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  1. Bear in mind AIG is pretty representative of real world movements. I'd imagine most airports shut down operations late in the evening to avoid noise pollution and restart only early in the following morning. I've parked alongside 09R/27R to catch an early flight out enough times to confirm that there they start landings, which are quieter, earlier than take-offs and you see the red-eyes from the USA and other long hauls coming in way before you see a take-off. That means airports are full of aircraft based parked up there over-night. They then depart en masse early in the morning and the airport is emptier until the short-hauls come back a few hours later. Short-hauls will make several cycles during the day, long-hauls possibly not back until tomorrow. This tidal flow means that if you are depending on how you catch it, you may see empty or nearly empty airports. Are those two pictures of Dublin taken at the same time of day?
  2. And also it makes your own approach planning difficult if you don't know which way the wind's blowing at your destination... That's not flight simulation is it?
  3. Seems a bit of a double edged sword: people mostly post when they have some sort of a problem.....
  4. I hadn't changed it from the default: the Comet. Switching it to the Wollard, which is the next size up I think, and perhaps more appropriate, removes the problem. Sorry, I didn't think of changing that.
  5. I have just tried checking it whilst the aircraft is at the stand and scenery loaded and then requesting pushback. It's the same. But maybe checking it only takes effect with a complete scenario reload or even a P3D restart?
  6. It's unchecked. I do have GSX installed but I don't use it specifically on departure now. I use SODE jetway commands where possible and Cntrl J elsewhere. I use the PMDG service vehicles such as loaders, fuel & catering trucks etc.
  7. I have Version 2.4 of UGCX which I use with: P3D PMDG 737u FS2Crew of course AI Lights Reborn Professional V1.36.0 Recently RD Presets, although the lights came through the cockpit before I installed that. When I call for pushback, the tug appears and hooks up. Whether in daylight or the dark, the tug headlights penetrate the cockpit. They don't seem to illuminate the main panel but they do the throttles and the pedestal. Any ideas why that might be happening? I have looked through AI Lights and I can't see any evidence it's treating UGCX tugs as aircraft and so replaced your lights. In P3D, I have HDR, Auto exposure and Dynamic Lighting on.
  8. It's not as if there's any historic rivalry between the RAF and the FAA is there?
  9. Yeah but the 737 without FS2Crew won't be any good. Basically it's all down to you Bryan. No pressure.
  10. It's worth AIG TC right, I flew EGCC-LOWS earlier in the week and there was an aircraft ahead, 2,000ft above me, which was clearly following the same airway I was on! It works!
  11. Ah and there was me thinking it might be time to install MSFS!
  12. Clearly the MSFS depiction is horribly wrong but I'm not sure you should jump to the conclusion that P3D is wrong and the real world picture is right. The real world picture is taken from what: maybe 2 miles away through a very long lens. You are looking at a very narrow view through 2 miles of weather and pollution at a busy airport surrounded by motorways. The simulator pics are the equivalent of a 50mm lens on a camera i.e. as the naked eye sees it. ASP3D gives the visibility at Heathrow at that time as 10 km, overcast with light rain.
  13. That's not the PMDG way and there's no way they are going to jeopardise their reputation until the sim is stable.
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