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  1. Are you trying to depart the same airport each time or different ones?
  2. Just Flight have emailed to say the following are compatible Cologne-Bonn Professional Canary Islands Professional – Tenerife South RAAS Professional
  3. You may find this useful https://fselite.net/p3dv5/
  4. Ah, the lights didn't go out in 2000 because IT staff all over the world spent 1999 ensuring they wouldn't.
  5. For which you'll probably have to rebuy stuff all over again.
  6. I think the increased consumption of baked beans probably lies behind the high demand for toilet paper.
  7. Because these types of topics as a routine escalate into stronger opinions and then arguments, and then worse., that's why.
  8. LOWi is currently only AUD19.98 so it isn't going to break the bank for something that will probably last a year or maybe two before MSFS is up and running with all the high quality P3D stuff we grown used to converted to it. The only thing I would say is that it's an airport which I guess is busiest (if you ply real-world schedules), prettiest and most challenging in the winter. LEBB Bilboa is the reverse: busiest in the summer and is stunning.
  9. I've had repeated problems with P3D and have had to re-install several times. And do you know what? It's my fault. Re-install it cleanly, get it working, and then leave it alone. Once you find settings that give you usable framerates and smoothness, leave them alone. Don't try edging this up and that up everytime you fly. If you do and you run into trouble, don't try out every tweak and snake-oil performance booster you read about here, go back to your old settings. As IT engineers used to report back after service callouts "PICNIC". Problem In Chair Not In Computer.
  10. I also use the Aerosoft ENGM and the Orbx Global packages with Orbx Norway. I haven't had to delete any Orbx files and I wouldn't do that if I were you.
  11. First step might be to check your sceneries are in the right order: standard P3D stuff at the bottom (don't fiddle with this), ORBX in the middle and add-on sceneries at the top. The Lorby Addon Manager is the tool to use WHEN P3D IS NOT RUNNING. https://www.lorby-si.com/downloads.html
  12. No, didn't know about that one, I'll try, what could possibly go wrong from 2 FPS!
  13. I'm running P3D V4.5 and up to a couple of days ago was running the NGXu, ASP4, Orbx and add-on airports reasonably comfortably at 30 fps just about everywhere, limited by the Nvidia Control Panel. P3D is now loading and starting a scenario but is scraping along at 2 FPS - really, 2 FPS. I'm reasonably sure what I've done is to stupidly start P3D while I had the Lorby Addon Manager running and probably worse, while I had the Lorby Export Library for Export Tool active. I think that brings together sceneries added by both the "old" .cfg method and the "new" xml method (I was running MakeRunways at the time) and I'm guessing that's corrupted some index or other in P3D. Certainly it's NOT adding sceneries I know are installed but are not showing in the scenery list when it starts. I've uninstalled and reinstalled P3D Client, Content and Scenery, uninstalled and reinstalled SODE and for the time being, uninstalled GSX. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled my video card with the latest driver. I've tried to revert to an older P3D scenery,cfg but none of this has worked. Are there P3D files I can safely delete or disable to force a complete rebuild or am I going to uninstall everything and start again?
  14. Yes I did. And as I say, the checklists are working really well. To be clear what that picture means, I can't dictate the word "Select" in Dictation (which I assume is SAPI) because if I do, it interprets it as an editing command and literally "selects" the last phrase I spoke: i.e.. "this happens". There are more speech settings littered the latest versions of Windows, including a separate page for Cortana (which I don't use). Speech Recognition is off but I'm still suspicious MS have added something that's intruding into FS2Crew.
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