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  1. GEKtheReaper

    The correct ORDER of apps

    With all due respect @Jean-Claude but you are wrong in your assumption! One must diferentiate between a must or a could and also between clear answer or an interpretation of the answer. In your topic you did ask a lot of Q but REX reacted only on the relevant ones. Not answering to the starting order does not mean that the order is mandatory (which was your interpretation) but could also mean that it's in whatever order ;). To calm people down and keep missinformations to be spread, I've put a plain and simple Q on the DEVs forum which received a plain and concise short answer. "The order you start applications should not be altering the final outcome. If any issues, please report back. Federico" Post can be found here: @pete_auau @spilok please read the thread above. Regards, Gerald
  2. GEKtheReaper

    Visible line following plane when panning around

    @737Andi maybe this topic could be of use...:
  3. GEKtheReaper

    where is the rex topic gone?

    That topic was already way to long and slightly getting out of control IMHO. Since the topic started, some fixes have already been provided by REX, making that topic "unnecessary". I'm sure you can start a new one sharing your experience with the latest builds.
  4. GEKtheReaper

    The correct ORDER of apps

    Sorry @Jean-Claude but the topic does NOT tell you anything in regard to the starting procedure. Please reread your questions and the answers. The DEV did not reply wheather you shold start in that particular order but replied what should be started (SF3D in regard to ASCA) or not.
  5. GEKtheReaper

    The correct ORDER of apps

    Would you mind sharing the Link from REX Forums where this has been discussed? Many thanks.
  6. GEKtheReaper

    The correct ORDER of apps

    I can't tell what this thing with the correct loading order is (I've seen a lot discussions mentioning it) but I've tried any possible combination involving EF + ASP4 + P3D and always got the same results (did do screenshots to compare). The only difference from the presumably bullet proof EF -> ASP4 -> P3D to the worst P3D -> EF -> ASP4, was that you directly saw all the changes EF and ASP4 would do to the scene (you will see lights change, clouds appear, sky turn, blablabla). I also newer saw any mention from REX that a particular starting order had to be taken care of or the APPS won't work. Actualy it would be nonsense IMHO to have something like that. Conclusion: Either way worked on my PC but I'm used to start also in that order EF-ASP4-P3D. You don't have to assume anything because it was already mentioned " a tsd of times" that you don't need to run SF3D if you have EF and use another weather engine. SF3D would have to run in combo with EF ONLY if you would use SF3D weather engine! --> This is in a thread over by REX!
  7. GEKtheReaper

    V4.5 : what has happened to Locked framerate ?

    First: this has nothing to do with the actual topic Second: If you DL v4.5 before the HF was released, then you must DL it again. If you plan to DL 4.5 now, you will get the version with HF included.
  8. GEKtheReaper

    After HotFix P3 does not start

    Fixed it via TeamViewer. The HF was fully installed and P3D recreated all necesary files. The error message no longer appeares. OP will now try to do some flights to check he's install.
  9. GEKtheReaper

    After HotFix P3 does not start

    I´ve sent you a PM. Depending on the number and type of addons you have, and also on luck, we might be able to get you back and running. If you don't have many addons, then you should indeed uninstall everything followed by deletion of leftover stuff.
  10. GEKtheReaper

    After HotFix P3 does not start

    Bernd stay with me on this! So you unistalled ONLY the Client then installed the HF Complete ( not only the client )? Right? I gues this is the cause of which you could mistakenly choose another location....
  11. GEKtheReaper

    4.5 hot fix is out

    Does not work. They have a cloud issue and are working on a patch.
  12. GEKtheReaper

    Best PBR airports

    Just looked at the airport on GMaps. The lawn mower guy realy had he's fun.....
  13. GEKtheReaper

    After HotFix P3 does not start

    @bjablonka8120 Bernd, let's go to the beginning: You said you updated P3D with the 4.5 Hotfix. How did you do the update (step by step info needed)? I will ask further Q after your answer. PS: I suspect you messed up your P3D completely by either wrong updating or the fact that you installed something in the wrong location.
  14. GEKtheReaper

    [Help] Terrain shadow degradation in v4

    You should always post your findings without users requesting it! I would have tipped the clipping mode (that you also mention) but also that you use a camera addon that overrides your settings.
  15. GEKtheReaper

    4.5 hot fix is out

    @Dane Watson glad you have it sorted. I must point out though, that many users here in this thread already pointed out the issues with REX A WX. If you would have followed those indications, it would have spared you the 2days agony....