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  1. He did pay the price as I understand it.
  2. Just wondering, does he do tech support? 😁
  3. I use a faytech 10 inch touch screen with the TDS GTNXi with no problems.
  4. Like most things when there are options, each option has advantages and disadvantages. When someone is made aware of or is looking for an option they may not be aware of alternatives, so it is good to know what is out there. Celebrate diversity in all aspects of life!
  5. Only half the statement, recommend that you modify it to read " we do try - and we do succeed".
  6. Update. I have discovered some information from the Tobii web site and other sources that indicate that it may be possible to mount the tracking bar on the top of the monitor successfully. But due to possible issues with the eye tracking algorithm being designed for normal mounting on the bottom of the monitor it is the preferred mounting solution on the bottom. As I use a Precision Flight Control C2 Professional console I am concerned that the bottom mounting solution would not work for me. Does anyone have any experience with the top of monitor mounting?
  7. Why does the tracker bar need to be at the bottom of the monitor and not the top?
  8. I am still enjoying this plane. 90% plus of my simming is done with the Twin Otter.
  9. Loved the P3D version but this one is much better.
  10. You might want to reconsider. As with any 3rd party offering, there will be minor issues and they will be rectified and updates posted. I can assure you that this is the case with the Twin Otter and much work has already been completed on sounds and other identified anomalies. This thing is already a beauty to fly and will be improved upon in the near future. It is my primary plane to explore the world with and will only get better. You are missing out IMHO.
  11. My understanding is that many of the preview videos were advance copy files that may not have included the final sound sets.
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