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  1. GEKtheReaper

    FSLabs A320 engines rotating while C&D

    Yep...if the wind blows through the engines then they will start to rotate. Quite nice I think. There's a cool thing you can try if you have a weather engine like e.g. ASPv4: 1. Start the sim without ASPv4. 2. Look on metars to find a "windy" airport and choose a gate most likely into the wind 3. Go to that location BUT choose a sunny day as a weather theme. 4. After loading the plane go to your outside view (your engines wil not turn) 5. Now fire up ASPv4 (it will read the metar and inject the weather and the wind) 6. You will notice the engines slowly picking up to a constant speed :)
  2. GEKtheReaper

    Texture Issues (Black and Incomplete Loading)

    @Cruachan I had this issue due to bad insertion point in my scenery lib. Background: I own GEP3D and did not own any ORBX products until lately when I purchased LOWI Airport. After it's installation and the ORBX Libraries I had all my airports (even default ones) with black ground textures. I fixed it moving the FTX Library entry way down (even below UTX entries). So my guess is that ORBX sadly interferes with other Addon's...
  3. GEKtheReaper

    Bouncy ground at WSSS

    1. For duplicate entries: There is a free tool called Simple Airport Scanner. It will check if you have conflicting AFCAD files. 2. For checking priority in your scenery: Launch P3D and start a flight. Go to menu "World" -> "Scenery Library". All your custom airports must be on the top of the list followed by whatever things you have installed. Search for WSSS and move it all the way to the top. These 2 checks should fix almost all your issues. I don't think that the scenery developer forgot the AFCAD's but if they are not on top of your list, you might load a default AFCAD file wit overlaying textures of the WSSS scenery. 3. If it still isn't fixed please try reinstalling the scenery. Regards, Gerald
  4. GEKtheReaper

    Bouncy ground at WSSS

    You should also check if you have conflicting sceneries at WSSS and if the priority in your Scenery file is corect. From what you are experiencing I think that you see only the overlayed custom ground polygons on the ground (like foto of a runway but without the supporting tarmac below). That's why you see the dirt like effects while you taxi. I bet you have to push your throttles a bit more to even get moving...
  5. GEKtheReaper

    737 Immersion/PrecipitFX not working

    Hello Lars, is important to know what Sim you have, what other addons you have, if you updated the sim how did you do it,....etc.? Among those information it is also important what you are experiencing / how do you know they are not working? Best will be to post some information in your signature (look at mine) so we have an overview of your specs.
  6. GEKtheReaper

    GSX no sounds

    Well form your answer I can't conclude if you checked your audio device setting within GSX... You have to open P3D and go under sound settings to see what device is listed there. If you hear all P3D sounds ok (engine, ATC, ...) go in GSX settings menu and check if the same device is listed there also as playback device. If "yes" then check your sound levels within the same GSX settings window. If everything is set up corectly, you should hear all GSX sounds.
  7. All Airport Sceneries named "Professional" (P3Dv4) are on sale till 29.04.2018!
  8. GEKtheReaper

    GSX no sounds

    You should also check the sound device that's listed in GSX settings. For testing purpose set the same playback device as in P3D. If it's already selected, make sure to switch once back and forth in the device list. If you still hear only P3D sounds then you might try the next step below. If you have more playback devices that are not plugged in, make sure you disable those devices from windows settings
  9. GEKtheReaper

    Missing some effects on UTL AI ACFT's

    This topic is already 2 weeks old an although it was read by some, it got no reply. Is there realy no one here using P3D v4.2 with UTLive that can look if the effects are present on departing ACFT on wet RWY? @Keven Menard is there any chanche you can look into this? Thank you. BR, Gerald
  10. GEKtheReaper

    Missing contrails in P3D4.2

    Dear @eke_flx, although you received no help from the DEV or other community members, it does not help anyone if you post only the information "Resolved!!". Please provide us with details of what you have done so if others stumble upon this topic, they will know what to check. Thank you. BR, Gerald
  11. GEKtheReaper

    P3D V4 White & Red Pixels(?)

    Have this issue also but only on some sceneries. In my case this happens on the UK2000 EGKK scenery (free). My monitor flashes like a christmas during taxi. Verry annoying. The flashes are there also in daylight (black small rectangles) but not so pronounced. I once seen similar thing approaching Munich with T2G scenery. It looked like flashing lead in lights overtaking me in flight. Our friendly forum posters said I was overtaken by a UFO *laugh*. For the record: I have v4.2.
  12. Hello guys, short Q regarding effects for UTL ACFT's... I just started a flight from EGKK (raining) and observed that some of the effects don't show on UTL models (yes I have checked the "override existing effects" option). Missing effects are the jet blasts, wheel spray and wingtip vortices. The first two effects could not be seen on ACFT that TO infront of me, the vortices (well, these are harder to spot I think) did not show on any landing ACFT. Other effects like the contrails (puffs) and the touchdown effect do show correctly. I have special effects detail and distance set to maximum in P3D. Any clues??
  13. GEKtheReaper

    Ezdok v2.6 is incredible!

    I think there's an import feature from old 1.x. There are also default views that are imediate active, 4 different effect presets from light to heavy ACFT and there are already some cam sets defind that you can DL. V2 is a game changer for sure!
  14. GEKtheReaper

    Ezdok v2.6 is incredible!

    I reinstalled EZCA yesterday to try it out. After a little getting (re-)used to it, I loaded @Nickbe settings from here: I must forgot how good the effects are. I was never in a cockpit but the camera movement seems so natural. Also the changing from cam to cam is so damn smooth...I think I'll stick to EZCA for longer.
  15. GEKtheReaper

    Ezdok v2.6 is incredible!

    Started with EZCA v1, moved to EZCA v2, then CP, then again EZCA and settled with CP for a while now... As I read this topic I conclude I have to try out EZCA again :).