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  1. Development-focused updates for an unreleased sim still in development? Do tell! You're just trolling for reactions at this point. Asobo do 60+ minute Dev Q&As about once a month talking about the sim's development, released an entire video series talking about their technology stack, and put dev updates in their weekly communiques if they have something new. But you know all of this already.
  2. I think there's a perception that the Fenix A320 kinda "showed up" PMDG more than a little bit, as you can track the nosedive in the discourse around PMDG to the week the Fenix came out.
  3. You missed my point Ray. I don't mind or care that you don't want to use MSFS, and I know you've never used the dismissive language I mentioned. My invocation of you was in response to you not understanding why someone from the other subforum would be reading this, when you yourself routinely participate in (not just read) discussions in the MSFS subforum - a sim you don't use. Which to be clear, I have no issue with whatsoever. And yes I know why topics are locked down - which again, was my point. Any mention of P3D or XP being a "toy for children" would bring regulars from those subforums out of the woodwork to argue about it, leading to a derailing of the topic. It happens all the time over there, precisely because so many P3D and XP users lurk that subforum and leap to action when their platform of choice is defamed in their eyes. Heck some users of other sims go over there and pick fights for fun never being told, effectively, "why are you even here?" If someone in the P3D subforum wants to dust off the old sawhorse of MSFS being a "game" or a "toy", that's their prerogative. But it's not at all surprising that users of that sim might be compelled to respond. Personally I find all of this community tribalism intensely tedious.
  4. I would assume they wind up reading them here for the same reason you and other non-MSFS users end up chiming in on threads there, where calling P3D or XP a "toy for children" would result in a thread derail and a lock in under an hour. Followed by the obvious point that some people dabble in more than one sim, and thus read more than one subforum.
  5. Any contract for their product would almost certainly come with a standard contract for support after initial release, insofar as it concerns actual bugs and stuff. And if their aim is to retain their "partnership" with MSFS, they don't want to put out something that gets dragged by the entire community for being an unfinished pile of bugs thus providing questionable value to Microsoft/Asobo. As far as improvements/tweaks go, I imagine that would be left to iniBuilds. But if they take any pride in their work (as I would guess they do), I doubt this will really be a concern. In summation - I'm not really worried about that aspect of things.
  6. The idea that someone would assume nefarious or dishonest motives around... their free world update... is incredible, lol. Especially when the blindingly obvious reason of Xbox's summer showcase is staring you in the face. Jorg has said before, and said it again today, that their World Updates have more to do with where they can get good new sources of data - not simply saying "we need to do Africa" or whatever, and then chasing down whatever they can.
  7. I doubt that's really the way Asobo look at it, and I doubt Microsoft think about it at all, haha. Asobo have said their ambition is to make MSFS a the best simulation for serious simmers there is. By simply delivering that, they'll win over anyone they'd reasonably be able to "convert" from competing platforms. And some people will ride or die with P3D to the "end", which is fine. XP had a little under 1/5th the average/peak concurrent users in May that MSFS had (and that's only comparing MSFS Steam numbers - not Xbox or MS Store), and it stands to reason at this point that P3D is probably much smaller than that. I'm not sure that's enough business for them to see value in aggressively pursuing holdouts.
  8. Of course you can, and I wasn't responding to anyone in particular. I was responding more to the general attitude of "why are they making X, when bugs still exist?" When you're entering a thread about an announcement they made giving simmers a bunch of free content to effectively say "but bugs!", I think you're not taking the time to step back and think about the competing priorities of a project with hundreds of devs on it, funded by a publisher who likes to introduce cross-marketing tie-in stuff from time to time. These are the things that keep their publisher happy, and let them do the less glamorous work of squashing bugs and improving underlying systems that doesn't make for a good E3 sizzle trailer. These are also the things that let them make contracts to give their community an $80 payware plane to celebrate a franchise milestone.
  9. Asobo are working on a Microsoft property. If the odd time spent on an optional promotional tie-in is the "price" of years of free post-release support and updates paid for by their publishing partner, I can't even begin to understand what anyone would be complaining about. That post-release support also just handed you a few high quality aircraft for free, in addition to the silly one. I don't think people burn enough neurons on this forum thinking about the business side of things from time to time, and the competing priorities and pressures that come with it. Yeah, it's annoying that some bugs persist, or that updates sometimes introduce nasty new ones. We'd all like all of the remaining pain points fixed yesterday. But ignoring whether the people making the Halo Pelican are the same people working on stuff like ground physics (probably not!), sometimes you gotta pay the bills and keep your publisher happy too. I think it's occasionally useful to look at the larger picture here, and think about how far and fast things have progressed with a sim that is still a little under two years old. The work continues.
  10. I think some of the complaints and criticism go too far and I agree with the basic spirit of your post, but at the same time... you pay for that work. They aren't freeware hobbyists doing this for a lark; they're people doing it for a career.
  11. I mean... it's a free promotional thing for a movie, lol. Any more complete implementation of fighter jets, carriers etc. would almost certainly come as part of an actual expansion the way helicopters are (eventually). All I wanted from this Top Gun thing was hopefully a decent default carrier they could implement in the game for people to use and land on. The rest of it was fun for a couple hours and didn't cost me a dime, so... cool? I can now uninstall it and go back to the Fenix.
  12. Huh, that's an interesting perspective about the MP and how it has inherent DRM that I had never really considered! We know the downsides to the MP (such as the lag time for updates because of the approval process), but I'd never thought of the upsides beyond broader exposure. I wish you luck with this release. It sounds great!
  13. IF the number of threads asking for support keeps up, I think it's a fair action for AVS to take - it's not like it's their product, or they signed up to be Fenix's tech support hub. Ultimately I think within a couple of weeks it'll hopefully be a nonissue, but I sympathize with people who are annoyed by seeing half the first page for the subforum covered with threads with questions (often repeat ones) about some aspect of the Fenix. Perhaps a pinned Fenix FAQ thread wouldn't be a bad idea too.
  14. I don't support a Fenix subforum, but I do think perhaps there should be a collected thread for all Fenix tech support issues and maybe another for operational issues (with the aircraft itself). Merge all new threads that fall into those categories into the "prime" thread until people get the hint.
  15. What else did you think it offered? It's a higher fidelity simulation/realization of the actual aircraft. If that doesn't suit your purpose (which is completely fine - not everyone wants that), then I'm not sure why you bought it to begin with.
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