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  1. paddler

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    RALF9636, Thank you for your reply. Can you direct me to a good source of info on using voice recognition for ATC in P3D. I will also google it. Rick
  2. paddler

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    Gentlemen, Sorry to perhaps temporarily hijack this thread, but from what I have read here there is a tremendous amount of knowledge that could give me a quick solution to my quandary. I am not a RW pilot, have some experience in the sim world and also as a passenger in GA aircraft. In the sim I have been interested for years in using proper voice procedure in flying GA, VFR only and normally smaller airports both controlled and non- controlled. I am tired of just responding by keyboard to P3D ATC and want to use a mike to follow correct procedures for all phases of my flight. So I am not in need of SID/STAR use, only simple voice procedure. Is there an ATC program suitable for my use without the complications of IFR needs etc. I have investigated and Pilot2ATC seemed the most likely. Or am I best to simply forget an ATC program? Thank you in advance for any advice. Rick
  3. Outstanding flying skills even if considered the norm for most crews.
  4. paddler

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    Wonderful addition. Well done Rob.
  5. paddler

    Korea (Not flight sim related)

    It is the 65th Anniversary of the signing of the armistice. The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ottawa is a continuous supporter of the Canadian Korean vets and pays homage to the nearly 27,000 Canadians who fought there and over 500 who died. One of our Senators, Yonah Martin who was born in Seoul is dedicated to honoring our Korean war vets and fostering Korean / Canadian relations. The Korean people will never forget the effort of so many from nations far away to protect them when they needed help.They are so ever grateful.
  6. Bob, Let Roy know that we are thinking of him and wishing him a speedy and full recovery.
  7. paddler

    Cyprus Airspace Closed...

    So much for Op Sec.
  8. paddler

    400 days of simming

    Yep. I am in with the "best" of you over the years. Retired and this is my second hobby and as I age and the body fails me more, the one that occupies more of that time.
  9. paddler

    Well done Carenado!

    Very nice to see the community give positive support to Carenado. I have not been a significant buyer of Carenado planes in the past however, this recent sale and the desire to purchase a small business jet brought me to them. I was very impressed with the variety of the offerings and the manner in which they upgrade from one version of sim to the next. In my research for the perfect small business jet to get their offerings came well recommended. They certainly do deserve the support given in this thread.
  10. Really enjoyed that video and learned a lot. Thanks for sharing it. Rick
  11. paddler

    Canada to buy used Australian hornets

    Sorry ubersu wrong again, it was in Afghanistan. please see here.
  12. paddler

    Canada to buy used Australian hornets

    You are so out of the true fact zone here that you owe it to yourself to re-educate yourself. Start by a google search of "JTF 2 Presidential Unit Citation". That is just a sample of Canadian participation in joint and combined operations since Korea.
  13. paddler

    Unfortunate plane registration..

    Good news,
  14. paddler

    Unfortunate plane registration..

    Rick, MILVIZ has the DHC-2 Beaver, this is the DHC -3 single radial engine Otter. Two different planes with the Otter being larger but essentially based on the Beaver design. If you like the old bush planes it may be worth having the two. Can you imagine the ATC calls "Vancouver Approach C-FUKN Otter request Flight Following". Rick
  15. paddler

    FSFXpackages 30% off

    Quick answer, yes. I have 3 Dell 24 inch monitors in Surround plus a 4th 10 inch touch screen for GPS. Still trying to get the GPS to fully function with the GPS ( not a ChasePlane issue). Also my TrackIR 5 is down and I have not had the opportunity to try to intigrate that with ChasePlane. Rick