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  1. I will crush all of the models that I built as a kid. I'm so ashamed. 😔
  2. Completely off topic, but if you listen really closely to one and press the 'z' key it actually pronounces it *static* followed by "Lee". Guess they couldn't synthesize the zee. Of course being Canadian, it should have been "zed" anyway. Carry on.
  3. If historical weather, or say the last 24hrs were streamable, how would this impact multi-player? From my understanding, all players see and play in the same conditions. Would this require players to set their times the same to encounter the same storms, squall etc?
  4. It would be great if these fixes could be submitted to the new World Hub and implemented for everyone. Maybe this will be easier once things stream more from their servers in MS2024.
  5. Winnipeger here. We have barely enough snow for ground coverage right now, and we're pretty devoid of the stuff until the 24th.
  6. They may not like the sand we play in, but they sure like playing in our sandbox
  7. I think a lot of politicians find the established bureaucracy prevents the implementation of their grand ideas. Jorg seems to have everyone involved in his dream on his side.
  8. My belief, correct or not, is that when the team started modifying the former codebase back in 2016? that their belief was to simply replace modules of the engine as needed to bring it up to their vision. Obviously they have run into shortcomings that limit what they want to do, and what they want to implement. A new engine is the proper method. Kudos to them for making the decision, instead of trying to kludge their way forward. That is a yes, if it is unclear from my post.
  9. Somehow I don't think looking out the windscreen at 35000 feet looking at the cloud layer below, then twiddling some knobs would have elicited the same attendee response, especially after the Starfield trailer 😅
  10. And maybe this is the reason they are implementing an "evolved" engine and AI in the new version?
  11. That is a bunch. I presume you are sharing the root drive on each. It might be that permissions to that the parent folder or file you are needing are not the same. Or possibly the file has been attributed as hidden?
  12. Just wondering how many shares you currently are using. Desktop Pro versions of Windows have a share limit of 20 (I believe) concurrent connections. Occasionally if you are near this limit the OS may not release the lease on one or two in a timely fashion and cause inability to connect. Have seen this very often when companies have a dedicated file/print system running Pro.
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