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  1. AFAIK the Store version is encrypted and the trick can be done only with the Steam version.
  2. Hi, probably it has already been asked in another post but I could not find it. Is there an option to view the forums in dark mode? If not, will it ever be implemented? Thanks!
  3. Never had a problem with the nVidia installer honestly... I just install the driver without Geforce Experience and I end up with only two instances of nVidia container running at 0% CPU. DDU and the light versions you can download on 3rd party sites are not supported by nVidia. I am not saying that I don't trust them and are not legit, just that in my opinion they are unnecessary. People have issues because don't do things properly, tinker with nVInspector flags, delete and replace files and DLL, etc. then they have to run DDU in safe mode to clean everything 🙂 The vast majority of users don't even know of the existence of these tools and have no problems at all... imagine millions of users flooding the nVidia forums with installation issues, otherwise.
  4. At which location? I am not seeing any difference with respect to the previous build, it's just a marketplace update as far as I can see. Maybe connection issues?
  5. I wouldn't even install Geforce Experience, as it causes a lot of nVidia Container tasks spawning in background and eating memory (and CPU cycles from time to time) even if you don't use video capture, Freestyle, etc. Pretty much useless, just use MSFS presets and finely tune the graphics settings in the sim.
  6. If you upgrade there's no need to run DDU, that's suggested only when you downgrade to an older version. Clean install just resets all settings, the shader cache is flushed even if you do a standard installation.
  7. That is still there unfortunately, but the workaround is easy (Map Enhancement Tool with Bing latest). If you want to test it yourself, spawn at Courchevel, LOWI or Ajaccio in Corsica. The tile swapping is very bad there. P.S. I am on the latest beta (.15)
  8. I have never seen it, even in drone view... 🙂 I thought maybe it was because I have 24 GB of VRAM. I am glad that the issue is improving for everyone.
  9. Why? Just backup the original executable file and in case the update checker says it has to reinstall the game at some point, just kill it with ALT+F4 and overwrite the modified file with the original one.
  10. Positivity doesn't mean kiss a$$es... for example I criticize a lot here and in the official forums - hoping to stimulate and contribute to improvement - but I am very positive regarding the MSFS experience as a whole. Remember what we had before MSFS release, and what we would still have in 2024 if it wasn't for MSFS.
  11. The funny thing is that, even removing the best features from MSFS, even OP would still be debating on which sim is the best 🙂
  12. The 5050 MHz frequency in game is granted even if you get the worst 7800X3D on the market, silicon wise 🙂 The upgrade makes sense, don't worry, especially having a 4090.
  13. Does Rebar do anything currently? The last time I tested it (by forcing it with nVidia profile inspector more than a year ago) the performance was slightly worse than with Rebar off... Excellent result for a 5800X3D! 1.00 V is impressive, it runs at the same voltage as my 7800X3D. With my CPU I can run -20 offset all-core and do that 30 min stability test at steady 4.7 GHz / 70 W / 60 °C! But I have a 360 mm AIO and the 7800X3D PP is 5 nm. In game it boosts at 5050 MHz all the time.
  14. As far as I remember, it is possible to create a sort of curve with Intel Xtreme tuning*. This would definitely resolve your instability at idle / light loads. Either this or fixed voltage of course. My old 10850K would boost at 4.8 GHz @ default but I managed to stabilize 5.0 GHz under all conditions once set 1.25V fixed voltage... saving a ton of power and heat too, because the beast VID requested 1.45 V at full load before! If anyone wonders why AMD, nVidia and Intel don't do that, it's because the voltage curves set by the factory must ensure stability for 100% of the chip production. In other words, the default values are the optimal ones only if you are very unlucky and end up with a chip produced from a silicone portion with many impurities. *Example of curve found on the Internet.
  15. Not necessarily. Even if you are still and doing nothing at the parking, your hardware rendering n frames per second works n times harder than rendering just one frame and going idle. No matter how many things are apparently changing in the visible scene.
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