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  1. Sorry about the lack of updates but all the effort is being put into getting a release that really ticks all the boxes. More info about the release will be available soon.
  2. Try this. Right click on the speaker icon on the task bar and select sounds. Click on the recording tab Select your mic and click Configure Select Advanced Speech Options on the right Ensure an English speech recognizer is selected. Ensure a suitable profile is selected Ensure all user settings are unchecked Click Configure Microphone and set the mic you are using up again (just to be sure).
  3. In this case you should get an altitude as part of the departure clearance. It's been confirmed that that does not happen which needs looking into. For now, if there is no specific altitudes associated with the sid waypoints on the plate, assume that it's 6000 ft AGL
  4. The default is 6000, I can see that on the SID plate the clearance altitude is 7000 ft but there is no corresponding restriction in the NavData that VoxATC uses. You should have been given an intial altitude to maintain in your departure clearance.
  5. Usually you are given an initial altitude restriction of around 6000 ft AGL in the departure clearance along with the 'as filed' instruction. If not, there will be some restrictions in the SID you have been assigned.
  6. The weather at the destination is not available from the sim until you are within 60 nm. At the moment the ATIS does not update automatically when the destination weather is available, this still happens at timed intervals so you still get the departure/enroute weather.
  7. What is the QNH you are being given when you get these altitude assignment problems?
  8. It may be that the Navdata SID that you were expecting is associated with a runway with a designation which does not exist in the P3D scenery. This can be caused by new runways being added or (more likely) runway numbers changing due to magnetic variation. If the 'Herve' update fixed the P3D scenery, that would explain the SID now being assigned.
  9. Does this happen if you fly one of the default sim aircraft?
  10. If changing frequencies while climbing you can be prompted to check in with a reported altitude lower than your current one. Under what circumstances were you told to climb to FL 150 when you were already at that level? How long had you been at that level?
  11. Get in touch anyway, if it affects you it could affect others in the future.
  12. I think the solution to this is to allow for the runways (departure and arrival) to be selected and associated with the loaded flight plan along with the SID & STAR. The AI traffic would also be set up to use those runways. Something fot the To Do list.
  13. Seems like the problem that occurs after requesting a different runway with a previous SID assignment. Do you get the same problem if you depart on the originally assigned runway? Get in touch through the VoxATC.com contact form if you're still having trouble
  14. Report this using the contact form at voxatc.com. The form seems to be more reliable now.
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