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  1. Visited here wondering if I’d find fellow simmers having the same issue....
  2. Great- thanks Dave. Thought it would be somewhere on the primary flight planning screen (ie per-plan) & I searched around... also for the terms "No SID" and "No STAR". Having fun!
  3. I've just run into an issue where I set up my flight plan, without a SID or STAR, but am assigned a SID. Not sure if I've somehow activated this - but is there a place to indicate NO SID/STAR on the flight plan? Searched & looked through the manual but no luck. thanks!
  4. Is it possible to change the order in which the various Pilot Phrases appear in the drop-downs? thanks
  5. VFR, N14 > KTTN. McGuire approach brings me toward KTTN, then forgets about me... McGuire tells me to expect Runway 24, but doesn't send me to KTTN Tower. Airport is overflown. I don't know if I was going to get any further guidance... am I missing something?
  6. Hi Dave - Both conditions were true... restart fixed it.
  7. Hi all, Just fired up X-Plane to do a little flying, built & filed a flight plan, and in the P2A SpeechAssistant, there are no longer any entries under Pilot Phrases. Nothing in the sime has been changed since my last session (other than my location and aircraft). Any ideas?
  8. That's likely it. Color is generally washed-out, and often, there isn't nearly enough contrast between cloud shadows and the ground. Here are a few examples I shot locally (NJ).
  9. Oh, sorry - maybe you missed the part about making it look like it's being hit by direct sunlight?
  10. Hi again- Ok, experimenting a bit more. Using X-Plane - can't seem to get FF working properly. Trying to replicate this simple real-world flight: N14 > KWWD Depart N14 (uncontrolled) Contact KWRI (McGuire) for flight following Contact Atlantic City when directed Flight following cancelled when airport in sight -------------------------------------------------------- In X-Plane: After taking off, at about 1000 feet, I wasn't able to contact McGuire - no answer. Tried again a few times, and got FF just before getting near Atlantic City airspace. At the point I'd normally be contacting Atlantic City, I was told to contact Washington Center. I don't think I've ever spoken with Washington Center - Philadelphia ATC, but not Washington. Is there something I'm setting up "incorrectly"? I don't typically file a flight plan for this route. -------------------------------------------------------- Two thought regarding my own real-world flight: 1) I rarely (if ever) blind-call ATC - usually, just contact them, e.g. "McGuire approach, Cessna 12345" or "McGuire approach, Cessna 12345 with request" and wait for their response. Is there a way to do this? 2) I've never actually requested "VFR Flight Following", just "Flight Following." thanks
  11. LOL... I know how that goes And yeah... GPS/NAV/NAVDATA in 2020 is... uh... suspect. 😉
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