) the Saitek Panels checkbox. Also you need to ensure that all the Saitek Multi and Radio panels on Setup Joysticks page are enabled. You should then be able to assign the appropriate functions to the buttons you require in the Joysticks assignment page for each panel. For a Push ON/Push OFF button you do need to use the _toggle function as you suggest. For Multi Panel mode switch you need to refer to the Release Notes Annex and use the SAI_MULTI_MODE_alt, _vs, _ias, etc functions.
  2. ScotFlieger

    NEW LINDA 3.0.9 - 32- & 64-bit Compatible (18 Sep 2018)

    LINDA 3.0.9 adds the new GSX library (see notes).
  3. ScotFlieger

    New - QW787 Dreamliner v0.8 beta (12 Sep 18)

    Updated to Beta v0.8 thanks to contributions from Peter Harrison adds Overhead Emergency Lights adds Primary Flight Computer adds IRS adds Passenger Signs adds Window Heaters adds Anti Ice adds Autobrake
  4. ScotFlieger

    NEW Aerosoft A3XX Professional v0.6 beta (24 Jul 18)

    I Have confirmed that the Aerosoft Airbus A3XX Pro module 0.6 works with the newly released A320 and A321 as well as th A318 and A319. Users will need to copy their FSUIPC axes assignments to the new aircraft.
  5. ScotFlieger

    linda P3DV4 MCP Combo 1

    Hi Christen Thank you for your detailed explanation to solving your underlying problem. I am very wary of installation anything of unknown origin. P3Dv4 has complicated where the various add-on aircraft are installed with multiple locations for the add-ons.cfg and add-ons.xml files are stored. I have had to do some detailed programming to scan all the relevant ones to identify what aircraft are available. I am pleased you have identified the cause. I have emailed you my analyse of the files you sent me. Basically, the old original MCP1 is not available to us and we are unable to populate the default assignments with the aircraft specific functions. MCP1 in most cases have to do this themselves.
  6. ScotFlieger

    linda P3DV4 MCP Combo 1

    Hi Christian I need the raw logs not copies cut-and-pasted and saved in Word. You should read the full fault diagnosis procedure which asks you to email me the files (the email address is given). There is no need to use dropbox.
  7. ScotFlieger

    linda P3DV4 MCP Combo 1

    You need to go to the Setup MCP Combo page and tick the Enabled checkbox for the MCP to be recognised. Then close and restart LINDA and P3D to force it to initialise.
  8. ScotFlieger

    linda P3DV4 MCP Combo 1

    Also email me the file modules\linda/aircrafts/mjc8q400/actions.lua
  9. ScotFlieger

    LUA Error: error loading module

    Read the procedure. It is there.
  10. ScotFlieger

    linda P3DV4 MCP Combo 1

    Please email the log so I can analyse them. DO NOT POST LOGS TO THE FORUM. THEY BECOME UNREADABLE.
  11. ScotFlieger

    LUA Error: error loading module

    Ok. Please carefully read and follow the Fault Diagnosis procedure and email me your logs.
  12. ScotFlieger

    LUA Error: error loading module

    Hi Rudi If the reported file is corrupt simply delete it and restart LINDA. Ensure that you are using the most up to date version of LINDA 3.0.8 and FSUIPC.
  13. ScotFlieger

    linda P3DV4 MCP Combo 1

    Hi Eliott I am sorry to hear you have started to experience problems with your LINDA setup. First, I recommend that you update to LINDA 3.0.8 along with FSUIPC5 5.140. Secondly, I would ask you to carefully read and follow the Fault Diagnosis procedure and send me the logs files. This will allow me to see what is happening. Because your problem affects your MCP1, you will also need to open the LINDA Console and tick the Log VRi Events checkbox once you have your aircraft loaded. Then operate the affected MCP1 buttons and knobs to see the effect.
  14. Updating LINDA to a new version makes no changes to your existing configuration settings. None of the configuration files (config-hid.lua, config-mcpX.lua, etc) are included in the download. However, the release notes strongly recommend that you make backups your /linda and /linda-cfg folders before updating. If any of the necessary configuration files is not present (as for a new installation) these are generated from default settings when LINDA is run for the first time.
  15. ScotFlieger

    VRInsight FCU Combo and LINDA

    Hi Daniel I am sorry that you feel you have not had the support you expect from me for our free product. I have done all I am able and I cannot reproduce your fault condition with my system. I have tested your FSUIPC/LINDA setup again today with several aircraft (default, AS A319 Pro, FSLabs A320X and PMDG 737NGX). My VRi FCU Panel works with your installation perfectly every time . Perhaps your should return your panel to Aerosoft or contact VRInsight. LINDA is a free to use product, supported in our free time. If you are so unhappy please look elsewhere. I can offer no more support or relieve your frustration. We have plenty of satisfied users. I am closing this thread.