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  1. The error seems to happen with or without changes in the VA-settings, thanks vadriver for trying to help. I look further. Cheers draci
  2. Suddenly having a strange issue on every flight. Never had a problem with VoxAtc before. I get a fatal error on every flight, VOX somehow thinks that my assigned gate (in the error log below Gate 105 at ZGGG) is already occupied and responds with a fatal error. I'm using parking codes to reserve a gate at the destination. Worked perfectly so far. Below is the relevant section of the error log with the error in bold..Does anybody have an idea what could cause this? The only change I've made recently is reduce the AI number of flights in the user bubble, since I use PXseecon to generate enroute flights, I set these to 0 in the VA-settings, but I don't think that this causes the parking issue. Any help appreciated. Draci <MaxParkedAircraft Value="50" /> <MaxEnrouteAircraft Value="0" /> <MaxTerminalAircraft Value="20" /> <MaxParkedHelicopters Value="0" /> <HelicopterTrafficDensity Value="0" /> <MaxProgTaxiInstructions Value="20" /> <TrafficGeneratedAtAllAirports Value="FALSE" /> 16:21:40.9049429 Current Position = 23.3551620390128 113.29978166329 482.458041636172 VADI key pressed event : 42 RSC Key pressed 16:22:06.2782490 Current Position = 23.3713794048867 113.304176479881 163.857015240527 VADI key released event : 21 VADI key released event : 42 Instructor State set to ISRollOut 36491031 Ins Text set : Taxi clear of runway 36491031 Prompt disabled 36491031 Prompt Text set : ATSO exception gate one zero five already assigned parking at com.intworkings.voxatc.ParkManager.AssignComponent(Aircraft acIn, AerodromeComponent acpIn) at com.intworkings.voxatc.Aerodrome.GetGateOrPark(Aircraft acIn, AircraftType atIn, Boolean alwaysReturnAC) at com.intworkings.voxatc.ASSLanding.SendClearInstructions() at com.intworkings.voxatc.ASSLanding.Moved(Position posIn) at com.intworkings.voxatc.ATSO.CheckMovements() at com.intworkings.voxatc.ATSO.Run() at com.intworkings.voxatc.TerminalATSO.Run() at com.intworkings.voxatc.ATSOWorker.ActiveRun() 36511844 Ins Text set : FATAL ERROR! disable VoxATC 16:22:41.3881182 Current Position = 23.3875611343878 113.308548541465 62.7058577646905 VADI key pressed event : 42 RSC Key pressed VADI key released event : 42 VADI key pressed event : 52 RSC Key pressed VADI key released event : 52 VADI key pressed event : 42 RSC Key pressed VADI key released event : 42 VADI key pressed event : 42 RSC Key pressed VADI key released event : 42 AI Aircraft Count = 40
  3. There's no longer a checkbox for this in the latest version and the manual doesn't say anything about whether or how it can be set in the parameters.cfg file. I always get aircraft not following the taxiways if an airport in P3D/MSFS doesn't match its real world counterpart exactly, that's why for realism it's important to me to get AI aircraft from PSXseecon only if I'm airborne. Can you give me that option back or do I simply miss where to set it in the latest version?
  4. Can I expect this in the near future? Regards draci
  5. Dear Hans, have you ever solved your problem? I think you do everything right, but the procedure simply doesn't work anymore in the current version by just another program bug that was introduced in the latest version.
  6. Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm getting the FREEZE as well.
  7. yes, I actually am. Strange... I have the suspicion that Vox only reads AFCADS for sceneries listed in the scenery.cfg and ignores everything added via addon.xml-files? Can anybody confirm this?
  8. The Vox Indexer somehow doesn't find my add-on AFCAD's. This is obvious since ground still assigns me a taxi route via taxiways from the stock airport. That explains why it doesn't respect my parking codes, Most of my add-ons are located in C:\P3DAddons, some in P3Dv5/AddonScenery. How do I make them know to the indexer, vadriver, of course they have highest priority but they are loaded into P3Dv5 via addon-files and not in the scenery.cfg-file, perhaps this is my mistake?
  9. Sorry, yes I meant the "aircraft.cfg" file. What I still don't understand is that VOX uses the spot reserved for my airline for other aircraft. I think this has never been the case in earlier versions. It has always been enough for me to simply remove all the other parking codes from all the other gates and parkings on the airport in order to make all these other spots available for any type/airline of AI-aircraft. Then there should be no reason for Vox to park an AI - aircraft in my reserved spot since this spot is the only one with a conflicting parking code.
  10. Thank you vadriver, I will check the gate types.
  11. I believe to remember that the parking radius for the PMDG747 was 32.0, but in my afcad it is even set to 45.0, nevertheless Vox sends my 747-8i to a remote parking in KDEN instead of the preselected gate. Is there anything else to do than simply setting atc_airline in the aircraft.cfg to the airline-code I set in ADE? I believe to remember that this was sufficient in older versions?
  12. thank you, vadriver, again for your valuable help. To summarize, this means for me parking codes don't work anymore. I can't really understand why every new VoxATC version while providing (usually very few) useful new features like the use of traffic.bgls to generate traffic (just to mention an example) at the same time breaks many features that worked ok in the old versions. For me the best and least error-prone version of all was 6.52 . This together with the obnoxious non-existence of support for many years would usually mean for me that the add-on is to be abandoned, but in this case there is no (and unfortunately never has been) a real alternative to VoxATC. For me the best and least error-prone version of all was 6.52, I will try to get it working in P3D5 using my own humble programming skills. This has worked for me in good old FSX times.
  13. I can't get VoxAtc to respect my parking codes and assign a certain preset gate specific for my airline in P3Dv5 .This hasn't been a problem in earlier versions of VoxATC and FSX. For my test I used the PMDG 747-8i variant. I set atc_airline=ABC in the panel.cfg file of the 747 and all its engine models, also for the freight versions and of course for the 8i. Then I used ADE to edit the parking code of Flightbeam KDEN and assigned ABC to Gate A45 while removing all other parking code assignments and recompiling the AFCAD file. Next I run the VOX indexer. So with this setting I expected VOX to assign me Gate A45 after landing and keeping this gate empty for me which unfortunately wasn't the case. I got assigned some remote parking far off the main concourses which seems highly unlikely for a 747. What do I miss here? Does anybody have parking-codes working with the P3Dv5 and Vox7.43 combination?
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