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  1. I cant say I'm having any worse performance than the Asobo default. I do have a high end rig (12900KF and 3090) so there is a lot of head room there, but I have to say I love the new release. LAX is my home airport and they have done an incredible job of getting the details right. Its also nice to have the correct airlines at all of the terminals with FSTL. Now if only Asobo could work on the AI logic and/or provide 3PDs the ability to code logic for runway actives so the departing flights use 24L and 25R (except for cargo from the south facilities popping onto 25L) with arrivals assigned to 24R/25L. Do that and we'll have entered a new era for MSFS 😉
  2. If you consider what goes into a single frame of rendering in the engine, the number of poly's of any airport interior is a pretty small fraction of the total amount in the frame when you consider the surrounding terrain, AI (and/or static aircraft), autogen, PG, trees, clouds. Pyreegue, as an actual developer, probably has more hard numbers on it, but I do seriously doubt the inclusion of terminal interiors has much of an impact on performance - maybe 1 or 2 fps if anything. The truth is that there is a wide range of hardware being used by the community. Top end rigs can be very expensive. The range of capability suggests the need for a reduction options where practical, e.g. options to remove static aircraft, perhaps options to disable interiors (if that does indeed make a noticable difference). At the same time, I think its wrong to target the lowest common denominator and only produce scenery that runs well enough on low-end rigs. For those with 12900kfs and 3090ti's they should be able to enjoy the additional detail their rigs are capable of producing. Best practice IMO is to produce for the future and provide sliders to accommodate the present.
  3. This is definitely a new thing that came with SU10. Even in the Asobo LAX, there were suddenly cars crossing 25L & 25R at LAX where there werent any before.
  4. Quiet you! Do you want this thread to come crashing down in a heap of reasonable solutions and satisfactory answers!!? WTH will I have left to read on my phone while idly passing the time away. I might actually have to make ... small talk.. /shudder...
  5. Of course another solution is to give an option in the settings to reduce the effect of sim gusts for those that have an issue. Put it in the same menu as the other realism settings. Everyone uses the sim in different ways which is why options to tune it to fit your comfort zone are welcome IMHO. I like the challenge personally and appreciate the feedback from full time pilots only to get that “warm fuzzy” that the sim is behaving in the realm of plausibility. That said, as with any feature that relies a bit on subjective “feel”, a slider might be wise even if just to allow accommodation of the range of opinions from the experts. Bottom line, however, is to hope Asobo avoids just appeasing the “lowest common denominator” if that rumor is true. Voted. Thanks Abrams
  6. Definitely a good step forward. Nice job Laminar. Thanks for the pics!
  7. OMG.. take my money now. Even has the In'N'Out burger that I've sat at many a day after picking up people visiting LA. Cant wait.
  8. Its too bad you get seasick jcomm. I use the puma controls myself (love them) and that combined with the depth perception you get with VR makes a huge difference in heli flying, esp trying to land on a platform like one on a oil rig, or a moving boat. Everyone's sensitivity to motion sickness is different and I've heard from several people that just can't get over the nausea. Conversely, I have heard from an equal number that find it passes once you spend enough time to get used to it. The equipment and experience have improved dramatically from they way it was 10 years ago. The highest end stuff isnt cheap, but even the lower end ones in the $300 dollar range are much better than the older technology. Find an electronics store with a generous return policy? 🤷‍♂️
  9. If I had just clicked this link before writing my post I would have given you a proper nod. I presume this mod is your work 😉. If so, well played.. and nice work! Voila, the community I just spoke of in action...
  10. Even acknowledging the occasional (its pretty rare - KIZA is actually a bit of a fluke) airfield that has no buildings.. the base default scenery for the sim blows away anything available in the competition. You can go anywhere on the planet and find a pretty decent representation of the area without putting anything special in your addon folder. No planet-wide AI solution to building creation is going to get everything 100% correct, but Blackshark's attempt is much better than what we've had before. If you look at the comparison videos above, there are trees and shrubs in the correct places .. an unmodded side by side with real photography speaks for itself on what they've achieved. More importantly, the community that has grown up around MSFS is astounding. I've been simming since FlightSim II and have spent years in XP, FSX, P3D and DCS, and have never seen the prolific nature of freeware mods as we see now in MSFS. You can easily spend weeks grabbing user created mods all over the planet, the majority of which are better than the payware I was happy to buy for FSX. Someone who lives in an area or is an expert in other ways will always have more to bring to the table than the AI, so this marriage of freeware mods with a solid AI base makes logical sense. That doesnt imply that the AI process is inheirently flawed. Its a much better starting place than having NOTHING until someone comes in and adds a mod afterall.
  11. I just watched the live stream and heard something that I hadnt seen mentioned above (forgive me if someone already pointed this out). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mf84rmZ3rQ&t=1522s (30:56 mark) Jorg seemed to imply that MS did their OWN photogrammetry acquisition for these cities? As in NOT something coming from BING maps, but they used their own resources? Is this true? Did anyone else hear that? Thats a pretty significant statement if MS is actually flying aircraft with PG cameras just for flightsim. Or when he said 'we' was he actually referring to BING? .. ok self edit... Bing IS part of MS so forgive my naivete... BUT.. does this mean that the flightsim team has some influence over where BING is focusing data collection.. that would also be interesting.
  12. Be interesting to see what this entails. I might guess that if they are making a specific "City" release that its more than just the addition of new photogrammetry. If they are able to harness the same types/numbers of artists that make the world updates, you could hope for a lot of custom hand built landmarks, bridges, etc. Maybe even animated features where appropriate. If they focused on a single city it could be something really exceptional. ... and ./cough since I did guess 'City Update' before this announcement (ok, so it was my second guess following continent update, but who's counting), my opinion has sooo much more weight .. (tongue in cheek)
  13. Did you adjust your elevator trim to account for your new CG? And "full" right is a bit more than missionary bush pilot puts in, I've also moved it 2/3 like he suggests and still works fine. I had seen full right in some other instructional videos for the Kodiak and I was doing it just out of simplicity. You back off the trim shortly after take off anyway. Even with a lot of trim, you are still dancing on the pedals a bit - but again, not unlike the real thing by his accounts.
  14. On my very first flight, I ran out to the runway, gunned the throttles and ended up in the ditch, just as you described. Once I found his channel and set the trim properly, it was pretty easy to get off the ground. Didnt feel like threading a needle at all. Set the rudder trim full right, and put in some significant nose down on the elevator trim and you shouldnt have any issues. Both recommendations come straight from his tutorials and are standard operating procedures for flying this plane. I might add, that I suspect that the reason you wouldn't hear about real world crashes, is that the physical feedback you'ld get from pulling back the yoke too early would give you an immediate sense that things aren't going well and the pilot's natural reaction would then be to release the back pressure. In a sim without force feedback and G-forces you dont get that and its probably easier to end up in the virtual ditch as a result.
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