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  1. scotth6

    A few questions

    I noticed the same thing with the trial. If you uninstall then that is the trial done. From my experience Vox ATC is very good, but it is a bit buggy for my liking. It is just not robust enough and I still quite often get the Fatal Error. It is almost impossible to say why you got a Fatal Error as there are so many causes for it. I got one the other day in the middle of one of the tutorial flights after a fresh install. As I say, it is a great product..... when it works.
  2. Just a heads up. I was browsing tonight and noticed that Cereproc had a 50% off, Autumn Sale. I grabbed a couple of voices, Caitlin (Irish) and Heather (Scottish) Use code "PRICEFALL18" Cheers,
  3. Thanks Bryan, I have just adjusted it manually. Please find the text from the panel.cfg before my manual edit. You are right about the slashes, so I suppose they must be interfering. Aerosoft A319 CFM Professional Panel.cfg Cheers,
  4. Hi, I just installed the FS2Crew package for the Aerosoft Airbus Pro, and I could not get the main panel to appear, although a number of sub-panels were available via the Instrument Panel's drop down list in the P3D menu. After looking in my panel.cfg for the A319, I found that the entries had been misplaced by 2, so thre Main Panel and thre Configurator Panel were not appearing. They were entry 20 and 21 despite there already being an entry 20 and 21. Those entries were put in by VOX ATC. I assume this is the cause of the issue. I did however have VOX ATC installed prior to FS2Crew. Cheers,
  5. scotth6

    Anyone try VoxATC with P3Dv4.3 yet?

    Thank you both very much. I will try these methods out. Cheers,
  6. scotth6

    Anyone try VoxATC with P3Dv4.3 yet?

    I used it yesterday in P3DV4.3, and it's working pretty good. Unfortunately there are still issues with airports installed via the addon.xml method and no VOX controlled AI traffic (with UTLive anyway). I still use UT Live so I see traffic, but there is no interaction with VOX ATC. I had an issue with no takeoff clearance at Flightbeam's KPHX, and I assume it's because it it installed via the xml method. Not a huge issue. I took off anyway and contacted ATC again later in the flight and it seemed to work ok. The thing I don't like in any version is that I am always given descent clearance way too late, and am constantly having to do missed approaches.
  7. scotth6

    Wrong Information for P3DV4 Users!

    Thanks for the tips Jim. I will give it a go. Cheers,
  8. scotth6

    Wrong Information for P3DV4 Users!

    Thanks Jim, I installed the C90 GTX (P3DV4 version) fresh tonight and it definitely didn't install CMeteoXmlx64.dll, however I tried the B200 in P3DV4 and that installer did install the CMeteoXmlx64.dll file. Unfortunately the weather radar still isn't working, so I'm just going to leave it for now. I have spent long enough troubleshooting it. The P3D content error log says both Carenado dlls are failing to load for some reason. Thanks for your reply. Cheers Scott
  9. scotth6

    Wrong Information for P3DV4 Users!

    Hi Jim, I am searching for a solution to my Carenado aircraft weather radars not working at all, and i came across this post of yours. Currently I have the Carenado C90 GTX installed in P3DV4.2, and no matter what weather I use I can not get any returns on the weather radar. I notice you are talking about a 64 bit version of CMeteoXml.dll, butI don't seem to have that installed, even after a fresh installation of the P3DV4 version of that aircraft. I have the entries you mention in my dll.xml file, and the only CMeteoXml.dll files I have installed in the P3DV4 folder are CMeteoXml.dll and CMeteoXml.dll.intermediate.manifest. I also have error messages in my Content.log file which state: [error.51] error=Error loading "C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Carenavigraph.dll" in "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\DLL.xml". [error.52] error=Error loading "C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\CMeteoXml.dll" in "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\DLL.xml". DLL is 32 bit. A 64 bit version is required. Are you aware of any fixes to these issues. Cheers, Scott
  10. scotth6

    Wrong Information for P3DV4 Users!

    Double Post
  11. OK thanks. I disabled HT a long time ago as I thought (and read) there was some benefit running FSX and P3D without it. From memory it was because the CPU ran cooler at the same speed with it disabled. Now I have a number of addons, especially VOX ATC, which seems to require a bit of CPU, I thought it might be beneficial to re enable HT. I suppose I will need to experiment. I actually thought you meant that you had HT enabled before when you said cores 7 and 8. I have VOX ATC set on the last two 6 & 7 (7 & 8). I'm actually in the middle of the flight between Vancouver and San Diego as I type this, and changing to these settings and disabling the taxi lights helped a lot at CYVR. Cheers,
  12. Thanks Jay. I did find the ability to disable the lights, although they are handy and fairly unobtrusive visually. I think I will need to re-enable Hyperthreading and give your settings a try. So far I have tried with 3, 0, 2&3, 0&1&2&3, but all seem to be struggling when combined with any addon airports. Cheers,
  13. Yeah I noticed this today at FSDT Vancouver. Everything was pretty smooth during startup (using fs2crew and vox atc) but when I requested taxi everyting turned in to a slide show. I had the same slide show when approaching KMSP the other day though, so I'm wondering if it's just vox atc eating up all the resources.
  14. Thanks for the info Jay. I also found quite a few extra voices which can be installed with the Microsoft Speech Platform, and they seem to work with VOX. I used a modification to the registry with instructions I found on a Super User post. Cheers,
  15. Thanks for the info John. I just purchased the registration for VOX ATC. My trial expired after I reinstalled, but I like what I have seen so far anyway. Cheers,