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  1. So sorry for the late reply... Yes, I did check and neither file had those rogue entries... Not too sure what to make of it...
  2. Hello! I keep getting an P3D add-ons.cfg is corrupted message when I start AI Lights Professional Edition with this message: "Your Prepard3D add-ons.cfg contains entries that do not exists. To correct this error please edit your Prepar3D add-on.cfg file and remove the entry that makes reference to: F\01 - Flight Sim Related\02 - P3D Scenery Add On\FLYTAMPA\Tampa\add-on.xml" I have the same message for Dubai, Dubai_LC, Amsterdam, and Amsterdam_LC. The thing is, neither are listed in my P3D add-ons.cfg... Any idea?
  3. Hello, I noticed that there are three settings for the scaling technique in the Pro Settings: default P3D, 1080, and 4k. What scaling technique would you recommend for 1440p? Regards,
  4. Stupid question, I followed the instructions in the pdf, but I see that the Gate Docking SafeGate in the FlyTampa configurator is at Type 1B (FSX only). Is that normal? I am flying with P3D v 4.5. Cheers
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