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  1. Using V4.5...I have tried everything I know to stop my aircraft (any prop plane) from a slow bank to the left. Torque and P Factor are at lowest setting, calibrated many times.I understand about the high torque during climb, but this happens constantly even during cruise. Nothing is working! I would sure appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!
  2. What is the proper version of FSUIPC for FS2004? Thanks!
  3. I have been randomly searching for a few airports with a runway 36/18 in P3dV4.5 yet I cannot find any. Could someone out there give me a list of 3 or four places with 36/18? Many thanks...
  4. Got the JF 152...Seems great but I hope you won't mind a couple of questions! I can't seem to get the panel lights to come on. Tried reassigning the command but no luck. Does it have panel lights? And where is the on/off switch for the radios? Thanks for any suggestions you may have! Steve in Kansas
  5. Can someone recommend a decent Cessna 150 or 152 that will work in P3d V4.5? Your help is appreciated!
  6. I did catch a sale of 30% off (Or maybe it was 40%)...You know, to be perfectly honest, I was not that impressed with the add-on...Seems like it makes a minor improvement, but I really don't think I would purchase it again....I think ORBX is playing with words when it comes to "required, regions" and so on...It has certainly stopped me from purchasing Vector and LC....I think Ultimate Terrain is a much better buy and a much better improvement...
  7. Suddenly no addons can locate my P3d V4.4 installation...It seems that there must be a registry entry missing or messed up...Is there a way to "refresh" the registry without completely deleting and reinstalling the program? Thank You very much!
  8. Hi: I am interested in getting into scenery design and was wondering if there is a decent alternative to Google Earth for satellite photos...I have found lately that Google Earth has a lot of false tile overlays and can be quite annoying in blocking certain areas of the photos...Any advice would be appreciated!
  9. Does anyone have any good methods for doing a backup of FS2004? I live in fear daily that my GB's of files will one day corrupt or vanish and I will be starting all over...Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks, Steve in Kansas
  10. Anyone know of a scenery file(s) that will add a bunch of remote cabins, float bases, etc to Alaska? I have UT Alaska installed...Freeware preferred (Not Misty Fjords Payware for now!)...I have searched individually with little luck...Thanks!
  11. I am using FS2004 and the original Tongass Fjords from years ago...
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