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  1. $10 says Asobo will probably introduce a toggle for "cross-play", specifically so actual simmers can avoid the console people hooning around their neighbourhood and crashing into one another for the lolz. 😄
  2. Different people within the team, and also a prerogative for their actual business (making an add-on to sell), versus adding free post-release stuff people want. In terms of the team(s) working on implementing new features or fixing/enhancing existing ones, I'm guessing seasons were pushed back in favour of other priorities - but the business side of things doesn't just stop in the meantime.
  3. I believe Xbox Series X uses DX12U, so perhaps people are extrapolating from that.
  4. Wasn't it supposed to be some kind of "hey Asobo, work with them" kind of thing? Kinda funny that it's the #1 wish on the list and I'm sitting here going "why did we want that again?" lol
  5. To answer the OP's question - there's already computers that can run MSFS just fine. I don't consider running a game to be the same thing as "running it at absolute maximum everything well above 30fps" And unless your monitor is bigger than 50" somehow, anything above 1440p is probably processing overkill anyway for little visual gain.
  6. UHD (aka 4K) is 400% of the pixels of 1080p, not 50%
  7. Not really the same. Microsoft's xCloud service is already gearing up to compete on the cloud gaming front, but the considerations are very different, because the primary challenge with cloud gaming is latency - sending video outputs and controller inputs back and forth between your TV and a datacentre fast enough that it doesn't feel miserable, while still getting a high quality image to the end user. MSFS's world streaming stuff isn't really sensitive to latency - it just needs to be able to sustain serving that much data to that many users, 24/7. Multiplayer is a little different, but even then still a world away from the kinds of low latency required for actually playing something in a datacentre. To the conversation in the thread, short of add-on sales completely drying up in the store, I don't think they'll ever charge for it over the life of the sim unless it gets to a point that MSFS is actually putting a strain on Azure's resources - which is unlikely both because flight simming just isn't on that scale of popularity, and because Microsoft are spending like $100 billion dollars a year continually expanding Azure's reach and capacity anyway.
  8. Minecraft will be 10 years old this November. Still getting new stuff added regularly. MSFS doesn't have the business model of a widget, where you sell them until the demand isn't there, then you make something else. It's there as a showcase for Azure. It's there to provide diversity and value for Game Pass' library. It's there to show Xbox's commitment to PC gaming again and buy back mindshare. But more importantly with the comparison to Minecraft - they can sell add-ons and expansions for it, and collect a 30% cut of any add-ons sold through the in-sim store, in a genre that is legendary for it's community voraciously buying tons of expensive add-ons to enhance the experience. But in order for that to be lucrative, they need to produce and maintain a sim with a sizeable userbase- not one that will just trail off and bleed back to competing products. And in a field as vocal and discerning as flight sims and simmers, that means producing a really good, realistic sim in the long run, that people will jump from P3D and X-Plane for. Asobo/Microsoft aren't going to have 200+ people working on MSFS forever, but they probably will until the core sim is in a really good place and they can scale down the team to focus more on expansions, addons, and maintenance of the existing product/store. At that point the bar for what is "worth it" to keep updating the sim will be pretty easy to clear. Plus not for nothing, but Asobo have obliquely hinted they already have a contract to support the sim for several years.
  9. My guess is that seasons simply got backburnered in favour of more pressing stuff they want to get in or fix first, in response to feedback.
  10. Now I have to buy a monkey? God this hobby has so many bloody expensive add-ons.
  11. I mean... it was feedback, that within a few hours was being collected by the sim's community manager to be looked at further. That's absurdly high level of responsiveness to random forum feedback. Yeah we can't say what happens with it past that, but I don't think it's really reasonable to expect Asobo to stop and listen to every piece of feedback that comes their way anyway. Maybe they think it's helpful - maybe they think it's treading territory they've already looked at. I see there's some people in that thread already picking at what they see as some problems with the feedback provided. Trying to collate and act on the mountain of user feedback out there isn't easy - especially in a highly technical area like flight simming, where everyone has very passionate opinions and a whiteboard full of math equations to try and explain why they think your ailerons aren't responding correctly to turbulence during descent or whatever, lol. None of this is to invalidate the frustration anyone feels at technical problems, or behavioural problems in the sim of course - they obviously exist.
  12. Pleased to hear that Rob. You're one of the all-stars of the community working to improve the default aircraft, and the work you put in is appreciated by all of us.
  13. Looks like Jayne already passed it on to the dev team to look at, according to her comment in that thread.
  14. Yeah, finally busting through the soup to see crystal clear sky and sun never gets old.
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