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  1. Simple Q: Do you guys have a preferred shop (or an advice) for purchasing ASFS? I'm thinking about updates, ease of installation etc. E.g. Aerosoft has it's own installer so managing it would be quite easy. Are updates going to be on that shop as soon as it's available or do I have to DL the update from HiFi directly (if even possible since the use of the Aerosoft installer).
  2. @cchiozza "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholer". My impression...they are kind of patterny. Here you go: These are 4 photos from EDJA (Memmingen - South of Germany): 2 of them are webcams (one exactly at the Airport RWY 06 - bit overexposed but you can see the clouds, the other one like 2 km away from the airport). The other 2 photos are from the sim. Now you tell me how the "mostly cloudy" METAR looks like in REX and how it looks in MSFS? And by the way...both webcams look towards the Alps ;). Another thing to mention: with REX you currently get bad Altitude indication on the PFD although the QNH is correct (just check at an airport with MSFS real weather and REX) 😉 Always 3 greens my friend and enjoy your flight.
  3. Maybe you misread / misunderstood what I said. How do you change weather without MSFS opening up the API? Don't you read the METAR data along the way and apply the "scene" that is most accurate to the METAR data?
  4. So there it is....my first and ever problem with MSFS since it's launch <- yes, this is correct! Last days I got plenty of "unable to sync" messages and it was always the XBOX Gaming App that logged me out. Looking in the Store Updates I saw the last days constant updates to the XBox gaming app and the Gaming services (just today again). So now I have my first stuck on Checking for updates screen. Nothing helps.... Anybody else having this?
  5. @cchiozza you got it wrong. Let me ask you something: In your flight from A to B did you use webcams in the sky to check if the reported weather is actualy drawn? <- this is a bit sarcastic. Do you understand what weather presets are? E.g. you go in MSFS and pic a weather setting e.g. Clear Sky. Looking all around you you will see that preset. If you want to change it you will have to go again in the weather tab and take the storm preset....ergo...anything around you is going to be stormy. This is exactly what todays WX generating APP (REX and AS) are doing automaticaly for you. They do not have just 6 presets but extremely many and they apply a preset that best matches the METAR were you are BUT IT DOES IT EVERYWHERE around you! If you are on an airport with clear skys and as I said earlyer 50 miles away there is another airport reporting inbound storms, you will initially see nothing on the horizont taking of from your clear sky airport. Getting closer to the "stormy condition" airport, a transition of weather themes will occure but it will change anything around you into that METAR preset. So if you just fly from A to B you will probably enjoy your flight and see some nice WX around you. You like it, enjoy it! MSFS uses a GLOBAL weather model. So basicaly they know every weather station (meteo blue) around the planet. They create a global "world wide" weather and in such a case you will probably see the storm clouds already in the distance. Because the model a global based weather, there are cases where the drawn WX differs (more or less) from the local METAR report. I currently want this GLOBAL representation instead the local representation. Above explanation is a raw representation of the current state until MSFS opens up the API (if ever). Just another example: I live in germany S near lake Constance. Near me is EDNY airport. Over the lake you will find the Swiss Alps (mountains) and a small aiport LSZR. You have pretty frequent clouds in the Swiss Alps region and clear skies on the opposite site of the lake. You show me how METAR based WX draws that in MSFS.
  6. No METAR and PRESET based WX will be able to get you anythning near to what MSFS currently does (read PRESET based!). One airfield has few clouds and 20 miles away on another airfield you have incoming storms. So you will have to aply 2 presets (which can not be done) at this time. E.g. I constantly fly to Romania Timisoara on business. At this time both REX and AS show a "sunny day" over the Airport because the METAR says so. But just few miles away, you have a closed cloud covarage which brings rain. Gues what the sim shows with REX and AS ;). Only MSFS depicts this closest to what happens in real life. Is it spot on all the time? No, but I tend to accept the general weather coverage idea more the a METAR PRESET based WX. My 2 ct.
  7. I just had my first crash with GSX. It never crashed on my PC! Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: Couatl64_MSFS.exe, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x65fb2c6c Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: ntdll.dll, Version: 10.0.22621.3235, Zeitstempel: 0xa2c4352c Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000374 Fehleroffset: 0x000000000010c1a9 ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x0x790 Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x0x1DA7DB7014BD59C Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: E:\FSDT\Addon Manager\couatl64\Couatl64_MSFS.exe Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
  8. @CanadaOne I also followed the video and started to delete stuff and after a couple of weeks I put it all up again. There are some dependencies that are not clear at first, e.g. deleting some POI or Aircraft would render some main menu pictures useles (grey fields instead of pictures). Also some flights requiere a specific aircraft and you will get errors...yada yada yada. My sim did not load faster....but I get your problem and just wanted to tell you that you will probably cripple MSFS.
  9. No issues on my end. Works perfectly fine (REX Store version).
  10. As a moderator from a part of another forum I must tell you that "the written word is prone to missinterpretation". If I read your post after 2 weeks of vacation I could say: Ah, heck. This guy just had a bad day. If I read your post after reading a ton of other posts, I could come to the conclusion that you have a specific tone that does not fit well!? Even a bit childish: Yeah, I got 5 hearts and 3 unicorns and that clearly shows that people share my thoughts....Do you even have any idea how many users are on that forum (active users????). And how do you feel about other users saying freely: Those guys are braindead.....! Is this free speach?
  11. So just to conclude: you guys uninstalled the Oculus SW entirely and use VD instead? I come from the era of Oculus Tray Tool etc, and stopped trying to get better visuals after OpenXR launched and configured it to a point I could not get anything better out of my rig. Under my opinion to "never touch a running system", I no longer spent time researching other possibilities. I did find some saying "VD is the way to go" and others stating "Oculus SW has become much better and there is no need for VD" :O. Are there any recent YT videos showing how to set all up?
  12. @RobJC I got mine on 24.01 (as an upgrade to my Quest 2). Except of the Cable Link connection, which did not work, I had zero issues with it. To the Cable-Link I have to say that I don't have the original cable but another cheaper one, where the USB header is already loose in the connector overmold.... it still works with my Q2 but I can't connect the Q3 through it. Air Link works with no issues and MSFS is simply wow! I have the store version and use the Oculus SW with the Debugging Tool (or Oculus Tray Tool) and the Open XR in the SIM. Allthough I don't know if some of the tools are redundant or not because I ended fiddling around after I finaly got some sort of quality / performance balance that I could live with.
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