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  1. Sales over tomorrow night SLC mtn time. Thanks again to those who've bought our products the last 3 weeks.
  2. Six days left on our Summer Sales. As usual thanks to those who've taken advantage of the Sales.
  3. Folks, PacSim Store Summer Sale is on and will run through 31 August, 2022. 30% Off on all titles (MSFS, P3DV5, P3DV4 and FSX). Do your shopping here: https://www.islandsim.com/index.html
  4. 3 more days to end Spring Sales event, folks. Thanks as always to those who've bought our products already.
  5. We're still working on it, Dave. KSLC MSFS will be after RKSI MSFS.
  6. Our Spring Sale on all titles starts today until May 08, 2022. https://www.islandsim.com/index.html
  7. KSLC (MSFS and P3DV5) should follow from MSFS RKSI with new terminal buildings.
  8. Folks, per requests we've extended the 2021 Holiday Season Sales through this weekend, Sunday 9th, 2022. The next Sales event will be November 2022 for Thanksgiving, through Christmas/New Year season, again.
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ...and thanks to one and all for purchasing our products throughout 2021.
  10. Christmas/New Year Sale has begun at the PacSim Store. Sale runs through January 05, 2022. https://www.islandsim.com/index.html
  11. Till end of November, but look out for Christmas/New Year Sales as well after that.
  12. Folks, Black Friday/Cyber Monday begins today with discounts across all sim platform product lines. Grab yours here: https://www.islandsim.com/index.html
  13. Folks, this will be the only time I will post about the KRNO pricing here since a couple of you raised it. I am not privy to other developers' reasoning behind their price structure, nor have any issue with their products' value given that they may have proprietary reasons for doing so, and ultimately, whether they are doing their projects for fun, as a side gig or an all-out profit oriented sim company to stay within market competition margins. But let me start with this: I am nearly 60 years old retired because of health issues and developing sim products (with the help of my wife every now and then) for a living - full-time. MSFS is a new sim platform product and KRNO was developed using different SDK techniques altogether which we had to learn from scratch (still learning, I might add). The MSFS KRNO $24.99 price is reasonable as we've calculated the cost for server hosting, dedicated installer costs, man-hours (labor) and the fact that it will be eventually sold at 30% less (commission for Microsoft) through Microsoft's Market Place should we get approval to sell there. At MS Market Place we stand to lose nearly $8.00 (out of $24.99) already from their 30% commission. We also have to pay PayPal fees as our main payment gateway, pay Federal and State Income taxes on each product we sold as a Utah, US-based company, internet, phone and other utility bills. That does not include airfares, hotel/accomodation to project sites (yes, we do go to project sites, not simply look up project pictures on the internet). So, with a loss of 30% commission, product hosting server costs, installer cost, PayPal fees and Federal and State Income tax dues, we would end up with a pretty slim profit margin, if not break even, after all the bills are paid. That isn't fair to us (a mom and pop shop) and the people who contributed to making the product reach the Market Place. I hope you folks understand our dilemma here. For those who think the price is too high then you reserve the right not to buy. For those that paid for the product so far, thank you so much for keeping us going in the sim business as our mainstay. Kind regards to one and all.
  14. Merry Christmas and thanks to all who've purchased our products. Nine more days left until Sales end for those who are interested.
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