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  1. I mean P3D will work the Titan harder than Solidworks will :)
  2. That Titan XP will run Solidworks wonderfully. P3D will be harder on that Titan than Solidworks will.
  3. What type of work do you do in Solidworks? Unless your working with massive assemblies, a good gaming card should do you just fine.
  4. To be fair, if you've historically been using P3D the costs have been minimal concerning addons and P3D versions. I can definitely see how moving to the P3D platform for the first time can be intimidating, especially if your knew to the ESP platform.
  5. You don't have to delete anything Stan. You can install Prepar3D v4 and still use your FSX or any other sim for that matter. Many addons include free updates for v4, many do not. Just build up your library over time just like with FSX.
  6. Having 3800 concurrent players is nice and all, but how many of those players purchase 3rd party scenery? We can guess all we want. I''d bet that FlyTampa, FSDT, Flightbeam, etc. have metrics on there FSX-SE, FSX and P3D sales. Whats the percentage of FSX users that buy addon's period? I'd be willing to bet that theses companies are making an educated decision.
  7. All I can say is that around South Western British Columbia, Global Ultimate is much more accurate than Global 2010. For other areas of the world I couldn't honestly say ;)
  8. Performance on my system is great 7700k@4.9 HT/on GTX1080ti The system that you've just built should have no issues. Sorry to hear about that 1080ti problem you had.
  9. I updated a few months ago from ftx global 2010 It certainly makes a very noticeable difference in accuracy as long as your system is up to the task I'd say its well worth it if the accuracy is important to you.
  10. It's so polished. I haven't been so pleased with a release since CoF. As soon as the NGX is released I'll be in heaven and it just going to get better from there.
  11. Your 16GB will do you just fine for now. I have 64GB and I haven't been able to make V4 use more than 9GB, and believe you me I've been trying ;)
  12. V4 is quite simply, everything I wish V3 was. V3 I had to turn my sliders down, not because of performance issues, but because of OOMs
  13. I've found that an AM of 245 works best for me, I tried 85 but didn't like it. Having the AM at default worked perfect as far as smoothness and fps goes, but I believe I get a little better terrain loading with the 245. I have a Corsair H100i, I was running temps in the high 70's under stress and decided to try the delidding thing. Its was an easy process with one of those Rocketcool units, now I'm running temps in the 59-63 range. My highest temp so far recorded after the delidding is 68
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