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  1. Do you have some axes on your controller to look around if your not flying in VR? If yes, then try to increase null zones and change sensitivity for those axes.
  2. Hello guys, I enjoy MSFS in VR with my Quest 2 but I somehow can't set up an external (or drone) camera to move around the aircraft (it seems I'm too dumb to set it up). In the cockpit camera I mapped some controller buttons to translate the view FWD / BAK / LEF / RIG and use my mouse for PITCH and YAW. Basicaly I set it up like a 1st person shooter to look around with my mouse and walk with my buttons. I can't seem to get this system to work on the EXT view and in VR I miss the DRONE camera option! Q1: Is there a way to set up something described above. Q2. Is there a way to actualy walk around in real life e.g. set up a EXT CAM position under a wing and actualy walk a bit in real life....
  3. Added already 10% of deadzones for testing (can already feel it's way too much).
  4. Hello guys, I'm always getting this ECAM message "F/CTL L SIDESTICK FAULT CALIBRATE NULLZONES" and it simply won't go away. - I used the MCDU to calibrate my controls - I used the HOTAS X56 software to calibrate - I calibrated the controller in Windows - I set up Nullzones in MSFS .... Have no idea what I'm missing.
  5. Have this also (using EXP version). Don't know if it's present in the stable version also. Since I'm using EXP version (which will obviously contain also some bugs, I did not feel the need to write about it).
  6. It is best to buy addons directly then through the marketplace (it's the only way you will get updates faster without waiting for ASOBO releases). Why I do like the basic idea having all my purchases under the same hood...I would not recomend the marketplace.
  7. @Megafly_01 do you have that TBM MOD installed? If YES then if I remeber correctly there was an issue that the THR axis got inverted (only in that ACFT). So go to your profile and reverse the Axis. If it moves voilla...you can create (duplicate) that controller and name it TBM throttle.
  8. @pmb Michael, I do have the Store Deluxe version and everything seems to be just fine. I did not opt in to any BETA or Previews cause I was literaly afraid it will mess things up. I also don't update the SIM on minute 1 / hour 1 / day 1 after updates are released. I wait 2 day to pass without starting MSFS, read the forums, aknowledge the issues with missing profiles etc.....then fire up the sim, get the update and enjoy it. BTW...I did the same procedure in P3D...where I ended up waiting even weaks to update or did not update at all if my sim was running.
  9. No because there are a plethora of things that can go wrong but...in general, if your PC runs stable, I have yet not seen any SW that had issues installing on a supported platform. In most of the cases i've read about users having tons of MSFS issues and also as the OP states "I'm so exhausted with this sim", there were user related issues where some still try to fiddle around with things like in FSX times. So stating "I'm exhausted with this sim" means he has constantly issues with it (and only it). Maybe I'm in the lucky 100 but for me, MSFS has been rock solid (and I do fly VR on Quest 2). Going back to the OP, not beeing able to even decompress and install files, would mostly mean a very unstable build or OC / AV / Admin rights / bad internet connection / bad LAN or WiFi dropping packages / or such things. And as you can see from the OP signature, he runs an older CPU from 3.6 base takt to 4.7 all cores.......go figure....
  10. It could be beacuse of the user that is sitting in front of your monitor. I have a very poor internet connection and DL MSFS took me 5 days. I said to myself: I will throw my PC out of the window if it will break. Luckily it never did break and my install is working perfectly from day one of the release. It even managed the upgrade from Win10 to 11. That been said: I don't change nvidia settings, don't mess with the user.cfg, don't install tons of free stuff that interract with the sim (except sceneries), don't OC my GPU or CPU.........
  11. That would mostly mean that those NUM Keys had also other assignements. Did you check assignements by "Search by input" or did you try to create complete empty controler profiles and assign just the views to test it out?
  12. I asked myself before getting into VR but then I was amazed how easy it was. Basicaly you have a Stick, a throttle and your Mouse. You map KB commands to those like flaps, gear, and so on and you fly only with those 3 devices. It is like driving the car where you never look where the gear shifter is or your pedals....you just move your hands and find everything. I also defined some views on my buttons to get closer to some of the buttons e.g. FMC and of corse I have another button taking me back to the defined standard view. From the standard view it is good enough to flip some switches on the OVHD or MCP but depending on your system, it is quite hard to see small symbols on the FMC so I go closer to it (or EFB another example).
  13. @Rob G I don't have such a beefy setup as yours and I do struggle with the shimmering and waving a lot (that much that I actualy dropped VR...). I am curious: what "Performance Headroom" does the Oculus Debug Tool give you? Mine is way down somewhere to -100% with mediocre settings (I run at ultra in a non VR environment).
  14. And you posted this reply in a thread from July 2021 exactly why? And how does your input help the OP?
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