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  1. Great airplane, very fun to fly. A good balance in tech. I find the newer Airbuses to be too automated for my liking. I'm loving this one.
  2. A 4090 doesn't break a sweat with MSFS 2020. The bottlenecks appear elsewhere before the 4090 even gets down to work. vram is what you want for the future. If 5000 series cards have more vram than their 4000 series counterparts than you might want to wait for them.
  3. You can pay a subscription right now. It costs about $20 a month and you can play hundreds of games including MSFS 2020 and pretty much every game if not every game Microsoft produces. Its quite a deal if you like gaming as well as flight simming.
  4. I've been satisfied with FShud and have few issues with it. Some of the problems like having to edit SB plans, seem to be fixed since an update or two. I use FShud and FSLTL together and have not tried the beta. I only use the latest release. I'd say 80% of my flights work without a hitch and the other 20% I have to cancel and restart from current position which is quite painless but it does break immersion. I will agree with everyone else, the vectoring is currently annoying and very immersion breaking. There are too many quirks to count in the software but the same is true for every piece of ATC software I've tried. Overall I'm satisfied with it and its my ATC of choice only when combined with FSLTL until something better comes out. I'll fly with my FShud, PF3 and all the rest I've owned before I'd pay for an ATC only subscription plan. Maybe in combination with other services such as Navigraph, I might change my opinion. Too many subscriptions these days, not a good business model for an ATC add on imho. Hopefully the dev's of all these competing products read these threads.
  5. Hi Sethos I'm running 64gigs of high quality XMP ram, my Expo ram is unstable, I can only run it with default bios settings. The bios has a setting for the intel ram but I have to clock it down a couple notches to get stability. I'm not sure if I'm having ram issues or if it's a bad auto setting in the bios 😞 ps. the 24/48 is the fps/fg-fps 😉
  6. Upgrading my 5800x3d/4090 to a 7950x3d/4090 has let me change a single slider from 200 to 400 and keep my performance the same. Everything graphically is maxed now 🙂 I find Alaska just as demanding as LA or NY and it's an old simmers dream come true 😉 it's glorious. FShud combined with FSTLTL brings a huge hit but worth every penny. My system is not running 100% yet and in the most demanding situations, I might see my fps drop down as low as 24/48 and buttery smooth. I'd say that the odd time I might get a stutter... I'm not 100% sure because of FS Realistic, Trak IR and things. I think the trick is that when I keep the counters all closed that I'm having the most immersive flight sim experience that I've ever experienced and it only gets better from here. I hope 😉
  7. How does the system run with other software? Have you tried other demanding pieces of software, how does the system perform? Are the performance issues only with MSFS or does the system perform poorly overall? Your not getting the performance that you should easily get, so something is most definitely wrong. It should run like a dream right from install. I would maybe start looking at your computer security, it might be overzealous. I know mine doesn't like me to install certain pieces of software and makes me go through a couple extra hoops to get it installed. Not for any reason that I can discern other than Windows trying to save me from being infected.
  8. This has to be very frustrating for you 😞 What are the only pieces of hardware that haven't been ruled out? I'm still running with my 64gig of 6400 XMP, waiting on my Expo. I've got my ram clocked down to 6000 and my settings set to ultra with my tlod set to 400 and my olod to 200 At Feel There's KLAX with the PMDG 737-700, Trak IR and Spad.next running I get around 48/76 fps on the tarmac, 35/70 fps on take off/final and around 45/90 sightseeing around the city. When I run FShud with FSLTL it will cost me around 25% of my fps. I'm still having stability problems with my system, it takes way too long to boot up. System hasn't crashed yet when its running and I've had MSFS running on it for over 48hrs on the tarmac and no system crash with stable fps 😉 With my system running on the Expo ram that I suspect is faulty, I can't set my system to Expo 1, it wont run on it, I have to leave the bios at default. With the same MSFS settings I get around 22/44 tarmac, 17/34 takeoff/final and 25/50 sightseeing with no stutters. It sounds to me like your have a local problem, not related to hardware or common MSFS related software. Have you tried running in offline mode? Are all your permissions setup correctly? If its not the hardware, then its a setting somewhere, not an MSFS setting. It could be the streaming, so I'd try without it so we can rule that out. Reminds me of the frustrations I had back in the day trying to get stuff working in W95 😉
  9. Hi guys I've been following this thread with interest as I was also having performance issues with a new 7950x3d paired with a 4090. It seems my issues were tied to ram. Two different pairs of ram, one (expo) I suspect is faulty and the other pair is for an intel system. After pulling my hair out trying to get stability out of my system I've found that setting my ram speed down a couple notches has given me the stability and the performance I was looking for. When I get replacement expo ram I'm hoping to get a little better performance. I've had a lot of bad luck with ram lately. Have you tested your ram? Have you tested each stick individually? Hope this helps
  10. Flight plans load in to the mcdu from Simbrief without a hitch.
  11. No distortion whatsoever. You just get a wider view angle and any open windows can also be place on the edge of your vision. Imho a TIR with a Track Clip pro is a must have also. It works pretty much flawlessly. I've been using that for years. All told, Its the kind of immersive experience I live for 😉
  12. I'm running a Samsung Odyssey G9 since last year, runs great and looks fantastic with a 4090 or a 3090. I always used to chinse on the monitor, after having this one I won't do that again, what a difference. Otherwise, it's like buying a great amplifier and matching it with crappy speakers.
  13. Do we have a verdict on FS Traffic with GSX. Are they playing nice together?
  14. Upgraded from a 3090 to a 4090 myself. I was satisfied with the 3090, the 4090 put a big smile on my face. My performance doubled. I now have buttery smooth performance with 60fps+ with a full suite of addons running including the Fenix and Pmdg's at the busiest Airports in NA. The 4000 series cards and DLSS-3 are a game changer when it comes to MSFS imho. Replacing my AMD5900X with the 5800X3D was also a very worth while upgrade, for anyone thinking about it. It produced around a 20% increase in performance over the 5900X. That was back when using the 3090.
  15. I can't fly without my TIR I bought a Tobii a 2 years back hoping it would work as good as my TIR, I was disappointed. One thing that makes my TIR more enjoyable than it already was is a wireless, rechargeable Track Clip Pro that I found on Amazon. I hope the Tobii has improved since I last used it, I long for a head tracking solution that requires no head gear that works as good as a TIR
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