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  1. There's also Spad.Next (which is also pay). I only 'chose' it because I was already using it to control my Logitech/Saitek panels. But it has quite a powerful and customisable interface for controlling Stream Decks. Maybe not as user friendly as AxisAndOhs, but definitely very flexible and great at controlling complicated setups (I have 3 Stream Decks that interact with each other, in addition to all the Logitech panels).
  2. The Addon Linker that @pmb mentioned is the easiest way to do this. But if you really want to do custom icons and reference data, then Google MyMaps is the way to go. I have something like that setup through Google MyMaps for all my MSFS2020 add-ons: If you want to use the same icons I did, I shared my icon pack on Flightsim.to: https://flightsim.to/file/27155/tygerr-s-map-icon-collection
  3. For me, the housekeeping is as much fun as the sim itself. Not only do I spend time looking for and installing and updating add-ons, I also relentlessly catalogue everything. I have my own Google maps with customised icons representing the different types of add-on sceneries: I know the add-on organiser tools can generate these maps themselves, but I like having my own database of entries and my own icons/colour-coding since it helps me to visualise and plan my flights better.
  4. It's not that they're underwater, it's just that the autogen engine is not rendering boats and piers properly. Probably something they'll have to work out in the AI in years to come. So what you're getting is flat satellite imagery rather than a 3D representation of the marina. Some of the guys on flightsim.to have done some great handfixes of marinas along the Mediterranean coastline.
  5. How does FS 2020 sort out preference when there are scenery conflicts (i.e. when I have two separate files in my Community folder with the same landmark)? In X-Plane 11 you have the scenery_packs.ini file where you can order things to ensure one scenery takes preference over another? How do you do that in FS 2020?
  6. You should try using SPAD.neXt (https://www.spadnext.com/home.html) The Stream Deck support is still in beta, but if you buy the full version of the software you can already start using it with MSFS (it also works with X-Plane 11 and FSX). It allows you to build multiple profiles (e.g. for different aircraft) and control multiple Stream Deck controllers (along with all the other Saitek/Logitech controllers, etc). What's cool is that unlike standard Stream Deck profiles which only allow you to assign the buttons as keyboard shortcuts essentially, SPAD.neXt interacts with the flight sim and can read inputs/outputs from the sim so you can get the button icons to respond to the state of your aircraft (e.g. if the gear is up or down) I've attached some shots of a setup I was using for a C172 on my 15-key Stream Deck (icons are my own creation, not from SPAD.neXt). I'm now busy working on a more complicated one for my Stream Deck XL. If you go over to the SPAD.neXT forums/discord there are some really cool projects that have been created (like fully working Comm panels, AP, etc)
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