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  1. Simple question: Fenix2GSX used to load up the plane exactly as instructed via Simbrief. Lately it simply won't do it correctly e.g. I select 175 PAX via Simbrief, ACFT gets loaded with only 165 PAX and the Loadsheet says +3 :O. Anybody experiencing this?
  2. After choosing Automation (and whathever options there), go into windows Taskscheduler, find the new AS Adv setting (the old one will still be there so delete that), and choose what settings you want for it. As a matter of fact you can open the old scheduler and either look inside for the options or point it towards the new .exe. I have set mine to start once a week (e.g. Friday at 9 AM) whit an option that when the PC is not on on that time of day, it should run imidiately on the next PC Start. You can also ad a time limit to end the Application (choosed 2 min for me). It's realy simple to do that. Just get in there and look at every TAB and option (it is self explanatory).
  3. Boght it from REX directly and did follow the exact steps from the Web Page: 1. Start AccuSeason and choose to download the update. 2. Choose Restore files 3. Uninstall AccuSeason (I had several versions showing in Add Remowe SW so I choose to uninstall them from the most current version to the older one) 4. Did check if Rex was removed from install location or if anything has been removed. 5. Install AS Adv and entered the credentials on Rex Axis (left side of the registration window): Mail and Password. 6. Booom up and running perfectly as it should -no issues here. Have MS Store Version.
  4. @John Snyder Jr I do own a Quest 2 and using MSFS in VR was never an issue. For starters you would have launched the Oculus App - switch to Oculus Link - start MSFS and on the main menu hit CTRL-TAB and voila (MSFS is there) --> no rocket sience there. I suppose you have not tried the simpliest way but did dig in into all the tweaking covering Tray Tool / Debug Tool, Open XR, nVidia settings etc. etc. -> in this case I supose you either forgot to set up something, or installed something wrong, or messed up your installation.
  5. Never cleared any of the chache (wouldn't even know how to do it).
  6. LOL...I feel so st...id. I didn't even got it that ASOBO actualy added metric units until your post here. In germany we say "ashes over my head". Although you mention a BUG, I have to thank you.
  7. @motishow how did you get to display KG on W&B Screen???? ASOBO did not implement it and I could not find any mod for it... If it's a MOD, it might be faulty in the calculations
  8. @flyforever I second your observation. Dialing in an ALT or SPD or worse a DH makes me poke my nose into my display...
  9. This was my first post (below)! Can you please emphasize where I was rude? I also did include "as I understand your topic" just to show my intention and my understanding.
  10. I get way too much planned fuel but I'm not sure if the profile is wrong or the simulation.
  11. I also use these profiles and they were available as I said on day one. I looked this topic up and would have asked if the new profiles are better then those that were already there (or at least what the difference would have been). So nothing harmful in that but constructive in information. Unfortunately the topic covered something totaly different so (again in a constructive manner) I pointed this out to the OP. Again unfortunately (from the well known AVSIMers that have nothing else to do then to bash others), it was interpreted wrong. Well....like raindrops on a Lotus flower....
  12. The SimBrief Profile was already out when you posted this (it came literally on the same day as the ATR launch). The Discord link that you shared and the Quote from it (above) covers exactly ONLY THE SIMBRIEF DOWNLOADER. So your statement.... is wrong. So yeah...maybe you try to understand the informations better next time.
  13. @btacon your topic title is misleading! There is already a Simbrief Profile in Simbrief itself for the ATRs. What your title should have said (as I understand your topic) is that the Simbrief DOWNLOADER has been updated....
  14. TERR: DISPLAY 2 in ND Mode -> MCDU left side click "NAV" -> on ND click ND OVLY (Overlay) --> on the right side you see WX/TERR WX: under Display 3 center console RADAR knob -> turn completely right for TEST then back to WX --> on ND (look above as explained)
  15. An excelent bird (I wold say even better then the actual state of the CRJ - but it will receive an update soon). On my 4th flight with it and it flies absolutely gorgeous. Handflying is wow.....
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