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  1. Popped there for lunch last year. Nice place. Good luck with your creation.
  2. Sorry, OT, but is there a way/tool to save your default zoom to 79%?
  3. It's a bit hit or miss but I'm just looking at my previous flights on Flighty and they have the gate info for some of them. I mention this on the off chance you already use the app for real world travels.
  4. I’ve installed this but just can’t get it to work. I have interactions set to automatic, but I keep getting notifications with no audio/transcript. I believe the issue may relate to having two sound cards installed, but unsure. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I’ve tried their tech docs/FAQ and nothing is resolving.
  5. Whilst we’re plucking figures out of thin air, I suppose we also need to consider how many GA flying days there actually are in the UK? A beautiful week at the moment but the last month has felt never ending on the questionable weather front. Of course, the one thing in GAs favour is the majority of flights remain in British airspace (or at most, Le Touquet).
  6. It’s so frustrating as Pacx is 90% of the way there. If someone could just replicate that program but add a little more variation and more continent based accents, I’d buy it.
  7. I’ve got the Airbus TCA and the Boeing yoke… I really want to get into heli’s but I always fail at the most basic control setup. Are these controllers okay for heli flying and if so, are you able to recommend a video or literature where it covers the ideal setup? Thanks
  8. https://docs.flybywiresim.com/fbw-a32nx/feature-guides/simbrief/#flight-planning-with-simbrief
  9. Hello, I’d like to be able to send the VATSIM/PilotEdge ATC comms simultaneously to a sound card and USB headset. Any ideas how I would accomplish this? I’ve used Loopback2 on Mac before and I’m effectively after the same program but for Windows. I’m happy to pay. Thanks, Mike
  10. What setting do you have the turbulence on in the MSFS Assistance Options?
  11. If you’re looking for turbulence… https://turbli.com/maps/interactive-turbulence-map/
  12. Hello, My 13900K is running very hot and I’m looking for any cooler recommendations. I’m running a Corsair H60x ELITE at the moment (single fan), and understandably, it’s not doing an awful lot. Is Arctic 360 AIO the way to go? Thanks, Mike
  13. FWIW, I'm default location, MSFS Store and I've tried Admin.
  14. Considering I'm asking this, I probably shouldn't be the guinea pig... but... Upon launching, I've got MSFS in green font, SimConnect and Session in red font. I'm assuming the red is telling me it's not connected? Any ideas?
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