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  1. Remind me what happened to the One Ring in the end?
  2. ASP3D - Yes, with discounts for previous versions but with some limitations https://hifisimtech.com/asp3d/ pending a further update by LM to Enhanced Atmospherics (EA). You can run P3D V5.1 HF1 with EA off although I think I still prefer it on. Rex Sky Force Don't Know Aivlasoft EFB Don't Know FS LABS A320 Don't Know PMDG 737NG - NGXu is the product PMDG support Pro ATC - Yes Naivgraph Charts - Yes (and with the NGXu you can view airport, SID and STAR charts directly in the cockpit via the Electronic Flight Bag which is included)
  3. Well at least he seems to have had a stop cord attached. A couple of years ago in this neck of the woods some well heeled holidaymaker was showing off in a RHIB when he and his family were thrown into the water. The engine kept going in circles and the boat killed him and one of his children. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-22560652
  4. Not if MSFS can't stop appearing on these pages largely in relation to its failings,
  5. I'm afraid this is a completely nonsensical and circular argument. Of course P3D sales are down. Of course MSFS sales are up. Starting from zero not so long ago, they only way they can go is up. Most P3D users already have the add-ons they need and only buy when something new or better comes along. The developers have see a new sim and have piled all their efforts into selling to a new MSFS market where users don't yet have what they need. They are following the money. There are currently very few new products for P3D. A quick scan of FSElite, which lists new product releases shows page after page of MSFS products and perhaps 1 in 50 for P3D. How many of the former work in a still bug ridden simulator is anyone's guess. If and when MSFS gets its house in order and the top quality developers feel able to make products for it without a sub-standard sim undermining their hard-won reputations, then and only then could there be a mass transfer of users from P3D to MSFS.
  6. It's true the latter marks were not the same aircraft as the Mark 1, with the Mark IX 25% heavier than the Mk1, including the more powerful engine engine, which was 80% more powerful. However, Johnnie Johnson railed against being deployed on ground attack roles in Spitfire Mark IX's using 500lb bombs. He made the point graphically that "other heavier fighters" (presumably referring to Typhoon, weighing 8,800 lbs empty with a 2,200 hp engine) literally dived like a bomb making aiming relatively easy. In his opinion the Spitfire IX at 5,100 lbs empty, was still a relatively delicate piece of equipment which was unsuitable for such a crude task. T
  7. The Spitfire Mark I started with 1,000 hp but the Merlin in the Mark IX generated 1,700 hp. The amount of power available meant that advancing the throttle too rapidly on take-off could indeed make the aircraft veer uncontrollably. The trick was not only to avoid applying too much boost but also to advance the throttle slowly to that point. Combined with its narrow undercarriage and very long nose, giving poor forward visibility on the ground, this meant that an unusually high number of Spitfires were lost or damaged on the ground or on landing. So actually, what you are seeing is true to life. In marks of Spitfire after the Mark IX, the Merlin was replaced with the Griffon engine which eventually stepped up to 2,035 hp, twice the power in the Mark 1. Apparently excessive throttle movement of the throttle on the ground in later Mark XII's and XIV's could flip the aircraft right over on its back.
  8. My PC is a couple of years old now and I have 8gb of VRAM of on a GTX1070, of which 7.1gb seems to be available when all is running well. I've recently read that it's important to have the latest version of Windows, otherwise that 7.1gb will only be 6.5gb. I don't know if that's true but it can't do any harm to update. The video card is definitely the weak link in my machine but to upgrade the video card I'd also need a bigger PSU, so I'll leave that until I upgrade the whole machine. I have ORBX, including the higher detail UK and Norway regions, GSX and ASP3D. I run Alpha India AI traffic at about 50-60%. Once you start on payware airports, you can't stop, so I never use a default one. I fly the PMDG NGXu in 3840 x 2160 resolution. I have the P3D frame rate unlimited but a 30fps limit in nVidia Control Panel. I get very close to a steady 30fps in most situations and rarely see it dip below 25fps even momentarily. Typically, that uses 4 point something of the 7.1gb available, occasionally going just over 5.1gb on approach when your windscreen is full of scenery and payware airport. BUT you have to be realistic about sliders. I don't have anything pushed above a "medium" position. Taking EA Cloud Resolution up to High from Medium for example is another 0.5gb right away and if you then add in bad weather then you're always close to a VRAM crash. If you start cranking on the reflections, cloud resolutions and water detail, you're a goner. I'm sure others get much better results from newer machines and I'll probably update in 6 months time aiming for a 3080 10gb as a minimum or even a 3090. Who knows, there may even be some in the shops then! In the meantime, you can make V5.1 work on a low spec if you are careful, but as always, you get what you pay for.
  9. There is still a freeware version of FSUIPC if you don't use its higher level functions.
  10. And here although have only made the briefest of checks. There was a PMDG update for the 737 recently. Are you up-to-date?
  11. P3D V5 as did V4 works fine for me with complex add-ons and with ASP3D, for which I did pay attention and get the beta version for V5. The only time I have problems is when Windows insists on updating Visual C++ etc without asking. Just as I didn't rush to go from FSX to P3D, I'm steering well clear of MSFS until the inevitable bugs are fixed and the add-ons are available. That way I'm stress free and have no need to rant.
  12. I can't swear it's the cause but I had repeated CTD's in P3D when using Global AI Ships. I uninstalled it, no more CTD's. It doesn't claim to be compatible with V5 as far as I can see. https://www.flightsimnorway.com/addons/?funct=dl&pack=aishipsn
  13. Well, the PNF seems to handle just about everything on the Overhead Panel and whilst what happens now is that the PNF ignores a warning light in the entirely routine situation when the centre tanks have routinely run empty. And he does call it out: "Centre Fuel Pumps Going Off" so the PF has a chance to check what's happening. I'm not sure what procedure the complaining user was following in which the centre pumps were going on, off and on again, but my understanding has always been that the centre tanks are filled last and only if needed and if it has fuel in it, ithe centre tank is always run to exhaustion first. I think it's to minimise wing bending moment and stresses on the wing roots and also to avoid the need to pump fuel out of the centre tank into the wings if the next flight doesn't need to use the centre tank at all.
  14. You and me both.... maybe in a year's time.................
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