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  1. Community, Any planes with 2d cockpit view? Tim
  2. Community, Former MSFS user here gong back to the subLogic days as a kid. 1. Has someone create a file that uses the old keyboard/mouse/yoke assignments for MSFS 2020? 2. Has someone been able to create the maximize view (W)? 3. Is their a 737 aircraft available? 4. Does MSFS recognize the CH Yoke with buttons? Thanks in advance. Tim
  3. All, Has anyone been able to port over past aircraft into MSFS 2020? Tim
  4. Team, Does MSFS provide a 2D cockpit view? Tim
  5. Community, I was curious to know if MS has fixed initial issues like the following: 1. CH Yoke assignment 2. Maximize Views 3. Aircraft flight dynamics (i.e. aircraft would veer off to the left or right on takeoff) Anyone been able to revert back to FSX keyboard assignments? Tim
  6. Community, I'm just back into things with v5. I've noticed a haze now during flying using Active Sky and Prepar3d. Is the following picture fixable with adjustments with building popping out? https://app.box.com/file/721557725360?s=dncqnv1taqzhg42jwigt7fj0i2stz0fw
  7. Community, Anyone of this product? Were all of the controls pre-configured in 2020? Tim
  8. Its a simple view for beginner. Why would they remove this view? Plus, maximize view too. Tim
  9. 1. 2D Cockpit View 2. Maximize View 3. Ability to view MAP and adjust lat/long, elevation, etc. 4. Support CH Product Yoke Tim
  10. Community, I'm unable to find my good old 2d cockpit. Has anyone been able to find it? Tim
  11. Good point. Sometimes I'll stall in the air and need some 'help' to get the plane back up at a reasonable altitude. Tim
  12. Community, Has anyone been able to figure this out? I'm wondering if there's a utility out there to help with this problem. Tim
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