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  1. Team, Do we have any vendors who have create a control panel for Boeing planes that show visually the air speed, etc? I'm getting the Core Flight MCU and would rather not use my ipad for the visuals. Tim
  2. Community, I thought it would be AWESOME-GREAT-COOL to start a thread focused on the release date of MS2024 for GA, Alpha and Beta. So, any insights in stead of 2024? Tim
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Time to start saving the pennies for this product and 2024. Tim
  4. Community, I was looking at the Logitech add-ons but now came upon these gorgeous MCP's. Wow. Any recommendations on MCP's for MSFS 2020 / 2024? Mainly just fly 737's. Tim
  5. Can you add the Logitech panels on top of the thurstmaster? If not, where would you recommend having these panels?
  6. Community, Building out my PC with 4090, Intel Core i9-13900KS (6.0 GHz Turbo) with 64GB DDR5 6000MHz. The lowest power supply I'm allowed to order is 1000W. Would it make a difference if I went to 1500W? Tim
  7. Community, I'm loving the ability to view various views on a separate monitor or i-pad or other like Navigraph. Are there any utilities or software that allows us to do the same for viewing specific gauges in the cockpit like altitude and speed? Thanks in advance. Tim
  8. Thanks for all of the replies. Great feedback.
  9. Community, Can the FMC be automatically setup using flight plans we create in MSFS? It wasn't clear if FS2Crew did this automatically or the PMDG standlone. Thanks in advance. Tim
  10. On a tight budget so looking for something under $400. Wondering from this community what you recommend. Thanks in advance. Tim
  11. Community, So many options out there these days. Looking for a quality monitor at around $500-$600 USD. Any recommendations would be extremely appreciated. Tim
  12. Community, Any planes with 2d cockpit view? Tim
  13. Community, Former MSFS user here gong back to the subLogic days as a kid. 1. Has someone create a file that uses the old keyboard/mouse/yoke assignments for MSFS 2020? 2. Has someone been able to create the maximize view (W)? 3. Is their a 737 aircraft available? 4. Does MSFS recognize the CH Yoke with buttons? Thanks in advance. Tim
  14. All, Has anyone been able to port over past aircraft into MSFS 2020? Tim
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