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  1. Is there a simple way to print out the contents of the Community Folder? Thanks!
  2. Hello: Well, I finally have some time on my hands and would like to take the first steps in learning scenery design for MSFS. Nothing fancy, maybe starting with adding some simple elements to a local airport, etc. Is there a beginner, word not allowed proof, senior proof tutorial that would start me off at the very beginning and guide me through the very basics? I would be thrilled just to learn how to place a hangar at an airport! Thanks for the assistance!
  3. I see references to GSX Profiles in many files...Where do I get the basic program needed to use them? Thanks!Steve KGCK
  4. Since installing the new update today, I cannot exit the simulator using the normal "exit to desktop"; I have to use the Task Manager. Anyone else having this problem? And, the Content Manager will not come up, it just sits there with the spinning circle! Any advice appreciated!
  5. Thanks...Since the new update today, have you had any problems getting to the Content Manager and in ending the program using the "Do You Want To Quit To Desktop" selections? I can only get out of FS by using Task Manager...Thanks again...
  6. If I completely empty my Community Folder, will I still have all of the World Updates and all Marketplace purchased items in the basic game? In other words, will I have MS2020 just without third party add-ons? Thanks a lot!
  7. I am using a Thrustmaster Airbus joystick and I am continually fighting what I believe is called a "Dutch Roll", oscillating back and forth making it nearly impossible to line to a runway for landing. Seems to happen with every aircraft, some much worse than others, but it is always there. Have messed around with the sensitivity settings to the point at which I don't know what I am doing! Is there one particular sensitivity setting that should concern me more than others? A combination? I am aware that every setup is different, but I also know that this oscillation can be overcome. (I watch a lot of YouTube videos!) Thanks for your assistance.
  8. Hi there: I am asking the community for advice. I want to purchase either the Milviz 310R or the Flightsimware C-414. My experience flying twin engine aircraft in the simulator is minimal, so if some of you who own one or the other of these planes could give me some advice on which would be best both from a learning perspective and an "enjoyment" factor I would sure appreciate it! Thanks!
  9. Is anyone using the Logitech G PC Farm Sim Vehicle Side Panel with MSFS? I am really cramped for space and it would seem a good solution. Thanks for any advice!
  10. Suddenly, my account at the MS Store has deleted all of my purchases, including my initial purchase of the Premium Deluxe Edition! I am logging into my MS Store account, but none (amounting to $100's of dollars) of my purchases are listed. Is there any way I should go about trying to restore my purchases in the store? I cannot even consider a complete re-install because the initial purchase isn't listed! Many thanks for any advice given!
  11. https://edwardziegler.smugmug.com/MS2020-Flight-Simulation/i-3FGJMFz/A Asd you can see from the photo linked above; I have a slight misalignment in my main panel view. I cannot get it to line up exactly along the plane's axis. It's just enough that it really throws off landings, etc. My "pan" hat is too large in its movement to allow me exact alignment. Is there a cure for this? Many thanks...
  12. Does anyone know of a good Mig-29 for MS2020? Thanks..
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