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  1. ailchim

    PRO ATC problem?

    The Pro-ATC forum is here. You will need to register to see and participate in all the threads and to sign your own posts with your full name. Nevertheless, you've been given the correct answers. The aircraft descent parameters in the aircraft database for the 737 which I use do look odd although the developers swear they come from a professional source. They do tend to produce an early TOD for me compared to the PMDG FMC so you may need to tweak them. There is the question of whether both sources have a STAR and runway set up at the relevant time. It makes a lot of difference to the length of a short flight if you are having to go right around to the far side of your destination and approach from the other end. In the case of Pro-ATC leaving the TOD too late for your liking, you can request one manually. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is that the Pro-ATC aircraft database may be overwritten when the software is updated. There has recently been a significant update (May, to and further updates can be expected. Keep a note or screen capture of the settings you like and check they are still there after an update.
  2. ailchim

    737 crashes on runway at startup

    My name is in my signature..... look before lecturing
  3. I think I'm all OK now. Have set the 1st three settings (i.e. the ones on the "new" dialogues) back to Queen's English and the "traditional" Speech Properties/Speech Recognition one to English (US) as normal. Both FS2Crew and keyboard are now working. I must have had some other problem with Sound generally - apologies - but it's an all new machine and a new flight simulator and add-ons which took me years to acquire in Flight Simulator. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Thanks for the help.
  4. I did that first as I am a longstanding user of your excellent products but it didn't seem to work until I changed the settings in the first 2 pics. Should i only need to do this one? Perhaps I had another sound problem in a brand new set-up which I solved by accident! It does work with all the settings shown above but it's the incidental problems with the keyboard and probably all the US advertising Microsoft will send me! I'll give it another try today.
  5. I've just got myself a new computer and Windows 10 has moved on compared to what's shown in the manual. As far as I can see, there are now two parts to the language settings: And The problem is, I can't make the second (language) settings stay as English (USA) unless the first two are also set to USA. That means my UK keyboard doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. ailchim

    737 crashes on runway at startup

    So I've gone back to PMDG childhood as after years in FSX, I've switched to P3D and am starting again. It's amazing how much time and money I must have spent over a period of years in getting FSX how I liked it which I'm now having to repeat in a matter of days! On the way, I hit this issue of the 737 adopting a crash position immediately on every loading at any airport or gate. The default F22 did not do this at any location. I'd just done 2 things in the same session with the 737 loaded: Set up my own panel load state and set it as the default Registered the GSX airport services utility. This initially seemed to be confused about gate positions and I foolishly allowed GSX to warp the 737 to where it thought the gate should be. This resulted in the 737 being on top of a scenery object, causing a crash. That's fine, except every time I tried to reload the 737, the same crash occurred in a very similar way to the OP. The fault had to be in there somewhere. Disabling GSX didn't solve the problem and neither did resetting mesh from 5m to 19m. I began to suspect the PMDG panel state. In the P3D/PMDG/737NGX/ folder is a file called 737NGX_Options.cfg, which contains amongst a lot of other things, the default panel state setting. I edited that back to a standard one e.g. StartupPanelState=NGX SHORT. There were also two suspicious looking "Progarm Generated Temporary Scenario" and 2 "Previous Flight.fxml".files in that folder which I removed. The circumstances that caused my problem to start may be unique, but it's clear the first crash had somehow been "remembered" and repeated by the 737NGX. It's working perfectly now.
  7. ailchim

    JustFlight Spitfire vs. A2A Spitfire

    Did Realair make a Mk I and Mk II? They made the Mk IX and Griffon engined Mk XIV for sure.... I have that one.
  8. ailchim

    OK PMDG, get to work...

    The bigger shock is that it's getting an arrester hook too.
  9. I don't have the 747 but if the FS2Crew manual DOESN'T tell you to select US English, then it's the only one. Here's the relevant bit from the 737 Reboot manual:
  10. ailchim

    Cold Weather Issues

    OK thanks, that's clear.
  11. ailchim

    Cold Weather Issues

    Having checked the tutorials and trawled the first 25 pages of this sub-forum, this seems to be the most recent post regarding cold weather and retracting the flaps after landing. Would I be right in summarising the situation as follows: If the runway is marked as "Contaminated" in the Approach Briefing, the FO will bring the flaps up to 150 and leave them there. At the gate, the real world procedure is that the ground crew ensure that the flaps are clear of slush etc and advise the cockpit when they can be retracted completely. This isn't modelled in Reboot although the implication is that it was intended to be in UGCX. In the meantime, I as PF must retract the flaps fully before starting the Shutdown Checklist, otherwise it stalls at the "Flaps?" stage. I've tried every combination of command words I can think off to make the FO move on but unless I lie and say they're up he' (or she) isn't having it! NB I haven't asked when UGCX will be released!
  12. ailchim

    Passenger Swears

    Saw this when looking for something else. It was obviously recorded on Ryanair.
  13. ailchim

    ATC and FMS: Friends or Foes.

    I use ProATC too, using Navigraph data in that and the PMDG FMS. Works well 99 times out of 100.
  14. ailchim

    used 737 NG flight deck for sale

    Yes the problem is you have to collect it from where it lies.
  15. ailchim

    Advanced Fighter Jet

    Given they are developed at the cost of billions to the taxpayer, I think it's very reasonable that the manufacturers of the latest military aircraft should hand over their technical specifications and manuals for the development of hi-fidelity simulator models. I look forward to buying the PMDG Sukhoi Su57. If there's any difficulty, I'm sure somebody at Lockheed Martin can help out with any difficult issues given their experience with the F22 and F35. No wait... that's not going to happen is it?