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  1. I'm mainly a GA flier, and use the G2 from the outset. I have a three screen setup, but never use it. To me, the immersion is most important. Also the ability to head track without a hat switch. Used track ir years ago, and it was good, but not the same. Flying low in a canyon, you look up at the peaks of mountains, and it is exhilarating when you find what you think is a low pass, and struggle to make it over the ridge. And if you need to back out, the sense of dread getting around and back out is real. In a nutshell, wherever I am, I am.
  2. Wouldn't that make you "2nd" then? Sounds like entrapment 😂. Well played 👏
  3. As long as the file extension is xml should be no issue. In a nutshell, whatever the description of a file type is, does not affect the file contents. It is possible that win 11 changed how it describes the file when viewing in file explorer.
  4. Maybe you installed a program that reads xml files, and associated that file extension to it? If file extension is still. xml, then any program that can read xml files can open and read it. However double-clicking the file will open it using the associated program. Just like many programs /apps on your computer can open and play an. Mp3 music file, but if you double click the music file, it will open in the associated default music player. The default associated program will set not only the files icon, but the description it gives for the file type, possibly to Content html
  5. .. once you land, you step out to an amazing landscape begging for exploration.
  6. Windows Security is excellent, and although Norton 95 was good in its time, it has increasingly become overly intrusive bloatware. If you wish to supplement, use Malwarebytes for keeping yourself malware-free.
  7. Jorg has mentioned a number of times his desire for a duplicate world. I'm betting there is a lot more in this for Microsoft than a flying game.
  8. I don't know for sure, but you probably would need to either re-establish your game pass subscription, or purchase outright a standard version then hopefully your standard to premium upgrade would work. For sure you would have to purchase with the same account. It makes sense, and you can't expect that purchasing a version upgrade would provide a full deluxe version indefinitely. Otherwise why would anyone buy it outright. As far as the steam comment, that has nothing to do with the situation you have.
  9. Glad to confirm power supply was the issue. We build gaming systems daily, 650w is truly inadequate for today's crop of hardware.
  10. I have now tried it on three devices. Normally I play vr on an i9-9900k with a 3090. I have the Premium Deluxe version from the Ms Store. I also have an Ultimate Game Pass subscription. Both are using the same Xbox account. I am using the Microsoft Xbox controller + wireless adapter. 4N7-00007. This is because I don't console game, but have been in the XCloud beta from early days. I first tried it with my Android Microsoft Surface Duo. When I connected it loaded quickly and started me with plane last used on my desktop purchased version. Via 5G at home, gameplay was smooth over New York. I believe it to be 1080p. I tried on 4G cellular this morning while having coffee, and performance was very smooth, but some banding periodically appeared in sky and water blues. Tried at work on 2.4 which in our strip mall shop is a bit congested, and no banding occurred but occasionally stutters, and sound stutters in external view. 5G on same router was fine. Connected my 12" Acer Switch, i5-6200, Win 11 Dev. Wireless similar on 2.4 but better on 5G. CPU between 20&40%, GPU <5%. Wired Lan played butter smooth. Pretty much same results on an i5-6300 Asus work laptop. Neither has anything special for graphics cards, and they aren't necessary. What was cool was when I switched devices, after pausing game, it picked up mid-flight when loaded on next device. As more of a general aviation, sightseeing player I found it very good. All of my partners and employees were impressed, and as we are a custom PC shop, it holds some merit. My mobile X-Plane has now been deleted from my phone.
  11. From experience with other games, not much over watching a video for down, and enough to send controller inputs for up
  12. Can't believe I didn't bring my controller to work. Logged in and its teasing me to "Continue" 😂
  13. If this plays anywhere as good on mobile, my prediction of the competing mobile game being deleted from my dual screen phone will become a reality.
  14. Please ignore this. It is so wrong it should be retracted by poster
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