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  1. Happening now at the PacSim Store.
  2. Folks, Thanksgiving holiday season Sales will be over in 6 days so don't forget to make use of the discount event at the PacSim Store.
  3. Folks, Thanksgiving is almost here so we have begun discount Sales exclusively at the PacSim Store starting today until 30 November, 2018. Our latest release, Reno-Tahoe Int is also on Sale.
  4. Toktok

    RENO-TAHOE INTL 64bit Pro

    Below is what you wrote me. I now urge you to pay for the product currently sitting on your system which you got for free. Expect a Payment invoice from me today. Very dissappointing software. I guess I will uninstall it and not use it if there is no support and not even a forum. I'm sure someone else will come out with one that does not have these problems. What a loss of my money again!! I will avoid PACSIM products from now on and stick with FSDT and flightbeam. At least they work with all plugins and have forums and proper support..
  5. Toktok

    RENO-TAHOE INTL 64bit Pro

    As I explained to you in our email communication this afternoon you are pinning your own AI Traffic issue and GSX problem on the Reno product. I really have no clue what is causing AI Traffic not to show up at all at the Reno airport. I have MyTraffic and it works perfectly with the Reno product; so does other Reno product customers who have that and other 3rd party AI traffic engines. MyTrafficX product is a third party product that works independently from the Reno product. We only provide afcad files to allow for airline parking (at appropriate gates) and GA areas of the airport, that's all. But, let me explain again: First of all, the Reno product is comprised of simple BGL and texture files that cannot, in itself, cause your 3rd party products not to work, operate erratically, or crash your P3D. There are no modules or simconnect-related files included within the product that would cause missing AI traffic, and GSX to crash your P3D. Second of all, you are expecting me to delve into other 3rd party products which I have no control over or inside product knowledge of to help you make them work. I cannot fix something that is NOT directly related to the Reno product in any shape or form. Rather, I can only refer you to those 3rd party product developers who are owners of the product who can assist you. The product was released early Tuesday morning this week, and you are the only one that has issues with other 3rd party products that has zero correlation/effect on how the Reno product works and vice versa. As far as my own product goes, there is absolutely NOTHING for me to fix. Finally, I have already given you refund for the product since you cannot accept my explanation which is straight forward and clear for anyone to understand. It is kinda sleazy to receive the refund, keep the product on your system for free, and then babble your displeasure with product support at this forum. If I were you, I'd immediately get in touch with the 3rd party developers responsible for their products to assist you directly with their products. And yes, I am just one guy working out of my home doing this for a living, so I hope that isn't a bad thing.
  6. Happy New Year, folks. We'd like to thank everyone for purchasing our products during the holiday season. For those who haven't yet, you still have 6 more days before the Sale ends.
  7. Christmas eve is just hours away, folks. Just a reminder to take advantage of the Sales going on now at the PacSim Store on all product titles.
  8. Exclusively at the PacSim Store:
  9. Toktok

    It's On Again - Black Friday!

    Looking forward to it, Hawkeye. Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. Toktok

    It's On Again - Black Friday!

    If you bought from our webshop, the contact link is right at the top of the Store page where you bought the product from. If you bought elsewhere, the Support page of the shop should direct you to us. We are Salt Lake City-based so contact us anytime between 7am and 8pm mountain time 7 days a week.
  11. Toktok

    Singapore (Imaginesim) to release soon

    We are 95% done with Reno-Tahoe Int and will work full time on our new project Incheon Int (RKSI). RKSI ground polygon and photoreal work began 2 months ago and we will start with terminal 1 building right after KRNO release. RKSI will be native P3DV4 SDK and will include SODE jetways, dynamic lighting, etc.
  12. Exclusively at the PacSim Store until November 30, 2017. Buy direct and support developer here:
  13. Toktok

    Pacsim V4 Updates Ready

    I am done here. Contact me and we'll deal with this privately. I will not respond to your post from hereon.
  14. Toktok

    Pacsim V4 Updates Ready

    You have 2 straight days to contact me. The support email is at the front page here in bold white letters, at the Store front here It is also in the product document in your purchase. How else would you expect me to assist you if you don't make the effort. I am a one-man show - developer, shop assistance, problem solver, nanny for every customers who have been through my shop. I have tons of customers come through the shop for the P3Dv4 products since release last week and haven't had a good night's sleep since, so you cannot expect me to run after you to solve your product problem if you're not interested in contacting me. You need to write and show me what the problem is with the product, perhaps a picture or two and why it isn't working for you. Simply publishing it here will not solve your problem. Folks who know me, know that I am always ready to assist with product issues, etc, so again, make the move.
  15. Toktok

    Pacsim V4 Updates Ready

    What is your end-game here RichChuK? Are you trying to smear my efforts, or simply seeking sympathy from others in this forum. I replied to your post earlier that you should get in touch with me right away to seek assistance. It has been 2 days since and I am still waiting. There is no email follow-up from you per my email inbox. You are xxxx xxxx, aren't you? If you are then make your move.