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  1. GEKtheReaper

    PMDG starts shaking when i starts the engines bug

    Dear @jonte5, I'm 99% sure I know the fix for your issue and its not related to the NGX. Before posting the fix, pls follow @Olympic260 request. Regards.
  2. GEKtheReaper

    EZDOK V2 not connecting with p3d V4

    I started with EZCA and switched to CP cause I read all the good things about it. After ~1 year of CP, I went back to EZCA and was amazed about the difference in effects (I forgot how it felt). Newer had any issues with EZCA. Yeah,..the GUI is not the best but the effects "rule". The system load with EZCA is much lesser. CP was way to heavy on my system. Cam transitions were not smooth. You will find many reports about that. Back to the topic: EZCA runs flaweless on my system.
  3. GEKtheReaper

    i want move to monitor no.2

    You missunderstood him again! The OP has a 2 monitor setup. One of those is set to be the MAIN monitor and he wants to run P3D on the OTHER (not on the main).
  4. GEKtheReaper

    Unable to load P3D V4

    Well...for starters...v3 stuff is not always compatible with v4! Read also this pinned topic: In most of the cases, if the developer does not specify his addon can be used with v4, then it is not compatible. In some of the cases you have to do some manual steps to get v3 addons working with v4, but is not recommended.
  5. GEKtheReaper

    GEX Prepar3D World Edition Question

    Mike ( @Riah069), I assumed you already use P3D (fly with it) and already set up your settings acc. to your HW. If this is the case, you don't have to worry about any settings related to GEP3D or UTX. GEP3D replaces all the Land Class (terrain) textures with new ones that are also better optimized (it does not require any new setting by your side neither within P3D nor within GEP3D interface). In UTX (which also comes with Lights) you have the possibility to make some changes (e.g. to show every single possible road etc) but leaving it to it's default settings is good enough. UT Lights comes with simmilar settings to UTX. Again you can lit up any road or leave it default... In short: none of the above products require any new setting within P3D.
  6. GEKtheReaper

    GEX Prepar3D World Edition Question

    GEP3D has better optimized textures then P3D default, meaning, if you already know your sim in default state, it will not get any worse with GEP3D.
  7. GEKtheReaper

    GSX Menu Issue

    Dear Connor, in short: LM has introduced a bug with v4.2. If you would press any numeric option (in any window e.g. standard ATC, GSX menu, Active Sky menu, etc), it would remember it till the next time you would call up another window. e.g: If you call up ATC window and select by keyboard option "1", the next window you call up will be instantly selecting the same option "1" (from the previous key press). --> my workaround was to select all options with my mouse With v4.3, the bug was corrected (thus leading us to believe you have not updated to 4.3). Just for sanity check: Would you please start a flight in P3D then go in the menu on Help -> About LM and write the exact and complete version number of your P3D? Thank you!
  8. GEKtheReaper

    GSX Menu Issue

    That's odd. I never encountered any of this in 4.3! GSX works flawless on my end (just for info: I had a fresh v4.2 install on the top of a fresh OS install which I then updated to 4.3 client only). The OP must have v4.2 installed since those issues were only present in that version and were caused by LM.
  9. GEKtheReaper

    Tomatoshade Virus warning

    As @Bobsk8 stated, I also can't understand what you want to tell us. Furthermore, I don't see any offence in what @tolip2 has written. Off topic: I use paid AV and it sure protected me from some bad things (even when most of the time it flagged false positives, I will never run my internet connected PC without protection). Although Win Def has made some major steps foreward, it still laks behind SW dev specialized in protection. What @Jim Young shares with us is true (partly). He is right that after the malicious code gets detected, it will be changed by those who created it but this does not mean that the flagged version dissapears from the internet entierly over night, meaning that those running no AV at all, have higher risks in getting it. ON TOPIC: The DEVS (for addons) should drop / change the way they protect they're files. Most of the time those coded protections trigger the AV. I don't use tomatoshade but I never installed any SW that was flagged by AV without checking it first (on devs forums or by sending it for analysis to my AV provider).
  10. GEKtheReaper

    Black Airport Problem ?

    Sorry Howard but this does not work for me. As I wrote above my issues occured only after I installed my ORBX LOWI Scenery. With the scenery and the LIBS at the top, I had black textures on every single ARP (uninstalling LOWI and the LIBS all was normal). So I started to move the LIBS down the list and the problem dissapeared. LOWI scenery is still on top and loads completely. I did yesterday another "sanity check" and moved the LIBS up. The black testures reapeared... Regards, Gerald
  11. GEKtheReaper

    Black Airport Problem ?

    Start a flight and go in the Menu to World -> Scenery Library. Search for FTXAA_ORBXLIBS select it then press on the right side on "Move Down". Move it just over Bathymetry (under Bathymetry there should be SanDiego). It would be better if you could post a picture of your Scenery Library window...
  12. GEKtheReaper

    Black Airport Problem ?

    Hello @tr00tr, I answerd you also on the LM Forum. IMHO it is a ORBX problem! I had EXACTLY the same thing after I installed the one and only ORBX Scenery (LOWI) I own. Suddenly all the gras around ALL my airports went black. They even flicker (change from black to gras) as I approached them. Due to the fact that I have GEP3D and UTX Europe I managed to solve it by moving the ORBX Libraries just below my UTX entries. The LOWI scenery itself remained at the top. There is something from ORBX that "fights" with the ARP surroundings (will probably not occure to users who have ORBX GLOBAL / LC / VECTOR). Regards.
  13. GEKtheReaper

    Aivlasoft EFB or Littlenavmap?

    Aivlasoft has another nice feature: it can inject your FPLN directly into the sim and on the fly! Meaning: - if you fly with default ATC, it will guide you perfectly along your route - all SIM loaded FPLN automaticaly syncs to Active Sky (so you don't have to create a FPLN and load it sepparately in AS or SIM) - if wind changes for your arrival and you change your STAR within Aivlasoft, you can inject it again into the sim without quitting (on the fly...) I know there are a lot of users not using default ATC but PW ATC instead (or do fly online with real ATC), but I also know a LOT of users who do it especially when testing something with vanilla SIM's. Can Litlenavmap do the same?
  14. GEKtheReaper

    Newest Nvidia driver 398.82 issues

    No it won't! There are some checkmarks you have to remove and voilla no more notifications no'r signs no'r nothing 😉 (try a right click on the GFExp Logo near your clock).
  15. GEKtheReaper

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 - Released

    Besides the Flightplanning, you can inject your RTE (on the fly) into the SIM. So if you want to fly with the default ATC (yeah...I know that it is braindead) you can perfectly inject it. You can even change STARS in flight and re-inject (on the fly) the new RTE. Does LittleNavmap do that also?