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  1. There is a printable manual available for download ($13.50 U.S.- PDF) that I've found extremely helpful in addition to the many exceptional videos that have already been mentioned in this thread. Despite a multitude of years in flight-simming I have really been challenged by some of the procedures and tasks necessary to accomplish or set up a given event. I think that step-by-step details are lacking and programming joy sticks, keyboards (and other components) can be tedious! This however, is my sole complaint related to FS2020. Here's the link to the manual: https://store.flightsim.com/product/...tor-msfs-2020/
  2. I think that the developers have expended an enormous amount of time on trees and have virtually dismissed the cause of the tree height (or lack thereof). I really have been disappointed with the absence of weeds which significantly affect the effective growth of greenery (especially in the Land of Oz). I think the inclusion of weeds amongst the trees in scenery development would reveal the cause of the abnormal growth of the trees. In turn, third-party developers could include weed insecticides or fertilizers (with special Down-Under ingredients) in their new scenery creations and everyone could look-up (or look-down) with pleasure at the scenery enhancement! I think that I might like weed(s)! Do you like weed(s)???
  3. Many thanks to each of you for your response; this is precisely the type of info that is essential in assessing the quality and value of a potential purchase. -George
  4. Just searched this forum and could not find any info. ORBX has three aircraft for sale on their site. If anyone has any of these, I'd certainly appreciate any user comments. -George
  5. Thanks for your response, Mitch; I understand now what you were saying.-G
  6. >Mike stated that I had not perhaps given UTX-USA 'time>enough' to blend in on my system, so I reinstalled it, took a>pencil to pad, and in spending the whole day working with the>different masks to customize the program, actually (7 hours of>tweaks, not complaining...) am happy to report that it is>running somewhat decent on my P4 3.4 GHz.>>If you have a non-multi core machine, you can get it to work>at acceptable levels enough to use the program's contents.>>Thanks Mike, for the kick-in-the-pants. :) Sometimes we all>need one.>>As a result, I closed my ticket on Flight1's site and no>refund for program is being further requested. >>Case closed.>>Mitch R.Mitch: Can you explain/expand on the comment "...I had not perhaps given UTX-USA 'time enough' to blend in on my system..."?-George
  7. This one has always amazed (and baffled) me!The amount of resources, both sophisticated and mundane, to discover the wreckage were enormous. Although the aircraft he was flying would leave only a small footprint, the technology currently available would seem to be sufficient to detect some trace of it.I've read comments from some sources that seem to think that the crash occurred within a relatively short distance from the point of departure; good possibility I'd suspect.Well, in any case, this event is ripe for the conspiricy theory syndrome to develop...-George
  8. I agree!The photo of the acft turning final (or on final) into JFK is a nice depiction of a real world pilot's-eye-view.-George
  9. Morgan, it's a relatively new stick (within the past year) and has not yet had a lot of 'wear and tear.'By coincidence, I installed a new payware package (Just Flight's DC-10 Collection) this morning and the install program included a version of FSUIPC4. After trying these newly installed DC-10s and several other aircraft, the joystick control was significantly less erratic (at least the aircraft don't run around in circles as they did previously). It's still not perfect but I'll play around with it for a while and see if things improve...As described in my original post though, the stick still cannot be calibrated; I tend to lean towards a software rather than hardware issue.Thanks for your response.-G
  10. Let me Bump this up one time and ask another question: If nobody can answer the specific question(s) on the Saitek can anyone offer any general ideas on why the joystick operation becomes erratic?-G
  11. 1. When first connected (via USB) to a new computer followed by a calibration, the Saitek worked fine for a while. Then, for an unknown reason the control of FSX aircraft became erratic, e.g. aircraft running in circles when advancing throttle control, unstable control in the sky (sometimes), etc. etc.2. When the stick was first calibrated there was an instruction to 'PRESS ANY KEY' after each function was tested, i.e. x-axis, z-axis, hat switch, throttle, etc. Now, this 'PRESS ANY KEY' function does not appear during the calibration process whether accomplished while FSX is running or via the Control Panel-Game Controllers prior to starting FSX.3. If I recall correctly in the initial set-up there were three options that appeared in the calibration box: 'OK' 'CANCEL' 'APPLY'. 'APPLY' would have been the one to select but although it still is displayed in this calibration window it does not respond to a mouse click for selection.4. I downloaded the latest driver for my system (Vista 32bit) from Saitek but it did not resolve the problem.5. Other system info: FSX w/acceleration pack and DX10 on a HP Blackbird 002 comp (much more computer than I need but it is impressive and expensive!!!!).Anyone have any suggestions?-George
  12. Yeah, I understand your point of view. I cannot find the exact retail price of these drives but it would probably be $40 or $50 (US).I also understand that this particular Blackbird configuration was made "by gamers for gamers" so this may have had some impact on the selection of dual drives.Have a good one...-G
  13. >Just thought of one exception . It could be that either one>is a stand-alone HD-DVD or Blu-ray drive, mixed with another>combo cd/dvd-drive..>>Anyway yeah just ask them,>>Regards,>Davis, I directed my question to the HP/Voodoo Blackbird 002 site this morning and they responded with the following additional tasks that a second optical drive could perform:"Disc to Disc copy. One for Burning while your using the other for playing Music CD in one playing, other free for other uses. Lightscribe can take up to an hour per disc depending on quality and graphic. Second drive allows you to still utilize your PC. They are many reasons why you would want 2 drives in your PC, these are just a few." --------------------- So, it all makes sense now; I had not thought of some of these tasks that a second drive could so before today.-G
  14. Thanks for your reply, Davis.These two drives are pre-installed on the HP Blackbird 002 which is assembled by Voodoo (recently acquired by HP) and their forte is computer gaming. Maybe I'll ask them!Thanks again.-G
  15. Just curious:What is the purpose of having TWO IDENTICAL optical drives(TSST Corp DVDR/RW TS-632L ATA Device)on a gaming configured comp?-George
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