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  1. Game Developer Conference. Industry conference where they have tons of presentations and stuff related to game development. Microsoft had a bunch of people scheduled to give talks there.
  2. The thing for me that continues to set MSFS apart from every other sim visually, is the combination of the lighting, and particle/alpha effects with the weather. The sunlight diffusing through mist and fog. The belts of rain from the clouds. The subtle scattering and colouration of the smoggy air above a city. Stuff like that is what makes this sim look ineffably real to me, far more than ground texture quality, or 3D trees, or autogen buildings, etc. All of that stuff obviously helps greatly, but it's the airspace in these pictures and videos that always strikes me the most. My man Lionel is a wizard I tells ya.
  3. Yeah, some of their earliest videos show lots of traffic on the roads in a couple of cities. There hasn't been much since, but I also don't think many of their newer videos have been close enough to the ground to notice or see traffic anyway.
  4. I mean, the video clearly has an unabashed point of view as to which looks better, but... don't you too? lol. I cant imagine anyone but the most ardent XP defenders having an issue acknowledging that default XP looks beyond dated, and getting a laugh out of how far things have come. There's a reason so much visual payware exists.
  5. You're getting into kinda broad statements without evidence here. All three of the closed alphas I've been chosen for, were for what you'd call "triple-A" games. One for EA, and two for Ubisoft. Asobo haven't really "promoted" their alpha more than anyone else. They keep people who specifically signed up to participate in the alpha apprised on the status of alpha invites when there's news to share - pretty normal. There's just the perception of endless promotion, because people like us at places like this keep talking about it all day, haha. Paid early access games aren't really proper alphas at all - they are generally used as ongoing fundraisers to keep paying the bills, by smaller devs. They provide no ability to restrict what hardware configurations are being tested for, and they provide no ability to control things like screenshots and video being all over the internet, because they virtually never have NDAs.
  6. Those are a little different, because they are basically public alphas where you buy the game to participate. Like buying and moving into a house before they've finished building it.
  7. Tons of games do closed alpha testing, and they pretty much always come with an NDA. I've been in a few myself, and it's always the same terms - don't talk about what you're seeing, don't post videos or screenshots of what you're seeing, don't stream what you're seeing. They've never had this kind of constant communication and feature videos from the dev team, which I suspect is part of why people are so desperate to get in - they are getting weekly looks at what they are missing out on, either via the Discovery videos, or the weekly screenshots. And I totally understand that impulse, because I share it. It's driving me bananas seeing this stuff and not getting to experience it myself yet, but it's just luck of the draw. And I'm sure at some point testing will open up wide enough that pretty much anyone who wants in will get in. It's just a matter of time. And maybe going from alpha to beta.
  8. The point of a real alpha is not to "reward" anyone. It's not supposed to have commercial or marketing implications either. It's for TESTING. They want to test certain hardware configurations, and gather feedback. So they take signups, and invite at random based on those parameters for testing. That means I'm sure plenty of people get in who just want to play early and can't be arsed to give good feedback. But it also means plenty who do take the time - more than enough to get the information they need. By all accounts, the Insider forum is EXTREMELY active. Too many people view these alpha invites as some sort of doggy treat that dedicated members of the flight sim community should be entitled to, but it doesn't work like that. And it would take an inordinate amount of time to even try to administrate invitations like that - time better spent on virtually anything else. Nor should they care about trying to distribute invites in the most "fair" way possible. They should be focused on one thing, and that's inviting exactly the number of people and/or types of hardware configurations they need, to get what's necessary to make the sim the best it can be at launch. And everyone else should either keep praying they get an invite (because of course we'd all love one), or wait patiently.
  9. All info leaks point to the Xbox Series X being an absolute beast of a console, with a GPU only marginally less powerful than a 2080 Ti in terms of raw compute power. And Microsoft will 99% certainly be selling it at a large loss per unit, to keep it priced competitively with the PS5. My guess is $499. However, it'll also probably be less beefy compared to a high end gaming PC in other areas. Tighter thermal and price constraints, after all.
  10. Assuming that kind of effects work is capable under the engine they are using, then you're good to go.
  11. I suggest finding a new airline for your next trip. As to the question of damage modeling - while ideally absolutely everything in the world will react with 100% realism, in terms of a flight simulator I cant think of a bigger waste of limited development resources than spending time making sure we get accurate... fireballs.
  12. LOL, it's no problem. There's just been a kind of mind-blowing amount of "undulation' talk in the last 36 hours.
  13. Can we make an "Undulation Discussion" subforum or something?
  14. Pretty sure they say that the other airports will use generated markings, derived from that pass they do with the waypoints and stuff. Whereas the 80 airports will all have signage and markings mirroring exactly what they are/look like in real life. So the other ~37k airports will all have coherent, easily navigable markings and signage - it just won't necessarily be the "true to life" markings.
  15. Came here, and saw that the number of pages on this thread had doubled - got excited that maybe there wass more interesting conversation around the video. Skipped to the last page, the first word I saw was "undulation", and became sad. How many words are we going to waste arguing about whether the runways are flat or not? Holy hell.
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