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  1. Good news, I think: https://forum.navigraph.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=8473&p=36221#p36221
  2. Thanks - not as bad, but still unneeded. I'm not familiar with what Aerosoft offers (I'll check it out) but I need fairly up-to-date GPS data. Not sure what you mean by "occasional", but I rely on it to be fairly synced with my iPad EFB. [edit] Found it. Looks like this is going to be the way to go. FSX/FS2004/P3D V4/XPlane 11 NavDataPro - One year subscription: 13 datasets NavDataPro is an update service for navigational data for several Flight Simulator add-ons using an FMC or GPS data for their flights. The Nav Data itself is supplied by Lufthansa Systems and is used in real world aviation by more than... $29.99 *
  3. Just got the Navigraph email. I got the Navigraph data subscription for 25 euros per year. I don't need charts as I use my real-world charts (incl. iPad)... They're consolidating charts & data, and it's going from 25 euros per year to 8.30 per month. "What’s Next? Effective today we have upgraded your FMS Data Annual subscription to a Navigraph Subscription with monthly billing. We have also prolonged your subscription with an additional 3 months. When this time is up your Navigraph Subscription will be extended one month at a time for 8.30 EUR / month excluding any VAT that your country may add. If you don’t want to continue with a Navigraph Subscription you can discontinue it at any time - either right away, or at any time later on - by logging into navigraph.com and canceling the subscription. However, we really do encourage you to try all the new features you now have access to before you decide to cancel. We think you will like it!"
  4. After purchasing several aircraft that became abandonware while major issues still existed, I won't buy Carenado/Alabeo aircraft again. By not responding to your question, I think they're doing you a favor.
  5. Hi Jen-Luc, my response is factual. This question is asked over and over. The OP here received lots of instructions on where to go look, and no answers. While there might be a simple answer, such as "yes, you can update this in one of two ways" and linking to a page with the instructions, the response seems to typically be, "why not read through this forum and see if you can find an answer?" I believe the only two straightforward ways to update the GNS data is 1) a Garmin subscription ($300 per year) or 2) update when the GNS trainer is updated. It's my understanding this trainer has data from 2007. Whether this is entirely accurate I'm not sure, but users (customers) typically want to spend time flying/learning, not reading through pages and pages of posts, many with links to other posts, trying to figure things out. Why not put a page on your site explaining the updates and limitations, and send people there?
  6. It was a yes/no question. There's a reason people continue to ask about it.
  7. For starters, I installed the Garmin Trainer on my D drive... I'm asking how the RXP equipment finds the correct data.
  8. Depending on which version of the GNS530 you have installed , the worldwide.bin file may be in the Garmin\GNS Trainer\GNS\db folder.. I have the newest version(s) of the 530 and 430... How can I point it to the right Trainer installation? I recall seeing setting somewhere (I'll look again) but not sure where I saw that, or how to change if I move the Trainer installation.
  9. Hi Bert - thanks - where do I actually put it, though?
  10. Ah... the instructions are from the first page of this thread, written by Jean-Luc.
  11. Hey everyone, For those of you using an EFB or whatever on your iPad - I haven't been able to successfully keep my WiFi / Network connection intact while running apps on my iPad. Anyone else? Any solutions? FWIW I'm primarily running FlyQ. thanks
  12. Hi - thanks - I had everything set up properly (and fly with Pilotedge, which adds a plugin). That said, after a few restarts things seem to be working properly... cheers
  13. My setup: external speakers, logitech usb headset, oculus rift headset. So, I'm having an issue where I cannot control where the sounds are routed. I want engine sounds to my speakers and all others to my usb headset. I can't seem to positively control where the sound goes; for example, my Rift is not selected anywhere, yet ATIS comes thru rift, even when I have Speakers selected and can hear my engine through those. Is there a way to control this? thanks
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