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  1. https://www.hitechwork.com/nvidia-low-latency-mode/ Here’s when NVIDIA states you might want to use this setting: “Low Latency modes have the most impact when your game is GPU bound, and framerates are between 60 and 100 FPS, allowing you to get the responsiveness of high-frame-rate gaming without having to decrease graphical fidelity. “ In other terms, if a game is CPU bound (limited by your CPU resources instead of your GPU) or you have very high or very low FPS, this won’t help too much. If you have input latency in games—mouse lag, for example—that’s often only a result of low frames per second (FPS), this setting won’t solve that problem. Warning: This will potentially reduce your FPS. This mode is off by default, which NVIDIA states lead to maximum render throughput. For most people, most of the time, that’s a great option. But, for competitive multiplayer gaming, you’ll want all the little edges you can get—and that includes lower latency."
  2. Really?? SU4 was a stutter fest, still had blocky reflections of clouds on the water (cubemap reflections locked at 96) and the coastlines were a mess. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/su4-code/536739/23 I understand that people get nostalgic even of WW2 BUT...
  3. You insist pushing LOD at 8.0 on a laptop with 4 GB of VRAM. This is how Cairo looks from the cockpit in normal conditions: The point is that if you use MSFS as a flight simulator you barely notice the graphics limitations. If you zoom in and out, drone quickly to new locations - all with a very limited hardware configuration - with the purpose of showing defects and issues, all you will see is defects and issues.
  4. Make sure the preset line is set to Custom, otherwise it won't work. No need to make the file read only BTW. } {Graphics Version 1.1.0 Preset Custom
  5. Yes, more than a year ago there was this issue at high latitudes and in certain locations such as Athens. For me it's fixed since SU6 or SU7. There is still popping in of course, but it's subtle enough if you don't focus on it and don't use the zoom in the cockpit. I just made a video of the OEJN RWY 34 approach with the A320, Ultra settings. For me the performance, draw distance and pop-in are absolutely tolerable.
  6. No, only the community folder. This is my personal opinion: Whatever is developed by Asobo (World Updates, default aircraft, default instruments) is considered vanilla MSFS and 100% under their responsibility. For whatever is sold on the marketplace it's Asobo/Microsoft responsibility to ensure compatibility. As for other add-ons (ORBX, PMDG, free stuff on flightsim.to etc.) the responsibility is of the developer.
  7. I would exclude add-ons and consider only the CTDs that occur with vanilla sim (empty community folder). Asobo has no control on thousands of add-ons, I would consider them partly responsible only for those downloaded from the marketplace. Add-ons developers are responsible for their compatibility and stability. A lot of people who complain about stutters in SU10 on the official forums for example are using Bijan Seasons, Powerlines and Solar Farms... and I know for sure that they are responsible for poor performance in SU10b.
  8. Yeah, I too have overclocked and undervolted components but my sim is rock stable. However after the last wave of hundreds of complaints I stopped thinking that the CTDs are 100% due to unstable setups. Maybe 50-80% are - and this makes it harder for Asobo to find THE solution because all crash reports end up in the same cauldron - but not all of them.
  9. Well, not really... there are many threads on the topic: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/search?q=pop-in Probably it's a hard one to fix.
  10. Despite the name of this setting is similar to "Terrain LOD", it seems to work differently. According to some tests I've done last year, Objects LOD affects the LOD of objects that are in the proximity of the POV, not the draw distance of objects. In other words, with a higher Objects LOD you will see a "better version" of the objects but not more (distant) objects. Please see this thread: Oh, and with regards to lights and even buildings often popping out and in near airports, I can confirm the issue.
  11. I'm afraid that the issues with flight log, achievements and activities are all interconnected and connected also with the cloud synchronization of the user's data. The thing that happens when you see the white circle spinning on the bottom right of the screen. My flight log and bush trips have been wiped out 3 times already... with the installation of SU5, SU7 and SU9. SU10 Beta 1 reset the bush trips again but some of them (only the ones I did with SU9) were restored at 100% after I restarted them. It seems like the flight log file can get corrupted on the occasion of some sim updates or with cloud sync and in some cases it ceases to function or it's replaced with a clean one. I believe this is by far the most neglected aspect of the sim, it's a real disaster and it's a pity because even if they fix it completely tomorrow, we will never recover what's already lost.
  12. I agree with mrueedi, I landed at 357* different airports and even many grass strips have buildings. Never landed at a proper airport without buildings. *I know the exact number because "World traveler" is the last achievement left and I'm keeping track🙂 Despite the very low number of posts and their spirit, I want to give Hobart the benefit of the doubt and suggest him to reset all his settings pages to default and try to connect to different servers, this issue is very odd.
  13. ON, especially in CPU limited environments. See here: https://appuals.com/enable-hardware-accelerated-gpu-scheduling/ Of course there may be messed up hardware/software setups in which enabling HAGS exacerbates stability and stuttering issues but, as I always say, in that case it's not the *feature* itself to be blamed, but the underlying situation.
  14. Windows or XBox?? If you have a (good) PC I suggest the Premium Deluxe version on Steam. BTW the Game Pass subscription (for XBox or PC or both (Ultimate pass)) allows you to play not only the Standard version of MSFS but also many other games.
  15. By now, that's the only thing they can do: find their product a niche. Because you can acquire aviation knowledge and improve the flight model and aircraft realism but you cannot have PG and texture streaming without Bing and Azure infrastructures. You can improve the graphics as much as you want with local assets and textures (as they did apparently with XP12) but you could never compete with MSFS graphics realism on a global scale, and those who prioritize graphics will choose MSFS anyway.
  16. I don't think they throw darts in the dark randomly. It's just that there are hundreds of different configurations out there and they don't have the time and the hardware to test everything every time. I am very happy of the development in the last year or so and I believe that opening beta testing to the public accelerated it.
  17. That's expected. If they optimized multithreading you won't see any benefits in VR where the GPU is always the bottleneck. In VR you have a much much higher resolution, especially if you have a Reverb G2 or higher specs headset. You just need a more powerful GPU or use DLSS.
  18. SU10 is much faster than SU9 in both DX11 and DX12. Just jump into the beta and you will see it with your own eyes.
  19. I am seeing better multithreading and a 10-12% fps increase in CPU limited conditions compared to build 14. A320Neo on EGLL09R passed from 36 to 41 fps.
  20. 100 inches?? Good luck with that... to have a decent pixel density at 100" you will have to wait for GPUs 10-15 times more powerful than now.
  21. They would not develop anything, just bake into the default aircraft what other developers (WT, FBW, HD, etc.) made. The mods would then update automatically from the content manager and would not appear in the community folder anymore.
  22. Strange statement. There's nothing more dead than the current A320 Neo and the 747 and the 787. The approach flyback bug hasn't been resolved in 2 years, for example. I remember also another statement, regarding their deliberate intention to not develop accurate aircraft in order not to "steal" the job from specialized companies. I'm glad that they changed their mind a little 🙂
  23. Certain comments on the FS debate are cringy, even today people attack each other and spread disinformation. Why can't people just enjoy the game they prefer without putting down others? I shelved P3D and XP11 the same day I bought MSFS (exactly 2 years ago, on day 1) but I hope that XP12 will be good and successful in order to push the competitors to improve their respective sims. And if it's good enough for me, I will even buy it and play both. It's in the interest of everyone that more than a product succeeds, especially in a niche market like this.
  24. I never had benefits with HT disabled, only more stuttering (despite a 10 core CPU). The truth is that MSFS is a veeeery bad benchmark, you can run it in the same conditions 10 times and always get different values. Also, if all these "tweaks" were worth anything, there would be already a Windows Gaming Edition on the market, with all the youtubers' snake oil embedded. In most cases youtubers just pick a click-bait title, spend just the right amount of time to make the video monetizable to explain the "tweak" and NEVER show before-after results in a controlled environment. Do you want more performance? Get a better CPU with a faster single thread performance (Ryzen 5800X3D or Intel 12th Series), 32 GB of fast RAM, a fast GPU, a NVME SSD. Keep your OS clean, minimize background processes, do not bloat your community folder with every addon you find on flightsim.to. Find the right balance between graphics and performance. In other words, do what is straightforward to get more performance, do not look into esoteric stuff... it's just a waste of time.
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