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  1. Is there a way to mod the taxiway and runway stripes so that the yellow isn't so bright "too new looking" yellow and the same for the white? It this just a bitmap or DDS that I can use BXTBMP to bump out to Photoshop and edit and throw back into the folder? Where would they live?
  2. I signed up for Insider, and installed the Xbox insider hub app. The fact that it doesn't have Flight Simulator in my tab means its too early? Or does it mean I won't be a part of it no matter what? I'd like to be a beta tester. Was this Youtube guy full of it like perhaps the rest of his video that he's part of it?
  3. Tons of the gaming YouTubers are loud and obnoxious.
  4. Does Windows Maps have 3d like google maps does? I mean everywhere like Google does, not just main cities? It's ability to make even individual houses in a suburb pop in 3d is amazing. I'd love to fly over that, I'd love to fly over my house!
  5. That mentality of those managers is what plagues corporate America as a whole.
  6. I'd say that is a tad nit picky. If a car is going through an intersection and the other cars are also going through at the same time and running through each other, then you should be paying more attention to ...I dunno....flying? That stuff is meant to be peripheral immersion, not spot-on-perfect. There are too many variables in terrain (elevation, curves, objects) to ever get exact.
  7. I hope this is what it seems to be. I have complained and moaned like a little brat about how FSX lighting always looked cartooney. When the Tom Clancy games were bringing out that real sunshine look where it hits objects and bleaches it out, FSX always looked just too colorful.
  8. Now before everyone just freaks out, take this with a grain of salt. If they didn't learn from their BOMB called "Flight", and the actually LISTEN to their fan base, this will not be an arcade game that flops, but a real real sim. Crossing my fingers.
  9. Out of nowhere, totally.... I hope they don't mess it up like "Flight". No arcade, we just want a real sim!! A photoreal sim! I knew Flight was gonna flop when I talked to the marketing guys at E3 in person. They were real standoffish and didn't answer much. It was catered to oversimplistic audiences that would be bored with it in minutes....and well we saw what happened. However, notice that it doesn't say PC...hmmmmm
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