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  1. This is the result... with a simple flight plan generated by Simbrief (LGAV/LIRF) loaded into the experimental version. Community folder containing only the aircraft. Discontinuities, absurd route, LNAV mode not working... I don't know what I am doing wrong 😞
  2. I will try without any other add-ons because in the current status of my community folder it crashes just after the takeoff.
  3. Just tried to plan a flight by importing a Simbrief PLN... disaster. On approach phase the autopilot started the usual 180° turn and I tried the usual DIR trick. This deleted the entire flight plan and the ATC asked me to climb to 12,000 ft from 3,000 ft. I am so sick of these bugs...
  4. It's SET PAUSE OFF... OMG, I would have never found it without the hint on the official forum.
  5. Can you please vote this thread? https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/can-we-have-the-esc-key-functional-again-please/456242 Thanks a lot!
  6. Exactly. Also, it's possible to enjoy and criticize at the same time. Is it not what sommeliers do for a living? 🙂
  7. My 0.7.0 works as usual with the flight plan prepared from the MSFS map... or you mean something else?
  8. They know about it, as far as I know their last word was: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/lod-problems-trees-fix-revisited/296923/263 Please note that we are currently refreshing our Feedback Snapshot based on reports for the forums. This thread today has been marked as solved by the devs but I believe there are multiple requests here that can’ t be covered and have been buried. We ask that you create separate threads for each bug so that the dev team can better track your specific referenced bugs above. I will be sure to document your findings! so.... there are multiple requests already but they invite us to open other threads.
  9. Guys, don't forget that the tree LOD depends on the latitude too. In Brasil you have trees as far as you can see with LOD 200, in Finland you have ugly triangular patches of trees popping in 2 nm ahead of you. That's why we call it a bug and we say that it must be fixed, despite the fact that, for a change, the community is divided on this issue and for some people everything is perfect.
  10. Double post, sorry. Anyway I understood that the features of the experimental autopilot were now in the stable one, but that's not the case.
  11. With the stable 0.7.0 it's still there. See the imaginary TAQ waypoint 123 nm back, where the aircraft was heading, instead of the real one.
  12. Yes, in fact USR waypoints and the flyback bug are still there... confirmed for the stable 0.7.0 version.
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