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  1. What if some "whise guys" create somekind of keygen out there and before you know it, your key get's flagged? What if you get flaged by mistake or is the code soooo word not allowed proof? What if.... There are so many what iff's... Fact: The FSL way is definately not the right way to try to combat piracy IMHO.
  2. This information is outrageous. I'm also a legal owner and love that plane! These guys have made the impossible, possible. Nevertheless this practice is way off. I'm even thinking of a refund regardless of how great that bird is.
  3. Yesterday I had faced the same issue once! All I have done was going in the menu (after loading a flight) and tick/untick the ATC Box 2 or 3 times (or more). I then quitted the sim and upon reloading it, ATC was again there.... I don't think it's a .CFG issue but rather an odd v4.2 bug....
  4. @JoeFackelC'mon Joe. This is "whishfull" thinking. If you are online then you are open to any kind of threat. We payed a decent amount of money for HW and SW which should be as safe as is can be and offer the advertised functionality acc to the spec.
  5. If this is true then all users will have to get refunds for the bad arhitecture... Some of us paid a lot to get the hardware they own. A 30% slowdown is unimaginable...
  6. @anthropos06 AktiveSKY16 is NOT compatible with P3Dv4! You have to upgrade to ASP4!
  7. Michael, I still don't get it. You say you paid extra to get the DVDs, which you have also received, but you still talk about downloading them... I'm a bit confused... Newertheless don't forget to: 1. Never run P3D (or any other SIM) from your C drive 2. Run P3D (or...) in admin mode 3. Turn of your AV and UAC and check if your AV solution somehow protects your C Dokuments folder (e.g. BitDefender 2018 protects your private folders from malware) 3. Run FSG Next setup as admin 4. After entering your credentials, the setup WILL HAVE TO ask you if you want to download the latest installer (this has the p3d v4 compatibility) 5. Enjoy the product... If the installer has an error it will open a separate window with text. You will be asked to copy that text and send it via Mail to the FS. Regards, Gerald
  8. two cents... 1. First of all I will not tend to generalise things since only a "handfull" of users comented on the outage (be assured that CP is used by much more than those who commented). You must also know that people deal the way or the other with the fact of not beeing able to use something they paid for (I know now comes the thing with development...see point 2) 2. CP in Alpha or Beta...yes again this could or could not be a valid point: a) You paid for it and it is buggy or crashes somethimes on you? Yes..this could be seen as development b) You paid for it but can't use it at all? Well this is another kind of trouble.... 3. Some of users (and developers) don't like the idea of releasing unfinished products and asking for a fee for it. Imagine all devs releasing Alphas or Betas, making you pay for it and not beeing able to use the products...would be very frustrating indeed As you see, there are alway many sides (or at least 2) of any issue. I believe that some of the statements are way off (or way way off) but that's the way it is out there. I think some of these guys reacted like that because CP seams to be in development since ages (ages = long long time for a camera product). And I also think that many of the users complained a lot about the necessity of an internet connection which was announced that it will be removed and again took a lot of time to implement it (it's not implemented yet...........!). I also believe many of the users complained about the performance (I was one of them) and I feel, it has not been improoved at all (or not by much). My opinion is that CP has to go from Beta to Final soon so that the team would be "forced" on improoving things rather then commenting..."it's a beta...".... I love CP: I like the interface, I like the GUI, I like how easy you can work with it, I like some of the new features it has and I like that Keven reacts quickly to issues (even mails). I hate CP only for it's requiered internet connection (which will be fixed soon) but mostly for it's performance (which I feel needs to be way better).
  9. Seems to be a server issue. CP also crashes on my end (BUT also does VFX Central!!).
  10. Dear Maxime ( @kmax59), I also just purchased ENVSHADE and the latest ENVDIR was downloaded automaticaly from SimMarket. Some questions I would like to adress you (or others who might know the answer): 1. I already own ENVTEX which is fully configured with all the requiered paths ASCA / P3D / Backup location / and so on. ENVDIR again wants to know the ASCA path and a BACKUP folder. Can I point the backup to the same path I backed up ENVTEX? What would it back up since the ENVTEX Backup folder already contains the ShadersHLSL so it might have already altered the original P3D Shaders? 2. How will we be informed about the updates (e.g. the release of ENVTEX version 1.1.1)? Regards, Gerald
  11. I wanted to purchase ENVSHADE but can't seem to find that acclaimed "special offer for ENVTEX users" even after putting the product in my shopping cart. Is there any "special offer" or is it the same discount price till 15.11 that applies to all buyers?
  12. Installed yesterday and flown the NGX without a problem. Afterwards I installed and loaded FSL but did not test-fly her yet. Seems to work well on my end.
  13. Yes you could say that but AS code is soooooo old and soooo not worked with it in the last 2 Years that they have to redo all of it (this was the explanation). Newertheless: THANK GOD one of the Buses got released :).
  14. Q to you guys regarding ASP4 and ASCA: did you uninstall both before updating to 4.1? Did you install the full 4.1 package or just the client? Thank you.
  15. Hello guys, on Oct the 3'rd I uploaded a new freeware scenery called LRTR P3D v4 and it does not show in the avsim library. I also did not receive any mail of my file beeing uploaded or issues during the upload. Can you please advise? Thank you. Regards, GErald