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  1. GEKtheReaper

    Black Airport Problem ?

    Sorry Howard but this does not work for me. As I wrote above my issues occured only after I installed my ORBX LOWI Scenery. With the scenery and the LIBS at the top, I had black textures on every single ARP (uninstalling LOWI and the LIBS all was normal). So I started to move the LIBS down the list and the problem dissapeared. LOWI scenery is still on top and loads completely. I did yesterday another "sanity check" and moved the LIBS up. The black testures reapeared... Regards, Gerald
  2. GEKtheReaper

    Black Airport Problem ?

    Start a flight and go in the Menu to World -> Scenery Library. Search for FTXAA_ORBXLIBS select it then press on the right side on "Move Down". Move it just over Bathymetry (under Bathymetry there should be SanDiego). It would be better if you could post a picture of your Scenery Library window...
  3. GEKtheReaper

    Black Airport Problem ?

    Hello @tr00tr, I answerd you also on the LM Forum. IMHO it is a ORBX problem! I had EXACTLY the same thing after I installed the one and only ORBX Scenery (LOWI) I own. Suddenly all the gras around ALL my airports went black. They even flicker (change from black to gras) as I approached them. Due to the fact that I have GEP3D and UTX Europe I managed to solve it by moving the ORBX Libraries just below my UTX entries. The LOWI scenery itself remained at the top. There is something from ORBX that "fights" with the ARP surroundings (will probably not occure to users who have ORBX GLOBAL / LC / VECTOR). Regards.
  4. GEKtheReaper

    Aivlasoft EFB or Littlenavmap?

    Aivlasoft has another nice feature: it can inject your FPLN directly into the sim and on the fly! Meaning: - if you fly with default ATC, it will guide you perfectly along your route - all SIM loaded FPLN automaticaly syncs to Active Sky (so you don't have to create a FPLN and load it sepparately in AS or SIM) - if wind changes for your arrival and you change your STAR within Aivlasoft, you can inject it again into the sim without quitting (on the fly...) I know there are a lot of users not using default ATC but PW ATC instead (or do fly online with real ATC), but I also know a LOT of users who do it especially when testing something with vanilla SIM's. Can Litlenavmap do the same?
  5. GEKtheReaper

    Newest Nvidia driver 398.82 issues

    No it won't! There are some checkmarks you have to remove and voilla no more notifications no'r signs no'r nothing 😉 (try a right click on the GFExp Logo near your clock).
  6. GEKtheReaper

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 - Released

    Besides the Flightplanning, you can inject your RTE (on the fly) into the SIM. So if you want to fly with the default ATC (yeah...I know that it is braindead) you can perfectly inject it. You can even change STARS in flight and re-inject (on the fly) the new RTE. Does LittleNavmap do that also?
  7. GEKtheReaper

    Landing gear problem

  8. GEKtheReaper

    Flight planner in 4.3

    Several pages already covered at P3D forum. It is a BUG! Proposed workaround at LM: load it 2 times. The second time it should be correct. I have a problem with the workaround because as soon as you then select a GATE, the FPLN will be erased again.
  9. GEKtheReaper

    Ezdok problems

    Mr. Schmidt, in order to get the best help out there is to provide more informations like: - what sim do you use (with version)? - what version of EZDOK do you have? - ... As a general info for you: EZDOK places the config tool on your desktop. You should run that as an Admin (the sim should not run in this time). It will do some stuff and will end with the message "you can close tool" or something. Now you can start your sim and the camera addon will launch with it.
  10. GEKtheReaper

    Landing gear problem

    Well, the first thing I would do is to disonnect the controller and see if it still happens... If Yes: Do you use FSUIPC? --> Disable it (better uninstall it)! If No: Reconnect the controller and check if one of the AXIS is assigned to the gear (The FSUIPC thingy remains in both cases)
  11. GEKtheReaper

    Landing gear problem 737NG PMDG

    Your english is bad. Write in another language and sign your name!
  12. GEKtheReaper

    Default ATC stuttering in 4.3

    Are you getting this with all the planes or just in few of them? Background for my Q: I opened a topic recently in the 737NGX forum and linked also 2 videos. I have a huge 32FPS drop with the NGX compared to 9FPS drop with the FSL and almost none with the CRJ (but due to changes to ATC window).
  13. GEKtheReaper

    P3d V4.3 seems a little messy

    Hi @Rimshot, have updated from a clean 4.2 to 4.3 client only. Have all the AddOn's from my signature running. Never had a crash (had ASPv4 in Beta3 and have the current Beta4; dropped CP for EZCA again due to bad performance).
  14. GEKtheReaper

    Landing gear problem 737NG PMDG

    If I understand correct, you can't retract the landing gear! If so, then mostly you have that key mapped to something else: - check key mappings in the sim - key map in camera AddOn (if you use one) - key map in FSUIPC (if you have the registered version and configure controls through it) Other things could be: - missconfiguration of OVH panel (are your HYD pumps on? etc...) - damaged landing gear on T/O (are failures on?) - speed to high -... Regards
  15. GEKtheReaper

    PMDG Moving while parked

    Kyle, I thank you for your time and pertinent response! Kyle, you are amoug those PMDG staff members that are always active in the forum. You are also among those who almost instantly react to new topics. Hats of for that! You must already know by now that there are billions of factors that can lead to a strange sim behaviour: HW, OS, drivers, SW running, installation manner, AddOn's,.... So if a user does see something strange happening with one PW ACFT (regardless of which it is) he will instantly ask for help in that particular forum. Asking for help does not instantly mean that he blames that third party developer. Due to the above facts I felt that your response was indeed a bit off. It was just my opinion or how I felt reading your closing words. Sorry if I offended you. Best regards, Gerald PS: Sorry for my english. I speak and write in 5 different languages. Misspelling is a downside of that.