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  1. I have only done a little flying with this mesh, and that in South Island and the Southern Alps. It does make a positive difference and I am enjoying it.
  2. I have only done a little flying with this mesh, and that in South Island and the Southern Alps. It does make a positive difference and I am enjoying it.
  3. Good question. Yes she is aware as I had to ask her for her weight and she didn't hesitate. I am very lucky, she understands my joy and approach in this hobby and encourages me. I tell her about each of "our" flights together! I fully anticipate surviving the next five weeks and joining you at 72.
  4. I have it and it is now my standard plane for most flights. I load it with real weights for my wife and I and touring luggage and explore some of my favorite places where we have travelled. In NZ the last two weeks. I have only flown the 172 in real life so I can't assess the flight dynamics against the real thing (I am not a PP holder) but I enjoy it a lot. I purchased it as the first 3rd party AC and am quite happy with it while I wait for Milviz and A2A offerings. Rick
  5. Rob, Priority one - do what you need to ensure that your health improves.
  6. It's not a habit! It's a life!!🙃
  7. Wow, thanks for this. We flew in and out from here about three years ago. Had a wonderful two weeks relaxing and touring the whole island. The Molokai airport looks exactly like we remember it. A stunning rendition. It will be a purchase for sure. Probably Lihue as well. Rick
  8. I have been an ardent supporter of Milviz and was delighted at the early intent to provide free installers into P3Dv5. I also certainly understood the need to consider the amount of time and effort required to fully convert into models that take full advantage of the new capabilities in v5, and the possible need to recapture associated costs. As a native English speaker your intentions were clear to me. I do understand that Rainero, if English is not his primary language could possibly have interpreted words differently. I would describe your efforts as Wise. I do not feel the least bit mislead or betrayed by your current stance, based as it is on a better knowledge of the requirements to convert/upgrade. I look forward to the release of your products for P3Dv5 and MSFS. Thanks for keeping us updated, both in the past and more currently. Please do keeps us aware of the way ahead. Good luck to you in the process going forward. Rick
  9. Thanks for posting this video. I have been a major orbx supporter in P3D and will continue to be so for MSFS.
  10. I have purchased extensively from both of these companies over the last few years. In every instance they have provided five star service. I am also pleased to say that there are many companies providing flight sim products and it is rare for me to have a service issue.
  11. I received all of my MSFS at the discount price with no problems through their support forum, https://www.simaddons.com/support/board.php?board=45 by clicking on each airport. They work fine and their is no need for any support communication with them.
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