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  1. has there ever been a solution to this? I have exactly the same problem and whatever sceneries I deactivate, the indexer never goes past weather\themes. draci
  2. was this ever solved? My indexer hangs as well at weather themes...
  3. Hi, the combination of the two programs' latest builds doesn't work for me anymore. The connection works (PSX all green) and the traffic in Real Traffic shows but strange enough the Real Traffic button "broadcast to 3rd party add-ons" is greyed out and I'm quite sure that this hasn't been the case in older versions. The metar in real traffic shows "unrecognised airport" and the Real Traffic map doesn't track my aircraft in flight. The Real Traffic manual says "everything is preconfigured for use with PSX" so it could be that the "broadcast"-button is no longer needed to be ticked but since Real Traffic doesn't seem to know where I am I rather guess that there is really a problem broadcasting traffic data from Real Traffic to PSX. Any help on the matter appreciated,thx.
  4. Thanks for your quick reply, jabloom, I think the problem resides on the side of VoxATC because it generates flights that only approximately replicate the traffic.bgl files (Honestly, I can't imagine why: If Tegwyn can make Vox respect the traffic.bgls, so why isn't there an exact replica at least of flight numbers???? This should be easy to achieve and there is no need for a random assignment, I understand that you need a time buffer for departure and arrival times, and flight delays are realistic, but the flight number should be accurate at least). So it's not surpising that AI companion has two versions of the same flight, one from the traffic.bgl schedule and the one injected into the sim by VoxATC, they share their arrival and departure airports, but they have different flight numbers and therefore AI companion does not recognize them as the same flight. There's no hope that we get help from Tegwyn's side but perhaps we can make the AI companion developer adapt his tool in such a way that it considers two flights as equal if arrival/departure airports and the airline carrier are the same and the departure/arrival times are sufficiently close to each other, but on the other hand the flight numbers are simply ignored. This would in fact solve at least part of the problem. Cheers
  5. I like this nice little tool, too. Did you manage to see arrival and departure airport and times also in Live View? So far I only get Status information (taxi, enroute etc.) in Live View and Arrival and Departure Airport only in Airport View, the same which is basically provided by STB (Super Traffic Board) as well and STB has been available for years (at least for FSX) although not for free. What I'm looking for is a correct status message with correct flight number, times and dep/dest on the SAME traffic board
  6. Did Tegwyn update all versions from FSX to P3Dv4 or did he simply add a P3Dv5 one? I'm vividly interested in those "bug fixes" since in the past with every new bug fixed at least another one which had not been there before was introduced. Does anybody know WHICH bugs have been addressed if any?
  7. This problem has been around at least since version 6.52 and the developer has been well aware of this bug for many years. I've written to him a thousand times and pointed this out equally often here in the forum. In fact, it would be trivial for Tegwyn to correct it with one or two simple lines of programming: Some 55 miles out (when the arrival weather is available in the ATIS stream, force VOX to update arrival ATIS and postpone the handover to approach until let's say 45 miles out such that the pilot gets the chance to listen to the ATIS broadcast with correct arrival weather and to make approach assign the correct runway) It would be really THAT easy, but unfortunately the developer does not communicate with his customers at all, another sad fact which has been well known here for years...
  8. I'am asking this question since I would like the FSGlobal 2020 Next Generation mesh which was recently released for P3Dv4/5 also in FSX. The developers told me that the product is not compatible with the 32bit sims since they allegedly use another file format, but somehow I doubt that this is true. Is there something like a "64 bit mesh"? I guess you guys here in this forum should know the answer whether there is a difference and more importantly whether I can install or transform the P3Dv4/5 mesh to FSX. I think of a reverse engineering process like decompiling the FSGlobal mesh BGL files for P3dv47v5 to a format (possibly some image format?) such that I can recompile them using programs like resample.exe to a bgl-format that FSX (and also P3Dv3) understands.
  9. I have used FSFlightkeeper for more than 20 years now via network in FSX with a valid license and no problems. Since beginning of 2020 I am suddenly having a strange problem. After initialisation of the ACARS device, it says "Trial Period ended" and can't be started although my license is still valid. Setting back the system time to an earlier date in 2019 resolves the problem, but as you can imagine, changing the system time is not really the workaround that I would like to use. Can anybody confirm this problem? Or even better: Did anybody already find another solution than mine? Any help greatly appreciated. Regards, draci
  10. I can confirm thatt VADriver was right: For the last 5 flights Vox always used the first frequency in the runways.txt file if an airport had multiple frequencies for the same station, so this can be considered solved. Thx vadriver, once again.
  11. Thank you vadriver for the excellent hint, strange that I've never tried this before, I'm going to check this out on my next few flights and report back.
  12. Thank you vadriver once again for the hint, I'm going to check this out on my next few flights and report back.
  13. Hi to all, Does anybody know how VoxATC decides which frequency to use if there are multiple options? For example, in reality many aiports have multiple approach frequencies and depending on the sector an aircraft approaches from, one of these will be assigned. I don't think that the sims (FSX, P3D, Xplane) support different frequencies in different sectors of the same airport, so I assume that Vox simply reads the frequencies in the order they are listed in the airport.bgl file, but so far, I didn't manage to find out the logic according to which a frequency is picked. It's neither always the lowest nor the highest one. Does anybody know how Vox prioritises the frequencies? I assume Vox simply takes the first frequency that it listed in the bgl. but how can I see the order of frequencies in the airport.bgl file? Is there an external program (ADE,AFX) that shows the frequencies in the right order such that for example the prioritised frequency always shows on top in the frequency list? Best regards draci
  14. This happens if your aircraft enters a region for which Vox ATC doesn't find a matching FIR entry in its bglcenters.dat file. It then defaults to "Anchorage Oceanic Center". If you use fsaerodata by any chance, the problem is that they use incomplete and inaccurate FIR boundaries (which default FSX does at well) and still haven't fixed this (although it's payware!). My workaround was to define my own FIR regions with correct frequencies over the whole world which is, of course, a lot of tedious work. I did it gradually, flight by flight during the last year and by now I have about 90% of the global FIR's covered. I wrote my own little program to match the bglcenters.dat structure, and used a combination of Google earth and internet resources to define the FIR polygons to match the FIR boundaries correctly. I can confirm that after indexing VoxATC uses my FIRData correctly. draci
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