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  1. Funny you should mention it. For years I've been saying the 3D panels should be done in such a way that average users can change avionics, e.g. switch out a DG for an HSI. And developers could make individual instruments that could be installed into panels. I mean, flight simulators have only been around since like 1981. I guess we should give them some time to work out the kinks.
  2. Just found out elsewhere that the default G1000 in XP can't do arbitrary holds at user-defined waypoints. Disappointing, if true. Without knowing what else might be missing, I have to again stress that many XP users NEED basics to be fixed far more than they do experimental aircraft, F14s, and lectures about why the Vision jet sucks now. If LR doesn't read the room I think they're going to lose more of their dedicated user base.
  3. Ok... this is weird... Here are my colors: ClassBPen=#ba1133, 1, Solid ClassBFillColor=#3B9038CE the color seems to be reversing, kind of, in the transparent fill, but works as expected for the solid outline. Here's Class B: what color is this supposed to be? Here's how it shows up on a hex tool (sorry for the size of the image): And here's how the combo appears in LNM as transparent fill for Las Vegas Class B:
  4. Well, setting colors is irrationally fun. Thankfully LNM loads up lighting-fast. A few follow-ups: 1) I can't figure out what the items marked are called. I want to remove the map in the upper left, but the green markup is things I'm trying to find in .ini. (black symbols for TOC, for example) Also, I don't know the notation used for certain things like airspace: ClassBPen=#902ece, 2, Solid ClassBFillColor=#30902ece What syntax is this using? I haven't seen ece extending a color code before... For other stuff I could just change the hex code. Here, nothing seems to have an effect, though.
  5. Thanks - editing the .ini is pretty easy. Just changed the VorColor quickly to try it out. Does it require a restart to reload the .ini colors?
  6. Thanks - found them. Looks fairly straightforward, once figuring out exactly what each thing is 🙂 Is there a way to activate/deactivate colors with specific themes? Also, if we edit the .ini I assume we have to re-launch to see changes? cheers
  7. I just started using LNM more closely to help visualize certain things, especially SIDs/STARs and approaches. Please forgive my ignorance if this has been covered, but a search turns up so many things that aren't actually my question. (That, and I'm not sure where to find everything yet...) Anyway - I really like the "Night" style with everything dark (especially at night!). I can't find some of the map elements in Options, though, and some are too dark, or rather hard to see/read with a dark background: Again I'm not sure if I know where to find these things to change the color (if possible). I assume there's some way to do this, maybe related to editing a theme as shown here, though I didn't see how to edit an existing theme, and thought I'd ask about it here first, in case I'm missing it. thanks!
  8. Thanks, I'll take a look at those. I'm also going to try out the B612 Font family since it's noted in your guide. Sounds interesting. Was also thinking "Midieval Alphabet" might be nice
  9. Thanks Alex! FYI - Courier is just where I ended up while experimenting; other fonts were also pretty tight against the left edge. Still looking for a favorite.
  10. Is there any way to add a space before & after (or space around) the text in the labels? They tend to collide with the left edge a little bit: Also would love if we could select the color & transparency of the labels! thanks
  11. Just wondering. Would like to be able to turn it off so I can see the map better when zoomed out. Would like to just show the ICAO. thanks
  12. Got it! Working now. Please note that the download unzips to an executable, which loads the file directly into the ABarthel directory. Maybe this procedure (no pun intended... or WAS it?) can be added to your instructions here. Thanks again. Looking forward to the certified iPad version. 😉
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