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  1. Thanks to those folks who've bought our products during the Spring Sales event. Those who haven't, you still have until Monday 08 June.
  2. Read announcement here: https://www.facebook.com/islandsim/
  3. Where the heck did you get your math and economics lessons from? How did you arrive at "200-300% inflation" theory? Our products have always been priced from the beginning with no increases over the years for 13 straight years now. All prices from the legacy FSX products, and P3DV4 have never ever changed from their original prices to date; no increases whatsoever. Only the discount pricing are variable or different with each product and you've taken advantage of that through Sales. Since last year, we've been pricing Sales at fixed 20% and will continue to do from thereon as it is our business decision and not yours. We are a business and have overheads and other costs to cover and our pricing will continue to reflect that going forward. And just so you know, If you bought any of our FSX sim platform products, you get the same products for P3DV4 sim platform FREE. Everyone who has bought our products will educate you about that as well. We will do likewise with P3DV5 when we release the same upgraded P3DV5 installers.
  4. Currently underway at the PacSim Store until 08 June, 2020. https://islandsim.com/index.html
  5. This virus, and any other virus for that matter, does not know if you are democrat, republican, socialist, president, senator, if you are from deep Appalachia, New York, Benin, France, Samoa or Japan. It will kill you regardless of your skin color, creed, religion, etc. It's a pandemic worldwide, and it isn't a hoax.
  6. Didn't know that. From now on we will advertise new products here as well. Thanks for clarifying, Jim.
  7. Appreciated the feedback. Don't know exactly which building textures you are referring to that has self illumination. With dynamic lighting activated, buildings that are close to or are part of DL coverage will illuminate. If you care to look at the RKSI texture folder, most building textures and (custom) ground are 2048x2. "FSX freeware sceneries" are no where close to 2048x2 sharpness in comparison. I have yet to receive feedback from users since product release on July 4, 2019 with that complaint, so I'd prefer you get in touch to show me exactly where the low res textures and "self-luminous" buildings are in the product. BTW, if you haven't yet, you can download hot-fixes at the product page here: https://islandsim.com/incheon-intl---p3dv41.html
  8. ...currently underway at the PacSim Store. https://islandsim.com/index.html
  9. We are overhauling KSLC and adding 2 new US Intl airports for P3DV4 this year. P3DV4 is alive and well as far as we're concerned.
  10. Wet runway and sound of thunder (raindrops) on/around the 172 floored me...
  11. We would like to thank everyone who've bought our products throughout this year and during the Holiday Sales season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all from the PacSim team.
  12. Starting today exclusively at the PacSim Store. The annual Holiday season Sale ends January 06, 2020. Browse all P3DV4 and FSX/SE products here: https://www.islandsim.com/index.html
  13. Folks, our annual Holiday Season begins today with Black Friday Sales. Go grab the discounts at the PacSim Store here: https://www.islandsim.com/index.html
  14. This is an open forum so I jumped in with my response from experience with the same issue to see if that may help. If my responses are irritating from your perspective, then my sincere apologies. No big deal.
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