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  1. We can all breathe easier then knowing that you aren't. If a short server outage is an unforgivable offense to you then you must struggle to maintain staff.. I think this update is going pretty dang well.
  2. So true. It's almost as if they think people who sim like going through .. hmm, whats the word ... a checklist of steps ... and running involved procedures ... just to start something up. Who do they think we are!? (so sorry.. couldnt resist)
  3. ... also we should all keep in mind that if this is indeed a "10 year" project, the likelihood that you will still be using the same hardware at the end of that 10 years as you do now is quite unlikely. Hardware will continue to improve so any features roadmap stretching into the future would be remiss if it didnt try to take advantage of more powerful processors and graphics cards that will come available. I would propose the motto should be "fix bugs for today, but design features for tomorrow" (all that said, turning on a few stadium lights on a time schedule wouldnt effect performance of even the most minimalist system)
  4. I think its a great idea, and probably fairly straightforward to tackle as a freeware mod. My time's been completely absorbed by my current film project so I havent been able to work on any scenery addons in a while, but if no one has done it by the time I'm free I'll give it a shot. To the OP, dont worry about the curmudgeon's. They like to stamp their feet and moan, but no one really cares what they say anyway. Its people with ideas like yours and the army of modders and developers that are pushing cool new features like this all the time that will continue to elevate this virtual world we are flying in. The complainers will only reap the benefits in spite of themselves.
  5. Jetways or no, its hard to beat the value for the price. Large number (and growing) of mid to small airfields at a really nice quality level. Highly recommend!
  6. Everyone loves their drama. If Milviz delivers a good product, no one is going to care about a few overly sensitive forum posters.
  7. The ground roll transition to flying will have a temporary fix in SU6 to improve the jolt that happens now and a more involved (but more robust) solution will come in a future update. Other improvements including wake effects from nearby aircraft and improvements to induced yaw is supposed to come in SU6. It’s in the Q&A and notes if you want to read for yourself.
  8. They talked about both ground handling and the transition into the air several times in the Q&A. It will be addressed in the next few updates. Apart from that, MSFS already has very solid flight dynamics which will even be further enhanced with the next update for Reno Air Race capabilities
  9. I have both the Alpha and Bravo and am using both with no issues. What exactly is the problem you're having?
  10. MSFS does not base its weather solely on METARs. This was all discussed in the latest Q&A. It currently uses a world weather model from Meteoblue and tries to "patch" in specific details from METARs (I think it might just be wind and temp) around your aircraft. Since the Meteoblue model is actually a simulation itself (see link below), this will invariably cause some discrepancies with what you expect to see and what the sim shows whenever their predicted weather disagrees with the latest live reports from the weather stations. Thats the current source of frustration. METARs by themselves are only tiny point samples of the world's weather state, only at airports, and they are inadequate to represent the entire world. Solutions like REX & Unreal that ONLY use METARs are at best an awkward compromise as a result, and you have to be willing to live with odd transitions where the entire skyscape changes when you fly between airport weather stations. With them you also lose the best part of MSFS's weather which is the ability to see weather fronts in the distance as you approach them. https://content.meteoblue.com/en/specifications/data-sources The link above is a nice read to understand what Meteoblue is doing. They start with measured data from national weather services. Even the best sources, however, are somewhat sparse when trying to model the complete weather across the globe, so those data points are fed into a simulation of the ENTIRE planet that fills in all the gaps and is recalibrated to the reported weather on an hourly basis. In between the calibrations, however, their simulation predicts what the weather will do (how it will change and flow, etc) minute by minute. Thats why you see the weather within MSFS changing continuously and consistently over time - something METAR sampling programs cant do. According to Jorg, the ultimate plan going forward is to have Meteoblue itself include the live METAR data in their global calculation as additional sample points. Their reports will be fed directly into Meteoblue's global model as opposed to being 'patched' in afterwards by MSFS 2020. We'll then have the best of both worlds in that it will be accurate at the airports AND the reported weather at those locations will have a ripple effect on the calculations of the surrounding areas which will automatically create a consistent blend and will have the added benefit of modifying the predicted weather "downwind" in a realistic manner. THAT will be pretty cool when it happens! The big question will be the lag time between real world weather reporting and the time the blended model makes it out of Meteoblue and into the live weather in sim (similar to live traffic issues). On one hand if the weather within the sim is consistent so that, for example, in game ATIS reports match what the sim weather will show, that would solve the problem for most. The main people effected by a lag would be VATSIM users for whom controllers are basing their directions on realtime info. We'll have to see how that goes - convince the other sims to use the same predicted weather source and we're all good? ... (ducks out of the way of incoming projectiles 😉 )
  11. The Commodore PET was the contemporary of the TRS-80. That was my very first computer and I was ecstatic that it had 32k. Programs were also stored on a tape drive and it could take 15-20 min to load anything. I would often start the tape drive loading something then go outside and mess around in the backyard for a bit until the program loaded. It couldn’t do actual raster graphics - you made images by creative use of text and a preset list of graphic shapes (lines, circles, triangles) all that would fit in the space of a single ASCII character. Funny thing is that despite the slowness and limitations I loved it at the time!
  12. Guys & Gals. I have some maddening news. Apparently the real world has a HORRIBLE flight model. Just ... LOOK ... at ... THIS GARBAGE! Whom ever programmed the real world would be FIRED in a New York MINUTE, if they worked at my company ... Just Sayin'....
  13. I remember flying FSII on my C64. I would fly real-time between JFK and Ohare. They had scenery just in a portion of New York and a portion of Illinois and I would dead reckon between the two zones. Once I arrived in Illinois it would be a scramble to figure out where I was - usually I would find Lake Michigan and work my way home from there. LOVED IT at the time! MSFS2020 is a dream come true.
  14. Ok fine, maybe a laserdisc. Still looks dated.
  15. It’s kind of like that old VHS library that I used to have. Bought a ton of movies, several VHS decks - was a decent cash outlay. I’m sure if I hooked it up to my tv I could watch them without issue and without having to remember which frighten streaming service I’m trying to find. …. But … erm yeah …. pass.
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