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  1. Is it OK to install both "Blue, Gold" etc and Global Base and PNW, CRM, and so on?...So, to make it simple, any or all Orbx addons can be installed without interfering with each other? Thanks, but it is confusing!
  2. Hi: Seems like I remember years ago having a program that would close all unnecessary running background services/programs before FSX started...Now I have searched but cannot find it...Any help on locating such a program would be welcome! Thanks...
  3. Hi Again: I am considering starting to add mesh to my FSX-SE...Would I be better off buying Ultimate Terrain or going with some of the free mesh that is available? Will adding mesh screw up my payware scenery (i.e., Aerosoft Mega Airports, etc)? Thanks!
  4. Hello: Hope I can make this question clear...I have several airplanes that I enjoy flying in FSX...But, a few of them have annoying or silly stickers painted onto the panel itself...Is there a way for me to edit these panels and remove the details I want gone? I have several paint programs that I could use...Thanks for any advice...
  5. Does anyone know if it is possible to use the mouse wheel as a throttle control? I have been trying to figure it out but no luck...Thanks for the help...
  6. My (current) favorite plane in FS2004 is the DeHavilland DH-7, four engine turboprop...But, I am not real pleased with the sound file,,,Sounds really tinny...Can anyone recommend a replacement sound file that has some realism to it? Thanks...
  7. The night lighting is one of the features of X-Plane that really attracts me to it...Thanks for the detailed reply!
  8. Hi: I have perhaps a unique way of enjoying my flight simulation...I like to fly around airports; Not between airports, but around them, doing touch and go's, approaches, etc...I would appreciate anyone's opinions on which simulator, X-Plane or P3d has the best, most realistic scenery airport addons, both payware and player made...I plan to upgrade to one or the other simulators soon, and want to make the buy that would be most enjoyable for me...Again; not interested in add-on textures, mesh and so on...Just airports! Thanks for the advice...Steve in Kansas
  9. LTCSZ

    Convert Aircraft to .BGL Files?

    Thanks! I'll give it a try!
  10. Is there a program available that will convert standard FS2004 aircraft into .bgl objects that would be place-able with a scenery program such as EZ-Scenery? Thanks....
  11. Thanks for the reply...I have the complete X-Plane 10 with all of the scenery disks and have never installed it...Is there still a good source for sceneries and planes for Ver 10? Don't want to put out $60 if I can have fun with what I already own!...Thanks again...
  12. Can down-loadable scenery and planes labeled for X-Plane 11 be used in X-Plane 10? Are they backwards compatible? Thanks...
  13. I have looked through most of the available scenery object libraries for EZ-Scenery and have been unable to find the following: Any good aircraft libraries/objects with up to date liveries, as well as general aviation objects...Any modern terminal objects, not just the generic FS2004 terminals...Any large aircraft hangars of modern design...If anyone out there has any ideas for me to try, I would really appreciate your suggestions...There must be some modern scenery design objects suitable for FS2004 and EZ-Scenery! Thanks...
  14. Hi: I am looking for a set of "very large" hangar scenery objects suitable for use in Abacus EZ-Scenery...I can't seem to find any large enough for 747's, etc...Thanks for the advice!
  15. Thanks for letting me know this...