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  1. turner112

    Carenado Centurion 210 xp11?

    Thank you!
  2. In their update, Carenado shows a default 530 and 430, but only actually lists support for the RXP GTN750. Does this mean the 530/430 don't work, or, have limited functionality (such as 3d knobs not working) or something?
  3. turner112

    A2A 182 + RXP... Yes or no?

    Not sure where the RealityXP.GNS.ini is... or, at least, this one. I found one in Documents > Reality XP > GNS Simulation, but the contents look nothing like this.
  4. turner112

    A2A 182 + RXP... Yes or no?

    Hi Bill, I have both.... thanks & hope you feel better real soon!
  5. turner112

    A2A 182 + RXP... Yes or no?

    Oh - just out of curiosity, will this work with the combo 530/430?
  6. turner112

    A2A 182 + RXP... Yes or no?

    Awesome, thanks... will try this out now.
  7. I don't see the 182 in the config thread or other searches, and haven't been able to find anything definitive otherwise. I have found some threads that seem to say it'll work, but I'm not sure how, as the RXP choice remains grayed out. Editing the panel.cfg thread doesn't seem to allow the screens to show up in the panel, only in pop-up. Can this combo be made to work?
  8. turner112

    RXP Plugin causing some trouble in VR2

    Thanks Jean-Luc! Here's something interesting: after reverting to 11.11, at least in the vFlyteAir Piper III, I can pop out the 430 and move it to another screen without any noticeable drop in FPS. Hmmmm....
  9. Having a hard time with V5... interior looks great. Panel is what I want. I am about to buy, but keep going back to the visual model... really wish this had been rebuilt. The discussion of access to the model doesn't really, well... let's not talk about that. Probably going to buy based on panel...
  10. turner112

    RXP Plugin causing some trouble in VR2

    Reverted to 11.11 for now.
  11. Reverted to 11.11 for now.
  12. Hi, I realize this might not actually be an "RXP" problem, but I updated XP and wasn't able to start a flight successfully until disabling the RXP plugin. However, I still had issues afterward in that I couldn't use the button to disable the VR headset, and after disabling it through a VR menu got a CTD. Just reporting...