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  1. Obsolete why? Did you work for LM or PMDG and know for sure that there will be no "life" after MSFS? I find it a bit strange how people (in this case you) react towards DEV's offering.
  2. Why so negative? I know guys who spend a ton of money on P3D Addon's and still don't own all the PW ACFT from PMDG. I hardly believe that after MSFS is launched. all will wipe P3D on day one. I bet that if PMDG will give the P3D ACFT for free, you will still say: What? For P3D no thanks!
  3. This is a notice to all of you updating to BD2021! Few years back BD inserted the vault (DE: Tresor) function. So I bet that some of you (as myself also) actually use this function to protect some important files on your PC or even cloud. Guess what? The vault function is no longer supported with the new version of BD2021!. What that means is that after the update you will no longer have access to that encrypted file! In other words, BD actualy created the best ransomware ever! This is outragious. I'm about to loose some important financial files I used to protect with the vault function. There will be some consequences if BD team can't restore access to my file!
  4. There is a comprehensive (simple) answer to that: 1. If you uninstall the main P3D App (e.g. Prepar3D v4 Academic) the uninstaller will not ask you anything about your license since it will be automaticaly removed / deactivated from your machine. A new installation will mean that you will have to reactivate the license which can be done on any PC 2. If you uninstall by component (Prepar3D v4 Academic Client), the installer "thinks" that you will probably install a newer version of the client and thus will ask you if you want to deactivate the license or not.....
  5. Wow...so much detail in the watter...that must be some sort of fishing net. I bet that if you turn on AI ships you will see some sort of fishing boat and 2 green peace little ones zig zagging around 🤪 Seriously...no idea what that is. Maybe some sort of texture issues. What was your location? Mybe somebody can overfly and double check it.
  6. Now it all makes sense. MS increased the price and those who pay it, will get the sim even 1 day prior the initial announced release day. All other preorderes will be postponed 🤣 This is something like officially bribing MS to get it sooner 🤪
  7. Guys guys....just read the announcements made on PMDG forums. The blue reflection thingie is well known by PMDG and LM. It's related to a wrong material or something. LM said it will be fixed for 5.1 so PMDG had the choice to hold back the aircraft or release it with the graphical issue. I prefer the second choice...
  8. Here' s one: The first time you run the sim everything will be new and shiny. With time all objects will show wear and tear, some of them sooner than others depending on geolocation. Your ACFT's will start to show it also and it will get worse and worse with time, up to a point where they start to break because they are not serviced. You will then have to search for vendors DLC ("FSL Service Team" e.g) and purchase a small team to service your planes. But don't think this is going to be easy since the more you pay the more proffessionals you will hire. The same for your buildings etc. Is the grass around your airport getting out of control (because yes! it does grow with time) the you will have to search in the Aerosoft shps for some landmower simulation and get it....
  9. In germany there is a saying: "Die Kirche im Dorf lassen (EN: Leave the church in town)". This means not to uselessly overreact on things. Now the Q: Aren't you guys overreacting here a bit? I mean what do you guys pay for FSX / FSX SE / P3D license? Have you seen how stock airports look like in P3Dv5? Most of them no longer have ONE single building. Even v4 and v3...were better what that matters. Many stock airports dont even have all the footprint (footprint meaning all the taxiways, etc.) No with MSFS you get in the cheapest version 20 handcraftet airports. Just look at those buildings! They are no longer just rectangular or have a 2D flat painted texture on them! You have materials, you have lightig poles, you must have dyn lighting. The sim is not even out in the wild and already there are voices: those airports are not a big deal, why are the textures not showing any wear?,.... What do you guys expect to get for 60bucks? 20 "hard core" airports in payware ORBX quality (or whatever vendor) where they cost 30bucks each? Are you forgetting that there are actually Addons for P3D that ONLY enhance the 2D flat textures (e.g. WWA HD from REX) costing 25 bucks? Or enhanced non airport texture buildings for again the same price? Why don't you just diregard all those airports and concentrate on the sim? People payed for FSX + FSX SE + P3DvX...v5 how much so far to get which part to look like MSFS? I realy can't understand you guys. If they would have asked 60 for the sim + 10 for every airport (which is way less then 3rd party airports out there) [200] + how much for land class textures? 60? 100? 200? + a weather engine + etc....then I would have an understanding that you are demanding a lot if you pay 1000 bucks for it...but you don't! So let's get these guys a break and revelate on what we pay and what we get (or think we get). PS: I'm sorry but reading such posts realy get's me mad. Somebody sells you a new car for a basic price but packs in (as a gift) a nav system, sound system, some advanced assistance system, winter tyres etc....and you guys start to comment on which brand the tires are or why the nav database is not exactly up to date??? C'mon....
  10. Under Controls select Slew from the upper drop down menu. Then check what keys you have for Slew foreward, backward etc...
  11. There will surely be a life past MSFS as it has been with FSX and P3D. While the new guy in town surely looks astonishing in some previews, there will be a looooong time until: - the BUGS will be sorted out so that the sim will be enjoyable - all of our favorite ACFTs will make it to the new platform - the users will open their wallets to repurchase those addon's - MSFS will be stable enough to be able to go online (VATSIM) - of course there will have to be a SW that plays with the SIM in the online world - (and many other reasons) At this point nobody realy knows what to expect from the sim. I hardly believe that e.g. the weather, clouds, etc. is sooooo fantastic because that will mean that HiFi, REX, etc. will have to pack and go (a bit harsh but true). Also if there is nothing more to be done with the mesh, vector and ground...say goodbye to ORBX, Pilot's, Flight1 Ground Environment, etc......
  12. Unfortunately I no longer have anything related to v4 on my PC so the v4 XML's are also lost. Would it be possible by your side to share the content of the XML's that were created by the LorbiSI organizer? I will basicaly change the PATH and that would be it. UPDATE: Solved by writing the XML myself pointing to the 3 scenery locations.
  13. @markmasterson @BerndB how did you guys do it? I only have v5 running and fiered up the installer which went through but that was it.... Did you create a XML for that?
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