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  1. Not to be misunderstood: your indication was to crank up the settings until mostly GPU bound then lower them until the "bounding" is like 50-50 between GPU and CPU (which makes sense). So at the beginning I am mostly GPU bound then I have something like 70-30 (GPU bound-CPU bound). I was unable to find a sweet spot to get to 50/50. In VR I use the OculusDebug tool (or the tray tool) to force 45 FPS with ASW off (since I get massive tearing with ASW).
  2. I locked it to 60 and when I start MSFS I'm mostly GPU bound, rarely seing CPU bound. After TO it tends to stay like 70%GPU -30% CPU (purely by visual observation). VR seems impossible even on default settings.
  3. I'm was one of the lucky ones that had little to none issues with MSFS (I think it was because of the QHD res that's not that demanding). The latest update does give me stutters from nowhere. I find it impossible to even think going in VR. Not using FSUIPC, nor the Linker. I am blaming my bad internet connection for it.
  4. Perfect example of negative attitude. Hope for some here at avsim to see.
  5. What do you mean by this now? You did find the culprit or haven't you? Diddn't JRBarrett get into the discussion or didn't he? Didn't he write you that he still does not have the issues you see and it might be related to something else? You still fail to see that the Up and Downvoting started ONLY after you asked "Is support on vacation around here?" which was indeed in a weekend and rude. And you still fail to see that with your attitude you started to downvote the one user actualy pointing out to you that it is weekend. Sorry Andreas but it is pointless. It is pointless if I show you good and bad parts of your postings, if I try to explain how user to user support goes, it is pointless to ask you to give us time to reply....
  6. Exactly what I wrote. At what time on the 2nd of June did you open the thread? Are we allowed to have at least 24h to respond to it? Are you aware that there are holidays and weekends? Demanding, demanding, demanding...what else to say?
  7. Sorry mate: I read the entire thread and decided to write my 2ct and pick some of the names where I read something negative. You are right, you did not tackle the product but the support (but not in a arrogant way). I appologize for that. I will once more try to explain how the support forum looks like from my point of view and I'm sorry but I have to take @Andreas Stangenes again as example: So Andreas comes on June 2 on the AS forums and writes on June 2 12 posts in the thread he has opened. He is clearly annoyed by the fact that the product isn't working as expected or not working at all. The thread is closed due to the fact that Andreas himself reports solving hes issue. Andreas then comes back to the forums and reopens another thread pointing to the first thread that got closed and he's second posts looks like this: "Is support on vacation around here?". I don't see the date the second thread was started but on June the 3rd we have a holiday in Germany, most of the people / companies take Friday off if theres a holiday before and after Friday there is the weekend. So I'm sorry to say but I personaly find such an attitude a bit "demanding" (wanted to write "rude"). It reads like "I'm here NOW and I DEMAND immediate attention because I'm a customer". So did he get down voted for that? Sure! Now imagine not just one demanding customer but a dozen or more of them a week, reporting issues that might not be related with the CRJ. We have no time at all to respond because the customers fires and fires continously. We are also only people sitting at home in front of a PC trying to help out (in our spare time) I would like to be treated as one. @Nuno Pinto because you yourselfe wrote about the neggative attitude on the AS forums, I thought you received downvotes on some threads and I expect those down votes to be related to your wording / writing. Again sorry if I'm wrong. To close this post up let me tell you something about communication. There are 3 ways of communicating with each other: 1. The worst one is to communicate in writing --> the writer tries to communicate / share / explain something to someone using ONLY hes written words. The reader just reads the written information and makes hes own interpretation of the attitude. a. The reader is super happy cause he has just won the lottery, he wil read the information open minded and very positive regardless of the attiude it was written in. b. The reader just had a bad mishap in hes life, he will probably make a negative interpretation of what was written 2. Communicating by voice. This is better then the written form of communication because now you can hear if the voice is loud, friendly, etc. So the listener can make hes interpretation much more easely. 3. The best way of communicating is talking face to face to someone. Now you can not jut hear but also see your partner. So body language comes in play.
  8. And exactly this attitude is what makes you get banned there...
  9. As for my 2cents: I don't work for AS but did and do test the CRJ and also provide some support (in my spare time) for the customers. I even went that far and provided 1 one 1 support over TeamViewer or Discord for 2 or 3 more "demanding" customers. In most of the cases, the reported issue did not had anything to do with the CRJ but other inerfeering AddOns, or badly set up controllers etc. We are a pack of testers from diferent countries, with different PCs, different setups, etc...you get the point. As soon as a "complain" comes in, this entire pack of testers (including the DEV team) try to reproduce the issue. So what is to be done when none of these guys can reproduce it? We face a big question mark and of course we start the normal debug steps (also well known from other sim's 😉) : clear the community folder, reset your assignements, check running addons,....and somethimes the customers ere becomming more and more unreasonable. Let's look at this thread which has 2 or 3 pages of bashing the product by: @Andreas Stangenes, @pmplayer, @Nuno Pinto, @Nyxx, @bumpywindshear and the list can continue. As it turned out @Andreas Stangenes did found the culprit and it wasn't the CRJ. I take the time here to actualy thank him for posting hes findings here in this thread and I also have to thank him for taking hes time to try to solve it -THANK YOU- Now back to the bashing ones: how many of you came back to this thread to comment this finding (when it AGAIN turned out it wasn't the CRJ????)
  10. It's number 3 on the Votes list speaking of which 1022 members voted this up. 1. Compare this number to the sales of MSFS 2. Subtract from the 1022 votes those with OC, incompatible stuff in the community folder, etc. and you will see how narrow the percentage will get.
  11. This always makes me laugh. Everything running on your home PC, Console, Notebook...you name it..is a game. There are strategy games, simulation games, etc. but they are all games. When you actually sit in a Level D simulator an train to become a pilot...yup...then it's a simulator and no longer a game. To your issues: I do have FBW mod, CRJ, etc...and do not experience CTD's. In fact, since release date my sim crashed lesser times then fingers on my both hands (and no...I don't have more then 5 per hand). I'm not counting 4...5 loading CTD's because those were just after a patch and I forgot to clean up my community folder (turned out that 2 of my freeware sceneries were causing loading issues...updating those got me a working sim). Yes...the sim has still many things to get right but is the best sim I've ever experienced.
  12. Hello guys I need some advice. I used the A32NX mod without a hitch. I then changed my PC and did a full fresh install of everything (Win10, MSFS, etc). I downloaded the latest FBW Installer and choose to install the Stable v0.6.1 version. The installer correctly puts the MOD in the community folder BUT I simply can't fly the mod since it's not there!? When I pic the A320 neo, it is always loading the default Asobo and not the mod. I'm also missing the FBW Liveries from within the A320 Livery screen. Am I missing something? Moderators: Please delete this thread: dumb me did not get it that the Asobo and FBW one coexist now.
  13. @Paulcoy @slashed2 the idea I read about was to start OTT -> Oculus -> Sim and switch directly in VR when the welcome screen is there. Early switching to VR (so not just after a flight is loaded) saves the GPU Mem to fill with 2D textures.
  14. Thank you guys for the answers. I ordered a 64GB Q2 that should arive end of the month. When it's here I wil first try to go for a USB C to C Link (have 1 USB C on my MOBO). If that fails I will try USB A to C. My Router can't handle more then 800Mbit/s (it's from my internet provider...maybe I'll ask for an update if it fails to work)
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