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  1. LTCSZ

    P3d V4.4 and UTX V2?

    Hi: I have received several opinions and suggestions as to the order in which the installers place the UTX V2 for P3d V4.4 into the Scenery Library, so I thought I would ask again; My installers have placed the files at the very top of the scenery library (Slot 2,3,4, etc)...Is this correct? I have numerous Orbx airports (no Global products)...The installer has placed them below the UTX files...Can anyone advise on correct file order? Or, does it even make any difference? Thanks a lot!
  2. Where in the Scenery Library should Ultimate Terrain files be located? The installer placed them at the very top (Slot 1-4)...Should they be here or near the bottom of the list? Thanks!
  3. LTCSZ

    Moving P3d To A Different Drive?

    So, in order to annoy you guys one more time; This is what I would do: Copy the Lockheed Martin folders from my current D drive to my new drive, lets say, "K" Change the old drive, D, to a different letter Change the new drive to D But then, would that mess up any other programs that might be looking for references/icons on the desktop, etc., on the old D drive? Thanks for your patience...
  4. LTCSZ

    Moving P3d To A Different Drive?

    So, "copying/dragging" will work as well as "imaging"...I have never changed a drive letter...Is it difficult? (Can you tell I'm new at this?)
  5. LTCSZ

    Moving P3d To A Different Drive?

    Thanks for the quick responses...I am confused on just what you mean by "imaging" the current P3d drive...Currently my installation is on my "D" drive which is not the "OS" drive...(That's still "C")...Thanks again! Steve in Kansas
  6. This might be a moot question, but here goes...Is there any easy way to move P3d V4.4 to a new drive without re-installing the entire program? I am collecting more scenery, planes, etc., than I ever thought I would, and the drive on which I originally installed the simulator is rapidly approaching full...I would like to move the entire installation to a new SSD with lots of room, but I shudder at doing a complete re-install...Suggestions would be welcome...Thanks!
  7. Hi: I am rapidly running out of space on my internal SSD that I have been using for XP11...Can anyone recommend an external SSD that would be fast enough (and large enough!) for XP11? Thanks a lot!
  8. OK: Got a little money left after all of the Christmas expenses...Could someone suggest maybe the best 3 Orbx sceneries that I should buy? Thanks!
  9. Here is my continuing tale of woe...My re installation of P3d seems to be running fine until it gets to the processing of "Microsoft Net Framework 4.7.2"...It hangs there for a while and then I get, "Error 0x800713ec Asia"...Upon asking for "more details" it tells me that I am being blocked from installing the Net Framework 4.7.2 because my computer says "there is a problem. Please fix the problem and try again"...What problem? This one really has me stumped...Thanks for your assistance!
  10. So, can I run my regular Orbx without Global Base installed? I think I will delete Base and Vector. Thanks.
  11. The scenery at the same airport looks perfect with that airport's Orbx add on disabled, so it's got to be something in Orbx...The hunt continues...
  12. I am still having horrible problems with FSX-SE and Orbx scenery...I have a pure Orbx scenery library...No other add ons...I am running Orbx Global Base, but that is absolutely all...I have un-enabled it in the Scenery Library but it changes nothing.....I would welcome any ideas or suggestions!
  13. Can anyone refer me to a single engine airplane for X-Plane 11, Freeware, Payware, Ransom Your Grandson Ware or any other Ware that is flyable and that will taxi and accelerate without veering off of the runway and so on? I really want to like X-Plane 11, as it seems like the future of our hobby, but my frustration level is rising...Surely someone has produced an aircraft that will perform normally in the simulator? Yes, I know some torque is normal and expected; So call me unrealistic...I want to enjoy my time flying and not spend that time trying to overcome an inherent problem in the program...(I know this will probably bring out the defenders of the extreme torque, but That is not the purpose of this post...I just want to fly! Thanks for any advice!
  14. I have recently completed a total reinstall of FSXSE...It installed it to my "C" drive, which is fine except that the drive is now almost full...Is there a way to tell Orbx FTX Central to install scenery to another drive that I could then map to FSXSE using the Scenery Library? I have tried Manual Download, but Central still puts the new scenery files into "C"...Or, can I simply copy the installed scenery files from "C" to another drive and map it that way? Thanks for the advice!